THIS is the real meaning of Christmas

General Butt-Naked’s name was given to him because he would walk around with his AK-47 and nothing on except his shoes mowing people down. Starting out as an 11 year old boy, and his cannibalistic initiation of sacrificing a little girl, Blahyi now travels around seeking forgiveness from those who survived and preaching the message of God’s grace to thousands. Having spent 14 years holding nightly conversations with the devil, and practicing black magic, he had a blinding vision of Christ who told him to end the killings and convert.

What makes this even more amazing is that PBS, the Sundance Film Festival, and even the Economist are telling his story!

“Where sin doth abound, GRACE doth much more abound…” Romans 5:20 (Spoken by the Apostle Paul, who had Christians tortured and killed)


One thought on “THIS is the real meaning of Christmas

  1. only the power of God can do this. thanks for posting this wickus. i am reminded again—it was His Love-Calvary’s Love-that saved me and His Blood-Jesus’ Worthy Blood to pay my sin debt-that raised me-forgiven and new! the reason Hope is alive! enjoy this wonderful worshipful reminder-it’s Your Love….


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