New link added on the ENP.

With the absence of Adamantine’s “Return of Christ” study, I have linked to Ted Montgomery’s study on the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP).  It is full of valuable information on the ENP theory and Recommendation 666.  I know Ted has changed his views on the ENP when there was no real proof in mid 2010 that we have reached the midst of the 70th week. Many has stopped watching this theory, but some, like us, could not let it go. I am just glad that Ted did not delete his valuable information. I think his studies still remains the best on the internet.

You can access it directly by clicking HERE or at the top of this page.


7 thoughts on “New link added on the ENP.

  1. well it is verry good. maybe wickus it would be good to send him a e-mail concerning the middst, and that it does not have to mean 2010 at the excact ‘midd point’. I think Ted (whom I have spoken allso) is a good guy with good insight, just als broth. Brian

    thanks for the link and the latest post about JS twitter. Interesting indeed. I will pick up with my website where I have ended. Björn (Farmer) allso has some interesting news for anyone who is interested. Asked for more information, but what is on his site is all the news he has at te moment. Check it out:


  2. I have also communicated with Ted and I know that he is not interested in the ENP theory anymore. If there is more concrete proof, I will surely mail him again, but for now I am just grateful that he still kept the pages up.


  3. I have read a few of Ted’s commentaries as well. While I most certainly DO NOT agree with his Rapture Theories – as they are a few – his insight on the ENP(I) theory went well… least until the things that he thought would happen didn’t – just like those who have totally abandoned the theory all together.

    If I may vent………

    This is what I just totally don’t understand about most modern day Believers who have an audience of fellow Believers – when things don’t go as they expect. They jump ship like a rat, who were initially looking for cheese in a common place where cheese, and/or crumbs are left. That particular place even has the smell of cheese; or at least a hint of crumbs – that if they just wait, the cheese, or crumbs will resurface, or appear again with even stronger evidence that “you’re at the right place”. Point is, they go looking, and just because there isn’t enough to their satisfaction, or what they expect to see in their own thinking or imagination – that they won’t have the patience to allow the entire senario to develop – and it’s because they expected to see something totally different, based on preconceived ideas, or even something that was taught to them by someone else.

    The ENP(I) theory is no different. It works both ways as far as Prophecy is concerned. Some people are looking for a way out – meaning that they want to believe that the End is near. A way out could mean putting an end to their current situation in life as far as struggling goes; or a new hope for a different life; or a new anything that will allow them to escape the everyday pressures of Life in general. In contrast, we have the ones who are delivering the message, and they are so caught up into their own ego’s, that they are afraid of being wrong. They are afraid of ridicule, or mock, looking the part of a doom and glooms day prophet, or scare mongering. Nevertheless they become weary, and in my opinion, they lose sight.

    I am so very grateful that we have those of us who have not just simply let the evidence of this entire scenario go by, without at least hanging on to the very last possibility that there remains a chance that we may not have understood Prophecy correctly. In my very humble opinion, that’s just being SMART. We are eagerly awaiting the Return of our Savior, and understanding that the entire picture may not be clear, but we are simply taking the very evidence that is before us, and potentially making an error on the side of caution, so that we can prepare others, and more importantly – be READY for His Return for ourselves. Who in their right mind can fault us for that?

    Let me remind those of you who are reading these words that I am typing …with love – our Lord WARNED His Body of Believers that we needed to stay ready. Life is very individual, where Salvation is converned – please never forget that. If it were so simple as to understand the very minute details that would lead to His Return – then there would be no need for a warning. He said that His Coming would be just like the days of Noah……that people would be carrying on, and behaving just like normal – then sudden destruction. People of God, we are not in error to follow the very evidence that we have in this theory to the very end. Let’s do err – (if we can even call it that at this point) on the side of caution, to be even more prepared to the terrible events on what is about to overtake the entire World.
    My prayers continue to be with you all. AMEN!

    Let’s stay focused, and keep each other encourged.


  4. Mr. Baldy, the days of Noah thing has always troubled me. We are led to believe that things are not going to be the same. The seals tells us that food is going to be pricey, the pale horse with power of a fourth part of the earth to kill with sword and hunger and with the beast of the earth, etc. If people are just carrying on and behaving like normal how could this be? I know what the Word says and it is perfect, but I have troubled fully comprehending this.


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