One thought on “The September sign

  1. i am not following the video though i watched it and saw nothing that truly added up that i could see. so…i am sticking with watching what matt 24, luke 21, and mark 13 describe. we are currently in the throes of increasing birth pangs of tribulation but the great tribulation is coming sooner than people know. and the falling away (2 thess) is operating at a fuller power everyday as well. (first the falling away then…)
    the aod, when it kicks off (armies surrounding jerusalem) is the rise of the anti-christ “reign” because the one who stands up (perhaps on temple mount itself speaking big swelling words) where he ought not be standing and commanding things,
    has a “shortened time” 42 months (3.5 years) so though lots of things give us hints from the sky i don’t think they are conclusive for a timeline, but events in those chapters i mention (+ all corresponding details from old testament and the book of revelation) will come together to prove the man of the hour – the man of sin – has stepped onto the world stage for his day in the sun and unleash hell’s plan for the entire world in his short stint until Jesus Christ comes again in Glory to vanquish his rule from the pit of hell.

    i truly believe we are past all the many many methodical warnings now. it’s full steam ahead and is like we are in a free float – like a limbo – until the gavel from heaven comes down……when God gives the signal, and the devil will possess the man who will perform what Scripture tells us he will in the end days.

    for what it is worth that is my thinking as of now. hope all yall are doing alright…and still watching like Jesus told us to do.

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