Guest post by John Muncy:

WHY SATAN HATES THE PEOPLE OF SYRIA SO MUCH? – And Did You Know That Jesus Is Part Syrian?

Back in September, the photo of the lifeless body of little Aylan Kurdi, 3, (who died after boats carrying fleeing Syrian refugees capsized), caused a lot of people to sit up and pay attention to how Syrians are being treated. At least 11 million Syrians have been displaced from their homeland, as the civil war lingers on. This awful picture brings to home the horrible reality of the escalating refugee crisis coming out of this area.

Terrible things are happening in a place destined to give the world its worse leader of all time – the antichrist. Yes, Syria will play a major role in end-time prophecy, I will get to that later, but first, consider this…

Since the ongoing civil war in Syria, and the latest events with Russia and ISIS, many are becoming aware of such prophecies as Isaiah 17:1, which talks about the total destruction of Damascus, Syria. Yet most are unaware that SYRIA is found many other times in the Scripture – historically and prophetically! Especially interesting is the influence that Syria played in the early church and its years of development.

The apostle Paul (called Saul before his conversion) was on his way to DAMASCUS, SYRIA when he was confronted by the Lord Jesus (Acts 9:1-25) Of course, Paul went on to pen the greater part of the New Testament Epistles and did great missionary work. That’s worth noting…but read on…

In Acts 11:20, it speaks of the missionary endeavor of “preaching the Lord Jesus” in Antioch, Syria, and “a great number believed, and turned unto the Lord”. Among that great number who believed were Gentiles (non-Jews). The impact of that outreach ended up becoming an established church in that region, where Paul and Barnabas taught for a whole year.

Acts 11:26 tells us that, “…the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.” ANTIOCH IS IN SYRIA AND ACTUALLY BECAME THE HEADQUARTERS OF THE EARLY CHURCH, not Jerusalem! Isn’t that interesting? Hold on…there’s more!

Then in Acts 13:1, we read of a gathering of the early church’s prophets and teaching leaders meeting in Antioch, Syria. As they were fasting and praying, the Lord directed these leaders to send out Paul and Barnabas on another mission outreach to take the gospel towards Europe. (Here’s where it gets interesting…)

That one commission, which came OUT OF SYRIA, (from the early church, after praying, fasting and seeking God), eventually led to the Gospel being brought to our European ancestors, who in turn BROUGHT THE GOSPEL TO AMERICA, which in turn has reached the entire world with the Gospel!


I was shocked when I was reading in my Bible a few days ago and saw something I don’t ever remember reading before! Jews are part Syrian! What??? Yep! Read it yourself…

Genesis 25:20
And Isaac was forty years old when he took Rebekah to wife, the daughter of Bethuel THE SYRIAN of Padanaram, the sister to Laban THE SYRIAN.

When Abraham’s son Isaac married, he married a Syrian woman, Rebekah. And later on, (Genesis 29) when Jacob married, he also married a Syrian woman, Laban’s daughter, Rachel. The lineage of the Jewish people, and the covenant promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob came through the bloodline, mixed with Syrians. And Jesus was in that bloodline!

No wonder Satan hates these people so much!

Syria was one of the most important places for the impact of the Gospel reaching the entire world! Satan is the epitome of one who holds grudges, and he will NOT forgive and forget! He wants to destroy the country that first housed the early church! He wants to torture and torment these people because of what they mean to the coming of the Jewish Messiah, and what they have done and could do for the cause of Christ!

And this is why we should be praying for the people of Syria, so that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can once again go forth throughout the people of Syria!

We American Christians owe a debt of gratitude to the precious Syrian people!! They have already been through so much in the last couple of years, with many stuck in the middle of a vicious civil war.

If the enemy has his way, the country will continue to be ravished and destroyed, and when it is left in ruins, he will want ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood to take control of the people left, and lead them to further destruction. This is such a shame.

Let’s PRAY and DO all we can do to reach out to the very country that reached out to the world with the Gospel – SYRIA.

In particular, we should be praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ who live in Syria that God would give them great courage and boldness in the midst of war and persecution. Pray for the missionaries and pastors who need strength as the lead their little flocks. Many need shelter, clothing, food and medical care as a result of this civil war.

We need to pray that the Gospel of Jesus Christ gets communicated clearly, powerfully, compassionately and consistently to the people of Syria. We should be praying that the eyes of the Syrian people would be opened so that they would turn away from Islam to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, who is well able to change their country.

We need to pray for our own country’s leaders that they will have wisdom to know the right thing to do regarding our involvement in this situation. We are to pray that our leaders govern well, protecting life and liberty.


Think about it! – John Muncy

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Signs of the times – All around us.

Signs-of-the-Times I havent updated the site much lately but I have not stopped watching the signs around us. I have been praying and thinking alot on what direction this blog must go. You see, currently I am without a favourite end time theory. I once was totally sold out to the ENP theory as can be seen by many posts on this blog. I am still watching it and I am greatful to my friend David Wilkenson who keeps us updated on the EU/ENI and Solana on his blog. Please follow it. There are also many pros and cons for the Muslim antichrist theory and I am not ruling it out. Even ol’ Barack Obama is under fire as being the big A (I am not to sure about that one though) and the Pope is also under suspision as being the False Prophet or Antichrist.

I think that although none of us will be hundred percent correct on how the end times will play out, we still will be caught by surprise by some events. We have Scripture to warn us, but so did the people 2000 years ago but they did not see Jesus for who He was. The religious Jews of Jesus’ day, who had studied the Scriptures in depth and who witnessed the things that Jesus did and said, did not put all the pieces together.  His own disciples, who were around him constantly, maintained doubts until days after His resurrection. Likewise, just as no one was able to foresee the whole picture before Jesus’ first coming, the same will be true before His second coming and all the events associated with it.

With that said I welcome different views on this site so that we can learn together. Iron sharpens iron. But please no strange stuff like nephulam, UFO theories, etc. Lets stick to things that can be discussed with a biblical viewpoint.

I plan to do more regular updates, mostly with news items related to prophecy. Here is the first installment:

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