Psalm 83 War, September 2015?

Guest post by Truth:

The spreadsheet that accompanies this article can be found HERE.

I believe that the Psalm 83 War will be fought before September 23 of 2015. Here is my reasoning:

1) In Daniel 9:24, referring to Israel and Jerusalem, Yahuah gives “your people and your holy city” seventy ‘sevens’ (See notes in spreadsheet cell B10).

2) The last of those seventy ‘sevens’ will be complete on September 23, 2015 (see notes in spreadsheet cells J11 and N5).

3) On the Hebrew calendar, 2015 is a shmita year. The last day of that shmita year is September 13, 2015 (see spreadsheet cell M5).

Note: Shmita means “release.” Listen to “The Harbinger” author Rabbi Johnathan Cahn to understand its meaning and its significance. Can be seen HERE.

I believe that the boundaries of present day Israel will be expanded to include some or all of her Abrahamic covenant designated lands; they will be repatriated to her at the end of the shmita year. I believe that this repatriation will be a result of the Psalm 83 War.

4) The Psalm 83 War must be fought before the Ezekiel 38 War. The nations defeated in the Psalm 83 War do not appear among the enemies that come against Israel in the Ezekiel 38 War (see notes in spreadsheet cells M7 and X66). I infer from this fact that they no longer exist or that they are so resoundingly defeated that they no longer pose a threat to Israel.

5) If sacrifice is stopped at the Abomination of Desolation in connection with the Ezekiel 38 War (see spreadsheet cell W22), then the sacrifice must have been started earlier.

6) Sacrifice is not going on now; the Waqf Muslims still control the Temple Mount. The sacrifice cannot start until control of the Temple Mount is rested from the Muslims. It is clear to me that such an event will not occur through peaceful, political means. More, the sacrifice cannot be started until the anointing of the Most Holy Place. The Hebrews must control the Temple Mount in order to be able to anoint the Most Holy Place.

7) According to Daniel 9:24, the Most Holy Place is anointed within the seventy ‘sevens’ which end on September 23, 2015 (see spreadsheet cell J11). This means that the Hebrews will control the Temple Mount on or before September 23, 2015. To me, this implies that the Psalm 83 War will be fought before September 23, 2015.

8) Considering how “The Harbinger” author Rabbi Johnathan Cahn has connected the end of shmita years to major world events, it seems logical to me to place the Psalm 83 War in the ten (10) days that run from September 13, 2015 to September 23, 2015. The war will be short and decisive. Israel will use nuclear weapons. Israel will win.

Please remember that these are my opinions. I am not a prophet. I could be wrong. You are encouraged to study the prophetic scriptures to confirm or deny what I have said here.

Blessings to you in your studies and preparations for the days ahead.


14 thoughts on “Psalm 83 War, September 2015?

  1. thanks truth. have been thinking along the same lines. over the last 6 months especially. like you i just watch and weigh things out to see if we will have a matchup to Scripture. i do know this–prophecy is getting very close to fulfillment so our wait won’t be too long now. the burdensome stone is so weighty a matter for the whole world that as this continues to build we will see Scripture add up with exquisite timing. assured that the Sovereign Lord will not fail to keep His Word.

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  2. and i wonder if the destruction of damascus touches off the psalm 83 scenario. just thinking but know it has to play in there somewhere. it is getting more intriguing with each passing day that is for sure. it is amazing how news stories come and go in the media-according to those with an agenda to order the world-in either over-emphasis or de-emphasis but one thing we know…God is keeping track and His playbook has no error. hello and Jesus loves you to all of the brothers and sisters here at unsealed 🙂 .


  3. Andrea, those words you chose above are music to my ears! just like John 1:14….and the word became flesh!!! //// we need the Lord so much…..the word says to be not anxious, so, i give THANKS for the fact that yes indeed, we have the Lord so much!,…Believers, keep on BELIEVING! /// Thanks Daniel [TRUTH] for your message. Loop, i agree with you as you agree w andrea as we all agree about God’s WORD of Truth. /// stick with Jesus.


  4. I don’t know what’s going to happen – but I am willing to keep an open mind lest a word of scripture be fulfilled and I’m too busy arguing over my interpretation of future events to see it.

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  5. He’s comin’ back for us,…””’he’s made a way of escape for us,…..He’s prepared a place for us…..He’s teaching us to endure…..He’s teaching us to wait…..He has given us His word, a promise*,…………HE LOVES US


  6. i love this all consuming passion with the Good Shepard and if there is anything that i would like more of it would be the, ‘ i shall not want ‘. That is my prayer. God is good.




  8. William: Rapture is a lie. Go read Matthew 25, then Revelations 19: 4-6, which tells us those souls that have been beheaded for their testimony about Jeshua, for proclaiming the Word of God.
    And those souls that refused to worship the beast, or to take his mark, These souls came to life and reign with Jeshua for a 1000 yrs. This is the 1st resurrection. The REST of the dead don’t live again till the 1000 years has ended.
    Question: where does rapture fit in?


  9. I have studied the very verse that cause you confusion.
    The first resurrection occurs in 3 parts
    1-Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ some 2000 years ago,3 days and 3 nights after he was crucified and buried.
    2-Rapture-Harpazo-Cathching away of all saints both dead and alive(including old testament-from Adamic times, and new testament saints).Jesus Christ comes in Mid-heavens with trumpet sound of Archangel-1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.This will occur before Antichrist/Beast is revealed-that is before the 7 years of great delusion(3.5 years) and wrath(3.5 years) of God that will come upon all those who reject God.
    3-Resurrection of saints martyred during 3.5 years of wrath for not recieving the mark of Antichrist/Beast-666.

    The second and final resurrection occur after the millenial reign of Lord Jesus Christ and 2nd Gog Magog War.

    May God bless you to see the truth and reality and prepare yourself for the coming of our Lord saviour Jesus Christ.

    For more info and understanding-Read God’s Word -Bible and also visit


  10. @Kkevin-i have studied that Bible verse-Revelation 19:4-6, that cause you confusion.
    First Resurrection of saints occur in 3 parts at 3 different times.
    1-Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ,3 days and 3 nights after he was crucified and buried some 2000 years ago.
    2-Rapture-Harpazo-Catching away of all saints (both new and old testament,living and dead-from adamic times onwards) ,in which Lord Jesus Christ will come in the mid-heavens with trumpet sound of Archangel and all believers -both living and dead will be resurrected in the blink of an eye and caught up in mid-heavens and will be with Lord Jesus Christ forever and ever.All hypocrites/unbelievers will be left behind for a period of 3.5 years of great delusion -great material prosperity in Antichrist rule to decieve people who rejected God,which will followed directly by another 3.5 years of great wrath when Antichrist/beast breaks his covenent with Israel,stops the temple sacrifice and enters the temple and claim he is God -2 Thessalonians 2:4-12.
    Read particularly 2 Thessalonians 2:7 which clearly says unless the retrainer-Church and the Holy Spirit- is removed from the earth, Antichrist/Beast/Lawless one will not be revealed.
    3-Resurrection of martyrs in Great delusion and wrath period of 7 years,when Jesus comes back and sets his millenial government on Earth ruling from Jerusalem-Second coming of Lord Jesus Christ.


  11. @kKevin-Remember that day of “catching away/rapture” signified by annual Jewish trumpet festival can occur at any time during these end times when the fig tree-has begun to bloom-Matthew 24:33,34 .
    That day of rapture will come like a thief in night-1 Thessalonians 5:2 , 2 Peter 3:10 and when that day is only God the Father-Elohim knows-Matthew 24:36,Mark 13:32.
    May God bless you to see the truth and reality and have eternal salvation in Lord Jesus Christ.
    For more understanding read the Bible-God’s Word and also visit


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