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Recently I have been given the book “Heaven is so real” by Choo Thomas. I don’t know how many of you have read it, but if you do have it, please throw it away. It is blatantly false. This woman really did not have visits from the Jesus of the Bible, but from a false Jesus. The book disturbed me so much that I could not even focus on posting on this blog!

I have found this excellent article on Discerning the Word blog exposing the error in the book.

Edit 11 May 2011: It looks like the original article posted here got lost in cyberspace. I will keep it here for reference. I did however found the following article by the same writer that you can access here:

Choo Thomas – Heaven is so Real – Is it Really?

One book in particular that has sold probably over a million copies by now is Choo Thomas’ ‘Heaven is so Real’. Jesus repeatedly tells Choo (page after page I must add) what a great servant she is and she was the only person He could use to convey a message that the Bible obviously couldn’t do. After the 10th time of hearing what a great servant she is in her book (and I was only up to page 33) I began to wonder what I was doing wrong in my life.

This book ripped my spirit to shreds. I started to cry a lot reading this book, because as far as Choo is concerned, “… none of our salvations are secure until the end. We must do our best while we have a chance”. I prayed for about 3 days, crying a lot, questioning God what I need to do to become more pleasing to Him. The answer I got was, “throw the book away”. I then started questioning this answer. Was this answer from God or from Satan. If Choo is really ‘anointed’ then throwing this book away is going against God, because Choo says, “Every word in this book is true. The words of Jesus have been transcribed exactly as He said them to me.” But if the words I heard were from God, then this book is not of Him and I must get rid of it to save myself from deception. I prayed some more and cried some more. The Holy Spirit spoke to me more and more and reminded me that, ‘He did not give us a spirit of fear, but of a sound mind’ and to throw the book away. So I stood up, walked over to the bin, tore the book up and threw it away. I felt instant release, my salvation was again intact (because we are saved by grace and not by works).

Many people will read this book and immediately think that it’s full of false doctrine and not let it bother them. But many will read this book and because of their lack of biblical knowledge (like myself) will be drawn into doubt and fear, and will have a battle setting themselves free. But the worst thing is that many will read this book and think it’s great (cos it gives them a warm fuzzy feeling), and be caught up in a deception that will ultimately destroy them spiritually if they don’t seek the Truth.

If anyone is reading this book and is not spiritually strong, I strongly suggest you throw it away and quickly. I do not for one second think the ‘Jesus’ we know took her to heaven. It was another ‘Jesus’ and as demonic as can be. I can point out so many weird things in her book that are definitely not of God, but I lost count. Due to the fact that I threw the book away I can’t now go and pull out all these false teachings and write them down here, but I have gone onto the net and I found this website below, which pretty much explains everything this book is about. If only I had seen this before reading the book…anyhow.

Here is a letter that I found on the internet written by Pastor Keith Gibson in response to a letter from a Malaysian minister concerned about Choo Thomas.

Dear Rev. _______,I am very sorry for the delay in responding to your question concerning Choo Thomas. Hopefully, I can give you enough information to be worth the wait. I am sorry to hear that you have a friend who has been caught up in the movement and even sadder to hear of the impact the book is having in Malaysia. God bless you as you seek to stand for the truthfulness of his word.
The website that you asked about is basically a selling point for a number of teachers who have visited either heaven or hell. That seems to be their only reason for existing. Choo Thomas has a website of her own at

As you may know, Thomas’s story is that the Lord personally took her to heaven 17 times or more over a period of about one month. The purpose for these revelations was so that she could write a book that would convince people that heaven is real because apparently the Bible is not sufficient.

Each of these visits to heaven is preceded by violent manifestations in which Thomas loses control of her body. This loss of control continues today whenever she is worshipping or performing her healing dance. Here are some quotes:

“On the night of January 19, the Lord’s presence was so intense in my bedroom that I shook, perspired and felt very weak for more than an hour” (page 7) “Because of the trembling of my body that always accompanied the Lord’s visits, Roger was now sleeping in the guest bedroom” (page 14) “During the night of February 12, my body shook more violently than it ever had. I was almost hurled from the bed because it was so forceful. I tried to grab the sheet to steady myself, but I couldn’t because I had no control over my body. The shaking was unremittingly forceful, and I grew afraid.” (page 17)

These all occurred during the visitations. Here is what is happening now.

“Sometimes the power of His anointing on my hands and arms is so strong that I feel as if my hands are actually breaking apart. One Sunday morning my hand touched my eyes thirty-six times, and before each of these touches, my hands made seven different strange movements.” (page 205)

She now also claims that God has told her that when she dances in church no one is allowed to touch her hands before she dances so that her hands will remain holy. Further God told her that she is never to stand at the back of the other worshippers but always in front and that the entire platform belongs to her.

These manifestations sure seem to have more in common with demonic possession or kundalini arousal than anything to do with the Holy Spirit.

The book is full of false doctrine. Choo repeatedly undercuts the authority, sufficiency and power of the Holy Scriptures. Here is a quote from the front page of her website:

“Heaven is so Real is our Lord Jesus’ end time book. He only used my body to write this book. He wants all believers and unbelievers to read it and prepare for His coming. He said, He is giving people a chance to know what it takes to enter His Kingdom through this book. Remember, none of our salvations are secure until the end. We must do our best while we have a chance.”

Notice that her book is on parallel with scripture because Jesus wrote it. Also notice that salvation is not secure and is not completely by grace. We must secure it ourselves.

Here are some quotes from the book itself.

“My daughter, you are an End-Times prophetess,’ the Lord told me, “and you are living proof of My Word and My prophecies…….”He told me that many people don’t believe His words and prophecies, and He said even some Christians do not believe them.” (page 168)

“He wants me to serve as living proof of the Bible and His prophecies, because many people do not believe what they read in the Bible, nor do they believe He is coming soon for His people.” (page 177)

“He had shown me how desperate many people are to know the truth about heaven, and I realized emphatically that my book would be the means whereby they could really know.” (124)

Notice that her book will be able to tell people the truth about heaven and truly convince them whereas the Bible is unable to do this.

Here’s more:

“Every word in this book is true. The words of Jesus have been transcribed exactly as He said them to me.” (page 153)
“Like John, I had been called to write, and my mission was the same as his-to let people know that the marriage supper of the Lamb has already been prepared, and blessed are those who are invited to be there on the last day.” (129)

Later in the book, Thomas reveals that not every Christian goes to heaven. Those who are not obedient enough spend eternity wandering in a desert.

“When we got to the top, I looked over a brown and lifeless valley. Everywhere there was brown. The whole region seemed to be filled with dead grass.“I noticed multitudes of people who were wearing sand-colored robes roaming aimlessly in the vicinity of the pit’s yawning mouth. Their heads were hanging low, and they looked very dejected and hopeless. “Who are these people, Lord?” I asked.

“They are disobedient ‘Christians” “How long will they have to stay in this barren, lifeless place? “Forever, My daughter. The only ones who will enter My kingdom are the pure of heart-My obedient children.” (page 46 see also page 249)

Notice that these people are not lost and are not cast into hell. Thomas has discovered a third place where people will spend eternity.

Elsewhere, Thomas tells us some of the conditions for actually getting inside heaven.

“Innocence, trust, purity of heart, fascination, a sense of wonder, belief, joy, happiness, present-moment living-all these are some of the magical qualities of childhood that God wants us to exhibit to GET TO HEAVEN” (133)
The book is patently arrogant. Over and over again Thomas informs us that Jesus told her that she is His special daughter. She is his obedient daughter. He can use her because her heart is so pure.

Elsewhere in the book she tells us that if we do not believe the book and rejoice in it, we will not be prepared for Jesus’ coming. We may have to endure the terror of the tribulation period or we may not make it in the gates of heaven. She claims on her website that we should read the book over and over.

It is interesting that in the foreword to the book, David Yonggi Cho writes the following, “Please do not consider this a theological thesis or a book on doctrine. Just read it and enjoy it as the author’s personal experience and testimony about what she has seen and heard in heaven.”
I suspect that Cho wrote that because even Cho can tell that the book is terribly flawed doctrinally. But his words are fascinating. We are supposed to accept the claims that this woman makes about her visits to heaven and her conversations with the Lord but we can’t accept the doctrine that the “Lord” actually speaks to her. Can you imagine saying that about any other Word from God?

Pastor ___________, Choo Thomas is a heretic and a false prophet in the first degree. I pray that the eyes of your friend will be opened to the truth.

Blessings as you battle for our Savior,

Pastor Keith Gibson

As for Choo’s website. She has a section dedicated to people who have had visions of heaven and hell. These visions are scripturally false as well and contain a lot of weird stuff – EXTRA biblical stuff that’s not in the bible.

One thing I find interesting is that Jesus has told most of these people who have had visions of heaven and hell, that they need to go out there guns blazing and tell everyone that He is coming really soon, sooner than we think. But we as Christians know this. We know Jesus is coming back really soon, because it’s written all over the Bible. Why go to such great lengths to take someone to heaven umpteen times just to tell them what we already know? Because Satan knows we are gullible and believe everything we hear or read – he will slip in lies in between the truths to deceive us into believing the whole thing.

I pray that Choo Thomas seeks the truth about what has happened to her so that she may be set free from this evil deception.

Please see this important article about visits to Heaven and Hell here:


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  1. Hi Wickus

    Don’t worry to much about load shedding, I’m looking at inventing a wind-up laptop with wind-up adsl router. I’m from Jo’burg, where you from?



  2. Well..we have wondering where you have been and now we know you were diligently researching! It is a scary thing with this book. I always pray before I read a book like this. I will read it to have knowledge to defend Jesus, but I have to have Jesus with me to show me the truth. This book is so alluring to new Christians. If there is any revelation of Heaven or Hell…then we want to read it because we think that man’s revelation is better than any biblical truth. We are only to hold to the one task that we are charged with after accepting Jesus as our Lord and savior… know Him personally…meaning read your Bible and seek him intimately. I wish there was a check list to get into heaven. I wish it was that concrete. We are so thrown off with the fact that when we accept Jesus that we are saved. We have to grow in his knowledge (the Word) and in our relationship with Him (through prayer). I get scared sometimes that I will not make it to Heaven but then I know who is putting those words in my head….the Devil. Thank you for posting this. It is so scary to think that anyone puts their faith in a man/woman and not in the Word of Yeshua…the Bible.

    Loving all in Chirst,


  3. Dear Holly, Over the past few days..i’ve been browsing Choo Thomas and became a little discouraged at how many supportive items i found concerning this bo ok. Thank you for posting your note.It was refreshin to see that there are still some who are standing on God’s word ..testing the spirits. and rejecting any doctrine that is in conflict with God’s word.Thank God that by grace we are saved..For by grace we are saved through faith and that not of ourselves,it is the gift of God,not of works,lest any man should boast’ eph:2:8,9. .We can rest in God knowing that we are saved by grace..kept by grace and shall be changed from corruptible to incorruptible by grace in the precious shed blood of Jesus Christ.


  4. Hi Deborah

    I am from Nelspruit. Load shedding is killing us. I will be interested in investing in your invention. 🙂 And I believe the rest of South Africa will grab it also…


  5. Hi Holly

    It is scary stuff! And the closer we come to the return of Christ, the scarier its going to get. Satan is out to try to deceive, if possible, even the elect. Lets cling to the truth of our Lord Yeshua as he revealed Himself in the old classic book; the BIBLE! We do not need any other book. The Bible revealed by the Holy Spirit is enough.

    God bless you.


  6. Anna and Wickus…Amen, Amen and Amen….Keep to the Bible and test everything. You know I recently read Isaiah 6:1-3:

    1 In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord seated on a throne, high and exalted, and the train of his robe filled the temple. 2 Above him were seraphs, each with six wings: With two wings they covered their faces, with two they covered their feet, and with two they were flying. 3 And they were calling to one another:
    “Holy, holy, holy is the LORD Almighty;
    the whole earth is full of his glory.”

    These are Angels……not looking at the glory of the Lord and saying glory to his face, but looking at each other and saying GLORY to each other….they are still amazed at his love and mercy, even after many many years.

    Our God is awesome and He loves us and grieves for us when we are led astray. He is still speaking to the followers of that book and even to the author. The Holy Spirit is speaking to them and encouraging them to find the truth. Pray for all of them.

    Praise and Glory and Honor be to Yeshua!!!
    Some times you just have to look up and YELL….Praise you Jesus and THANK YOU!!

    Love and prayers….


  7. Whether it was coming from God or not, just seeing from the result to us… Did you repent when you read it?

    Do you think that Satan would do it to bring all people to Jesus? Doesn’t matter where it is from as long as our faith in Jesus is stronger, that’ s the most important point (my mother repented when she read it).

    I wouldnot judge anything… let’s get back to the Bible and hoping that God will show us the way.
    Anyway, God also loves us as much as he loves everbody… I also felt a bit jelous by the fact written in the book that GOD said to her that He loves her… But positively I’ll think back that :
    1. GOD is free to choose anyoone He wants to show His Love.
    2. We must all repent from our sins.

    I’ll be happy if GOD uses a dog to make me realise from my sins 🙂 GOD is capable !!!



  8. Many Church goes are misled by customs and traditions in different churches. THey go to church to please men, and not our LORD and Savior JESUS Christ.

    Many people are Christian hypocrites. We can’t be saved by our good deeds, but by our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and if the Holy spirirt is within us, holiness precedes in our lives.

    We become holy not by ourselves, but becasue we are already dead and JESUS lives in our lives.


  9. I have recently bought this book and thought i would go to the website just to check it out. i did not get to the website as i saw comments on the book and thought i would read them. Well!!! I am only on page 42 of the book have been having such a terrible feeling everytime i start reading the book. In these first few pages, Jesus seems like such an angry man and very repetative about Choo being the “chosen one”.

    I have read many spiritual books as an example The Other Side & Back by Sylvia Browne and thought i would buy this book to see how Choo describes her evening travels. Other books on near death experiences and people going over too the otherside and then coming back have very similar experiences but this book really gives me such bad vibes.

    Perhaps this is Choo’s truth, but then again, there is “The Truth” and The real Truth”.

    I am not going to continue reading the book – Our Creator would never instill fear in anyone and certainly would not do so through a human being as a vehicle to create paranoia.

    love and light to all


  10. After reading all of your comments, I am a little astounded! God is a God of Love, compassion and mercy. However, he is a God of jealousy and wrath and judgment. If you read the new testament very closely, you will find that it is not as simple as a confession of faith that gets you saved. Rather an on going life of obedience! The Lord says, “many are called but few are chosen”, and “For the gate is narrow and the road is hard that leads to life, and there are few who find it” I know that none of you believe that you get to heaven by a mere confession of Faith. The greek wod for believe in the context of salvation in Romans 10:9 “if you confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved”, is a verb meaning literally an on going belief acted out by faith. I don’t know if Choo Thomas is God’s prophet or not. I will say that the book helped me to realize that we can easily be caught up in a nominal christian life which can most definitley jeoporadize our salvation. ” So, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” Revalation 3:16. Also we have to be very careful about judging what we think might be from God or not. Many of God’s people through history have made the mistake of not recognizing God’s prophets, ie. most of the Jews (God’s Chosen People) in the 1st century.


  11. There is something disturbing about Mrs.Thomas. Look at what she has written on her official website:
    “Whoever judges “Heaven is so Real” and other prophetic books should read Matthew 7:1-6, repent and stay ready for the rapture before it’s too late. Christians should never judge other Christian’s work of God. Remember any kind of message from God that doesn’t bear fruit is not from God. “Heaven is so Real” is bearing more fruit than most prophetic books around the world. The Lord has been saying that because of this book, at least 1,000,000 people will see His face. I am praying for those who will be left behind after the rapture, to read this book, so they can be saved also.”
    If I am examining these remarks, I come to the conclusion that she is placing herself even above the original apostles. The Holy Bible is NOT sufficient enough in her opinion. You must read her book to get saved also. You may NOT question any of her works or other “prophetic” works. But my question is, who is it who set the standard whether a work is prophetic or not. There are a lot of false prophecies and so out of line with the Bible. So, we are not allowed to use God’s given sound mind to examine it. Mrs.Thomas claims that her book bears more fruit than any other prophetic book. So, also more fruit than a real prophetic writing such as Revelation of John? And what is the fruit exactly. It is a fruit of FEAR. Fear to get to hell. A lot of Christians are believing the context of this book and are full of fear. But it is not the Fear of the Lord. It is the fear to question the context of The Very Special Servant of Christ, mrs.Choo Thomas. Well, if the apostle Paul even urges us to examine books, writings, prophecies, works etc. if they are according to the Bible, what right has mrs. Thomas to dispute that. Mrs.Thomas is unfortunately influenced by Christian Elitism sponsored by the NAR. We don’t need to be intimidated by that. We only must believe the Word of God and walk in Jesus footsteps, and not in fearing and blindly obeying Super Disciple Mrs. Thomas.


  12. Doesn’t the scriptures back up Choo Thomas about the valley outside the kingdom of heaven where disobedient Christians go Paul talks of peoples works being burtn up but they themselves being saved?



  13. Could anyone who is against the book describe to me how they’ve felt when they are filled with the holy spirit? The Word is alive when you have the holy spirit. Know the Shepard, He was resurrected and is still alive till this day. If he has an important message to give, He will use a faithful servant. Many messages were given this way. So attend the message He has for us, why firing your guns at the messengers as many in the history have done?


  14. I know Choo Personally, and she is honest in what she says.

    She cares more about people salvation than anyone I know. What some people call fear, is actually a warning for all to stay on the path of life, and not take your walk with Jesus lightly.

    Choo is a humble person, and Jesus is a great encourager, she never brags about herself, as her accusers have said.

    Some people just can’t imagine than Jesus would visit anyone ever again. This is too bad, because he does to many people, and He has not stopped speaking to man.

    You can read to book for yourself at
    and judge if it is from God.


  15. Here is what I know about Choo.
    A simple lady, who by herself couldn’t even write a nursery rhyme, let alone an international best seller. (Without the Lord’s help) She is honest in everything she says. She would never say something is from Jesus, unless it was. This is rooted in a strong respect and fear of the Lord. She is more concerned about people’s salvation that anyone I know. And I do know a lot of people. She spends all her time sharing the Gospel with people, and therefore doesn’t have a life outside of the work of God. All the revenue she makes from the book goes right into the spreading of the Gospel. She just doesn’t talk about worldly things, after about a minutes of speaking about a secular topic, which I sometimes do, she’ll bring up Jesus into the conversation. She’s willing to look bad in someones eyes, not caring about her reputation, in order that they might be saved. She’ll pray for people that hate her. And the people that have read her book, and received it, get serious about their relationship with Jesus, and serious about sharing the Gospel.


  16. Choo Thomas is a false prophet her book “Heaven is so real” page 192 the Lord says according to the book
    “So I dont think that becasue someone is a faithfull christian that they will live longand perfect lives on Earth,If I have to take one life to save another I will do so” —–Does this sound like filth “Satan” offcourse yes.

    U make the call -Satan speak lies and is filth

    My son, forget not my law; but let thine heart keep my commandments: For length of days, and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee.
    (Proverbs 3:1,2)


  17. The lord our god did not make her write the book for people to be thinking that is fake! there are a lof of christians out there and we all have different callings and hers was alot stronger cause she choose to following him with all her heart and she stood by him threw everything witch is what most people dont do when something goes wrong in there lifes thats when the blame goes to jesus for some reason she didnt do that she went with him threw everything she was especial to god and we are also very especial to him but we have different calling dont let the devil get in your head and tell you that the book is fake and that she is lieing cause that not right dont questions god doings and this website and you are a disgrace! God made this book for people to belive that he is real and so is god … so if you dont belive is avious that you are not a true christian and that you need more help with that! don’t ever judge the one and only!

    i lovee GOD & choo thomas!
    READ YOUR BIBLE! and you will find that everything she said and everything that she went threw is true! maybe you have the wrong bible get a new one!
    don’t let the devil take over your mind!!!!


  18. [Matt. 25:14-30]
    [14] For the kingdom of heaven is as a man travelling into a far country, who called his own servants, and delivered unto them his goods.
    [15] And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one; to every man according to his several ability; and straightway took his journey.
    [16] Then he that had received the five talents went and traded with the same, and made them other five talents.
    [17] And likewise he that had received two, he also gained other two.
    [18] But he that had received one went and digged in the earth, and hid his lord’s money.
    [19] After a long time the lord of those servants cometh, and reckoneth with them.
    [20] And so he that had received five talents came and brought other five talents, saying, Lord, thou deliveredst unto me five talents: behold, I have gained beside them five talents more.
    [21] His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.
    [22] He also that had received two talents came and said, Lord, thou deliveredst unto me two talents: behold, I have gained two other talents beside them.
    [23] His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.
    [24] Then he which had received the one talent came and said, Lord, I knew thee that thou art an hard man, reaping where thou hast not sown, and gathering where thou hast not strawed:
    [25] And I was afraid, and went and hid thy talent in the earth: lo, there thou hast that is thine.
    [26] His lord answered and said unto him, Thou wicked and slothful servant, thou knewest that I reap where I sowed not, and gather where I have not strawed:
    [27] Thou oughtest therefore to have put my money to the exchangers, and then at my coming I should have received mine own with usury.
    [28] Take therefore the talent from him, and give it unto him which hath ten talents.
    [29] For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.
    [30] And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    [Matt. 24:50,51] [Matt. 25:30] [Matt. 8:12]

    And A More Important One:
    [Matt. 22:1-14]
    [1] And Jesus answered and spake unto them again by parables, and said,
    [2] The kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain king, which made a marriage for his son,
    [3] And sent forth his servants to call them that were bidden to the wedding: and they would not come.
    [4] Again, he sent forth other servants, saying, Tell them which are bidden, Behold, I have prepared my dinner: my oxen and my fatlings are killed, and all things are ready: come unto the marriage.
    [5] But they made light of it, and went their ways, one to his farm, another to his merchandise:
    [6] And the remnant took his servants, and entreated them spitefully, and slew them.
    [7] But when the king heard thereof, he was wroth: and he sent forth his armies, and destroyed those murderers, and burned up their city.
    [8] Then saith he to his servants, The wedding is ready, but they which were bidden were not worthy.
    [9] Go ye therefore into the highways, and as many as ye shall find, bid to the marriage.
    [10] So those servants went out into the highways, and gathered together all as many as they found, both bad and good: and the wedding was furnished with guests.
    [11] And when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there a man which had not on a wedding garment:
    [12] And he saith unto him, Friend, how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment? And he was speechless.
    [13] Then said the king to the servants, Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
    [14] For many are called, but few are chosen.

    [Matt. 13:41,42]
    [41] The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;
    [42] And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    [Matt. 13:49,50]
    [49] So shall it be at the end of the world: the angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just,
    [50] And shall cast them into the furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    [Matt. 25:1-14]
    [1] Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom.
    [2] And five of them were wise, and five were foolish.
    [3] They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them:
    [4] But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps.
    [5] While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept.
    [6] And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.
    [7] Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps.
    [8] And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out.
    [9] But the wise answered, saying, Not so; lest there be not enough for us and you: but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves.
    [10] And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut.
    [11] Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us.
    [12] But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not.
    [13] Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.

    Read The Bible People!!! If Choo’s Book Has Stirred You Up – You Have All The More Reason To Read The Bible!!! Do It!!! But Stop Critisizing.. Jesus Said “..forgive even your enemies..” Do You Think Your Lord Jesus Did Not Die And Shed His Blood For This Woman? Why Dont You Ask And Pray To The Father To Forgive Choo In Jesus’ Name, If You Think She Is Wrong – The Next Time You Have A Chat With Your Lord?? Didn’t Jesus Say “… you can make out by their deeds…” ? Discuss Arming Yourselves With The Word Of God – Don’t Just Plainly Speak Words Against Someone – You Are Just Showing People Your Qualities, Nature, Behavior, Deeds.. And I Tell You It Dont Impress Anyone..

    Correct Yourselves My Dear Brothers And Sisters In Christ Jesus..


  19. My name is Marta Isaac, i read this book in spanish, i believe in every single word Mrs Thomas said. Why people can believe about the behavior she wrote about Jesus. What happened people? are u scarry. People u think that u can do anything that u want and when i said anything is anything and at the end, Jesus will forgive u so easy, please!!!! You have to work in your life and live for Jesus. And let me tell you, i am not doing because, it is not so easy. We are on God’s hands, this is God’s world, he gave you the opportunity of living and you have to live for him, and that’s it. There’s a lot of other persons that has the same visions or visits that Mrs Thomas have.


    Who said that living on this world would be so easy.

    Clearly, i believe that our spirit born and never died. People you with your actions will decided where you gonna go… Work every single day for your salvation is the best option you have…..Blessings!


  20. Hello,

    I honestly wonder what you would think of my writings, 7 Visitations from God, 12 Revelations from Heaven, seeing that you don’t believe the Choo Thomas testimony.
    Hey, let me hear back, okay?

    Kevin Hofsas


  21. To God be the glory. Amen. Like the blind man in the Bible all I know is I was blind but now I can see. I was living my life like any average christian but after reading Choo Thomas’ Heaven Is So Real, I’ve now gone back to my first love when I first accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal savior as far back as 1997. For the Bible says we should work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, the same Bible says from the day of John the Baptist even until now the Kingdom of God suffered violence and the violent take it by force. No Child of God can judge another person until the JUDGEMENT DAY. Rather make ‘MORE’ time for God And His Son Jesus Christ and you will surely experience Him in an awesome way. Be Careful!
    MARANATHA ! ! !


  22. Hi

    I just want to say stop saying things you don’t know
    about someone
    choo thomas is our last chance

    BE CAREFUL !!!!



  23. Above is a comment by a totally misled person who does not have a clue on what she is saying. Just shows you the danger in Choo’s work.

    The last time I have read, Jesus was our last chance. So now a human has been promoted to saviour of the race.

    Sandy, I pray that the real Jesus Christ will open your eyes to the truth. Forget Choo and read your Bible. It is all that you need.


  24. In Choo’s book she clearly states that there will be people that still won’t believe in what she says and she is praying for you. It was called upon her to write this book for those lukewarm Christians and those who don’t believe. Reading the bible keeps your spirit pure and not be taken of the worldly things. For those who don’t believe, you are headed in the world direction and won’t know it until it’s too late.

    I believe everything that she says because I read another book before reading Choo’s and they both have experienced the same things. The book is called “Revealing Heaven” by Katt Kerr. She visited our church and told us all about her visits.

    I will pray for those who don’t believe and that he gives you revelation.


  25. Jesus is our last chance but you must accept him as your Lord and Savior. Obey his commandments and do his will.

    And you say “the real Jesus Christ”; there is only one.

    Yes, read your bible but find a church that has pastors that will help you continue your path to heaven (that’s if you choose to go there).


  26. Dee, I will state again that I believe in the Bible, the Word of the Living God. I believe everything from Genesis to Revelation. I believe in Jesus as the Son of God and the Word of God who became flesh, died for our sins on the cross and rose 3 days later so that whoever believe in Him will have everlasting live trough Him. I believe that if you confess Him with your mouth and believe in your heart, you are saved. I do not need a second rate book that portrays another Jesus that does not correspond too the real Jesus that is revealed in the Bible.

    Jesus is my path to heaven, NOT some book by Choo Thomas or any Pastor of any church. I do not put my faith in any human. So to tell me to find a pastor to help me to continue my path to heaven is insulting. If you put your trust in human beings, you will surely stumble. I will advise you to come to Christ so that He and Him alone can give you the water of live.

    And another thing, I do not care what heaven looks like. It can look like the Sahara for all I care. God makes heaven heaven. His presence is all that I need. Streets of gold and pearly gates will get boring after 1000 years. But it is God who makes it glorious. All these visions of heaven sounds like a hyped up earthly scene. The Bible (not Choo) says that we can not even imagine what it will be like. Your biggest imagination does not bring honor to the things that God has prepared for those who love Him. That my friend is HEAVEN. And that is what God said.


  27. As Choo Thomas is my best friend, I feel that I can speak for her. We often talk and discuss what she was shown.

    Choo’s main message is this.

    1. Heaven is REAL. Hell is REAL.
    2. No matter how good or kind someone is, without Jesus, they just won’t make it.
    3. Be Ready for the Lord’s return. Many Christians won’t be. i.e. Lukewarm/disobedient, and they will go through the Tribulation, a VERY difficult time, where they MUST stand firm till the end, not falling away.
    4. NEVER EVER get the mark of the beast 666. There is NO SALVATION for anyone, even believers, who get it.

    I know Choo, she is a very humble lady. Not a wolf is sheep’s clothing, even when people say very harsh things against her, she still prays for them.


  28. I found this book at work today and read it… After looking her up on the internet since I was so deeply disturbed by this book, I was amazed at literally the worship that this woman is receiving by her “story.” I can’t believe how many people there are out there who are putting more stock in her book than they are in the bible itself. Anyone who gives her book a positive rating has clearly not cracked open the bible. The minute you read the bible you will realize that this woman’s book is purely demonic. We have been warned about false prophets and I would advise anyone who claims that their life has been changed by her book to take note of that.


  29. Honestly, I started reading the book because my aunt told me about it…The Holy Ghost told me to stop reading it, I’m not calling Choo any names or saying nothing about it, because that’s not my place, it wasn’t for ME to read, I can’t speak for others because it had a diffferent effect on my aunt who has been saved longer than I have and has different gifts than I advice tho is to be careful what u say about ppl(not saying what Choo wrote is true or false) but WE must be careful because u weren’t there…just because it’s not for u doesn’t mean it’s not for others. I’ve had dreams and seen demons and had pastors refuse to cast out demons in my house cause they said that they needed a body in order to operate and it wasn’t biblical..I wasn’t even a christian then! I just had a gift that I didn’t understand and listening to ignorant ppl who never experienced it so for them it was false..well now I AM a Christian and do what they are fearful of..God gave me a spirit of love, power, and sound mind, not fear..let’s be careful what we say ppl..they say Benny Hinn, Earnest Angley, Shambach, Catherine Cullman, etc are false..just be led by the spirit of God and not ur OWN understanding or beliefs


  30. Thanks for the comment, but I respectfully have to disagree with some of your statements. If the Holy Spirit told you to stop reading it, it means that there is error in the book that He wanted you to be kept from. He also told me to throw the book away after page 10, but I continued for a few chapters to find out why. The Bible is our guideline. If Benny Hinn, Choo Thomas or whoever says ANYTHING that is not in line with the Written Word of God, they are in error and misleading the body of Christ. The Bible is full of warnings about false teachers and prophets. Jesus Himself said many times: Do not be deceived.

    One day when we stand before the Throne of God, He will not ask if we believed Choo, Hinn, Copeland and such. He will want to know if we believed His Word and trusted in Jesus. Do not be deceived.


  31. Thomas Choo’s experience is totally absurd and distort the Majesty of CHrist. Remember the true sheep heard the Voice of Lord Jesus, do NOT entertain any other voice – Satanic


  32. Whether Choo really went to heaven or not, all I can say is BEWARE !!! We are living in times where false prophets are roaming like hungry lions. Please do yourselves a favour and research all new information received from human beings, as this world & many of its inhabitants have become so corrupt, that I believe satan is showing them the way, yet making them believe it is God Himself.

    All of you may want to check the website “Worlds last chance”, please also google on TBN’s false prophets. You cant tell me that the majority of the pastors on TBN are not false prophets, as they clearly show hand signs of the “iluminati”, which by the way is satanic. God warned us against false teachings, He also said “Seek & you shall Find the knowledge”, He also said: “My people are going astray due to a lack of knowledge”. I think it is time EVERYONE wakes up & start seeking. the Holy Spirit will guide you more and more in the right direction, just as He has been doing with me, and it is as if the truth just starts falling into your lap when you search along with the Holy Spirit.

    I firmly believe in God, the Son & the Holy Spirit, I would just like to mention, that I have recently stumbled unto websites informing that the bible has been changed so many times that it is not speaking Gods true word, as The bibles we own have been translated so many times, it differs from the first, original writings which are the “dead sea scrolls”. Not everything is different, but if you look into it, there are some serious things that have been altered by humans.

    I personally also have a serious problem with churches today & that is why I do not attend them…I believe that the most of them have become financial institutions, and alot of them have signed with government to be tax exempt, on the condition that they may only preach certain things. Sorry, but this is not biblical or Godly at all. Make sure, make VERY sure who your church is really serving. Google tithings. You will find valuable information. you may also want to find a dvd called “mysteries of the sun” which is incredibly valuable if you want to see how satan is making the world his, by slowly and surely brainwashing us and by tradition. I believe we have fallen so far behind from what God really wants for us, how He wants us to worship Him and what He truly expects of us, as our churches have misled us, purely by innocence, yet due to traditions,etc which has been instilled by satan. Please research on all these things, it is so easy…if I could do it…so could you, as I am really not good with these things, but as I said…the Holy Spirit will guide you to the truth.

    Just something interesting…I have also decided not to raise my son in church, he is 8 years old and with the little I have given him about God, he lives for our Lord with his heart and soul, he even takes lead at his school between friends and teachers on what a child of God should be like. He sets examples in not lying, always praying, not being rude or a bully, and all I did is tell him that God created us, we shoukd pray and thank God for everything, and also ask for protection. The rest he got himself. i believe the Holy Spirit is in us and guides us, but as soon as we allow ourselves to be deceived by traditions, people, etc….we become confused subconsciously and then start living away from God without even noticing, still thinking we are with Him all the way. Please be carefull out there. Also google on “Evolutionists versus Creationists”, it would be good if you could get hold of Kent Hoghands evolution dvd’s. They are fantastic and really opens your eyes to the truth aswell.

    Forget about trying to argue who is right & who is wrong, as God does not want this. Just stay close to Him & gain wisdom, as He promises wisdom.

    I pray that your eyes will be opened and that you will receive guidence from up above to find the truth, so you can live close to God and be pure of heart, as our Lord wishes this for us.

    God Bless


  33. More of us believe Choo thomas”s book than you who don”t but it does’nt change the fact that Jesus is coming, Heaven and Hell is real and if you;re not ready that”s it .There will always be skeptics and doubters. His thoughts are not our thoughts if He chooses to write a book through his servant who knows better?
    Get ready!!!


  34. I believe in Heaven and hell. I also believe that Jesus is coming sooner than we think. But I do not need a book other than the Bible to proof that to me. If people don’t believe the Bible, they will not believe any other book.


  35. What is blasphemy Valerie? Blasphemy is is to make one self equal to God. Jesus was crucified because of blasphemy. He made himself equal to God by forgiving sins. So tell me were did I ever make myself equal to God? Why do you accuse me of blasphemy? Please watch your tongue before accusing falsely.


  36. Valerie…our God is a God of perfection…he has left not one detail out in our creation…He created us more than perfect…dont you think then, that when God prepared the bible(His Word), that He would of done it just as perfectly ?? Why would our Lord give us revelations as a warning of all to come and signs so we can identify the end and tell us what we should be doing right…..yet, years later, this book is not relevent anymore ….so God sends profits to warn us. Sorry…but God does not work imperfectly !!! By the way….I turned my life around completely by reading Choo’s book, wich is wonderful, then I started on a wild spree to get people to turn to God, as her book encouraged. I nearly destroyed my mothers faith, I gave false information to friends. All this was revealed to me, then I realised that her book might not really be off God, and I started testing it. God says that everything you hear from pastors and prophets should be tested to His word(bible),in order not to be misled….please do yourself a favour and test to see if Choo is speaking scripturally. For this you need the bible and the guidance from the Holy Spirit.

    PS: Valerie, I do sense some aggresion in your writings…this is not Godlike. Make sure that it does not come subconciously with Choo’s teachings. Because that is how the devil works.


  37. I have spent off and on some months reading choo thomas’ book slowly; 1 chapter here and 1 chapter there. I have come to thee conclusion that this book has effected me with some deception it contains in some areas in which I had to deal with in the past. I first want to say I have been school in bible school for four yrs. Second, I have had long term experience on spiritual warefare. Third, I as well operate in the prophetic. I will say one prophet to another we know one another. My spirit does not minister to her song she sings on the internet. I am as well am baptised in the holy spirit. I have been allowed to see this for training and the grounds of what God has me cover and do personnally. There are several flaws I saw. First, Does not mention the power of the blood of Jesus Christ; we all know as mature christians that the blood is acid to our adversary. Second flaw, the book does not mention the fear and reverence of God. It does mention several accounts about a pure heart. Yes, we are to have a pure heart, and be Holy for He is Holy. Fear of God is based on submission, not works. Third flaw, the shaking is a huge target and obvious. I did discern her song and did begin to flow with her song and the spirit. My body began to shake in confulsions. May I remind you, I used to be epeleptic , and have anxiety attacks caused from mental problems and psychiatric problems from a nervous break down and abuse. I know all about sezures. Testimony of God’s grace, I am healed. When I went to Haiti on missons trip last year, satan braught back those sezures. I can tell you from experience the HOly Spirit does not activate that way. I want to say, He comes on me with heat, and my body does burn, I do weaken, but do not shake. I experience a fear of reverence for God and begin to put my face to the ground on my knees. I never shake. Now I must say the power at times comes on me so strong, I have crawled out at times. God has shown me that he is a Holy God, and at times I do reverence HIm. Thats the Holy Spirit. I have had alot of past issues to discern fake and real. This my friend is a counter fiet. For example, if those of you do agree with the power over Benn Henn, and He has been chosen, and our gifts with God are called without repentence. Some people may not distribute it correctly. I mention Benn because you never see Him shake or fall to the ground all the time. One of fruits of Holy Spirit is self control, thats vital. I will say He does demonstrate that well when the HOly Spirit does come. Now to the fourth flaw is this, several accounts of false doctrine as counterfited truth. Some of the words are twist around to give what is to be said. Satan is a master at the word, and he always twists it. Example when Christ was being tempted. Satan quoted a scripture from psalms 91; It was twisted. The fifth flaw, is the voice of her heavenly song. I had that song in my house and listening to it. My cat never has problems, and when she is around me when I pray, she never stands up and her hair fluffs out, like her tail was so fluffy. My cat gets humble and she lies quiet. When this song came her tail was up like there was an intruder present; that’s the only way she does it. She began to meow strangely and that concerned me. She never does. I must say, animals are sensitive to things too. For some reason, it bother her. Also, when I was on the ground, I began to flop around, and my arms began to go out of control. I must say I only got that way when I used to seizure only. When I am in the holy spirit and praying with him, I never get that . I heard voices say this. ” we have God’s annointed. This is God’s annointed be careful.” I will never forget those voices. I will say, why would the angels or the Lord say that, and remind one to another who I was. They don’t do that. They tell me what I am. Why would they remind themselves. Seventh flaw, Satan always brings some form of trueth to uswhen he throws darts at us. That is the concern for those who can not discern the difference between false and real. When I went to Haiti, I had to take a long time of training to discern the enemy with flaws like this. Cause in Haiti theres all kinds of stuff like this flying around in the air. The word says we wrestle not against flesh and blood. These are the last days that is true and satan is destributing himself real. In closing, I must say, These effects can really give a long term damage with your walk with christ if your not geared up against satan and his deseptions. I will say that I do know that rapture is coming. We all know that. I do not judge choo thomas at all. There is a deseption and some things are true; but alot of it is not correct. It did wake me up about ministering the gospel to my family. It did wake me up to minister the gospel more in the streets. There was some possitive things. I do ask that anyone who does read the book must pray for a direction. May God bless you all…


  38. I believe in Choo thomas expierence.It realy desturbes me that some traditional christians do not believe her.The fact remains that if you are not serious about God he cannot show all his Glory.How many of you actualy pay your tithe every month.How many keeps the ten commandments.simple things that he ask you to do in the bible.and you feel that you have a right to judge Choo.Please give me a break.May the Lord Bless Choo Thomas and i love her dearly.If you dont believe Choo i suppose you also domt believe Pastor Chris of the Assembly .Inddeed the scripter in the bible is thue,alot are invited but a few are choosen.I ask you are you chosen or just invited.


  39. We need not put ourselves in so much confusion right now. All we need is FAITH. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Light. All we need to do is follow Jesus. That’s it, why make it so hard on yourselves? We need not judge others but to drop all arguments and just follow Jesus.


  40. I also wanted to request a prayer for my husband because he has strayed away from God. I really want him to go to Heaven to be with Jesus, but because of his stubbornness I am unable to help him. Please pray for my husband so that God may hear and answer my prayer. Thank you.


  41. Wilma, I do not want to get into to much OT VS NT debate here, but were in the New Testament when the Church was born does it say we must tithe to a church? Did Jesus, Paul, John or Peter taught it? Don’t get hijacked by money loving Pastors who wants you to just give and give to make them rich. We MUST give to the Lords work, but with a joyful heart and as the Lord leads, NOT 10%.

    10 Commandments… Mmm, that is an interesting one. Do you know of someone who got saved by keeping the law? Jip, you are correct, no one can get saved by keeping the law. The law leads to Christ and by putting your trust in Him, you get saved. So yes, you are in a way correct, serious believers is not bound by tithing and keeping the law, but are free in Christ and obey Him because of the rule of the Spirit that is in our hearts.

    And I stay with it, I do not believe Choo. I do not know Pastor Chris that you are talking about, but if he says the same as Choo, I will also not listen to him.

    I ask you, are YOU chosen or just invited (whatever that means). Do you believe Pastors and Choo’s or do you believe the Son of God, Jesus Christ. I believe the latter, thank you. I will not get judged because I did not believe Pastor So and SO and Choo, but I will get judged on my faith in the Son of God who shed His Blood for me, one thing Choo never mentioned.


  42. I just scanned the e-book with my computer and found over 20 times that the blood of Jesus is mentioned.

    There was even a section of the book called “Power in the Blood”

    So anyone who claims that Choo doesn’t mention the blood of Jesus is incorrect.





  44. Well, I felt uncomfortable with my salvation when she mentioned that our salvation is not secure, that we need to work it out.
    But I felt ok, and remembered that JESUS did it completely on our behalf, he is our redeamer, high priest, etc. By his blood he bought us to his kingdom, it is not of WORK.


  45. As a true believer in Christ Jesus, it should be very clear that Choo Thomas has made up a story here. Believe me, it is not worth believing in her words as they are not of God. Pray to the Lord Jesus Christ and ask the Holy spirit to guide. All I can say is DOn’t be deceived. Choo Thomas knows she’s telling lies and she has to be answerable to Jesus Christ on Judgement Day. Don’t ready the book , throw it away as I and my brother did in the first place after reading few pages.


  46. I am not so gungho as you. Have you yourself spoke to Choo Thomas personally, questioned personally and then convinced that she is lying in the book?

    Stop all your religious thinkings and perjudices. Is it you cannot accept her as God’s prophetess because she is oriental.

    Until you have spoken to her personally and found that she preached another Christ, you are wrong to accuse her that she is a false prophet.

    The Bible tells me not to touch His anointed, and not to do His prophets no harm.

    Are you not harming her now? Watch it before God judges you instantly.


  47. Aaah, do not touch anointed… and who says she is anointed? Who says I am not anointed? That verse has been so taken out of proportion by all the false teacher. Did God anoint her, and can we be sure about it?

    My friend, do not threaten Gods children. You better be careful in passing judgment.

    I will say it again, I trust the Word of God, NOT Choo Thomas and her book is contradicting Gods book. I stand with that.


  48. Oh, another thing, if you just stop looking up to “Gods anointed” and read your Bible, you will realize that any Born Again Christian IS Gods anointed. See 2 Cor 1:21and others. I pray the Lord to open your eyes.


  49. I am not the only one passing judgement!!! You have already passed judgement on Choo Thomas without even knowing who she is . Have you ever talk to her in person and then judge for yourself? All you criticsed about her is also your own thoughts and feelings.

    if you know the Bible, i also know the Bible as well as you. You are now touching God’s anointed servant.

    Stop all your accusations on her!! Who are you to pass judgement for the prophetess of God!


  50. I have never passed judgment on her, only on her book, and I will continue to do so. Her book is false! I do not need to meet her. A tree shall be known by its fruit. Her book is her fruit. I will keep on warning people about false teachers including Choo, as it is clearly written that in the last days many will be deceived and people will not endure the true Gospel.

    So please stop threatening me about how God will judge me. Jesus is the Judge of all, not you. I urge you to read what the true Jesus of the Bible have to say about heaven.

    It is interesting how you are only out here to defend Choo, but not Jesus… Makes me wonder…


  51. We may be God’s anointed as you said. But we are not God’s prophet. Are you God’s prophet? To pass judgement on another God’s prophet?

    Are you also a prophet too? If so, you will know she is a true prophetess of God.


  52. I like to mention the following:

    What is a main work of a true prophet ? It is one who turns others to Christ and not preaches another Christ. OK, did she turn others to another Christ? No, she didn’t. Instead she talked constantly about Jesus, about the sinner’s prayer, about John 3: 16, Romans 10: 11 and many Biblical matters like Rapture, Tribulation, the Pearly Gate, the Golden Throne of Jesus, the golden crown that we would wear when we return Home.

    In fact, she talked about many things in line with the teachings of the Bible ie: there is Heaven, there is Hell, about tithing, about the Rapture, about the Great Tribulation, about 666, about Jesus hate abortion, about Abraham, about Michael the warring angel and many others.

    A false prophet does not do all these. He or she would want to hide all these christian knowledge from us so that we would miss Rapture, not know about the 666, make us have abortion, make us not tithe , make us not know the existence of Heaven and even about Hell. A false prophet will want to hide all the basic Biblical truth!

    Choo Thomas recorded many events that are mentioned in the Bible and generally believed by all Christians such as tithing, being pure-hearted, being obedient, Heaven, Hell, Jesus hates abortion, Rapture, Tibulation, 666. If the book is from the devil or she is a false prophetess, why would she bother to tell you all about the Rapture, the Tribulation, the 666 all forthcoming events in the Biblical calender.

    A false prophet will not do that!!! Remember a false prophet will not tell you about tithing, Rapture, Tribulation, 666, about Jesus hating abortion, Jesus wanting us to be obedient and pure-hearted. A false prophet will want to hide about tithing, abortion, being obedient, the Rapture, 666 and this future tribulation so that you will be caught unprepared!!! So that you will disobey God, have abortion and not tithe. Only a false prophet will hide all that!!!!

    Be careful of those who claimed that they know the Bible , but actually they are now opposing God with their false accusations.


  53. This blog has been deleted? Why? Now all these accusers are afraid of God’s judgements! Touch not His prophets, do His servants no harm.


  54. HI Dena,

    I am in a Gospel Church and I always speak in the name of Jesus Christ….ALWAYS. I have to say God has given me two gifts that I will use to spread my word. Both are essential part of my relationship with God that I have on so many occassions have amazing testimonials to show I am the real thing from our Lord Jesus Christ, in just a matter of 1.5 years I am extremely Blessed.

    However you mention no-one shakes or moves in such a disturbing way. My pastor at my church spoke to me through our Christ Lord Jesus and she told me Our Lord h had passed a message to tell me I am closer and this church is unbelievably anointed. My point is that I do all the above movements…and I know 100% I am not with the opposition. So yes I disagree with you. Yes we all have our different ways to communicate and different ways in which we recieve our annointment. I have seen people hands shake, I have seen swaying….and all in the name Jesus Christ….YES be very careful who you communicate your message to. But the body movements all vary…God Bless You 🙂


  55. Comment by Adamantine:
    There are a lot of people who preach the truth so that they might make money.
    If Choo Thomas is getting rich off of her books etc or if people are sending her money she may still find herself in an uncomfortable position before the Lord.


  56. As I was exiting a mall in Seattle a woman grabbed my hand and said, “Jesus loves me”. She had put Choos book in my hand and some Bible tracks. I said thank you to be polite got into my car and looked at the book in my hand and I said to my husband something is not right with this book. I perused through a few chapters and I felt that it was a wrong spirit visiting Choo and not the Lord. I stopped reading the book.


  57. Comment by Adamantine :That becomes your personal perception of what God is doing. It may be accurate and from the Holy Spirit. It also may be incorrect. Nevertheless it is still your guidance and while it is appropriate for you to tell others who trust you ….for someone like me who does not know you it means nothing. I object to people who get a word from God and then make a ministry and living off of it. Her books should be free. On this site is a book I wrote easily downloadable called the “Return of Christ”. It is shared freely because
    1) It could be wrong
    2) I would never want to use Christ in that way for my gain
    I think if Choo is making a living off of this she is suspect.


  58. The time is coming to over. still you are in confusion. please!!!
    save your self. God telling us through many ways, not only by preaching the Bible(Gospel). among those ways, the message of choo is one: that is the wake-up message for every body.
    Thank you!!


  59. We not only must’t be afraid to check the truth according Bible we MUST DO it independently what person is. Bible commands us to do so – read 1 John 4:1. If the prophet is in right position (without pide), he will be obedient to this word too. the book is abundant in many scriptures but devil also can quote Bible very nice. there is no place in Bible in will not be, Glory to God, where is written than all littel children up to 8 years will be with Jesus. And what about 9 and 10 years old and what about children with weak mind. Bible does’nt tell us about this but it does tell that God is Love. I don’t think that God will send a child of 9 years with a weak mind to the hill, do you? Personally, when I hear smth which I don’t see in Bible I leav e it. In Romans we read – faith cometh from the hearing and hearing from the word of God. I’m sorry but how c an I have the faith if Word doesn’t tell me. I don’t think that Lord Jesus is in compomise with Hiw own word, do you? In the book of ms Choo she tell us how Lord has prepared a fish for her. Alive fish. As I understand, He killed the fish. I don’ s thik that heavens is the place where somebody or somewhat is kiiled, do you? Heav en is Heaven. God’s word is His Word in Heaven too. “FOREVER O LORD THY WORD IS SETTLED IN HEA VEN”


  60. Every body; hear me. the bilble was written for our inprtance, but not confuse us. As Jesus said, many of the bible were not wrtten, if it has been written, the world even not enough. That means in the heaven there are many things that we do’t know. so the choo’s book is even more related with the bible. so you have to bweleave and accept.


  61. Not to be rude, but you are opening yourself up for huge deception. So if anyone comes with extra Biblical revelation, we must just buy it? Does the words” If anyone adds or take away from this book (Bible), his name will be wiped out from the book of life” mean anything to you? Does the description of Heaven that sounds more like a Los Angeles suburb excite you? My Bible says that what the eyes did not see, what the mind can not think of, that is what God prepared for those who love Him, and that is why Paul could not give an account of his heavenly experience. Any modern person claiming differently is either deceived by a dream or lies.


  62. I’am not suprised, that many read the book of Choo “cover to cover” and believed it, yet did not read the Bible “cover to cover” and argue verses to verses like the word of God contradict to each other? “How can we say blah blah blah in verse and chapter and blah blah blah verse and chapter said this…then you are wrong then I’am right”.

    This is alarming word of God versus word of God, it only proves that some so called christians just pick some verse then said “WOW I can use this againts what that guys said heheheh” and did not really understand that verse pertains to.

    Every words that comes from the mouth of the prophet should be in light to the scripture. How the holy spirit can contradict it self since we know that the Bible is inspired by God?

    May the Grace of God be with the humble (that thirst in the word of GOD) and be hidden to the proud!


  63. Satan have upped his devious works in Choo Thomas. Beware of the Foe of your soul, the devil will ‘ washed down’ Jesus Christ as an “ordinary person” as what Choo Thomas have done!!! The Devil can dress up as a Holy Prophet and preach the Bible faultlessly – he can because he have superior intelligence than humans.

    Follow Christ with all your Heart and Soul , if you do not want to be devoured by the Wolf.

    As the Bible have said the sheep hear the Voice of Jesus and do not follow other voice.

    Again , I say ” Beware”


  64. Choo Thomas seems to promote an unbiblical theology of a purgatory which has no basis in scriptures but is an invention of the Roman Catholic Church. So far as what the Lord requires of us I would suggest sticking to scriptures as opposed to anecdotal “evidence”.


  65. So many Christians have become complacent and luke warm. If Choo’s book was instrumental in turning you back to the Lord, Praise Him! If it hasnt, its better to delve deep into your Bible and just re-commit your life to the Lord. The Rapture, Tribulation, 666 are all events that will soon take place, our Bible tells us about them, we just to take heed now more than ever. The Lord does not want anyone to perish but all to enjoy what He has prepared for us. May God bless each of us as we turn our hearts back to Him.


  66. The book just didn’t have a right “feeling” to it.

    It might be true or it might not, but something does not add up in the book. Of course I have haven’t finished the book, but there is something terribly strange about the book.

    I don’t know her personally and I’m not judging her – she could very well be telling the truth – but there was something wrong with her video too.

    Why did she have to be in front to lead in worship? Are we not able to exalt Him without the presence or lead of someone else? In God’s eyes, we all were created equal and He loves us all equally.


  67. You seem to be the only person who is clued up about the illuminati and the enemy on this blog. It is interesting that on p233 Mrs Thomas praises the character of that instrument of the illuminati George Bush skull and bones 322 member and all. She also appears on p214 to say non Christians matyred for not having the 666 mark will go to Heaven. They might be just anti New World Order, but I doubt the people on here even know what that is. As for going to Hell for non tithe – Galatians 3:13 tells us we are free from the law. Hey but if people want to cut their foreskin off, kill goats blah blah they can like the old covenant teachings. I would love to hear evidence of Mrs Thomas’ ‘miracle dancing’ having cured anybody or the prophecies of this self proclaimed ‘end time prophetess as she calls herself. Sure the end is near, but we don’t need her book to tell us that do we – look around !!


  68. Good Bro.
    Recently there was a prophecy in my wifes church and i was there. The prophecy was that ‘ MY SON I LUV U. I LUV U WITH A VERY DEEP LUV. DO NOT FEAR FOR I AM WITH U. I HAVE CALLED YOU TO DO MY WORK. DO NOT FEAR FOR I AM WITH YOU.

    Just as the prophecy went on i began to experience the presence of the Holy spirit on me strongly and i began to weep. Awept till the close of service.

    For this i believe God luvs us all. If there is an experience in one persons life it doesnt mean Jesus is against the others.

    I will not also judge but add that we should be mindful of what we say and the bible should be our guide. Thank you.


  69. I read Choo’s book and I was left feeling very badly-I felt a terrible fear that after believing in Jesus and God all my life, my salvation was in question. I had nearly 4 months of fear and anxiety that if I did not do XYZ I would not go to Heaven.I even bought her CD to commit her to memory-but found her swaying in the Holy Spirit and glassy look and sense she was under some bizarre spiritual influence. I think in the end I did more damage to my family with my anxiety and trying to live up to her XYZ ‘s to go to Heavan. First I think she creates herself as a favorite of God-Which I understand is not biblical.Secondly, she said to put your hands on her book and pray it will effect you-this seems to raise it above the Bible. I thought Salvation was a gift from God based upon you accepting Jesus and God into your heart with sincere faith and belief.I think you show love to God /Jesus by than following commands of the Bible but a verse in Romans clearly states, “we all fall short of the glory of God”-doesn’t trying to live piously lead to legalism. I know the Holy Spirit is powerful and feels warm but I do not understand why the spiritual presence communing with Choo would create terrible pain stretching her joints to dance for its glory.Why would God allow Choo to distract her church service by dancing in front of the congregation, touching her eyes of which she had no control-anything that takes over your control makes me wonder.I also did not find Choo’s singing edifying ,it was as awful to listen to as Yoko-Ono’s Plastic band or someone scratching a blackboard.Why would God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit ever put a distance between a husband and wife?-Choo states her husband had to eventually sleep in the other room at night.There were things in alignment with scripture -the end will come soon, we need to be like the prepared bridesmaids ,we need to spread the true Gospel, our sins need to be forgiven by Jesus,we need to pray to God and Jesus and hang out or fellowship with other Christians, tithe to support ministry out of love not fear etc.-Choo mentioned the apostle John as being God’s favorite but God and Jesus have no favorites. I came away from Choo’s book thinking,why bother with Christianity-it did more damage to my faith.Something is not right-I get a nauseated feeling when reading her story-things do not all line-up.I think I have learned a good lesson in living by faith and not having to read these books on heavenly encounters because of the danger of those that are false.I tend to find Don Piper’s account much more Godly .


  70. Wickus stop spreading your blasphemy. Here is a definition of blasphemy for your uneducated self:
    Blasphemy – profane or contemptuous speech, writing, or action concerning God or anything held as divine.
    What you wrote is 100% blasphemy because Jesus died for our sins, not his.


  71. Alexander, PLEASE show me were I have ever said that Jesus did Not die for our sins, but for His? If you ever find any blasphemy like this from the authors of this site, I will delete this complete site at once.

    And fear the Lord my friend, for He is Holy.


  72. ugh after reading all this comments its stunning how some people think. I bought “Heaven Is So Real” I believed everything in it, I even order another similar book by Mary K. Baxter. I might be wrong reading all this books, I think I’m just going to stick to the bible. If anyone can help me grow my faith in God the only truth I will be more than thankful. I’m desperate, I need to know the truth !!!



  73. sisters and brothers of christ, please let us not fight.
    i already read the book and for me there is no harm about the message of the book. after reading it, you know what, i became closer to our lord Jesus, it made me realize how important to PRAY daily, it made my faith stronger and I’ve realized that we need to work for our salvation and that is by praying and reading the bible. FAITH alone is dead without action right?? the book itself promotes us to READ THE BIBLE DAILY and to MAKE JESUS THE CENTER OF OUR LIVES. my dear brothers and sister, WHAT IS HARM IN THERE?. it is not impossible for our lord to talk someone , like in the old days God talked To abraham, moses, john, etc. so why do you call choo thomas a HERETIC?? she did not add anything in the bible, but god commanded her to write another book which is filled with the scriptures in the bible, it’s like reading the bible itself. the message is to WARN US TO REPENT for us to BE SAVE. to be WITH THE LORD IN HEAVEN.. what is wrong with that ??? if you dont believe in choo thomas, then dont, but the message of the book I BELIEVE ITS FROM GOD, HE WANTS US TO BE SAVE AND TO TELL US THAT HEAVEN IS REAL, JESUS IS WAITING FOR US . AMEN!!


  74. I do believe in what mrs choo wrote and the message is from god if you commit yrself totally to god and gods work he will surely dedicate himself aswell . He message from god is so simplewarning us to repent so that we can all make the kingdom of god.Brethen whats so difficult in that.HEAVEN IS SO REAL I PRAY WE ALL MAKE IT TO HEAVEN INCLUDING MRS CHOO THOMAS.I READ THE BOOK AND IT ALLOWS ME TO HAVE A BREAK AND THINK ABOUT HOW I WILLM PLEASE MY SAVIOUR MORE.


  75. I have just finished reading ‘Heaven is real” and I liked it. I come from Africa where dreams, visions are so common to our people. Do you seriously think God cannot take up people to heaven and bring them back to tell the story? You will be limiting God.
    I have worked as a missionary with Muslims and most of them have come to Christ Jesus through visions and dreams. Just do research. I have read the Bible through for more than 20 times over the last 21 years and I can assure several people were taken to heaven – Prophets Micaiah during the time of Ahab, Isaiah 6, Apostle John, Aposte Paul, prophet Zechariah and they wrote the records for us to verify about anybody who claims to have gone to heaven like Choo. Choo comes from an Asian culture. People of the West approach the Bible with a Greek mind or mentally, Africans approach the people from a power paradigm and Asians through righteousness.
    Additionally there are many streams in Body of Christ who believe the Bible is inspired of God and is the final judge over our lives, conduct and experiences. Let us do not dismiss just because we have not experienced. It is does not make us correct. We all no in part. We have Catholics, Orthodox, evangelical, pentecostal, charismatic, prophetic and apostolic churches who are made up of genuinely born again believers.
    Finally we must differentiate between unbiblical and extrabiblical materials. Unbiblical have blatant errors. Extrabiblical like Josephus books, apocrypha books, geography, history etc of our respective countries is extrabiblical but not unbiblical, No where does Choo say her book is at the same level as the Bible in authority. Infact she exhorts to be students of the Word, prayerful, pure, obedient to the Lord etc.
    I am recommending her book to friends and still read my Bible voraciously as I serve the Lord in missions. Blessings.


  76. Be encouraged. We approach books from cultural experiences. I have been a missionary to muslims and now here in West Africa where God speaks to believers through dreams. The Bible clearly teaches in Joel 2 and Acts that in the last days He will show visions and dreams. I do not think he was lying! In Africa and Asia power encounters with God and Satan are regular. I have read both Choo and Baxter and my life was strengthened in the Lord and made me read the Bible. Even Bible teachers who write books and teach should be careful – see James 3:1. There is a difference between unbiblical and extra biblical books. She is writing about here experiences and no where does she say if you don’t read her book you will go to hell.
    To reach muslims I had to study the Koran and show them that the Koran clearly testifies Jesus is far greater than Mohammed. According to Deuteronomy 13 a true prophet is confirmed in two ways. What one says must come to pass and lead people closer to God and the books of Choo and Baxter do that well. Be wary of people who are quick to call fellow Christians who believe the Bible is the Word false because their experiences are different. Blessings


  77. for you ana!,..i wanna tell you somethi’n due of your curiousity to this book if the author is a false prophet or not!,..1 thing u must know that if the doctrine in this book blasphemed our lord jesus,.instead help the humanity rise or charged the faith to our lord GOD,..then she is a false prophet! but if not, have no right to condemed this woman coz what the important is helping other’s to believe in our lord jesus and renew the live’s of sinners coz this is the most important than our doubt!,..dont you think that GOD will jst let the false prophet exist???,..of course not! there will be a good prophet rather!, is also written in the bible at the book of joel!,..the one who is not believing that jesus is our saviour and lord are the false prophet like the raelian movement!,…GOD call us in different ways,different person or pastors! but all of us are brethren in christ!,…MAY GOD BE WITH YOU ALWAYS AND GIVE YOU PEACE THAN DOUTING THE DOCTRINE THAT HELP OTHER’S CHARGING THEIR FAITH TO GOD COZ THIS IS THE IMPORTANT THAN DOUTING!!,…MAKE OTHER’S TO BELIEVE AND WORSHIP OUR LORD JESUS!!!!!!


  78. the holy ghost that you had heard is the evil because he dont want you to charge ur faith in GOD,..through the revelation of other’s by telling you their own personal experience by the holy spirit! it is also written in the bible that in last days many will propesy! not just false prophet will exist! EPHESIANS 4 11-12,…GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER!






  81. Christopher, you have made your point. I still stand with what I have said before; the Jesus portrayed in the book is not the same Jesus as described in the Gospels. And the vision of heaven sounds like a suburb in L.A. or Palm Springs. Paul went to heaven, but he was not allowed to tell what he saw. I believe the main reason is that there is no way that human language can explain the wonders of heaven and the Glory of God. Read Revelation and see how John had difficulty describing what he saw in heaven.

    The Bible is more than enough to lead one to Christ.





  83. I have read the book. Did you read it? Did you read about the impersonal jesus? Did it sound like Jesus? Do you know the real Jesus Christ, Son of God?

    But why try to convince me? If you enjoy it, read it. God will lead you to the truth. It is not my duty, but that of the Holy Spirit.


  84. brethren do not call any body lier leave it to God is the one who will judge all these! remember When David pursued by Saul, he even had achance to kill saul but he said let him go for he is annointed one,but remember at that time the SPIRIT OF GOD already left saul.


  85. “That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive; But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ.” Ephesians 4: 14-15

    I found this book to be a troubling mix of fact and fiction; Biblical fact and man-made doctrine (1 Timothy 6: 3). Although the writer states in her introduction that she does not present this book as doctrine, the young or undiscerning Christian will read and accept all of this material as such. Ms. Thomas is correct in making this statement about her book not being a basis of doctrine as a ‘disclaimer’ but at the same time she has a responsibility before God to make sure what she is presenting in written form as an evangelist is doctrinally sound (2 Timothy 4: 1-5).

    Unfortunately, I found most of this book to be doctrinally unsound. For example, references to saints in a wilderness holding place prior to the Judgment Seat of Christ at which time they will be cast into Hell is totally unscriptural. You are either saved or lost; there is no in between before or after physical death! Jesus declared to the repentant thief on the cross in Luke 23: 43, “This day you will be with me in paradise.”

    Her visions of saints in sand colored robes, and gray robes are also unscriptural. The only Biblical description of saints in robes is found in Revelations and they are all white: Revelations 6: 11 (martyrs) ; Revelations 7: 9-14 (those that came out of the Great Tribulation).

    Unfortunately, I believe what is being ‘preached’ in this book is a gospel other than what Christ preached (see Galatians 1: 8-9). What we cannot validate from scripture must be tossed aside as unsound doctrine.

    I can truly believe someone being ‘caught up into heaven’ as Paul was but not 17 times. I don’t believe Ms. Thomas or any of us can stack ourselves up to equal the life, call and ministry of the Apostle Paul and all that he suffered for answering the Master’s call. He only spoke of being caught up into paradise one time. Elisha, Elijah and Jesus himself, was taken up once not 17 times.

    Also, the many references to Jesus calling her His “special child” is suspect. Are not each one of us special to the Lord? Is He a respecter of persons? To as many as received Him to them gave He the power to become and be called the sons of God. The inference is that since this person is so ‘special ‘she has a special message from God that everyone needs to hear. Aren’t the warnings and teachings in scripture enough or do we need a ‘new message’ that deviates from the tenant of scripture to warn us?

    Yes, we need prophets today to warn the lost and lukewarm saints, but not ‘extra biblically’. Be careful saints of God! We must take heed to what we hear and measure everything against scripture.

    We live in perilous, deceptive times. This was prophesied of a truth from Jesus himself and his Apostles reiterated it. (Matthew 24: 11 & 24) Please note that miracles and signs does not validate a prophet or minister. What they teach is what validates him or her. It MUST measure up to the scriptures or THROW it OUT no matter how much the truth may be minced in!!!

    The intent of this post is not to be hateful or ugly, but rather to prove all things and present what deviates from scripture for what it is. Each one of us has a responsibility to be a good steward of the Word of God entrusted to us as believers. I Thess 5: 21


  86. There is only one way to be saved, and that is through faith in Jesus Christ, and His finished (i.e. COMPLETED) work at the cross, and resurrection from the dead.

    Jesus Christ is the Author; the Developer; and the Finisher of our Faith. It isn’t Jesus Christ plus our works … it’s Jesus Christ plus nothing! Rest in Him alone!

    We aren’t saved and blessed by God because we live right by our own self-efforts. But rather, we are saved and blessed by God because:




    It’s all about JESUS! Oh hallelujah!


  87. Wickus: Thanks for the confirmation. Came across Choo-choo the other day. She ‘appeared’ right before me — on a video — and despite having been a believer for nearly 32 years her demure manner and sweet voice made her message both compelling and yet disturbing all at once. I wrestled internally with this for a day or two, and then the other night while rinsing off some dishes the Holy Spirit quickened to my mind the scripture regarding how, as His children, we aren’t made perfect in fear. Perfect Love drives out fear. By the next day I was able to think with the sound mind He gives, and began seeing a whole slew of doo-doo flung ‘dramatically’ within this ‘daughter’s’ thrilling testimony (heaps of sarcasm) God’s continued blessings as you grow in knowledge of our risen Lord and Savior. Be the like the lilies of the field, my friend: Do not labor or spin. It is FINISHED!


  88. The book by Choo Thomas will make you stumble because it is 90% truth and 10% lie according to the bible (written word of God) Jesus Christ the son of the Almighty God is the living word. Satan what he does is he mixes little lies with lots of truth and that is deception. Satan is a deceiver and a liar (a wolf in sheep clothing)


  89. I get very disturbed in my spirit when I read of Christians who exalt themselfs above measure such as sister Thomas. Does not the bible say that God is no respector of persons? Some other books I’ve read states that Christians can loose their rewards, but still make it to heaven. Case in point: Percy Coulett’s series My Twelve Hours in heaven where he saw Saloman helping to prepare the banqueting table for the marrige supper and Rick Joyner’s Book “The Quest” where he talked with some well known ministers who lost their rewards, but made it into the Gates. According to Choo none of these Christians will make it. Which one of these perspectives is true? I don’t buy the statements in her book and am trying to warn my wife to put this book down.. God certainly loves his people and is greived when we sin. We need the Bible as our guide to test every spiritual revelation and doctrine. Her book made my spirit man very ill when I read portions of it regarding her parents and other parts of it. Thank you.


  90. I have just completed reading “Heaven Is So Real” for the third time and this week ordered 4 more books from to give away. The more I perused its pages, the more wonderful insights and spiritual knowledge I gleaned from the book. What an amazing experience Choo had (and continues to have) with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It made me weep to read of their special relationship and of the many truths He imparted and confirmed to her. She is indeed a very special and obedient vessel, something we ALL can achieve if we would but obey and keep God’s commandments (works) more consistently and fully and truly LOVE Him and each other) as Choo Nam does. The parts of the book that I do not fully comprehend – I will leave that to Faith and when the Lord will reveal all Truths to us at His return to earth.

    We are living in the very last days just prior to the Second Coming of the Messiah to earth…His long awaited return is at the door, so close now! This is the reason why Jesus has been giving numerous people dreams, visions, NDEs and spiritual experiences, etc, and with more frequency in the past decade or so. (Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17) Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, status; be it the wicked, the worthy, religious, or those with no religion at all God is sending out many words of warning to the world via various means and people. As He stated in the Bible,…”He will pour out of His Spirit upon ALL flesh…and they shall prophesy…” This is necessary because we are all at different levels of spiritual understanding, knowledge and progression.

    The Lord wants everyone to ‘Come unto Christ,’ to accept Him as Redeemer of the world! He warns us through many ways and means so that we might prepare ourselves spiritually and emotionally for the hard times, chaos and devastation that will ocurr prior to His return and after. We need to put our lives in order, get closer to the Lord and warn a fallen world before it’s too late. We need to prepare our families with food, water, medicines and fuel storage to guard against the time when ‘no work shall be performed’ and when these necessaries become scarce and/or unattainable. The prophets have been warning of our time (the endtimes) for thousands of years. “If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.”

    Heavenly Father loves us with a passion we cannot even begin to comprehend with our finite mind. Because of His and the Saviour’s great, unconditional love for mankind, they desire as many as possible (if not all) of His children to return to live in His Kingdom for eternity. My wish is that it is so.

    John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

    Blessings in Christ ❤
    Keriama (LDS)


  91. I too liked the book. . . I think many people are missing the point from this book. Reading this just encourage & reassured me of heaven. Because of that I want to be good and walk closer to God. This book is not for everyone, sounds not for the advance christians.


  92. I actually got saved after reading the book. When I reread it again after 6 years, I became on fire for God. I got closer to Him. The book doesn’t say anything against the Bible nor does it keep people from Jesus. I got closer to Jesus after reading this book. As I read the book, I can’t help but cry because of Jesus. Why would satan let a person write a book that would draw more people closer to God? I am 17 and I was raised in a Christian family. I didn’t know why I had to go to church, and the Bible used to be another boring book to me. If it was not because of the book, I wouldn’t be excited to read the Bible, I wouldn’t know that Jesus is the way. If it were not because of Jesus, I would probably be astray, lost and a rebel.


  93. If you came to know Christ and have a hunger for his word – then praise God for his grace and mercy in calling you to himself. By saying you heard the truth, and came to know Christ is proof that Choo Thomas is not apostate, a false prophet, you are in serious error. Go read Numbers 22- where God uses Balaam, a wicked man to deliver a message, and in that same instance speaks through the mouth of a donkey. The delivery of God’s truth does not necessarily mean one is of God – he is sovereign, and we should continue to consult the scriptures to see if what someone teaches or writes, rightly divides the scriptures. I would caution you about Choo- God has worked a miracle but search the scriptures as many here have to see if all of what she is saying true (or as many here believe, mixed with error).


  94. Interesting discussion. The bottom line is sad, though: Thomas IS clearly a false prophet who has clothed herself in false light and deceived many to follow her. Years ago, I had a brief discussion with several of Thomas’ followers because I emailed her to rebuke her false prophesy that the Tribulation began sometime in 2008 (you can read that false prophecy here: ). All I received was double-talk and poorly researched Scriptural “support” for her false prophecy.

    It’s so very sad that false prophets surround us, seeking to tear us all apart. KNOW YOUR BIBLES, BROTHERS AND SISTERS! It’s the only way we can defend ourselves against the type of Scriptural perversion pushed upon us by the likes of Choo Thomas.


  95. A friend lent me this book. A few pages into it, I knew that what was being described could NOT be from God. This woman is apparently deeply deceived and is being used to deceive others.


  96. First when I read her book, it seemed real but later on I was dumbfounded reading an article says that Jesus told her he was about to come to this earth to gather his people on Sept 14th 2008, since my people are NOT ready I did not come. After reading this statement I applied a sudden break. Bible says Even the angels and even the son of man does n’t know, but how Jesus told to Choo Thomas. I sent her an email to clarify. She wrote me back that Jesus told her also which is not from the bible. I PLEAD WITH THE PEOPLE, DONT BELIEVE THIS DEMONIC REVELATION. Also it is interesting to read that Jesus everytime changed his dress in the dressing room. Although he never mentioned his birthday in the Holy Bible, one day she saw Jesus in different special dress, she asked him and he told her, today is my birthday that’s why I dressed it like it. I asked God to release her from demonic attack if she really repents for her false prophesy.


  97. Hi. This book is satanic rubbish .please dont get sucked in by it. comments about aborted babies in a room waiting for their mothers if they want them back.She has become very wealthy because of the book, what has she done with the profits? But what do riches matter in the long run if you end up in hell?


  98. thanks a lot, i really believe that the people who speak bad about the book, are the ones who are the false prophets being used by the devil. Jesus said if the are not for us they are against us. It very embarrassing that even some pastors criticize this book, then you wonder what massage do they preach in the churches, are they really called by God?

    May God have mercy on them, PEOPLE i edge you to through the book of Revelation and you will understand what God did and says to John because its exactly this book, don’t be deceived. this book makes lots of Christians to be alert that the end time is close and the is no different with the book of Revelation. i believe the is another spirit that told them to stop reading the book of Revelation because if the went through it the will see exactly this book Heaven is so real

    What matters if she went or did not went to heaven, one thing for sure heaven is real and if you don’t believe that, don’t preach against it for you are preaching the of Satan. really who influence you to critisize the prophency that lead people to God.Can really a devil tell people to repet before its too late, and really preach Christ his enemy? not the devil i know to steal, kill and destroy as he is destroying this book, that leads people to Christ. refuse to be his agent.

    God says touch not the anointed one and don’t grieve the Holy Spirit, those who says the spirit told the to stop reading the book, which spirit told you? Was its the spirit of God or of the devil? please can you first check yourself before criticizing other people and especial the anointed, and by the way who are we to judge the things of God?

    if you don’t agree with the book or other prophets, i suggest you shout up and don’t criticism them. May God of peace have mercy on us all. One way or the other heaven and hell are so real, whether you believe it or not, it does not matter who says it or not but their are definitely real.


  99. Happy day my brethren in the Lord, in Matthew 24 Jesus said in the last days many will be deceive…Let us soak ourselves with the word of GOD so that we will not be deceive…You can test the spirit of what is fruit produce. if it is fear then it was not of the Lord, but if it is Love it’s from the Lord. the Bible says GOD has not given us the spirit of fear but He has given us the Spirit of Love and a sound mind.Me too had been to heaven just one time only(remember GOD never do things twice), but i was full of Love comes from GOD and also give me more passion to preach the Gospel. Jesus is the truth, the way and the Life. Therefore no one can replace the Bible. the Bible is the absolute truth. Let’s imitate CHRIST because in the beginning we are created in the image of GOD. No one comes to the FATHER but by HIM (John 14:6). We cannot be pure unless we seek the GOD of Purity, we cannot be Holy unless we Seek the GOD of Holy and that is JESUS…By seeking Jesus with HIS word we cannot be deceive…..


  100. If Choo Thomas is False Prophet or not we can’t judge this person. If we judge Choo Thomas then what’s the different on us. Pray for her but not a prayer of accusation but a prayer of Love with compassion.. Peace v^_^v


  101. when a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word that the LORD has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously. You need not be afraid of him.
    (Deuteronomy 18:22 ESV) – scripture is quite specific. We are to discern whether a prophet speaks from God or not.

    Also consider:
    But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed. As we have said before, so now I say again: If anyone is preaching to you a gospel contrary to the one you received, let him be accursed.
    (Galatians 1:8-9 ESV)
    This and other scriptures are the sound word on which we stand when we follow the berean call to search the scriptures about everything a teacher teaches to see if it matches with the Gospel that we know to be truth. If it does not, it is not from God and it is a lie from a deceitful heart or a demonic spirit.


  102. Why would Jesus teach us through the parable of the rich man and Lazarus if He is going to let people into heaven and then send them back to testify. This Scripture surely tells us that we have Moses and the Prophets and nobody is going back to testify.


  103. That is a great point – and strong scriptural support against these people who claim to have visited heaven. Though Lazarus (different Lazarus?) did come back out of the grave. It’s interesting that in the gospels and the rest of the new testament there is no one who mentions having spoken to Lazarus after he was raised from the dead by Christ. I would think if God had wanted us to know more about what lay beyond death he would have inspired the writers of the new testament to record Lazarus’ testimony.


  104. Just about a few pages into reading this book I already felt something is wrong.
    I believe any spiritually matured Christian can easily tell that this Korean woman is either a scam or she was experiencing some satanic deception.
    There’re so many suspicious points since the first page of her book:
    1) why are there testimonies published along in the book? Don’t people need to read the book first in order to send testimonies?
    2) why is her last name Thomas? She claimed she’s a pure Korean with poor English skill. At first I thought her husband is an American but then no, he’s also a pure Korean.
    3) if u pay attention to her dates of first encounter with Jesus, they are not consistent. Correct me of I’m wrong but I think she said something happened to her in 1994 and in later pages somewhere she wrote its 1996.
    4) disobedient Christians will still go to hell? That completely opposes the bible. We all know why Jesus had to die on the cross, so that our sins would be forgiven and we can all go to heaven if we believe. To say that disobedient Christians will not receive forgiveness and will go to hell is saying that Jesus’ death is in vain.
    5) Jesus has no control over rebellious souls? That is such an offense to our Lord. If one is a mature Christian she should strongly believe that if God insisted and chose a certain person to be His disciple, nobody can say no even that person himself. God is all mighty and powerful. He is our only Creator.
    6) why mothers who aborted their babies can have their babies back if they later change mind? The same baby who Jesus keeps in heaven will reincarnate back to the same mother’s womb? All Christians know that there’s no such thing as reincarnation.
    7) choo said she ascended to heaven with Jesus in her fleshly body. All Christians know that Mary is the only human who ascended into heaven in her fleshly body.
    8) in the beginning of the book, somewhere in the preface, choo claimed that she didn’t know very well the scripture verses in the bible as her Christian life wasn’t as deep and active yet by the time she wrote her book. Then why are there so many scripture references appearing in the book?
    9) I tried to flip through the whole book to find out whether she’s a Protestant or a catholic but nothing mentions about that.
    I stopped reading the book not even half way there. I just knew its a fake. And if she would spend a little more effort on proof reading the book she should have found many contradictions within her own writing. Things aren’t consistent.
    I don’t know whether she really had what she claimed some “revelations” or not. If she really did those were definitely from Satan. Otherwise she’s just another scam just like neale Donald Walsh who wrote conversations with God. How can people take advantage of Jesus’ name to make personal gain? This is insane and I’m so mad.


  105. i Wonder why the devil will want you to know that heaven is so real and hell is real , how will it help his kingdom.For those who are saying she is a fake i wonder why the devil will want to tell you to repent and that jesus is coming soon . Be careful oo there is no forgiveness for calling a true prophet of God demonic because you are blaspheming the spirit that is quiding you . The devil will never promote the kingdom of God


  106. Your boasting is not good. Do you not know that a little leaven leavens the whole lump? Cleanse out the old leaven that you may be a new lump, as you really are unleavened. For Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed. Let us therefore celebrate the festival, not with the old leaven, the leaven of malice and evil, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.
    (1 Corinthians 5:6-8 ESV)
    Monika – we are not blaspheming the holy spirit here in reference to Choo Thomas. Quite the opposite – it is by the Spirit that we have been given discernment. We here seek to be like the Bereans- who we learn of in Acts 17. When you read these people that claim to be prophets – you should examine the scriptures to see if what they are saying is so. With many sadly, it is not. Our enemy is like a roaring lione seeking whom he may devour – consider that even if someone assents to some truths of the Bible but twists verses to purposes of their own flesh – it is not Christ with whom they have fellowship, but the desires of their own fallen flesh, as the serpent did with Eve in the garden – it is not new. He assented to what God had said, but gave it a slight twist and inserted a lie alongside the truth to appeal to the desires of Adam and Eve’s flesh. We must not repeat this mistake – but learn to wield the sword of truth we have been given to divide truth from error. Choo Thomas is teaching error and consorting with spirits that are not from God.


  107. Dear,
    Lord I pray that you will help Choo Thomas find the truth, O Lord please open Choo`s eyes to help see true spiritual things not unspiritual things. Father, I also pray that you will forgive Choo for teaching error without knowing right from wrong. Father, please help her and God please show Choo your mercy, compassion, love and peace in Christ Jesus I pray for her. Thank you, Lord. Amen


  108. Isn’t the Bible enough… Jesus did it all for us… lived, died, and resurrected. You think the Lord said WAIT we need to send CHOO I forgot to tell them about heaven? The bible says deception will run rampant in latter times, Our adversary has thousands of years to plan these deceptions. In her book CHOO states the blood of Jesus is filthy, dirty… only an impostor of jesus would say these words. Lets study the word of God to show ourselves approved.


  109. No aborted babies are not in a wearhouse in Heaven. They grow up in Heaven like kids do here on earth and are praising God in Heaven on His Holy Throne. A muslim lady who is now a christian said Yeshua appeard to her in a vision and showed her what the aborted babies who were aborted on earth are doing. They are praising God on His Throne. She mentioned Bush was the last days president, well Obama is the presedent and if the rapture does not happen after him then another US presedent will come after Obama. Jesus blood is not dirty it is pure and clean and Holy. You do not go to Hell if you do not believe her book, you go to Hell for not believing in Jesus and the bible. Yes you have to be Holy as God is Holy because without Holiness no man will see the Lord. I was shown the rapture in 2007 by Yeshua and was shown there will not be too many looking out for Him and that many christians will be left behind after the rapture. There will only be a few percent going in that rapture. And yes Yeshua is coming back very soon. Read your bibles and you cannot go wrong. I do not believe that there is a place called purgatory, a valley where you go when you die. There is no middle ground, it is Heaven or Hell. Anyway God bless.


  110. I personally came across the first page on her online book and I was totally freaked out after I read about how she encounter the one she called “Jesus” at the first time (that’s not my Jesus). I don’t want to quote what she said in her book since I hate to re-read it but I have to quote a little bit to show to errors in her witness and how dangerous it is. I tell you why, she said at “3:00 am” she started to have experience with “lord” that she mentioned. I had many researches about demonic posessed or alien abducted, it always happened at the same time “3 am” or around midnight til 3 pm. Second thing that freaks me out is when she describing the one she thinks that’s Jesus, “.. I couldn’t see His face..” “The skin on His hands is olive-colored, and His fingers are long and slender”, okay you see that’s absolutely not my Jesus! Jesus, my Lord has came to this life and He was in a human form as well and when He appeared to his apostles, He showed his face and everyone who has experienced seeing Jesus face to face can describe Him clearly and see His face with his emotions. (not like what she said, only the Father can’t be seen by face but Jesus we can see his face) and His hair is supposed to be golden (not white), also the color of the skin according to what she described reminded me so much of devils skin color (olive) in those scary movie or cartoon with long fingers.. ew, Isn’t that freaky? If anyone read the bible you know that’s not how Jesus, my Lord looks like, NOWAY!! And why did she feel tight in the tummy? And why did she shake? it’s absolutely not right in any degrees! People, please trust your gut feeling, do you feel right when you read her book? Do you feel so much different and so much better when you read the bible? Yes you do! Answer by your own feeling which is present to you by the Holy Spirit within you. Pray to God and ask questions people, He will answer you and lead you to the right way. I was so lucky, considered God has made me look for the knowledge about how demon posess would be like before and now that knowledge kicked in me at the right time and i can tell right away this is the one when i read her book. I kind of throw my phone away immediately (actually drop it right away) after reading that preface, it’s disgusting! My God don’t create fear and disturbing feeling, He gave me peace, so much love and joy when I pray or repent or when I read his Words. So this one is so disgusting, please DO NOT read this, it will destroy your connection to God and also destroying your soul to pieces by fear and weird demonic feelings. Please listen to God’s Words: “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” (Matthew 7:15) I believe there’re true prophets out there, but God’s test for us is to regconize between the true and false prophet, so the best way is to check everything they said with the bible and pray a lot for His wisdom come upon you. We are all children of God so be like one and show all of your instinct emotions to God. Thanks Lord for woke me up at the right time by the Holy Spirit within me!




  111. I am very grateful, to see and read this comment, they have been an eyeopener for me and also a relief after reading Choo thomas book, thank you and God bless you.
    From Mathew.


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