Global Governance

Solana: economic lives “apolarity”

Former leader of NATO conference in Montevideo offered

Spanish Javier Solana, who was High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union and general secretary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), yesterday offered an open conference for students in Montevideo.

The theme of the talk was the challenges to international security. Solana said the process of “devolution” in the world is experiencing today. He highlighted the return of old powers back after several centuries to be protagonists of economic life, including the Arab world.

Solana estimated that in military terms, the world remains unipolar, with the U.S. the head and booming China.

He noted that governments “increasingly governs least” by the effect of social actors “nonstate.” They said the one hand the presence of organized gangs and other social action organizations of public benefit.

While the former official said that European economic area is facing a “apolarity” power centers scattered around the world that “makes the levels of dialogue.”

The speaker called attention to nuclear disarmament, and welcomed the progress agreed between the U.S. and Russia. Also insisted on putting the focus on environmental problems and poverty, and made a particular call attention to problems that are generated in cyberspace.

In this context, Solana called for creating instruments of “global governance” that allow opportunities for coordination of sustainable solutions across countries.

The event, organized by the foundation chaired by Enrique Iglesias Astur, was attended, among others, former President Julio Maria Sanguinetti with figures from the diplomatic and academic.

Regarding the former president, Solana recalled that during the first Sanguinetti administration, he was chancellor Spanish. “I lived in a time when Uruguay had a word for word and had to listen,” he said.

Comment by Adamantine:

I do not say

JS is the AC

but rather I say that he is the best candidate to fit one particular theory of AC.

Sir Isaac Newton thought we were to be watching for the appearance of the AC as a matter of being faithful to God’s instructions.

It is with this in mind that these article are placed on this site for reading.


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