Weeping because there are no more Worlds to Conquer


Comment by Adamantine:

When Alexander the Great at the approximate age of 33 reportedly wept because he had no more worlds to conquer he actually was in the process of turning his eyes back west to take on and conquer the Carthaginians on the northern coast of Africa. The Carthaginians were a colony of the Phoenicians and their commerce and sea based empire (Thallocracy) was soon going to take them into conflict with the growing Roman Republic. Alexander the Great had also received emissaries from Romans and he would likely have had to deal with them some day as well. Alexander the Great was in the process of digging an ancient day Suez Canal which would have allowed him to transport armies and elephants from the east to wage war against the Carthage Empire in north Africa. His success in this endeavor would have established a Macedonian Greek  Empire which would have run from the gates of Hercules in the West to the Hindu Kush in the East.

When Julius Caesar was at the approximate age of 38 reportedly he wept because he had not yet conquered any worlds and he compared himself unfavorably to Alexander the Great. In a few short years he had  conquered Gaul and Julius Caesar defeated with an army of 80,000  the combined might of 46 different  tribes of Gaul with a force of 300,000 men. Julius Caesar later rose to be the leader of the Roman Empire and at the time of his death he was planning an expedition to defeat the Parthians who were the heirs to the Persian Empire.  A few short years before the Roman General Crassus had been defeated by Parthia and his 7 legions destroyed or deported to the eastern edges of the Parthian empire where they were taught the trade of ceramics and mosaics. A recent genetic study has shown that the genes of these defeated Romans can now be identified  mostly hidden among the predominate Oriental population. Had Julius Caesar or Alexander the Great succeeded in this endeavor they would have ruled an Empire which ran from the gates of Hercules in the west to the  Hindu Kush in the east.

Both Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar are identified as among the top military and diplomatic geniuses of all history.

There is currently a man of the age of 68 who shown himself to be an intellectual, diplomatic and military man of the caliber of these two others in the distant past. He has led the prime military organization of the modern world (NATO) in the position of its Secretary General.

One may wonder if he has cried that he has no more world’s to conquer and that his military genius has not been tested and proven.

Should he be the man of prophecy ( and he may not be) then his success will be unrivaled and his empire will extend possibly beyond what either Alexander the Great or Julius Caesar ever dreamed. He will prove himself to be the master world military man and the world will ask  “Who can make war with the Beast ?”

It would seem that by assassination in the case of Julius Caesar  and fever in the case of Alexander, God would not allow one man to conquer the world. According to one interpretation of scripture there is coming a day when a man of sin and a man who denies Jesus will be allowed such success for one short hour upon the earth. We do not say  that this 68 year old is the man of the hour. We have suspicions.

We do believe that because we are Christians  it is our responsibility to be students of scripture  and we must study well its possible theories and ramifications in the world. We are suspicious that there remains a world to be conquered.

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