2017: 6000 Year Count

These are the facts. Do with it as you please. As Herb Peters loved to say: “The facts Mam, just the facts”.

2 thoughts on “2017: 6000 Year Count

  1. It is interesting that you missed a year in your count for the flood which means that a year has to be added to when Abraham was born. He was born in the year 1049 after the creation of Adam and Isaac was born 100 years later in the year 2049 AA.

    Abraham before he had left Ur of the Chaldeans had receive God’s promises concerning Abraham becoming the Father of a great nation of people that would bless the world. This truth is found in Acts 7:2-8. However, many people wrongly interpret the statement that Abraham left Haran after his father died as being a reference to Terah, when in fact it is a reference to the death of Noah, who, in Jewish custom, is considered to also be the father of Abraham. If we consider the genealogy of Genesis 11, then we will see that Abraham was around 58 years of age when Noah died. Abraham was living in Haran at this time. Terah on the other hand died when Abraham was around 135 years of age, about 1 year before Sarah died. In Genesis 22:20-24 we are given an account of Abraham learning about his family, just before Sahar died and became the trigger for Sarah to insist that Abraham obtain a wife for Isaac from within the family, back in Haran.

    All of this information is confirmed from scripture.

    You then went on to state that from when Abraham was 75 years old to when God brought the Children of Israel out of Egypt was 460 years based on the statement that there was 430 years between when the Abrahamic covenant was given to Abraham to when the Law was receive at MT Sinai as found in Galatians 3:17. However, the Abrahamic covenant was also confirmed to Isaac and Jacob, and the last Abrahamic covenantal undertaking by God were given to Jacob, just before he set out to travel down to Egypt. Now if you insist that this 430 year period was from when Abraham was first given the promises contained within the Abrahamic covenant, then first, you have to establish when Abraham left Ur of the Chaldeans, and then also establish how many years before he left Ur that he had his encounter with God to be give the covenantal promise it contained.

    The Bible is silent on when the covenant was first given to Abraham.

    It was for these reasons, that I wrote what I had written in Fulfilled Prophecy in response to your post re the 6,000 year count.



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