Donald Trump and Pope Francis Share a CREEPY KISS

6 thoughts on “Donald Trump and Pope Francis Share a CREEPY KISS

  1. the trend now is for the religions to unite under a global cause and bring “peace and safety” . everything is getting very ripe for the fake religious peacemakers to do their part in conjunction with the global politics of peace and safety today. the u.s. (babylon? to me yes) will no doubt fulfill a role in this and the eu and un are putting more and more pressure on israel to quit “oppressing” and give up ground to supposedly bring order to the palestinian chaos (of 1000’s of years, long before israel’s return to the land of Promise after 2000 years) which is about their seething jealousy since ishmael was cast out and isaac was chosen…so of course they are going for broke to take from isaac’s seed the most sacred ground of all. the big 3 about to make the false peace in a deal with the devil that Scripture warns us about.
    will israel strike a deal at the wailing wall is what i’ve wondered about lately…? a big “mission accomplished” sign about to flash through the media airwaves? “peace” at last?
    the news changes by the hour these days. things are moving very quickly and fulfillment of Scripture is right on time in what i see as a convergence of the religious-political world that will soon be manned by antichrist. (2 thess the falling way,… (comma-and)…who is revealed???) the falling away picked up speed most graphically in 2015 with pope francis visit to the u.s. and un, to seal the fate of those on this course to make peace and safety happen with only a few more back room deals to bring it all on for the world to see. we are headed straight into the “midst” (of matt 24, luke 21, and mark 13) of some great big news in the very near future. all apostates are coming out of the woodwork as antichrist is soon to rise. persecution will go totally worldwide (with no exceptions for you american church)….but the true church of Jesus Christ will rise also as the apostates fall away to be wedded to this world system. the Bride awaits her wedding too. ❤
    2017 has already been incredible to watch. much more in the making even before years end. this is how i see things at this moment of life. praying for Wisdom from on high–praying to stand as the whole world will be shaken (hebrews 12). praying for the lost to be found in the Lord very soon–whoever they are and wherever they are soon

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  2. Im going to change the subject here for a bit. Yall, Ive been reading up on this and im thinking the devil/satan is simply a metaphor for man’s ego. Self rule, pride, power and control and such. Where it says Lucifer fell from the sky it go’s on to describe Lucifer as a man towards the end of that scripture. Adam? Satan walks around looking for someone to devour for sure. Looking for weakness to exalt itself over. Makes sense to me that satan is man’s ego. The beast.


  3. ego is sickening, isn’t it?,…and we all have to have no mercy for the ”little man” within, that it would die daily. Help us Lord to be humble

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