The rescue of the bride – Overview

I’m gonna do a series of 18 posts from today that I hope is going to bless you liked it blessed me. It is called “The rescue of the Bride”. It is not me in the video. I am not sure if the publisher wants to be named.

Here is the first video:


11 thoughts on “The rescue of the bride – Overview

  1. Gail, I am with you. This is posted for what its worth. UnsealedProphey does not endorse any rapture or second coming date. But lets keep an open mind.


  2. makes me leary…i listened to the first one and have to admit the same as gail. but i’ll listen to them vic. maybe there is something to glean here. we’ll see..


  3. i believe that IF this whole shebang, in connection w/[the rev 12 virgo sign/manchild/red dragon] isn’t the actual truth in connection w/ all the [sabatical cyles/jubilee timelines/ israel and the feast days] then, it most certainly has to be a Great Deception designed to LOOK LIKE TRUTH BROUGHT FORTH BY NONE OTHER THAN SATAN HIMSELF and that it,in high probability, is part of the STRONG DELUSION directly or indirectly, and is linked to the FATIMA occurrence of 1917 making virgo the whore rather than the virgin and making jupiter the antichrist and not the Christ or the body of Christ. Something spiritually extraordinary is being revealed to say the least. Could it be lying wonders n signs,…we call upon the holy spirit for discernment, this is powerful stuff.


  4. ok, i’m concluding that these signs, timelines’ feast days etc… are revealing BOTH Truth and Deception. Just like the ”he in daniel 9:27 refers to both Jesus and the a.c. in connection w/ the true covenant with many, as well as the covenant of death. Now then without going so far as to dissect every last detail of either viewpoint or revelation concerning the sept 23, 2017 sign, we realize that as believers we see and understand the ”True revelation” and fully take it to heart, knowing full well that our Heavenly Father is in absolute control; He being the good Shepard and we being His sheep who trust Him and hear His voice, while those who cannot discern, from their spirit of unbelief, fail to see just what is being fully revealed and go forward with uncertainty and or confusion. i said this the best that i can for now and i hope its understandable. Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.

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  5. tony i believe you said this well enough. we wait on the Lord. The Holy Spirit is our Teacher. surely He will not neglect to show us what we need to know when we need to know it. we are listening for His Voice, we are watching according to His Word, and whether we understand fully or not, and mostly likely not, is not the point, but knowing WHO is speaking to us…the Lord Jesus Himself, our Good Shepherd, Who does not leave nor forsake His Own Blood Bought children. in reality i understand so little (i haven’t arrived)–i’m finite. but! Who i believe is Infinite, and makes all the difference……..
    but i know Whom i have believed, and am persuaded that He is Able, to keep that which i’ve committed, unto HIM against that Day. 2 tim 1:2

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