There is Something Very Strange about this man.

For your discernment. 


7 thoughts on “There is Something Very Strange about this man.

  1. when trump announced jared kushner for the role of brokering peace between israel and the palestinians it felt so weird to me hearing him say that. and his daughter and her husband are bending his ear toward compromises i do not like at all..but i put zero trust in any of them anyway. and i know in this evil time of earth’s history many things will turn out bad, no matter how “good” it appears on the outside, no matter what is promised. in fact, more than bad……dangerous.

    i go to the Rock that is higher than i. He is the only One we can trust…and His precious Word that in every way, holds us together as this world and those of it, endeavor to tear us apart.

    i know this because Jesus Christ has conquered the biggest enemy of all time.
    …death could not hold Him down for He is risen-seated upon the Throne He is the Lamb of God, was sung at the top of our lungs today. as believers we know, the tomb is empty but our hearts are full.

    He is the Lord and He is Risen indeed.


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  2. like the old saying goes, ”you better believe it”! this is my response to your comment andrea,…now to watch the video, thanks vic! yeah when i first heard of kushner i went crazy, and since then i kinda let that piece dissipate. i’m glad its resurfacing here!!!

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  3. he reminds me of Damien, in the movie, ”the omen”. The EVIL is so there. God sems to be using Trump, to accelerate prophecy,….how about that, ‘just in time’ !

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  4. is the time of Jacobs trouble the same as the great tribulation or just the outpouring of Gods Wrath near the end of the great trib. period?

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  5. I believe this is all predestined. Trump may very well be bring in anti christ in. Remains to be seen. I hope we are going uo, soon! This world’s a mess. . Like never before. Sad. Lord Jesus Christ son of God in Heaven, please intervene soon my Saviour Jesus Christ! He friends, no man knoweth the time Jesus will teturn, only I ur FATHER IN HEAVEN! Just be prepared. Always be praying & ALWAYS look up, I don’t think JESUS RETURNING IS THAT FAR OFF! Keep trying to recruit new believers. Never give up on spreading the word! Pray for this world. Trump is too good to be true. Many Christians are on the same wave length! We are not wring. I pray Come Lord Jesus Soon. God bless all of you! Diana.

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