September 23, 2017? What’s going to happen?

Folks, this is scary and interesting at the same time. We will have to see were this leads too. Please watch.

Thanks Tony.


6 thoughts on “September 23, 2017? What’s going to happen?

  1. those anniversary dates for israel are very telling for something big involving israel. makes me wonder if matt 24 (midway in the chapter) begins–somebody standing where they shouldn’t be—and compare to luke 21 and mark 13.
    1917, 1947, and 1967–to–2017 😉
    100, 70, and 50 year anniversaries-God’s election of grace/children of promise, israel’s restoration, and the number of the Holy Spirit. i find it interesting that abraham got his isaac at 100 years old, that israel gains statehood (recognition) nov 1947-may 1948 (balfor declaration and then statehood)-restored among the nations, and the jubilee-time of release (the Holy Spirit doing a mighty work?) in the 50 years (1967 when jerusalem was regained including temple mount-though not quite under jewish rule because of the compromise of moshe dyann to appease the arabs still awaiting resolve) and each adds up to adds up to the year 2017. plus the fall feasts are awaiting fulfillment. and one more anniversary-1897. the zionist congress petitioned for the jewish homeland and that later produced the balfor declaration of 1917. is interesting because 120 years was the probation time set while noah built the ark and was a witness to the world and when the probation time ended the flood came-it all broke loose. israel is in a probation period right now, israel got recognized to return to their homeland and gained statehood, and a major jubilee is about to commence in this year of 2017 because temple mount was back in jewish hands (50 years ago) after 2000 years. we must keep in mind that the jewish year starts in sept while the world’s starts in january and they go by a lunar calendar instead of solar as the world does.

    i just know that God’s math always adds up.
    to what exactly i don’t know, but i know something major involving israel is soon in the making. since the sky is going to be showing signs in this timeframe then it appears it is all pointing to something that will be passing a point of no return—-and the full out completion of prophecy.

    how i see it all at this point, at least…….
    God isn’t mocked and His Word is fulfilled to the letter. what a time to be alive!

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  2. yes! my sister, yes! isn’t it also rather peculiar that the 100 yr. mark for the lying wonders n signs? of Fatima [telling signs] are soon to come to pass as well ! blessings, Shalom,…keep us Lord Jesus / Yashua,…ready, awake, wise n discerning…have your way w/ us, use us for the increase of your coming kingdom father God, Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done!…. so glad to hear from you andrea!!!! bless yer heart*

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  3. hi tony! amen to what you said. thanks for sharing that video with vic so we could see it too. i pray people take it to heart that the time left is very very short.


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