The September sign

Okay Tony, Baldy, Andre, Cole, etc, what do you makemof this. For me, I am getting tired of all the September warnings for the past few years. I am with you but I am getting sceptical. Please proof me wrong. 


13 thoughts on “The September sign

  1. to be honest vic i’m fatigued by the many differing and constant warnings. i think they are distracting. i quit listening to them for the most part a while back, but there are some specific ones i learned of a couple of years ago that i am waiting to see the outcome to. to me the real focus is watching israel and who says and does what to that land and those people that will lead up to the abomination of desolation. those who are planning (even right now) to do the abominable thing to israel (and will lead up to that one who is the man of darkness) as in matt 24, luke 21, and mark 13–is definitely ongoing, still gathering more and more steam. and a sept timeframe (but which sept? i don’t know..) might be when a major something will go down. but i don’t look at the calendar so much as i follow events that involve israel. when i think of the calendar i think more in terms of seasons and israel’s holy days (w/3 remaining unfulfilled) more than just specific dates. but all of these things to me are to be taken with the thought in mind that the prophetic is mostly to point us (the finite who cannot know all things) to the Bible and Jesus’ soon return. i want that to be my focus. and i believe some things we will only really see in hindsight. but……..i do not think we have long to wait……..then we’ll know!

    for me, i have to keep this simple and i believe the Lord would have us keep it simple. the well meaning can get in the way pretty easily i think. and the devil does want people distracted if he can’t successfully deceive some of them. that is one of his favorite tools in his toolbelt. so too much can be not good like too little–but watching is important for sure. waiting on the Lord to show us what we need to know when we need to know it, even more so. walking out our faith is to be a daily thing-daily surrender. trusting day by day by day. that keeps us humble and keeps fear from overtaking us. i say this in favor of this though. even though there is going to be some wrong in their watching i am glad they are watching! God can speak to His Body and bring all up to par and up to speed 🙂

    and as for the previous post (francis chan who i believe spoke by the Spirit of God in that video)—i am more interested in the actual message and how it lines up to the Bible than the messenger who brought it. there is a real Biblical unity of the real church of Jesus Christ and a counterfeit unbiblical uniformity of the worldly “church” to run parallel to each other that will come in our times. persecution will prove one true and the other false. some ministries are obviously false now-Bible reading and trusting believers who search the Word and call upon God for Wisdom will not fall for “another jesus” – for that fake uniformity “one size fits all religion” of the end times. some the true church is still hidden within denominations at the moment. yes, it will be persecution that roots all that out. and it is coming-in fact about to go fully mainstream. i do not think chan wants anyone to make it about him. that message is powerful and right on target. glad you shared it.

    ..and glad you have put the topic of this post before us too, vic.
    is good to find out what is on the hearts and minds of other brothers and sisters.

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  2. hi all, I agree w/ andrea in all she had to say no doubt.////\\\\. beyond that,… I do think that when Jerusalem gets the embassy from tel aviv thru mr. trump and that makes Jerusalem the capital of Israel, that Jacobs trouble will begin! seems to me that this could very well coincide w/ the rev. 12 sign in the heavens as well as w/ the 6th seal,….and like colleen says,”tada”!

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  3. i found some time to listen to this vic and it has some compelling things stated that should make people sit up and listen. it doesn’t strike me as far fetched but i will remain skeptical and continue to focus like i described earlier. signs in the sky are beautiful and yes they tell a story…but not necessarily the actual time of the rapture and other events surrounding it. hopefully for anyone who takes the time to listen they will, at the very least, wake up as to how little time there is left. that is my takeaway from this video.

    the happenings in israel (and one of them tony brought up) will figure into things to make the world which already angry with the jews, even more so. for sure this is progressing. no going backwards now. even if things go somewhat quiet again i think it is still going fast-like a swimming duck gliding smoothly on top of the water but purposefully, quickly, paddling under it.

    count me among those who wants to go Home! but we love and wait for His appearing!…and will not be disappointed ❤

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  4. i’m out here, Looking through glass darkly,…getting all excited as I ponder over the length of a biblical generation n jubilee cycles n signs n seals n the cup of trembling n Jacobs trouble, etc,….and I do mean etc…this is really wild to fully consider and its because of the outcome! its like the excitement of childbirth, its all consuming! This world needs Justice n innocence restored! THE ULTIMATE SHALOM

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  5. Hi Vic,…its a youtube vid called, Proof 9/23/17 is false virgo sign rev. 12…..{put up by, Exit by Flight}. I am only 17 mins into it and its interesting! its easy to find and it is like what you asked for, Proof! its different from lots of the other rev 12 vids!!! you might be interested in looking it over. I did btw watch the vid you posted to begin this thread about two weeks ago and it , ”caught up” my interest a bit for sure! Blessings vic always


  6. We will just have to wait and see but this sign is interesting. Apparently this sign will only be visible over Israel / Jerusalem so if you are a stargazer in the USA you will not see it. It looks like that is why many say this sign is fake as they look at it from the wrong side of the world. My knowledge of astronomy is limited so I can only convey what I hear and read.

    I sincerely doubt that there will be a rapture event in September. If this is the Rev 12 sign we will know soon enough.

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  7. howdy, has everyone here seen the dave Larson, ‘star of Bethlehem’ presentation on youtube? it came out years ago,…there is a long version as well as a short version….both worth watching, esp. in light of now! Shalom,…our utmost for His highest!, is that how Oswald chambers said it?

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  8. yes tony i have seen it. i have the dvd and it is amazing. there are some bonus videos on it with one especially–the ram in the stars is particularly awesome. just beautiful and leaves one struck with the beauty of God’s Timeless Word-His Promises kept to the letter

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