Mid-East Prophecy Update – January 15th, 2017

Please watch.


10 thoughts on “Mid-East Prophecy Update – January 15th, 2017

  1. thanks for posting vic! crunch time is coming on fast in my book and i think it is because i’m reading and understanding this from The Book!
    stay tuned…yes! and hang on tight…to Jesus.


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  2. Hi Looking,
    Howdy over here too 🙂 it (that link) is surely interesting. And in just not many months, a whole lot is going to become very well known.

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  3. hello friends! how nice to stop by here and see ya! still hangin’ on to Jesus and watching aren’t we?
    there is so much to watch lately, and tribber is right. there is much more coming soon! i think 2017 will not disappoint for filling in a good number of missing pieces of prophecy.
    i’m glad vic keeps this site available.
    i enjoy reading the comments of people watching just like me, who may not know everything, but we know Who does 🙂
    God bless all yall. one day we will meet…when we see Jesus.


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