Breaking News Live Blog Feed

Please keep your eyes on EU Prophecy News for the next few weeks. Lots of things happening:

Breaking News Live Blog

Just in the past few days, things have started to move relatively quickly. So I want to use this live blog feed to provide breaking news and short analyses to keep up with the changes this summer. It will cover Solana, EU Army developments, EU High Representative, Israel, etc. Also, big meetings and decisions are coming up.

Follow HERE.


15 thoughts on “Breaking News Live Blog Feed

  1. Andrea, that little sparrow comes to my front porch singing so sweetly everyday reminding me of The Fathers Love and reminding me of you too, honestly! and my heart jumps for joy n so does maggie’s! ….its a ‘sound so sweet’* Shalom to you and yours and thank you again, forever in eternity…lets remember to ‘pray’ for one another and our loved ones n families as we keep looking up w/ Christ Jesus established in our hearts. Blessings to all, Shalom, Shalom, Shalom

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  2. yes tony. we need each others prayers ❤ may the Lord pour out His Spirit upon you and take you deeper and deeper into precious fellowship with the Savior. may He have His way in your family also, bringing all into right relationship with Himself, accomplishing His Will. we have Shalom (past our understanding 🙂 ) because He made peace between us and His Father and nothing and no one can separate us from Him-ever! isn't that too wonderful for words !?!
    His Eye is on the sparrow—and on my brother tony…and other brothers and sisters here as well. the Lord knows those that are His. how blessed we are to know Jesus.

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  3. that was sweet, thanks for the song and prayers andrea, Lord knows that the world and the flesh and the adversary pulls hard to try n drag us down. Heres to lifting us all UP in Christ as we seek to make you our center Jesus, that you would be at the heart n center of our lives above all else, orchestrating all that goes on around us and through us daily, moment by moment, continually renewing us w/ grace sufficient and strength to carry on, bringing increase in faith to our spirit, our inner man and increase to your Kingdom Lord God, amen. Hear our prayer oh Lord and keep us where you are. continue your work in us all, give us clear vision as we look inward n outward….show us what we need to know,…one day at a time*….love to all, Shalom


  4. ..your so kind, i knew you would not mind, to chase away the ghosts that haunt me now,…….then things i fear, just wouldn’t seem so near, and when mag and i stroll out late at night, there would be nuthin’ rattlin’ at our heels


  5. this Solana thing is too much! along w/ the red dragon approaching, Daniel’s [Truth] report!!! WOW, and so much more….the stage is set for the son of perdition to come forth,….666


  6. yes, shelly and tony, aren’t we so thankful that the Light of God’s Holy Word is still there for us to follow?
    the world is so lost without Him–choosing to remain lost in the dark while the Light is still busy shining….but not all 🙂 …thank You Lord, that You gave us repentance and faith to believe and be saved. we came out from among them when we chose Jesus.

    Pro 4:17 For they eat the bread of wickedness, and drink the wine of violence.
    Pro 4:18 But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.

    i absolutely love proverbs 4:18.
    our redemption draws nigh!!!

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  7. The Justice is Coming, oh yes, the best is yet to come, Hosanna ! that there solana really strikes me as the ac ‘man of sin’

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  8. — to myself and to all — be encouraged and be ready, be sharing the precious Gospel dear saints! that Pure and Holy Truth that Jesus is still in the saving business. our rescue—Jesus is soon coming—sooner than people think

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