97 thoughts on “The World in 2016: THE VIDEO THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE

  1. Thank’s for the link Lafreak 😉

    Amazing how the world justifies the Lord’s Word { and His judgment} being fulfilled , as the El Niño affect. Pathetic and sad at the same time. Men are deceived and BEING deceived . So very sad to witness it though 😦

    Isaiah 2 :11The lofty looks of man shall be humbled, and the haughtiness of men shall be bowed down, and the Lord alone shall be exalted in that day.

    12 For the day of the Lord of hosts shall be upon every one that is proud and lofty, and upon every one that is lifted up; and he shall be brought low:

    The days are evil and the apostate church is still in a perpetual state of defiance. It’s amazing what lengths a deceived heart will go too! Space was given to repent, yet the pride of their hearts refused to acknowledge the error of their ways. Has God given them over to the strong delusion ? It sure seems that way !

    Ichabod, the glory of the Lord has departed { a long time ago } and the darkness that has descended on our world has one purpose only and that’s to make war against Israel and her seed. Jesus said it would be the worst time known unto man. No kidding!

    God help us in the dark days ahead.His Word has not retuned void.

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  2. Thank-you brother Tony for the positive input.His Word is so perfect and profound .It’s a LIVING Word ! I really needed that today . God knows.

    The days seem to be filled with criticism , hatred , despondency and despair . Not only that but the love of many have grown so cold.The apostate church loves it’s own and many of us are now seen as the enemy. How twisted is that right!

    It’s as if the enemy is desperately trying to silence those that refuse to compromise or join the apostate AC church. Joining the harlot church would be so much easier , but there’s a remnant that REFUSE to bend their knee to this modern day Baal. I just LOVE that 🙂

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  3. Want to point out a couple of things that happened.. first: A 10-nation Arab League agrees to create joint military force

    So there is a 10 nation military alliance And now with that article Shoebat did it is possibly very significant? Little Horn?

    Erdogan Just Entered The Temple Of Allah On Mount Babel Aspiring To Become “King of Of Babylon”

    Well this depends on which verse is being discussed and we need to be open here, wait and see. “He as God sits in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God” in 2 Thessalonians 2 does not specify Jerusalem. However, Jerusalem cannot be discounted either. Yet in Daniel 11 we have a place that is not necessarily holy which Antichrist sets up his palace. For example, the Antichrist sets camp, tabernacle or his palace “between the seas and the glorious holy mountain” (Daniel 11:44-45):”

    later in the article: One wonders is this what the Bible speaks of, the ten horns representing ten kings, and all is left, is an eleventh, a little horn which comes up among them who is the Antichrist (Daniel 7:8, 11)?


  4. One other thing i forgot to add..
    Erdogan’s palace is in Ankara and “The two seas” is also central in Muslim Ottoman hegemony and in Ankara where Erdogan’s palace resides, it is between the two major seas: the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

    its called “The white palace”, google it and take a look at the size of it. 🙂

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  5. LaFreak are you willing to hear another interpretation of -” Erdogan Just Entered The Temple Of Allah On Mount Babel Aspiring To Become “King of Of Babylon” or are you set on the Muslim AC theory?

    Just wondering if by my sharing would fall on deaf ears . I say that in much agape love just in case my comment is misunderstood . Seems like that’s the story of the day lately .

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  6. Heya im willing to hear different interpretations, i think all of us combined with our thoughts is how we come to the right conclusions with bible prophecy, it can be really complicated and confusing sometimes.
    But as to your question, i am leaning to a Muslim AC theory as it seems like everything thats happening in the middle east is fulfilling prophecy.
    Islam is anti trinity, they are beheading Christians, Islam is anti Christ. Just happens that they are now trying to make a caliphate with Turkey as its head.
    There isn’t any other current theory that is heading in the right direction.

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  7. Lafreak, Thank-you for your willingness to be open to some pretty serious events that have been completely ignored by the distractions and diabolical diversions all around us. Oh I agree 100% that Islam is being fuelled by the ANTI-CHRIST spirit, but who is their mamma ? That’s where we start.

    Let’s go back to the 27th May 2014 and connect the dots . I personally would go back two months before the Pope arrived in Israel as a ” aha” moment for me , but then again that’s for another discussion altogether which affirmed Truth’s spreadsheet to the “T” in 100% accuracy for me:) But then again let’s not go there just yet 🙂

    Here the vicar { in place of Christ – sic } MOCKED our Lord Jesus Christ and blasphemed His name and The Holy Place ! WHAT AN ABOMINATION! God help me to curb my frustration .

    I’m running late for work but wanted to post this link as well .

    Take note the words ” takes affect ” . Abomination # 2= DIVIDING God’s Land as Israel is sold out to the Mother of all abominations .

    Psstt, I ain’t no Ex-Catholic so please don’t think that’s was fuelling my convictions but am indeed horrified how this harlot mother has so many under her diabolical spell and spiritually death grip.

    Sad thing is , most people I know refuse to even admit how they’ve been influenced by the same spirit that she operates under!

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  8. pope francis spews abominations continually. he has referred to Christ’s Cross as God’s failure in another speech again recently.
    i think he is the false prophet and those who will not stand upon The Rock Jesus, but stand instead upon their “religion(s)”, are lining up behind him. the falling away is almost finished. we know who is revealed after that in 2 thess……

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  9. the info you bring forth about Erdogen, La Freak, is mind blowing ….as well as the Popes insanity Colleen! perhaps we are seeing the ac and the false prophet!! i seem to think we are in the tribulation


  10. amen tony. also i think we are seeing the seals in rev 6 open up. had a conversation with someone about that just today. by now he thinks the 3rd one is being opened up too. i think they are well on their way and it is happening pretty fast now. by this spring is what i have wondered about if the aod will happen. don’t know for sure but we have to be getting close since the falling away is nearly done.

    hope things are well with you and maggie! trust in the LORD–no matter what the world is doing was our sunday message yesterday @ church. trust in Him Alone–not myself-not church-not my pastor-not anybody! but the Lord 🙂

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  11. Thank you andrea, yes we are A.o.k. in the hands of the God Shepard! we count on Him moment by moment and are being blessed continually! God is Good and trustworthy for sure. Maggie blows me away daily with her spirit of ‘good cheer’ and our cat, “Pearl” is as wonderful as the gal we named her after[my mom]! so interesting what you had to say above!,…so exciting to our inner man!,..lookin’ forward to going to the church,trust…site. thanks for sharing that! think of you often and pray for you n yours all. Blessings andrea in Christ Jesus*…i am going to also refresh my mind on the seals of rev.6..bye for now


  12. Tony you said ” i seem to think we are in the tribulation”

    I’m glad you said it because if I had , it would’ve killed the discussion as usual 😉

    Not too many would agree { we’re not here to please man right ? } but I humbly believe we’ve been in it for some time already . I’ll ask Vic to fwd you a e-mail I sent him a few months ago if you wish. I’m sure it will bare witness.

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  13. Hi all,
    thanks for the info and video , i reckon the pope does seems to be a bit suspicious but he still does believe in the trinity which does make him not Anti-Christ although there is a lot of corruption and cover ups in the catholic church.. which has been highlighted in the Royal commission into child sexual abuse done by the catholic church here in Australia

    But on the other side check this video out regarding the mark of the beast and Islam. Its interesting. Also I reckon we could well be in tribulation already.


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  14. hi peter. thanks for your comments. i have to say this in response to something you say about what the pope believes about the trinity, though……actually even the devil believes in God too…the devil knows Scripture…but does he believe Him to follow Him and humbly repent? we know he doesn’t. the pope better repent. by what he does, just as much as what he says (which is deplorable), he is not a follower of Jesus as the Only Lord and Savior. he has put his traditions above the Very Word of God. (can’t we hear the devil’s whisper in the garden “did God really say that”? to divert really trusting God, in choosing his bad doctrine and practice over the Word God spoke?) that is a mockery. pope francis places himself and his church above and as the “instead” (vicar) of Jesus and does not obey HIM as LORD. and millions are following his lead. God is not mocked—by anybody.
    many will say Lord, Lord didn’t we?..blah blah blah…., but Jesus says to them depart from ME, you who work iniquity.

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  15. Peter , I’m so glad you agree we’re in it . Phew it’s been frustrating to say the least.

    The RCC { AC } spirit is a cage of every foul habitation and evil spirit who preach ANOTHER jesus . The goal was to create a IDOL Shepard that’s deceived millions. This jesus is NOT the Christ of the bible but is fake and phoney .Just because they preach the trinity doesn’t mean they’re NOT AC .Their jesus is a counterfeit christ that’s accepted each year by so called evangelicals in the pagan celebration of ChristMASS. It’s so very sad to see and hear how many defend this RCC falsehood. I could share more but I’m late for work.

    The diabolical distraction and deception sure has worked !

    Tony I will e-mail Vic the exact e-mail and ask him to forward that to you. Is that okay ?

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  16. yes Colleen, thanks!….lookin’ forward to the video Peter, cheers!!!,….be blessed!…great response Andrea concerning the pope n his blah, blah, blah!!!


  17. Tony ,
    I just emailed Vic. You will have to wait for him to send it over 😉
    Woe unto the nations yes and those that are under the strong delusion believing the LIE .
    So sad to witness 😦

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  18. Oh and did i say, “C A N ‘T W A I T!!!!!!! geeze, whens it gonna git here??!!!!…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….just kiddin’,…dude, i’m patient


  19. Hey brother Tony, here’s something to keep you occupied in prayer till Bowtie { so funny the name you gave Vic} forwards you my e-mail.You may e-mail me any questions you have concerning that and maybe CC boetie Vic if he agrees to that.

    I’m intrigued at the diabolical timing of this video and only saw it months after that e-mail was written. It was the that last little piece of the puzzle for me 🙂

    Don’t know about you guys but it’s as if the Lord has shut the door . As in the day’s of Noah , the mocking and scoffing has turned to a utter defiance and disdain towards the watchmen and woman.Those wading in the religious waters are filled with arrogance , pride and hatred for the truth . The strong delusion is so here.

    I finally get it why the Lord had to close and seal that door! Some of us are just slow learners{ No comments allowed on that } 😉

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  20. Hi Colleen, thanks for this note and video too. i’m so convinced of the ac position of the jesuit steeped vatican of rome. After reading years ago, Dave Hunts, ”Woman who rides the beast” and listening to people like, Bill Hughes for example speak at length, well it is so very obvious as to their true identity. i sense that the jesuit vatican created and use islam as a decoy and that the papacy and the radical faction of islam are partners in crime under satan to create the power base for the ac in bringing forth the new world order! Jesuit Rome has the U.N. , the CFR etc, etc…. all the kings of the Earths nations under its control. The video above is hard for me to agree or disagree with in and of itself. The comments on the video reflect my opinion. please speak on this as you see it if you wish to, unless you feel as though you’ve said all that you needed to already, in which case i understand./// Bill Hughes has a utube video called the uniting of church n state and other videos on rome/ nwo… He is a good speaker and extremely well informed n highly educated on it all. Are you familiar w/ him?


  21. Hi Tony, I don’t know Bill Hughes but will check him out as time permits. Thank’s for that.

    Not too much I want to say, other than the Lord showing me just how subtle this evil has permeated { and polluted } so many lives .So many are under it’s demonic stronghold yet they tend to be completely oblivious to it! I wonder why that is ? Oh wait , it’s called deceived and being deceived. Got it !

    Here’s another example { see the timing of this and the e-mail connection } to this RCC AC cage of every foul , dirty spirit and hateful bird.


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  22. If Bill Hughes is SDA then I’m not even going to bother to listen to anything he has to say. Yikes !

    That’s just a FWIW to anybody wanting to pin me as a SDA for my stand on the RCC church.

    God help us!


  23. yes bill does seem to be SDA, however on one of his vids he was upset w/ mainstream?SDA soo,….i think he belongs to a reformed branch of SDA??? could that be? i will seek that out. it seems as tho this utube channel called Adam 1984 has videos [ some of them w/ black preacher men who sound like they are from the islands man, or should i say, ”thee islands mon” who are connected w/ an alternative branch of SDA, who know stuff! ]. i am going back now to look at the vid you just posted. i hope your day is wonderfully blessed! i like you so much!…when you brought up that Bowtie thing it made me remember soo many laughs we had together back at the start,….you being, sooo very ”delightful”!!!,…and Vic being soo, ”salt of the earth, ”kindhearted” and Andrea* OMGoodness, i could NEVER say enough, N E V E R!, E V E R!,….and good ole Tribber n Baldy etc…….remember Ingela*? she was our friend,….all i can say in wrapping this offshoot of mine up is……Love is…………….along with, Thank You Lord……Colleen, you have stirred my heart UP*


  24. not to necessarily change the subject, BUT,……Putin seems to act like [and?perhaps think] that he’s God on High……..and this escalation of violence n anger btwn iran and saudi arabia strikes me as NO SMALL THING,…so whats new, right?

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  25. Tony, yes family right ?

    Yeah like being one body correct , one bread .When one hurts we all hurt, when one rejoices all rejoice. Sad thing is , that’s sorely lacking. Jesus said it would. He can’t lie .

    1 Corinthians 10:17 For we being many are one bread, and one body: for we are all partakers of that one bread.

    On another note .I was reflecting on this verse today and it totally blew me away. Take note of these four words ” glorified in his saints”. Powerful eh ? OOPS that sounded Canadian 🙂 Haha
    Love, love , love it!

    2 Thessalonians 1:10 When he shall come to be glorified in his saints, and to be admired in all them that believe (because our testimony among you was believed) in that day.

    Admired in ALL them that believe. I LOVE IT!

    Yes Adam 1984 is SDA so very { SAD}. Reformed SDA = same spirit, different lie 😦

    Tony are you talking about this brother ? { ProclaimHisWord} I LOVE THIS brother and no he isn’t SDA.
    See here :

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  26. Sorry I meant to post his Doctrines of Devils: Sabbath Keeping clip and somehow it posted this one. Weird .

    I suppose the Lord needed this one to be posted as well I guess 😉

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  27. The catholic church is corrupt and does use God in its self interest to dictate what happens in governments and other areas of our lives. They have infiltrated governments over the centuries for their own agenda and many people have died because of that. And they will be judged accordingly.
    But they don’t behead Christians, .. Islam currently does behead people for believing in Jesus. next comment ill post a heap of links, really cool info.

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  28. You all should be able to see the links etc without a facebook account. I suggest taking a look, its really cool. And again no one yet can say 100% who the AC is but the scales are leaning towards Islam.

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  29. Howdy LaFreak n Cheers! i really like this topic and i go back to wondering time n again…..ROME creates Islam and thru diabolical means [occult wizardy, / Witchcraft] uses islam as a decoy. A distraction!,…to acomplish their own [ROMAN] agenda!! This would equal that the islamic beheadings are actually ROME’s work of the devil….making the RCC/Islam split a false paradigm….the two are actually one. could you imagine this? think of the hegelian dialectic and how the deception fits. satans trademark, fingerprint is there to see! what do you all think?….is this going too far and is it, ‘ out of the question’???…666/616?,….no matter what you call it, it all the same: different lie same lying spirit – to use Coll’s description of SDA, language.

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  30. ” This would equal that the islamic beheadings are actually ROME’s work of the devil….making the RCC/Islam split a false paradigm….the two are actually one. could you imagine this? think of the hegelian dialectic and how the deception fits. satans trademark, fingerprint is there to see! what do you all think?….”
    The antichrist SPIRITS are The Same
    Horses and Chariots/Horses and Riders……Just Different VEHICLES and Different times Throughout History.

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  31. Tony i LOVE that you spared me the time to say just that ! Thank-you brother 😉

    Peter you said” But they don’t behead Christians, .. ” Really? You’re joking right ?

    Just as in the dark ages the RCC AC church is trying to {combat } heresy correct ? Don’t you recall some time back that the Pope said “having a personal relationship with Jesus is dangerous outside the RCC” ? Pffttttt 😦

    { Sorry for the link , I’m not endorsing it, it’s the only one I can find on my time constraint }

    Look at the TIMING of when he said this Tony { especailly if you’ve received the e-mail from Vic yet } and will let you connect the dots. I’m so blessed you are already . June 2014 😉

    Going to post another link in next post 🙂

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  32. Peter, the Armageddon News you recommended all makes sense to me now after watching this clip 🙂

    This is the second time this week that a pastor{ 2 different
    ministries } have been preaching on how the Quran was
    written by Jesuits and that the RCC church is the mother of
    Islam as well.

    Same RCC AC spirit .God help His own !


  33. definitely going to be a meld of all that makes up the anti-christ spirit that comes as the final figurehead to that, as i suspect parts of all ac spirit throughout time will be represented in this one person. i don’t see how anyone who says they are watching these times we are in, can think that the kickoff of the last 3/12 years isn’t at the ready as we speak. this is mounting and adding mass and weight moment to moment now not to be what the Bible has made plain for us because of the falling away so nearly done and the times of the gentiles that we see. if it’s this bad over the entire earth and going to get so much worse, who wants to be here that loves the Lord, and they’re still thinking it can go back to the good ole days? actually, what good ole days is my question. the last 100 years of earth’s history has seen the devils’ evil plan unfolding beyond what other eras had known, but also the tremendous Grace of God as God loves to give :). but evil will have it’s day—it’s sway over all the earth and it is coming to a climax soon not later, as the the players are playing their positions with great impact in this global world……and the masses of peoples love to have it so.
    praise God there is a called out remnant (as there has always been) and God is still adding to that number, who, where, and how and when, as He so chooses. i keep praying for lost loved ones and neighbors. who knows, but God, if they will come safely into the fold? what all will look like, i don’t know…but!….God can pull off the impossible, exceedingly above and beyond, what we ask or think, amen?

    hello to everyone! (tony you are too kind). encouragers are such a blessing…’s rough out there…

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  34. just thinking about it some and personally, i think even anti-christ’s genealogy (dna) will be remnants of men of the past who were horrors in their day. the world is so homogenized dna-wise now, but God has been keeping track. haman was an agagite-when they were wiped out almost to the man during samuel the prophets time-yet he was offspring to live out his role to attempt to wipe out israel as his ancestor had very much intended to do when queen esther was in place for such a time as she was. that dna cycled through time to produce an enemy for a later day–and even bigger scheme. who knows about who hitler was from that standpoint, but would be quite interesting to know that background, so i think it possible, maybe even probable, that the one who will be that ultimate ac, will be a product of a dna combination of those of past atrocities.

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  35. Whoa Andrea that ‘s it ! Powerful video . My mind’s made up. Unless the Lord gonks me over the head , I’m 100 % sure now. I was 99,999%, until watching this clip . Thank-you for that. I don’t call the Pope the false prophet anymore. I’ve moved on from that .

    Pssttt he’s stated as saying he only has ( ? ) years left to live again? That’s just perfect timing 😉

    Pass the candy someone. Dark organic chocolate with sea salt please 🙂

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  36. …better not compromise, it won’t be easy, for as irresistibly tempting as it was for eve and adam in the garden,…so shall it be for the earths inhabitants….//// UNLESS A MAN BE ”BORN AGAIN”, HE SHALL NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

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  37. …dark organic chocolate!,..and sea salt!!!…..maybe we can go to the movies together!!! we should go see ”Transcendence”! /// Hi Colleen, i’m out here connecting the dots,..this is FUN! and mind blowingly exciting!,..the nearness of His coming! /// Howdy Tribber, i spent some time over at FP following yer link,…sooo interesting…you were soo funny w/ them emoticons! and i found the feedback loop you have w/ others is intriguing. and worthwhile!


  38. we’ve seen it…and said it……right here: the falling away and then what….(also meaning who)……..??? (2 thess)
    the pope (and all those in lock step with him-thanks for the videos you posted hisown) has certainly cleared the way for the worst of the worst.
    you can feel it’s hot breath on your neck.

    and run to The Rock that is higher than i !

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  39. Amen Tony!! one needs to be BORN -TWICE period. So many are trying to sneak in with a dirty robe of WORKS based salvation { remember what Christ said to the one that tried ? } and it ain’t gunna work at the Marriage Table. So sorriieee 😦

    Twice DEAD , plucked up by the roots!

    Pastor Mike Hoggard has some super interesting videos on the singularity and transcendence of { how do they refer to us again ?} oh yes the ” collective”. How evil is that .

    God help us to stand in the day’s ahead. Oh and btw have you waded through the e-mail yet ? Please feel free to e-mail any questions you may have.

    Andre, I hear what you’re saying about clearing the way , but as I’ve so frustratingly tried to express { after connecting the dots in 2014 and been in prayer over this since his trip to Israel } unless the Lord gonks me over the head, I’m sure he’s our man !

    There I’ve said it and will make my case . This man get’s under my skin, not in the 666 way but ye know what I mean !

    No man, teaching, church or opinion has influenced my thoughts on this and pray that each man be fully persuaded in his own mind.

    God has promised….

    Psalm 25:14 The secret of the Lord is with them that fear him; and he will shew them his covenant.

    Daniel 2:22 He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him.


  40. hisown, you know the Spirit is leading you to see and discern how this is unfolding because when we are letting the Word of God lead the way in our thinking letting the light shine to reveal and detect a biblical pattern of evil that will always deny Christ – always – no matter how sneaky ; ). and we don’t need others to discern for us do we? God’s Spirit is very capable. ❤ i'm obtuse at times …and it takes a bit for Him to get my attention sometimes, but i keep praying about that so that my ears and my heart are tender. He won't neglect to give us his heads up will He? Holy God cannot deny Himself within those born-again ones who live in tender surrender to His indwelling Presence.

    isn't Jesus always so lovely and kind to us whom He sought and bought by His Blood…..



  41. shouldn’t our hearts should be broken over the condition of the church? the state of this lost and dying world? the majority out there in christendom just want a spiritual picnic, not the narrow way with it’s brokenness and trail of tears over sin.

    isaiah said: i am a man of unclean lips
    the psalmist said: revive us O LORD

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  42. There is so many videos on you tube about the pope being the antichrist.. but the issue i see is there is videos from years ago regarding the last few popes.. every one that gets replaced then his replacement is the antichrist according to a lot of people.

    The AC will be a military man.. hence honoring the god of forces (war). But we all know that and that’s why people like Solana who was in that military position was on the radar.
    Im pretty sure the pope wont be the AC but could be a false prophet of some sort. Considering most popes say Islam, Hindu, Christian etc all have a common god.

    I wasn’t shocked that the catholic church created Islam and i do know the so called Moon god has been worshiped for thousands of years so it all makes sense according to that video Colleen posted which was really good (Rome is the mom of Islam), about 12 minutes into the video he says the 12th imam will be the Antichrist and i agree with him.. The 12 imam is the coming savior according to Islam that will save them all, They also call him the Mahdi. He will be a caliph and a military leader.
    WIkipeadia: Each Imam was the son of the previous Imam, with the exception of Husayn ibn Ali, who was the brother of Hasan ibn Ali. The twelfth and final Imam is Muhammad al-Mahdi, who is believed by the Twelvers to be currently alive, and hidden in the Major Occultation until he returns to bring justice to the world.

    The pastor said he will preach another message directly on the 12th imam.. that will be interesting to hear.

    Since Jesus fights Muslim nations when he returns i would guess that he will be from the middle east and Islamic. Probably Turkey but we will see.

    Either way its getting really interesting and exciting to read all of this stuff you are all posting.
    As i said, with all of us debating, researching, agreeing etc we are doing what we were commanded to do and that is to “Watch”.

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  43. When i said “Since Jesus fights Muslim nations when he returns i would guess that he will be from the middle east and Islamic. Probably Turkey but we will see.”
    i meant the Antichrist will be Islamic,, not Jesus 😉

    Reading through what i just posted i didn’t want to confuse anyone.

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  44. Just goes to show the pope still thinks Jesus will triumph. Im not a catholic but i don’t think he is the antichrist.
    The pope said this Commenting on Sunday’s Scripture readings, the Pope said that Jesus’ preaching about the end of the world contains “apocalyptic elements, like war, famine, and cosmic catastrophes.”

    “In those days,” Francis repeated, “the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will be falling from the sky, and the powers in the heavens will be shaken.”

    These signs are not the most important things, however, the Pope insisted. “Our final goal is the meeting with the resurrected Lord.” The most important thing is not knowing whenthe end will come, but being ready for it when it does, he said.

    “We are called to live the present,” Francis said, but always ready to meet God whenever he may call.

    At the end of the world, Francis said, “Jesus’ triumph will be the triumph of the cross, the demonstration that the sacrifice of oneself out of love for one’s neighbor, in imitation of Christ, is the only victorious power and the only stable point in the midst of the upheavals and tragedies of the world.”

    The Pope also warned against an unhealthy curiosity to know details of the future, with recourse to psychics and horoscopes, saying they distract us from what is really important in the present.

    We are called rather “to watchfulness,” Francis said, that keeps us focused and ready at all times.

    “In our days,” he concluded, “there is no lack of natural and moral disasters, as well as adversities of every kind.”

    “The Lord tells us that everything passes and only He and his Word remain as a light to guide and strengthen our steps,” he said.


  45. very good stuff Peter , as interesting as ”interesting” gets! i declare, the Lord is trying to ”tell us something”


  46. …there appear to be mixed signals coming from many different places,..rather confusing. this is scriptural and on target. it almost seems to me that its just too much to Actually / Definitely with 100 percent accuracy, pin it down NOW [at this point in time]. Thats fine n dandy and its scriptural and its ok. We don’t have to be d i v i d e d because of this [ and i know no one needed me to necessarily point that out ]…..So,…on n on we go, as seconds tick the time out,….there’s so much left to know and we’re on the road to find out! /// for now we see in part…* Blessings all, this is wonderful


  47. Peter I agree there are a gazzlion {double agents} and the SDA’s stating ton the web that the Pope is the AC. I need to clarify that I’ve NOT been persuaded by man. I know this to be 100% true in my spirit.

    These that proclaim that ISLAM is the 666 { as in the name on the forehead } is no different to me than one stating that Sunday worship is. Same spirit , different lie .

    I really don’t have the desire to debate as time but will post another huge piece of the puzzle as the Lord gives the go ahead and as time allows 🙂

    1 Timothy 1:4 Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do.

    Vic , just a quick request. I’ve constantly tired to remove my pic on the profile page and it just refuses to delete ! Boet could you please be so kind as to do that for me when you have a free sec.

    I’m going to post this and maybe, just maybe I’m back to my 5 smooth stones warrior mode 🙂 Take cover them Goliath’s out there! lol

    Dankie Boetie 🙂

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  48. i do know that He has called us out from the organization and into the organism; the living body of Christ. Help us Lord God, Our Father who art in heaven, YAHWEH. guide us, lead us, direct us,…keep us – set apart.


  49. …even now, there are many antichrists……heck, there’s probably 6 hundred and 66 of them all out there swarming around trying to confuse us. we ain’t scared!


  50. i kinda gut the feelin’ that there is something ELSE that’s fixin’ to enter the picture, something much larger and all inclusive that will take full advantage of all that we perceive here. The little flock will know and be secured in Christ Jesus*


  51. …the spirit of darkness knows fully well and DREADS in the very highest degree, that his hour has come…..and i can hear him now prayin’ n sayin’, ”take this cup away from me”,…now it is his turn to suffer

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  52. Revelation chapter 12 describes his frenzy brother .He’s spitting mad!
    Woe, woe, woe unto the nations.
    You can almost taste it .


  53. “describes his frenzy brother ” Oh my gosh , now that’s funny , even if I have to say so myself 🙂
    Oh my word , I’ve got to stop posting on the go .

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  54. perhaps that something ‘ ELSE ‘ thing i mentioned is in some way connected to the DNA thing you mentioned Andrea?


  55. praying for the peace – that surpasses – all understanding, for us all. so thankful for this discussion and this website and each of you wonderful Christ minded people!, amen


  56. Tony, I’ve been tremendously blessed over the years in our little community and give the Lord all the glory for the work He is doing. Thank-you for allowing Him to work in your life. It shows!

    The path is narrow and so very few are on it. My heart can’t handle seeing those on the broad road defiantly shake their fists and snub their noses at anything that calls for obedience and holiness. Sad thing is they’re so self deceived , they can’t even see it ! Blind and deaf right? Thing is the AC spirit is FILLED with a vicious arrogance and a religious pride that has such a stench of death around it, it’s nauseating !

    Thank-you all for being a sweet savour in my life.It’s been a lonely path but one that I would never trade in for a seat of the scoffers !

    God be with us in the day’s ahead.

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  57. Colleen you are sooo nice and my life has been very blessed as a result,…really truly*….PRAISE GOD whom we belong to! He is our Father* in heaven,…our CREATOR! we are His Own! blessings to all


  58. is chalk full of information thats relevant to our discussions. Carolyn is very thought full in my opinion. for example her article on the sunday law being [possibly] enforced by the ac powers that be is a worthy read…and her videos are intriguing in light of her past!


  59. Tony, I don’t have the time to discern the link you provided but will do so as time avails.

    The day’s are evil, the deception diabolical and the distractions are the enemies arsenal ! Ain’t happenin !

    Let’s NOT be ignorant of Satan’s devices.

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  60. RUN FOR YOU LIFE TONY!!! I broke down and watched a few min of what this woman was saying and am more than repulsed in my spirit at this horrible deception !

    Sorry but we’re not discussing what’s she’s prompting ! I would ask that Vic please remove the link . It’s demonic !

    Point 12:50- 13: 14 she claims to have met the { how does she call him- the ILLUMINATED one } and that we WERE CREATED IN HEAVEN and are a ” chip off the OLD BLOCK” ..

    REALLY ? Whoa, or is that woe? yip , woe, woe, woe 😦

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  61. Maybe this will wake some of the virgins up .The timing of this event is most important to keep in mind, especially where we are currently at in the prophetic time line .

    Please note that I disagree that there will be a 3rd temple { maybe as a distraction yes } but don’t be fooled by that proposal. It’s a major diversion tactic .

    Let me add this link , not as a video, but let him who reads , let him understand 😉

    May 27th 2014 { I wish I could double the size font on this date}

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  62. Colleen i clicked ”like” on yer comment but i think you totally misunderstand her and overexagerated ,…i will go back and re examine of course and i thank you for getting involved in the action…….its all about exposing theosophy and the externalization of the hierarchy and, ‘The Plan’, to usher in a world teacher / AC


  63. Tony, If I over exaggerated then I welcome any other brother or sister in Christ that has the gift of discernment to check out one of the video’s I watched where he stated the above. I’ll send the link to Vic.
    Mr Baldy would be the one to ask 🙂

    Psalm 119:165 Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.

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  64. Okay, my humble 2cents worth: I will not care to much what this woman says. We have a sure Word of prophecy to guide us in these last days. We do not need any extra info from hidden sources. The internet is full of conspiracies about the end times and the antichrist. Many claim to have secret knowledge. I am just thinking of Lindsey Willkams who claims to get information from the elect. Whatever he says seldom happens. I am also sure that whatever this lady says will also not happen. She got her knowledge from the deceiver, satan himself. Rather trust Gods word. I will also not accuse her of lying. She most probably did hear and experienced what she is talking about, but the source of information is still from the father of lies.

    One thing in her favor, when she talks of us being made in heaven, a chip of the old block, I think she is trying to say that as Christians we are born from above, from the Spirit of God Himself when we are born again.

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  65. amen*……thanks Vic., understandable. /// on a bit of a different note, over at Herescope, the article on the gaia 1993 conference is imo so interesting…ie,”stewardship covenant”! etc.


  66. …at the bottom of the page at the End notes,…go to end note #10 and click on to the 2nd link about the new global civility…thats actually where the ”stewardship covenant” and more are spoken of. i mean, ”Eco Ecumicism” is telling us something….earth worship, neo paganism,…trading the truth for a lie, worshiping the creation rather than the CREATOR…! wow!


  67. it kinda seems to me like,…when the beast devours the harlot-one world religion[ which will be all the earths religions under one tolerant umbrella ] it will do so to demand the EARTH CHARTER, ECO-SPIRITUALITY, GLOBAL GAIA STEWARDSHIP ‘COVENANT’ MANDATE in its place.
    does anyone catch my drift on this? i mean gee whiz, at the same time lots of wierd stuff will be converging, ie. Transhumanism, Alliance of Civilizations, Agenda 21, false prophets, extreme weather changes, more distress amongst nations, more wars, food shortages, financial collapse,…so whats new about this???…its all in the scriptures, but still ! /// speaking of the word -still,…. on the deepest level we have been told to, ”be still n know[ in the face of all this drama ] that I AM GOD” in the psalm 46:10 Thank you Lord for reassuring us that all things are in Your hands, under Your control. Keep us where you are oh Lord., amen


  68. Thank-you Vic for dissecting and discerning the video . I praise God that we can share the truth in love and warn out of concern.

    Tony, I’ll take a peek at Herescope. I love going there , when I’m not in a rush , which is most of the time 😉

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  69. on another note… ….i hope i did this correctly to get to kris ann hall.


  70. imo,…yes andrea i do believe its got a dna connect and that it is encompassed in TRANSHUMANISM. just a sheep mentioned, a ways back, that the TECHNOCRATS were at work! i seem to think that the ”Strong Delusion’ / the Lie” is nothing more than the same old lie the satan presented to eve back in the garden. i think we all know whats coming as we bring the blurr into focus. the movie, Transcendance, with actor johnny depp, .eludes to it basically in a nutshell. the temptation to go with the lie will be pretty near 100% irresistible.


  71. Don’t know ’bout you guys but something is seriously wrong! The only safe place is in my prayer closet.I’ll be meeting the 5 wise virgin gang there right now 🙂

    God help us.

    So much more that I want to say , but let each man seek the Lord for direction.

    A PRUDENT man foreseeth the evil and ?

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