Signs of the times – All around us.

Signs-of-the-Times I havent updated the site much lately but I have not stopped watching the signs around us. I have been praying and thinking alot on what direction this blog must go. You see, currently I am without a favourite end time theory. I once was totally sold out to the ENP theory as can be seen by many posts on this blog. I am still watching it and I am greatful to my friend David Wilkenson who keeps us updated on the EU/ENI and Solana on his blog. Please follow it. There are also many pros and cons for the Muslim antichrist theory and I am not ruling it out. Even ol’ Barack Obama is under fire as being the big A (I am not to sure about that one though) and the Pope is also under suspision as being the False Prophet or Antichrist.

I think that although none of us will be hundred percent correct on how the end times will play out, we still will be caught by surprise by some events. We have Scripture to warn us, but so did the people 2000 years ago but they did not see Jesus for who He was. The religious Jews of Jesus’ day, who had studied the Scriptures in depth and who witnessed the things that Jesus did and said, did not put all the pieces together.  His own disciples, who were around him constantly, maintained doubts until days after His resurrection. Likewise, just as no one was able to foresee the whole picture before Jesus’ first coming, the same will be true before His second coming and all the events associated with it.

With that said I welcome different views on this site so that we can learn together. Iron sharpens iron. But please no strange stuff like nephulam, UFO theories, etc. Lets stick to things that can be discussed with a biblical viewpoint.

I plan to do more regular updates, mostly with news items related to prophecy. Here is the first installment:

16 Signs That The Economy Has Stalled Out And The Next Economic Downturn Is Here.

Friends, the worlds economy is on the verge of a mega collapse. There are many warnings that it is imminent. When it happens it can usher in controlled buying and selling via the mark. It will also start a depression were a days wages will buy a days food. Prepare and be ready.

‘We will not obey’: Christian leaders threaten civil disobedience if Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage

Will Christianity be outlawed soon? I think it will.

Iran Tells Syria to Attack Israel on the Golan Heights

The big attack on Israel is getting closer. Iran (Persia) is not hiding the fact that hey want Israel destroyed. They will never succeed, but they will try.

Untill next time…


11 thoughts on “Signs of the times – All around us.

  1. well said vic. lots to see these days but only the Spirit will make it match up and add up as this all progresses. so we don’t have to figure the whole thing out-that would be going by our wits instead of His Word.

    watching with you. the Lord bless and keep you all, for Jesus’ sake.


  2. this is the day you’ve made so I will lift my voice and give you praise * thank you Lord for calling us aside. //// if a man does not keep pace w/ his companions perhaps it is because he is marching to the beat of a different drummer. His TRUTH is marching on….


  3. I think you are very short sighted for excluding discussion about fallen angels and nephilim as though they are not scriptural components, for they very assuredly are. You have a blind spot there you could drive a two ton truck through. It makes me feel sad to see such assurance based on such a very unsturdy foundation.


  4. Nkosazana, they have got nothing to do with end time prophecy and discussion about them are not edifying. There are more than enough sites that discuss nephilim mostly mixed with some mysticism and garbage. This is not one of them.


  5. nkosazana, that did not sound like you. oh well? I think Cern is interesting as well as jade helm, to put it mildly. has anyone else looked into these….???


  6. Yes extensively. The Common sense show has a great deal on jade helm, and Cern is discussed very well by a Christian employee on utube….but that involves fallen angels and portals…can’t discuss it. I am not surprised at Vic’s response,…he has given to me before. But I feel very sad and believe you will be in for some big surprises. But I will not bother you anymore. Salani Kahle.


  7. please don’t disappear nkosazana, I agree w/ vic,…we like you n love you,…or I like you and we love you, unless of course vic likes you too, then… we like n love you. PLEEZE DO NOT GO AWAY. btw, the common sense show is w/ david hodges, isn’t it? I find him to be a good communicator/researcher. if you disappear altogether from this site, I will be wondering where you have gone…..and it may drive me crazy. btwq, who is a Christian employee,….I will utube it. bless you


  8. Hey 🙂

    On signs…I learned recently that the “tree of hope” cedar had died last year and on the day of the bloodmoon this year it was actually uprooted…I think we’re coming into final warnings for America 😦


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