Correction: Izzy Avraham

It has come under my attention that I have been posting false information on an individual. I have received and published a mail on 29 October 2014 stating the following:

11) “Izzy Avraham” alias (Curtis Johnson) (Tassel wearing Gentile who pretends to be Jewish/Israelite/Ephraimite) Johnson also practices the occultic art of Jujitsu…

Well, Izzy Avraham contacted me regarding this and gave me proof that he is indeed who he says he is. He is indeed Jewish and not a pretender. He also told me that he does practice a fighting art, but its not Jujitsu and it does not have anything to do with Eastern mysticism or Eastern religion.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused Izzy.


6 thoughts on “Correction: Izzy Avraham

  1. Respect to you

    For saying you are wrong when you make a mistake. These are good qualities to have.

    Baruch Jason Mccab.


  2. bravo vic!,….this happens all over the world. God help us. Thank you Father of truth. Oh btw, in 2033/2034 blood moons, solar eclipses and feast day alignments will be taking place w/ a rare annular eclipse happening on Rosh Hashana [trumpets]. Rob Skiba 322tetrad video on youtube and research by by joe dudman etc……extremely exciting to consider as it gives the satanic powerbase NWO kings of the earth more time to completely fail. and it gives us more time to trust God and win souls to Him while standing strong in Him casting our burdens upon Him, amen. peace n grace to you all, in Christ JESUS!


  3. ps don’t forget to keep smiling on your brother …….. what an effect it has on every beautiful person God has created…..what the world needs now, is Gods love-sweet-love. We all know that its true, in Christ *


  4. islam, as in chrislam- doesn’t mix with any ideology on earth any more than miry clay mixes with iron. Romes evil scheme will backfire even as the Rock made w/out human hands approaches! They have sown to the wind – and will reap the whirlwind! 666 is no longer alone


  5. There is no such thing as “occult” jiujitsu. That is absolutely wrong. Jiu jitsu is all about defending yourself..especially brazilian jiu jitsu. Nothing wrong with that


  6. I just thought of something,…..perhaps the vicar of Christ 666 pope can move to the dome of the rock palace and have erdogan over for some orderves and what not,…maybe go over some plans to ‘ rule the world ‘! they can have a happy chrislam ceremony,…the beast and the harlot, together at last.


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