By peace shall destroy many

Dan 8:25 …”and by peace shall destroy many”.

Rev 6:1 And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.


Islam is being portrayed as a religion of peace by mainstream media. It is not politically correct to portray Islam as fanatical jihadist murderers. Obama is even going so far as to say that ISIS is not Islamic. Does he even know what ISIS stands for? Did he hear of the Islamic State?

Satan is winning with his deception. Many feel sorry for the poor peaceful Muslims who gets a bad name. The religion of peace is destroying many. In the name of peace they conquer. Am I reading to much into this? I’m not sure, but I am keeping an eye on this religion of peace who are beheading (Read Revelations) and killing infidels ( Jews and Christians) as their god ordered them in the Quran.

We are in interesting times friends. Stay tuned.



5 thoughts on “By peace shall destroy many

  1. if obama says that isis isn’t even islamic why then he should of elaborated……did he? who would wish to destroy islam by blackmailing them like this,….?, the catholic church[vatican], or some faction of islam deceiding to destroy the reputation of sunni’s, or, or, or…..Albert Pike and them illuminist high degree freemasons/ Luciferians who are behind the forming of a NWO? //// either way -BIBLE PROPHECY- is being fulfilled and its all coming to pass. We all know that confusion, is the nature of satan’s game. CoNfUsiOn= BaByLoN


  2. it is here, it is now – and the lamb seems quite out of place – but soon He will be ‘ in place ‘,…. He’s got plans of HIS OWN*


  3. David Cameron just said the same as Obama. “Isis is not Muslim, but monsters. Islam is a religion of peace.” Are you also believing the political correct lie Mr Cameron?

    By peace shall destroy many… The religion of peace shall destroy many.


  4. Tony I missed this what you said ” We all know that confusion, is the nature of satan’s game. CoNfUsiOn= BaByLoN”

    There is a spirit behind that ye know!

    Reminds me of the 5 ” I WILL ” in Isaiah chapter 14 !!


  5. …a lying spirit…lies gives rise to confusion which breeds chaos/disorder/distress/anger/fear. Lord says, Fear not, i give you peace that is not of this world. //// Vic says,” Are you believing the pc lie Mr Cameron?”,…very interesting, this idea of being politically correct,…..such nonsense,…..Political Correctness/ Tolerance/ A New Global Ethic…Universalism-Solidarity. Babylonian babel


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