Racing on… towards disaster

disaster-management-sandy-1-thumb Our world is in turmoil. It does not take much imagination to see the horsemen of Rev 6 riding on the horizon. The other day a news anchor on CNN said that there is not enough time in his program to report on all the bad news in the world.

Watching the news is like reading the prophecies in the Bible.

We have Ebola that is spreading out of control. (Rev 6:8) They estimate that the number of infections will reach 10000 by September 24. Read what the health officials say about the outbreak HERE.

Then we have the California drought, the worst in modern history. (Rev 6:5-6) California is the food basket of the USA and as far as I understand there is not much productive farming going on there. News about the ongoing drought can be read HERE.

Then we have Russia. (Rev 6:3-4; Eze 38) It looks like Russia wants war. Putin is playing chess with the EU and USA and Putin is a strong leader. Obama is weak and the EU is in no better shape.

And then we have ISIS.  (Rev 6:3-4) And with them we have the beheading of Christians. (Rev 6:9-11) And with them the rise and spread of the antichrist religion of Islam. Most of you must have heard of the UK raising its terror thread level to severe because of ISIS. Even the USA is saying that this is the worst thread that we have faced.

Friends, we are just a few years away from the return of our Lord. The signs are everywhere. Honestly I don’t know what to think of the ENP theory and the seat of the foreign minister of the EU anymore. For the second term in a row a woman was appointed (Frederica Mogherini of Italy). We know a woman cannot fulfil the role of the antichrist.

There are many end time interpretations lately. The most favourites is the EU/Roman empire, the Pope/AC, the Turkey/Islam Empire and the POTUS AC theory.  I am currently without a favourite end time theory and will rather just digest the news in light of Bible prophecy as it progresses. The Lord will make His word clear to us if we stay faithful to Him.

Stay tuned and stay watching. We are closer than many think.


30 thoughts on “Racing on… towards disaster

  1. Yes keep watching and prsying. The end of this age has to be soon. Lord Jesus come soon. Give us strength in this world at this time.


  2. Good commentary Vic Wickus……..

    The Lord did command us to Watch & Pray. I for one am still looking at Solana and the ENP Theory. I’m sorry, call me foolish, but too many things lined up for that particular position not to have some sort of significance to Bible Prophecy.


  3. this is all soooooo INCREDIBLE,…..especially when you consider that truly, He’s got the WHOLE WORLD in His hands!…..and as strange as it seems , Ultimately,,, “ITS ALL GOOD”,….we got to keep on smilin’ as we go forth with the gosple doing the work of our father. praying for us all to be blessed w/ the peace of God, through and through,,,,Lord draw us close and enable us to enter into your rest. Thank you for moment by moment, “newness of life”.


  4. i third that mr baldy. this is all still a little too loose-too fluid-at the moment to really know exactly who is going to fill those antichrist shoes but i believe much can change in a heartbeat. the just right “crisis” is coming upon the world (soon) that will have so many ready for the “ultimate community organizer” that the extraordinary mr europe is (who fills the bill like none other-at least at this moment and an advisor in so many boardrooms that the list is as long as my arms)…………but we’ll see……..and staying tuned as they say. i just know the Lord, Faithful to His Word, will give us all the cues from the Bible that we need. unsealed prophecy is quite correct in the main i do believe, in things looked at and discussed here, so i still stop in to keep current so thanks any and all who post or comment. amen tony amen-i’m with you, leaning on my Father’s Everlasting Arms—-this is Who i am sure of! the One who holds the universe together by His Very Word! love and blessings to my friends here at unsealed.


  5. Y E S,…..we choose LIFE*,,,,,,,,, in Christ. This is a wonderful web site Vic!, easily i’m drawn to be blessed and to share in the excitement,….Thank You brothers and sisters, all. GOD IS GOOD , and He has our best interest at heart, amen. Let us rejoice daily as we see this all unfolding from the divine viewpoint. Those whom the Son has free’d are free indeed! Bless you andrea, you make my heart happy


  6. So awesome to be with you guys pacing the wall and standing on guard. I just love it!

    Old news by now but a must read in light of the ” armies ” spoken of in Luke 21:20 and Mark 13: 14 🙂

    Foreign Ministry said to propose EU force in Gaza.

    Classified document reveals plan for international force to monitor rehabilitation and demilitarization of the Strip, report says


  7. read the link/article,…it appears that tomorrow is creepin’ in…..pretty creepy, but its all good ultimately and even THIS too shall pass. Gods word is His word and the spirit of belief is a precious, wonderful thing to embrace and hold on to. we shall KEEP the faith, we shall Overcome! Mine eyes have seen the Glory… gimme that ole’ time religion


  8. Very powerful video Vic. Dankie boet 🙂

    If we’re waiting around for a ” 7 yr” peace treaty and a mid -way point and a 3rd temple {as being taught in every pre trib church and end-time prophecy book} we’re in serious trouble.

    I believe this poster is pre trib and there are some red flags but the visual should wake many up of where we are at in the prophetic time-line.

    I never considered ISIS as an option { the Lord raising up the enemy } and am horrified at the advancement of this.


  9. we are living in sad, scary, creepy times indeed. i suspect that soon it will be in our face, up even closer and very personal. Dear Father please give us all the strength to endure


  10. Tony let me encourage you with a awesome testimony of how close the Lord really is.

    I have a beautiful sister in Christ that I love dearly and who lives thousands of miles away from me. We have sweet fellowship {on txt’s } as we encourage and exhort each other daily in these dark and evil days.

    So get this. In my quite time this morning the Holy Spirit led me to Isaiah 41 on audio bible. As I was about to leave the house the Holy Spirit nudged me to txt her that chapter as a little gift for the day 🙂

    I asked her to write a few verses of that on her heart and to take note of verses 10-13. Some time went by and she { all excited } sent me what her daily verse for the day was. Yup you guessed it 🙂 and she even sent me a visual confirmation of that! 🙂

    Don’t you just love that we worship God in Spirit and Truth!

    “For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.”

    Isaiah 41:13

    He is so faithful , Just and True. He has the words of life where else shall we go!


  11. so beautiful Colleen and so entirely awesome in the truest sense of the word. thank you, i love it,…God is most assuredly Good! you should text me!!!! you are so nice* ,…the words of Life!!!, a sound so sweet. i give thanks, again…Thank You Lord, you made it right* Colleen, maggie says hi and that she remembers you in her prayers,…xoxo, and she thanks you for lovin’ little ole sam. we all really love you and cherish your prayers,…bless you sister, see you there in paradise.


  12. Big Mike uploaded that one from Jason A, I know he isn’t pre-trib but not sure about Jason.. hope everyone on here is doing well, I’m still in Physical Therapy and have now moved to a cane from the walker.. slow going but doing better..


  13. You’re funny Tony. I know you don’t really mean that I txt you { lest someone read that and bring false accusation } but need you to know how blessed I am seeing how the Lord has worked in your life. IT SHOWS 🙂

    I love maggie,,,and my gazzozzie too and am praying that the Lord will one day bless me with a puppy again. My son seems to think that I need to take care of “something” and that taking care of the sick and elderly is okay…but I need puppy kisses. LAUGH:) Go figure! Kids! Eish!

    2 Corinthians 2:11 Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.

    Hello Loop, great to see you posting.Praise God you’re doing better!

    Will check big Mike.


  14. Colleen everything you said above is right on target and quite sweet. Thanks for being so kind all the time. i like how you said that,…”Go figure! Kids! Eish! ,however i think your son is onto something*,…..blessens’! //// Hi Loop, Glad to know that you are staying in touch,….good update, soo happy to know you are keepin’ on and will keep you all in prayer,…interesting times, hey?!!!!! every now and then you and sam and noah cross my mind and i think of you all in west virginya! God bless you with the PT workouts and onward and upward with the transition to the cane. One day we shall mount up like eagles….Stay STRONG! and be of good cheer like you always have shone yourself to be……….Jesus is coming*/ the breaker!!!,…to set the captives free, Halehluyah!


  15. big mikes warning of isis being here is chilling,………..all is well with my soul, thanks to Jesus and the holy spirit of truth, amen and continued blessings to all


  16. iam shore the people of 1940 thought the world was coming to the end of days ,and that there was men that preached hatred of others out of fear , but our god Jesus Christ teaches us no fear wicked men or there deceptions but to love our fellow man including our enemies, and to trust in our lord, so enjoy your fellow man and women live in the moment that is yours, and when it is the end of days i don’t think you have to do anything but partisapate ,and if you are a just man you will have nothing to fear. This kind of talk may tear down your house only to find out that it was out of fear ,not of gods will, so go in peace and enjoy the gift that god has given ,and live your life acording to Jesus teachings.


  17. thanks Niel,…. i can appreciate your viewpoint and benefit from it. Yahweh is in total control for sure,…but i don’t wish to become too relaxed or c o m p l a c a n t ! i want to discern wisely through good fellowship, etc….Blessings to you


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