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10478941_345301055621802_8155759788264265854_n Hi Folks

Please send me a friend request on my new Facebook page that can be found HERE.

Alternatively, just search for “Unsealed Prophecy” in Facebook and click on “Add friend”. Just look for the profile pick in this post to guide you.

I have decided to sink the old Facebook page as it just does not have the same effect as an old fashioned Facebook friends group page. Now your comments, shares and posts will not vanish into thin air.

This page will also be updated more frequently as it can easily be done from my phone. So friend me and keep connected.


17 thoughts on “New Facebook Page

  1. Hi Vic Wickus…..others,

    Just thought I’d send a comment on Social Media. In this day of modern technology Social Media is very concerning – at least to me. I would just warn the Body of Christ to be very careful in sending out too much information as it relates to your personal identity. We live in a time where there is almost absolutely nothing secret anymore, or even sacred for that matter.

    As we near the Tribulation period the information that you provide may become a very useful tool for the enemy to use against you. Just be careful…….



  2. … hiding,….i have a mind of my own. I can see them, they can’t see me,….i feel outta sight*……..besides that, heck wiff ’em. //// But seriously, all in all, i also agree w/ your words of warning Mr. Baldy. //// Freedom in Christ is an incredibly phenominal concept , and it should apply, shouldn’t it?,… but still i suppose we must hide if we want to stay alive!, humm…. //// God Bless you Andrea*, you and yours are in my prayers***Peace of Christ be with you all


  3. If I must be persecuted for Christ sake, so be it. I refuse to hide. Many Christians will be persecuted in their hometown without any Facebook account. We are called to witness for Christ, either in your community or through the door of social media that the Lord opened for us in these last days.

    We all must do as the Lord leads us. Just don’t hide out of fear.




  5. I agree with Vic,
    If the time comes and they come looking for me and want to kill me then fine, i will never ever take the mark or will i ever deny Jesus, I thought about what i actually would do if in a situation where im about to be killed for believing in Christ,, should i go off at the people and fight my way to the end or should i tell them that Christ loves them, i will have to do the latter.

    Most people that know me, i had a rough childhood with my mother died of cancer when i was 7 and dad was a alcoholic so didn’t have any money or couldn’t afford most things growing up, I was a bad kid, i did bad things, got arrested and kicked out of school etc. I have had plenty of fights won some lost some, then studied Jujitsu and had a crazy life to be honest. I accepted Jesus reasonably young in the late 80’s which kept me off the streets but that didn’t stop me after a few years of youth group and church falling back into my stupid ways.

    Fast forward a few years, took drugs, drank alcohol, I have a heap of tattoos , (One of which I have Revelation 12:9 on my arm) which reminds me all the time what is coming. I know Jesus wont judge me on what i have done in my past.

    I think even Jesus disciples were hard men, they were labourers, fishermen etc, they would have been hard working and tough guys, stood up for their families and if needed had to fight their way out of situations. The people who were (fake) in that time were the people who had Jesus killed, horded the wealth and dictated what people did and couldn’t do.
    I consider myself a hard worker and normal person and in touch with reality and how life really is, definitely haven’t been sheltered.

    I know a lot of people haven’t had hard lives and i respect that as well as we aren’t all the same, even at work i see people all equal from the CEO to the person who cleans the toilet. Everyone deserves to at least know what God wants for them, but if we hide then its not what Jesus wants from us. A death here is nothing compared to an eternity with Jesus.

    I post stuff on Facebook regarding technology ( im an IT consultant) and end times stuff all the time because if i can at least let people know and even though they might think its true and if not now maybe accept Jesus in the future.. Some will say well that’s crazy talk but at least im planting the seed so when the time comes they will remember the post and really think about it.

    I say let them come for me, take me, kill me because that’s what Jesus did for us. Ill proudly stand up and yell PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.
    Sorry for the long post 🙂


  6. stopped in for a minute and find these wonderful words of testimony from peter and i am so blessed! thank you! yes and amen! all we are really called to do is stand (lest ye fall) in the full armor of God and do what is all we can do—praise the Lord Jesus Christ! cheers to you too! andre’


  7. Praise God Peter! be seein’ you in the Kingdom…..let us persevere with endurance,….be blessed brother in Christ


  8. Thanks for the kind words.
    I have to thank Vic for having a site like this and all you that post and keep the discussion on going, This site has been a massive blessing and with all of us interacting and sharing our thoughts and things we find out is exactly what (in my opinion) what God would want.
    Im looking forward to reading your comments in the future and keeping the conversation and sometimes the debate going because it makes us all more informed and we are all doing exactly what Jesus wants… And that is to Watch for his return 🙂


  9. Thank you for your testimony Peter! The Lord uses all kinds from the men and women who were raised in the love of Christ since the day they were yet knew they were sinners in need a of a savior, and men like you an me whose sinful nature was a bit more “obvious”. The Lord picked fishermen in Peter, James, John and others, a political fanatic in Simon the Zealot, Large men – men of small stature, a hated Tax Collector – and eventually a Pharisee’s Pharisee trained under Gamaliel in Saul (who he took a former kings name meaning “inquired of God” and changed it to a name meaning small and humble), Paul. I love how Simon started with the name that means “he who has heard the word of God” and got from the Lord a name meaning small stone (not the Rock that the Catholics base their papal doctrine on – but a little insignificant stone). It would appear that God takes those who seem to themselves as big and important and makes them small and humble – and when we have been made small and humble before God he in his power alone is able to do things through us that we could never imagine in our wildest dreams.

    I had a bit of a health scare this past 24 hours but just got the all clear – so Praise God for that. Today for me it seems – to live is Christ. Pray for me that I keep doing that – as you know even though I haven’t been on here much I’ve been praying for all you.

    This weekend my dear friend and pastor preached a powerful message on obeying God and trusting in his sovereignty from Exodus 7-9. My prayer is that all of us here would obey God and trust in his provision for us no matter what the future is about to bring.


  10. Good to hear from you Sheep, bless you healthwise and in all ways, you and your sheepfold. your words are powerful and they speak to us all with wisdom as usual and for this i give thanks! i have been wondering about you and will hold you up in prayer. be blessed*


  11. Peter, I love your testimony , heart and honesty . Just LOVE it! Thank-you for sharing.

    Mr Sheep we’ve all missed you! Praise God that you’ve shared the good news that you’re in the clear.. I promise to pray for you and your health in the days ahead.

    I’ve been extremely busy and have harldy had time to frequent the page much , but if I may quote Mr B for a sec, please allow me want to clarify my response to his comment.

    “As we near the Tribulation period the information that you provide may become a very useful tool for the enemy to use against you. Just be careful…….”

    I may be incorrect in saying this { please correct me if I’m wrong Tony B } but I don’t believe Mr B was in any way suggesting that he was not willing to die for Christ or be given over to the beast system for the 42 mon trib, but how that the enemy can be so devious to ” lie in wait” using ” false brethren ” and the tares among us to assassinate our character and to bring false accusation against us could be a wicked tool in the time’s we find ourselves!

    I’ve had this happen to me on numerous occasions and this being the very reason for my refusal to be on Facebook or whatever 🙂

    Loved this beautiful reminder again tonight !

    Isaiah 66:5 Hear the word of the Lord, ye that tremble at his word; Your brethren that hated you, that cast you out for my name’s sake, said, Let the Lord be glorified:……………..>>>>>>>> but he shall appear to your joy, ………>>>>>>>and they shall be ashamed.


  12. Loved that beautiful promise Tony!

    If I may just add the rest of it 🙂

    Isaiah 54:17 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.


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