Jordan invokes 1994 peace treaty with Israel

Jordan invokes 1994 peace treaty with Israel for a say in Kerry’s Jordan Valley security and Jerusalem plans

US Secretary of State John Kerry has again bumped his head against another piece of Middle East history: The 1994 Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty.

 Kerry has responded by ordering a reassessment of the security blueprint drawn by US Gen. Jon Allen, former NATO commander in Afghanistan, with the assistance of a team of 90 US intelligence and security experts working out of Washington and Israel. The security arrangements he proposes in a future Palestinian state for the Jordan Valley, which also marks Jordan’s Western border, would replace Israeli border units with a system of electronic surveillance devices including drones, satellites and other instruments for securing the Jordanian border.

1. The proposed electronic surveillance system along its Western border would expose the entire Kingdom of Jordan to US surveillance. The same argument would apply to the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas’s latest proposal for the deployment of NATO forces.
2.  On no account does Amman want to see Palestinian forces of any kind strung along the Jordan River border. This objection was underscored in a series of messages to Washington.
3.  Another issue is the US approach to the Jerusalem question, which ignores Jordan’s status with regard to the Holy Places, especially Temple Mount.
The monarch drew Kerry’s attention to the peace treaty signed in 1994 between his father, the late King Hussein and Israeli Prime Minister, the late Yitzhak Rabin, which formally recognized Jordan’s special status on Temple Mount.

Comment by Vic:

Thanks to Bro Scott for the link. Israel is being forced into a corner. Jordan is about the only country in the ME that still has an active peace deal with Israel, and if this is true, then Israel only has enemies left.

Soon, very soon, Jerusalem will be surrounded by NATO/EU armies.


6 thoughts on “Jordan invokes 1994 peace treaty with Israel

  1. the Scriptures are breathtaking to watch unfold in these last days. the stage is nearly set and the players are lining up to play their part. the “show” must go on……and on it will be………..when jerusalem is surrounded.
    worship the Lord in the Beauty of His Holiness.
    \ 0 /


  2. andrea, i really like that, ” …in the beauty of His Holiness”. Good Morning Colleen,you are like the morning sun,..something wonderful! bless you both!! see you all when we get there., i will be on my best behavior. ………………………………………….are we there yet?


  3. i havn’t even brushed my hair yet!…..i’m a mEsS!,…i look like john the baptist just in from the wilderness – a creature void of form. i can’t even find my hair brush…..i hate when this happens


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