Eat grass and be holy??

SA pastor under fire over grass-eating followers

Grass A South African church leader has come under fire after reports that he made members of his congregation eat grass.

Pastor Lesego Daniel, who is based in Garankuwa, north of Pretoria, told dozens of followers to eat grass because “it will bring them closer to God”.

Daniel made headlines globally after images were shown of his followers laying down in a field and furiously munching grass. Further images were then shown of some followers vomiting.

The news has been carried by UK media and many South African organisations.

People were apparently been drawn to the pastor’s church, Rabboni Centre Ministries, after it was claimed that he performed miracles.

One of Daniel’s followers, Doreen Kgatle, says she had a stroke two years ago and could not walk but since eating the grass she regained the strength in her legs.

But many people have started questioning Daniel’s credentials and complained on the ministry’s Facebook page.

“No man of God would tell the people of his flock to eat grass… this man is not of God, run away as far as you can from him and his teachings,” said one user.

“Did you yourself taste that grass? Why feed it to your congregation? This is purely abuse of power and betraying God’s word!” says another.

Daniel has not responded to the complaints or queries but some of his followers have come to his defence.

“I don’t care wat peaple say even my family members come nd intimidate me but i stand firm in the word of God nd tell them this is my pastor sent to me nd the nations by God to God be the Glory [sic],” said one church member.

Comment byVic:

Jip, this is what’s happening in my part of the world. I wonder if this “Pastor” ever heard that you are cursed when you eat grass. Did he ever hear of Nebuchadnezzer who was cursed to eat grass? Will God turn it into a blessing?



29 thoughts on “Eat grass and be holy??

  1. God have mercy. I’m embarrassed.

    I’m trying to figure out if this is sarcasm or irony?

    Deliberate ?

    Don’t mind me guys, you can tell I’m a littl fed up!

    USA , SA and global….there’s a diabolical deception covering our globe .The sheep sense the danger.

    ……and because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. Jesus Christ.

    Guarding my heart and mind in Christ as the days grow darker.


  2. “Don’t mind me guys, you can tell I’m a little fed up! ”

    Yep, but ya took the words out of my mouth! Wow, just speechless, glad you spoke…I just couldn’t find the words!


  3. we may not bite, but we’ll take n kiss you to death,….she kisses* like no other! it reminds me of that old beatles song, ” i…..should of known better with a girl like you….that i would love everything that you do,…and i do…hey, hey, hey…………………….i…. never realized what a kiss* could be….this could only happen to me!,…can’t ya see, can’t ya see!///////////…”mag” is a lover


  4. ….KeEp oFf tHe GrAsS…….now, ya hear! geeze, some pastors??? them south africans run quite an outfit! no wonder you gut out colleen……….we gotta git ole’ wickus, outta there!


  5. all kiddin’ aside,…? i mean, so what, they are grazing in the green pastures some. whoopie!, big deal! i can top that, once i ate sum dry dog food. i was in the wilderness out on a back packing journey and i had been fasting…and i deceided to end the fast,…i deceided to break- the -fast, so i had some of my dogs nuggets for break-fast along with him. it was a bit like cereal with no milk./// i mean are these folks eating nothinh but grass?, or are they just including a little grass in their diet? think of us when we eat sprouts!


  6. tony sorry brother, i think you are missing the point. following this man-following his expectations of them-his private interpretation of what it means to be holy is truly revealing very real spiritual deception and sickness of heart and mind. truly ignorant of the H o l y Word of God and the H o l y Spirit’s right dividing of it to show these people where their faith must be placed to be true faith in Christ Jesus-not in the schemes of man. that is what is happening here and the devil absolutely loves this picture of “faith” (presumption based in the flesh and putting the Lord’s Name on it) to make a true mockery of the Gospel. deplorable stuff this is.


  7. well thanks andrea, you are quite right, i did certainly miss the point. The fact is i’d better really take a look and slow it down here. sorry….n thanks again


  8. woe,…closer to God!,….furiously eating the grass!,….and vomiting! geeze, i guess i better do the reading and not just look at the pictures. now i get it-the seriousness of it. This may be a Jim Jones type…???? Lord free the people.


  9. jim jones came to my mind as well tony. so very sad what goes on in the name of the Lord. He will come and set this alllll straight before too much longer.


  10. …seems unreal,……ABSOLUTELY!,……prepare us Lord, continue to draw on our hearts and unify us,…goodnite andrea


  11. More evidence of the evil and rampant deception that have overtaken the world. The US president is certainly not the Anti-Christ but he is certainly not on the side of God and has used many deceptive and evil practices to get to and remain in his current office.

    I researched a number of claims of this article – and to my surprise found them all to be true. The person who produced and certified the US President’s birth certificate (believed widely to show evidence of image manipulation) was a leading member of a cult his mother belonged to in his childhood, and the same woman died recently under unusual circumstances.


  12. ” The US president is certainly not the Anti-Christ ”
    No, you’re right……he’s Not


    But When The “Loser” is Cast from “The Heights” and Confined to an Earthly Host……

    Then…..and only then, Will the Loser Be AC, up close and IN Person……..and That Person is………you get the point.


  13. Shorttribber, are you implying that Obama is on his way to being the antichrist? If so, I disagree, and I ask you to please clarify how you came to this position. Obama is most certianly the false prophet, but in no way could he be the antichrist. Be blessed!


  14. Jhn 10:27
    My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

    Jhn 10:5
    And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers.

    Loved this Word affirmation from the Lord today.Sigh …don’t you just LOVE that it’s HIS voice that follow and FLEE from all others 🙂


  15. “Shorttribber, are you implying that Obama is on his way to being the antichrist? If so, I disagree, and I ask you to please clarify how you came to this position. Obama is most certianly the false prophet, but in no way could he be the antichrist. Be blessed!”

    The evidences are strong in my opinion that he is the “coming man”…………That Hitler spoke of when he was asked right before he committed suicide, “whom shall we follow after you?”
    There is so much about the link between him and Hitler that I can only be brief.
    The Alter that was in the Temple of Pergamum (Rev 2:12&13) is now in Berlin…..only a stones through from where Obama gave his Berlin speech just before his first Democratic Nomination speech. he spoke from the very spot that where Hitler regularly spoke.
    His action to win the youth, create a civil military security force and sway the masses is identical.
    There is no question that Hitler was a type and forerunner in the Spirit of Antichrist.
    Same could be said of Obama, but there is much more, only scratching the surface.
    You must have heard the Meaning of his Name ” Barrack (Lightning) O (From) Bama (The Heights)”……….not a coincidence.
    Has any President become more Lawless? Has any, On His Own (illegally and without Congress) by the Stroke of a Pen, changed more Laws?
    Has any President Caused “Craft” (Evil manipulation) to Prosper More?
    Has there been any President Been so Manipulative in his Speech, and gathered so many Forces (Political/ Social Media) to Rally Blindly around him?

    Remember, I’m being brief

    He is the Assyrian Plant (Sent from Islam, a false Christian, from among the True saints)
    who has been groomed from his Youth By the Spirit of Antichrist to fulfill his intentions when he is cast to earth.

    He is the Prideful, Manipulating, “Liar in Chief”.

    “but in no way could he be the antichrist”

    I could be proven wrong….but we will see.

    Soon I think.

    As far as the False Prophet…..the Pope, probably.


  16. Please watch this Watchman 2, and all others of course.
    Not very long, very explanatory….here’s more evidence…..this shows how the two deceivers are working together to achieve One Goal.


  17. boy oh boy,…that was quite a powerful message all the way around and that woman was altogether lovely in her presentation of it. nice! good find Rick.


  18. I disagree- I think Satan’s movement around the world are far bigger than these two evil, but insignificant men. Look up a movement that is spreading like wildfire among the hopeless and the worldly in Venezuela- the “Maria Lionza” cult. It is shocking how Satan is in plain sight thumbing his nose at God and leading the godless to their destruction along with him. This cult even has as one of its central symbols the image of a woman astride a beast.

    I believe these small antichrists like Obama, the pope, televangelists, muslim mullahs, Mormon bishops, scientologists, the watchtower society, followers of false prophets like the seventh day Adventists will all gather to worship the beast when he emerges and whether they are all under one big umbrella or not they are all on the same side and all symbolized in revelation by the Harlot who rides on the beast that will be cast down.


  19. have to agree justasheep. the world is awash with the spirit of antichrist and it’s many faces in these last days. but the Lord’s Spirit is doing what does not make the “headlines” much of the time—oh but He will…..will He ever! for now it must be so that the way is paved for the man who will embody the very spirit of evil in all of it’s fulness. his minions are working furiously to silence the Truth (and all who love it)–but imagine when all restraint is taken away! Jesus said “do not fear” and “My Peace I leave with you”……….may we live unashamed of His Gospel in all of His Spirit’s Fulness–outside of that camp….even so come quickly Lord Jesus.


  20. Reposting this

    ” The US president is certainly not the Anti-Christ ”

    No, you’re right……….he’s Not………….


    But When The “Loser” is Cast from “The Heights” and Confined to an Earthly Host……

    Then…..and only then, Will the Loser……….. Be………… AC, up close and IN Person……..and That Person is………you get the point.

    All good points to make guys….but….when the Time Comes………they Ain’t going to be the way they are………Now……..

    They’re just get’n warmed up!

    Time Will Tell.


  21. Whew ,thank the Lord that He will be the ONE to show us WHO the AC is…BY HIS HOLY SPIRIT. I LOVE THAT 🙂

    Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.Jesus Christ.


  22. colleen, its mag’s birthday today,…we rode the bus into town together, and went out to eat and lived it Up,…celebrated,….all the gals on the bus went cukoo over her. i got her her favorite ice cream, “sweet cream” and…beef jerky for snacks etc. it was a day of deep blue love and my heart was beating with joy over her and i could hear her heart a softly pounding! snow was deep and bright white clean and pure, sky was blue as ever, the air was just right nice, and she was such a sweet little good bus rider, looking out the window… Maggie is 9 yrs old today and her tail is always waggin’……..praise to Jesus for sending “maggie”,……….we miss “sam” * he’s alive in our hearts. Sounds like you had a blessed day today,…sooo good to rely on the spirit of truth,…he is preparing us daily!


  23. Whoo hoo I love it 🙂 Happy birthday Maggie girl ! I love that the gals on the bus fussed over her, That’s what girls do,,,we fuss over cutie’s 🙂


  24. it was really fun and the little girl deserved it soooo much and God shined His wonderful light,…i gave her the best bath and brushing ever. She was quite the girl about town yesterday! happy,happy… is good. Thanks colleen, you are my sister!


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