Out with the old ENP, in with the new ENP

international8_enp On the 31st we will say goodbye to the 7 year ENP and on the 1st of January 2014 we will say hello to the new ENP. It has been a bumby 7 years of watching the ENP and its author Javier Solana. Many gave up on the theory and many just burried it with the hope of something happening in the future. I will clasify myself under the second group, and I think it is time to watch it more closely as the ENP Part II kicks of for 7 years.

As n refresher on what the ENP is all about, please read this EU document: A SECURE EUROPE IN A BETTER WORLD

The ENP is all about peace and security with the Middle East and Israel at the center of it all. Here is some info taken from my friend David Wilkerson’s blog:

“The ENP is a prime example of the European Union’s comprehensive approach to foreign policy – using all instruments in a coherent way under the umbrella of the ENP – from Common Foreign and Security Policy, to political cooperation, trade policy, and also sector policies such as transport and energy.”

“Negotiations for the 2014-2020 European Neighbourhood Instrument regulation are nearing conclusion, and here I want to underline the importance of ensuring sufficient flexibility in the implementation of our financial instrument in the future so that we can react to unpredictable developments in the region. It is also important that both the European Parliament and the Member States finalise negotiations swiftly so that there is no interruption in our financial assistance to partners in 2014.”

“I am also pleased that funding for the ENP was confirmed at the current levels for the next European Union Multiannual Financial Framework, despite the overall decrease of the European Union budget.”

“At the regional level, the Arab-Israeli conflict remains unsolved and also prevents full regional cooperation in the South Mediterranean. We hope that following last Friday’s announcement of a return to direct peace talks, we may finally see progress in negotiations between Israel and Palestine.”
Read the official EU document HERE.
Currently there are many reports about a possible peace agreement between the PA and Israel with John Kerry in the center. If they do reach a deal, don’t worry to much if it is not for 7 years as it will be in a 7 year ENP timeframe. More can be read HERE and HERE.
2014 will be the final year of Catherine Ashton as EU High Representative. The architect of the ENP and previous High Representative, Javier Solana, was very silent for a while, but it looks like he may “rise from the dead”. He is getting vocal again and here is a article written by him on the 16th called “Globalizing European Security”. It is a good read and can be found HERE.
I am going to leave you with the words of the woman who “found” Javier Solana”. Here is Constance Cumbey:
Well, I was really starting to suspect that Dr. Solana had decided that he was through with global politics, except in a professorial role.  My “google alerts” brought this to my attention within the past 15 minutes of writing this to my readers.   It appears to me from this and reading of his current roles in European Security organizations that he may have been carefully biding his time.    He is suddenly making strong calls for “global governance” with a rearmed Europe being in a predominant role in his hoped for structures.
Now, I don’t know what his motives are.  It appears from my current perspective that Catherine Ashton may have been underestimated by those who may have perceived her job as a sinecure.  Catherine Ashton has been given much credit for helping to achieve at least an interim international agreement with Iran over its nuclear development.  That was a goal that had been elusive to Dr. Solana during his tenure which started with his representation of virtually the rest of the world to Iran which was announced by President George W. Bush on the rather auspicious date of June 6, 2006.
Catherine Ashton, it has been reported, has gone from “zero to hero.”  When she entered her job, it was not expected by her critics that she would long survive in the position.  She retorted to them, “I’m a stayer, not a quitter.”   This past April Javier Solana was recently on a panel with the Brookings Institution relative to the Iranian nuclear crisis.   He had lots of explanations as to why it fell through and expressed pessimism as to the efficacy of future negotiations with the Iranian foreign minister Jalili.  Apparently Catherine Ashton had her successes with him and his successor.  Many many former Solana aides (e.g. Robert Cooper) and applauders (e.g. the London Financial Times) have decided that now it appears that Catherine Ashton deserves the credit she was formerly and long denied.
I suspected that the “High Representative” position with the very high salary and combined military and foreign policy powers had been created for the benefit of Javier Solana who was expected to be the super-powerful European Union Foreign Minister prior to the referendum failures.  Only after Solana announced he would retire and not seek the post did Ireland finally reluctant approve the Treaty.  That was in 2009.  Now 2014 is nigh and that will be the last year of Catherine Ashton’s 5 year term.  Does Javier Solana perhaps still want the job that had initially been created for him?  Others who have aspired to jobs Mr. Solana wanted eventually went down to relative political obscurity.  Witness Tony Blair and Joschka Fischer.
How will all of this sort out?  I don’t know, but watching it is sure fascinating.
Stay tuned!

10 thoughts on “Out with the old ENP, in with the new ENP

  1. Thank-you Vic for bringing us back full circle and the reason we all met . Wow where did the time go. 7 yrs already?

    I look forward to the responses and thoughts of those of us in group two 🙂 I like that !!


  2. global governance is to global government ;; as date rape is to date. sly manipulations lead to cruel unjust violence. buyer BEWARE


  3. The new ENPI does say its a strengthening of the first ENPI so it may be the confirmation of a previous covenant which would be the first ENPI.. there was alot of speculation the Original ENPI was a strengthening of the Barcelona process. Going to be interesting and computer technology is also alot more advanced now days especially surveillance etc.. Got to keep watching 🙂


  4. I am still watching for mr. Solana to take the stage as well. Now would that not be an interesting thing! He sure has the experience.. but maybe to much grey hairs at the moment?

    I have noticed something interesting in some emails I shared with Wickus and others, and it is all about Daniel 9:27. Both KJV and NKJV have this translation, and it looks as this verse actually speaks about two persons?

    HE shall make a firm covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the offering to cease; and on the wing of abominations SHALL COME ONE who makes desolate; and even to the full end, and that determined, shall wrath be poured out on the desolate.



  5. Mathieu you wrote, “I have noticed something interesting in some emails I shared with Wickus and others, and it is all about Daniel 9:27. Both KJV and NKJV have this translation, and it looks as this verse actually speaks about two persons?”

    I’ve been of the mindset for sometime that the first entity described in the verse, “he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week” is not a man, but is the Beast Kingdom, the EU.
    I consider that the second entity described “for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate” is an individual, a man, the man of lawlessness.

    I apologize for not contributing to your excellent discussions for some time now. I needed to switch browsers so I could even be able to post a comment! I have been checking in on the site, as well as on you guys and gals since we last fellow shipped here.

    I’m going to try to get the BornToWatch site domain name reestablished this week, Lord Willing. That’s a bit of a story and not fully under my direct control, which I dislike.

    Blessings To All,



  6. Brother Scott what a blessing to have you share again . We’ve missed reading at the site and pray that the Lord will direct every detail in that.


  7. Welcome back Brother Scott. I pray that the Borntowatch domain will be sorted out quickly. We have missed you.
    Interesting thoughts on the two entities in Dan 9:27. It deserves further study and discussion.


  8. very interesting thoughts Scott! and welcome back!! I am so glad that thanks to this site I have been able to get to know all of you people!

    ow.. that includes you also Vic.. lol


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