Financial Armageddon and the mark

fag3 As I am not an American, I don’t know much about American politics. I only found out during the past three weeks what it takes to get the US budget approved. I also realized that a power hungry president can manipulate this system to his advantage while making the opposition looks like the guilty party.

I believe the mark of the beast will be implemented after an economical disaster. The debt ceiling/budget talks can lead to a financial Armageddon.  Pastor Brian Roberts wrote a good post on the subject and it can be read HERE.

Friends, we are getting many prophetic “dry runs” that makes us excited and then leads to nothing. We must be careful not to think like the scoffers.

2 Peter 3:3-6

Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water:Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished:

Let me be the first to admit that I sometimes get tired of watching, of getting exited, of the dry runs and the non events. But I pray that the Lord will keep me, will keep us awake and alert. One day there is going to be a prophetic sign, and it is not going to be a dry run. It is going to be the beginning of the end, and we will have to be ready.

Maybe this is the event… Whatever happens, stay alert, stay watching and pray always.


52 thoughts on “Financial Armageddon and the mark

  1. Amen Vic!

    Can’t seem to get verse out of my heart for the past few weeks.

    1Cr 11:19
    For there must be also heresies among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest among you.

    Powerful truth . Maybe the Lord uses these dry run’s to weed out the tares 😉


  2. got to admit feeling worn out with dry runs…since 1990 Desert Storm (almost 24 years ).
    The times come’n and that’s certain….good advice to stay tuned and not fall out with the tares Hisown.

    The Final Confirmation will be a Sorting Out….on a much larger scale too.

    Confirmed True…..or…….Confirmed false.


  3. dry runs or not, its all around us and its happening. look up, your redemption draws near as the end will come in like a flood: accelerated rate of change/exponential GROWTH,…snowball effect. fear not,…stick w/ Yahshua; Jesus. good post vic


  4. i just read bro. brians post… perfectly well said on his part,….yes its a stage play…not to mention, a joke. stick with His Word and overcome. Our Father looks and laughs at the rich men as they plot to do evil in thier vain imaginations,…fear not. take the time to laugh along with your heavenly father, at thier charades as you speak the truth in love. yes evil is running its course-dryly.,…without much life and it will bring death—but God will bring LIFE, for with death comes NEW LIFE


  5. this is very exciting when looked at through the Divine viewpoint of biblical/scriptural TRUTH! all things will be made new!


  6. AC-DC a High Voltage Heavy Metal rock music band that does a powerful song called, “HELLS BELLS”,- an anthem to satan that carries high energy through the airwaves for the prince of darkness. AC-DC= alternating current / direct current……………….or, antichrist in district of columbia,…..dark[false] messiah in the [light]WHITE HOUSE!,….HELLS BELLS!


  7. thanks vic. you said exactly what i have been thinking and feeling and i notice… is then i hear a whisper i believe is from the Lord speaking to me that with each “dry run” there is more encroachment in policy and implementations on the global scale, insuring that the prophecies are very very near fulfillment. so i watch what happens in and with israel in the issues of it’s very land-it’s very existence as key to interpret every other surrounding circumstance and situation going on in the whole world. it is a steady progression and mounting! this verse i repeat now more often to myself—-though it tarries, wait for it. (from hab 2:3). this pertains to personal circumstances for me too 😉 yes hisown is right. dry runs weed out the tares………..hello to all and may the Lord continue to be our focus-keeping our eyes on the prize–His High Calling–and He always calls us out from among those of the world 🙂


  8. Powerful verse and truth.
    Amen Andre!
    Though it tarry……..wait for it. Herein is the PATIENCE of the saints!
    In waiting we should not want 😉
    Oh the joy!
    Jam 1:4
    But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.


  9. The Lord is my Shepherd, i shall not want. He is patiently leading us every step of the way. and when we allow patience to have her perfect work…..we will be those that wait upon the Lord (Who) shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. isaiah 40:31. ….in Your Presence is fullness of Joy! our lamps filled with Oil! Light for the path right through the middle of darkness-even the valley of the shadow of death-fearing no evil for You Jesus are with me–with those who long for Your Appearing–Your rod and staff to faithfully comfort and guide. going……Home.


  10. Vic Wickus,

    You are right…you are not an American. So your comments should be thoroughly researched before you take the opinions of others and just run with them. Now, let me please qualify what I am about to say…..

    It truly amazes me how we have those who profess to be men of God – such as Pastor Brian Roberts who will put out information concerning End Time events, from obvious apparent political and absolutely pure biased motivation. I have followed this man, and have even agree often in what he says – when he can stick to that which is edifying and Scriptural, but his obvious hatred and disdain for the President of the United States very often leaves his commentaries more opinionated than factual. It has truly sickened me. I no longer give credence to anything he posts – as it very often has a very political agenda. To I believe that you once had your doubts as well about him as well, in that he loves to post his title (Pastor) in front of his name, in order to add clout to the political nonsense that he continues to post. After reading many of his very biased political comments that do not edify the body of Christ, but provide more attention to a Worldly Political platform…..I’m done with him. Pastor Roberts if you are reading this…preach Christ, and not Barack Obama, and your obvious disdain for him.

    I fear that Pastor Brian Roberts has listened to more conservative Talk Radio; and/or erroneous Television information than he has done his own true deep research of the Scriptures. Here in American Culture and Society, it really depends on whom you listen to on these talk radio, and/or television shows in order to find out the so-call “truth” that you want to hear”. Everyone’s truth depends on what their ears want to hear. So the truth, isn’t really the truth, but what soothes that particular individuals comfort zone, so that his or her ears may be tickled to ease, or comfort their own self-righteousness. In stating that….It really doesn’t matter who is carrying out the lies, and/or rhetorical nonsense that will lead this World into the position that it will most assuredly face – as the Will of God will be done. We as Christians have a tendency to forget that – especially when we are searching for End Time answers – lest we be well grounded in the Truth, and Prayed up. May we all rest assured in our relationship with Christ, so that we are not deceived.

    What continues to sicken me is that we have these so-called men of God pointing fingers at someone, who has taken orders from a “System” or in my very humble opinion a “Beast System” – that absolutely NO MAN on this planet can come up with on an individual basis that will effect those Globally – and that from a Western Point of view. Why are they doing this? Are they deceived, or do they have their own agenda’s? I mean, aren’t we as Christians smarter than the fallen World – in that we can see through this rhetorical nonsense?

    Now, to include what I mean is…. do we honestly believe that Barrack Obama has single handedly come up with an ideational system to incorporate his very own thoughts that would govern an entire nation to cause such an uproar that would affect not only the people of America, but those on a Global level to the extent that total reliance on a One World Governmental Entity would be necessary? Give me a Break! Obama is smart, but he’s not so intellectual, that he doesn’t take advice or orders from those who are truly controlling the World. They have their agenda which is money, self-importance, GREED, and orders that they are unaware of by their god – who is Satan.

    Scripture gives us enough clues on the attributes, and characteristics of the coming Antichrist to know that the system will be set up for him, prior to his reign in order that he may finally take control – rather than those who will be used as pawns, or puppets to carryout an apparent personal mission – which is definitely in contrast to information provided by those who want to accuse or blame Barrack Obama for the current situation in America. Again, give me a Break! The current situation that America is in, (that indirectly affects the entire World) is ALL a Political game right now. Men of this Earth are resilient – at least until God says enough is enough – never forget that.

    Men and women of God….please stop looking at whom the cause of the problem is from a Worldly stand point of view – and please view what Scripture has to offer – lest you become deceived as they are. This is a system that will be set up by Satan. Let’s please look at the author of the source, instead of being blindsided by continuous fictitious rhetoric that very often leads to hatred, and error, that leads us off course, therefore truly missing the true Picture. Adolf Hitler did the same thing when he rose to power in Nazi Germany. He blamed the Jews for Germany’s problems. Because the World doesn’t know, or understand what is going on by God’s Sovereign Will….they miss the mark and are blaming someone other than the true source of what will be end time calamity – that being Satan.

    Barrack Obama is NOT the coming Antichrist – nor does he even fit the bill, but yet we have those who have been thrown off the course to view him as though he is – or better yet point blame at him for what is destine to happen. This can cause us to miss what is truly going on – on a Global Level as it relates to Bible Prophecy. I pray that they, and even we put our self endowed hatred aside.

    We must remember that God is in Total Control of it ALL. It’s easy to point blame, and a finger at someone who has been designated to carry out what must truly come to Pass.

    I pray that God will open up the minds of those who have been assigned to reach out to others – so that wisdom will prevail, and not the opinions of Christians who have a worldly motive, which is in contrast to the nature and Spirit of God.


  11. i see what your sayin’ baldy, i really do…and i agree that obama is a conduit for THEM,……….and that he is!, therefore he becomes easy to point at when we are refering to the ac powerbase. i have got to head out for now,….glad you brought this up. Obama imo is a programmed puppett for the NWO who does what he is told—very dangerous.


  12. We have the right to disagree when it comes to politics and eschatology, but please do not bash your fellow brothers. I have respect for Bro Brian and his comments and although I do not always agree with him, I still respect him as my brother. And in his defense, he never said Obama is an AC candidate.


  13. Vic Wickus,

    You are right. We should not bash our fellow brothers – unless these “so-called” brothers are speaking out in contrast and/or against what thus sayeth the Lord. Let me also mention that nor should we bash those whom God has Sovereignly placed into positions of power either. (Romans 13-1-2) – such as Bro Brian continues to do; and I find that amazingly shameful.

    You are correct, Bro Brian has not said that Obama is an AC candidate – but he has very well mentioned that he feels that he may be the “False Prophet” who is mentioned in Scripture – so let’s not let this escape your speaking up on his behalf as well.

    Let me also bring up the point again that you are not an American – so therefore I feel that you should do your homework before you take sides and point out your views from a political standpoint that can absolutely come off a being biased – such as Bro Brian often does; and that with total ignorance. Now, Just a bit of American History for you……

    Just so you know, America is not too far removed from racial segregation. Being a man who is married to a woman of color, I can tell you that I see things a bit differently than others do as far as what is really going on with America, and it’s race relations even as we have moved on to a new millennium. Any idiot can see that President Obama is being attacked because of the color of his skin. Having a bi-racial family, I can’t even say that he can even qualify himself as saying that he is a Black man – as he has a white mother.

    Therefore, it is very apparent that America and it’s racial ignorance still uses the old Jim Crowe Laws as far as racial identity – and it’s just plain STUPID. How can he actually call himself any ONE particular race – when he is the product of two? Why can’t he just say what he is as far as race is concerned – and that he is BOTH black and white? Until we as a society move away from this Jim Crowe like thinking….we will always have hate. Please educate yourself on Jim Crowe Laws – and the ignorance that it spews. Hopefully this will open your eyes to the conflicts in American life concerning the racial tensions thereof.

    We as Christians need to be bigger than race. As the color of one’s skin will absolutely not matter when we are with Christ. But yet the color of one’s skin still dominates the thinking and stereotypical views of one’s actions Worldwide. America is also geographically segregated. If you were to visit America you would see that. Most Black people live in the South, a few in the Northern States – very few in the West, and even fewer in the Northwestern States. I find that “some” Whites in the South – to include Kentucky (Bro Brian) still have very negative views of people of color, and they have a tendency to not get past that. And it’s a shame. It often is seen in very subtle ways, but most assuredly it will come out in their conversations and/or speech – which is often heard on so-called conservative talk radio/television shows. Most of them call themselves Christians – like the Klu Klux Klan (a white supremacist group). How can they say that they love Christ – whom they have not seen; but hate their so-called brothers, whom they have seen?

    Vic Wickus, I’m going to call you out on something that you have mentioned in the past ….. you apparently have racist views as well. You have mentioned the time that your wife was robbed by some black guys in South Africa. Yes, I do remember the comments that you made. You harped on the color of their skin, more than the sinful act that they carried out. Amazing…..

    So in closing,…….I’m going to pray for racial healing in this Nation, as well as the World. It seems that Satan has a hold on some by way of deep self righteousness; self importance; entitlement because of the color of their skin; and deception; insomuch as to think that they are better than others – yet they live, speak, and attempt to control others under the umbrella of calling themselves saved.

    I think that I will make this my last post on this site. This all is starting to turn my stomach.


  14. I for one refuse to point out my own concerns and am not surprised that the ” racial ” card has been used to try and discredit not only Pastor Brian but Vic as well.

    You know what Mr B, you have NO IDEA of the details of any of our lives { I sometimes do share to a point} but feel the need to share something and by so doing silence the ” false accusations” I’ve had to endure since coming to this country. {Vic ALL SA’s are painted with the same brush here. }

    Before I do share many that know me personally in Canada know that two of my BEST friends here are of a different colour .I’ve had to ” pay my dues” as a South -African for the past 15 yrs in this country because somehow we are all known/seen as hating the black man. That is such a lie!! I have seen MORE racial discrimination in the US of A than I have in my own country!

    In 1995 a year after my young husband got killed { he was not only the chief of police but was honoured for bringing about massive healing and restoration between the whites and the african people in the local community and was highly respected for that.}
    My mother was preparing to come and stay a week over at a heritage home I had just purchased and she wanted to help me through the anniversary date of his untimely death.

    She had just suffered a horrendous trauma a few weeks prior where some men of colour had entered into my parents estate. I refuse to go into details but there were four men of colour that tied my mother up and the trauma went on for quite a few hrs. When they heard who her son in law was they decided to let her live. God is so GOOD!!!

    The day before she arrived{ at my new home } the Holy Spirit prompted me to call her one more time to ensure she was coming and was led to a specific scripture in my quiet time that morning. As I dialled the number I felt the greatest sense of excitement. She let out an excited screech that Jesus ALONE can save her from her sins and quoted the verse I was led too!

    Four hours later I got word that she was killed in a tragic hit and run. It was a man of colour.It didn’t make any difference and as the Lord is my witness I have NO bitterness or hatred for him or those men that did my mother great evil. God SAVED her soul and I pray for the souls of those men as well 🙂

    I’m sharing this to let you know that a TRUE born again believer { which I believe 100% that Bro Brian as well as my brother Vic is } CANNOT be a racist in any form!

    It is virtually impossible to say we LOVE God and HATE our BROTHER.

    There is no “colour” in the Kingdom of God. I love that!


  15. Baldy, you did proof me right. I told someone yesterday that you are going to play the racist card. If this is your last post on this site, so be it. I don’t need this racism nonsense here! You don’t know me at all, but you love to accuse. I don’t know what is wrong with you Baldy, but you have changed. You are not the Baldy of a year ago.

    Baldy, you can not tell me anything about racism. I was born in the apartheid capital of the world, remember. I know good black people and good white people. I know bad black people and I know bad white people. I live in a country were it is fine to say a WHITE man raped a child, but you are a racist when you say a BLACK man raped a child. I look at your country were it is fine to say George Bush is an idiot but you are a racist when you say Obama is an idiot. Baldy, you have serious issues. I will advise you to turn to the Lord in prayer (like we all need to) and stop finding fault with people that you don’t know. If I speak out against Obama, it is not because he is black. It is because I think he is advancing the New World Order. Don’t look at the color of his skin to accuse me.

    Cole, what a wonderful testimony. In the Lord we do forgive and forget all this racism nonsense. I totally forgot about my wife’s ordeal with the “black” men till Baldy was so kind to remind me about it and to accuse me of racism.

    Friends, lets stop with this accusing and racism nonsense right here. It is not Christ-like to talk like this. There is no race in Christ. There is only one family. Satan likes to use race to divide.

    PS. In the light of prophecy we are allowed to discuss Obama on this site just as we are allowed to discus Solana, Putin, Netanyahu or any world leader who may advance Bible prophecy. But we do not discuss race.


  16. ” If I speak out against Obama, it is not because he is black. It is because I think he is advancing the New World Order.”

    Amen and AMEN!……….And that goes for MOST Americans too Baldy!…..has not One Thing to do with his Skin Color…………..And……….for you to Utterly Ridiculous to “MSNBC” this Thread!

    “come quickly Lord Jesus”



  17. My last thought on this is. Mr Baldy ( Tony) I urge you to seek the Lord on what has changed in your life over the past year so much so that you would even question the doctrine of eternal hell.You have no need to answer that here.

    Was it the death of your mother?

    Most of us here have suffered MASSIVE TRAUMA and pain { including the other Tony} but all have risen above that and have become more humble, patient and Christlike.It is these trials an tribulations that God shows us WHO WE REALLY ARE and what really is in our hearts. We have a choice in how we will respond to these painful situations.

    Will we be Judas or Job?


  18. agreed. skin color is the farthest thing from my mind and others here. it is evident that the real point to this site is prophecy and should remain prophecy–no pet peeves and hobby horses as it’s core message but Christ the very Center as to why we come here. vic and rob do a wonderful job of keeping the main thing the main thing. (so does bro brian). the Bible is clear that we are to go privately first to someone with which we disagree and work that out in the Fear of God not man. this is a very public place so your post was out of place mr baldy. i have no idea why or what-but there seems to be a tone in your posts of late that make me sad for you and i hope that i am wrong. just this morning i read in acts 8 about someone in the gall of bitterness and hope that does not describe you. i am not any ones’ Holy Spirit but i know He has had to do that very thing with me–to keep me back from presumptious sin in accusing the brethren. at times i have felt His Rebuke but His Love does not forsake. you are loved here mr baldy as are all these others. the evil one wants fear to enter among us but becoming perfected in His Love we know that He will drive fear from us and Faith and Love of the brethren will prevail. that is what the world is desperate to see amen? real Love and Peace on the earth–and that is found in only one place—Christ Lifted High in us.


  19. This is so very sad…. all the problems going on in the World.. I actually agreed with some of what Mr. Baldy was saying about a Global entity coming up and mostly using B.H.O…
    But then to turn it into a race debate, so very sad..
    Praying for Mr. Baldy, I usually agree with most of what you say, but like someone else said, something has changed.. I’ve been hanging on by fingernails and toenails and barely am keeping my sanity with everything that has happened in the past couple of years, Its taking lots of Prayer..
    I think losing my mom and oldest brother is catching up with my dad, he has been sick recently, an infection, vertigo and a touch of pneumonia please keep him in your prayers, his name is Noah and please keep my sis in law Trisil in your prayers, she is getting extremely weak is having seizure’s and times of not knowing family members now, her time is getting close, we was told she wouldn’t make it to Sept.. she’s one strong lady…


  20. Praying for your family Loop, i’m glad my mother in law is with the Lord now though…..joyful times await us all, we must walk and not faint.

    Oh how we all need the Lord so, in these painful last days.


  21. Sorry for my outburst earlier friends. It was something that was suppose to be kept private. The enemy may have won this round by leading us into sin, but he has lost the war!


  22. It’s unfortunate that all it takes is one to cause rancor and division with demeaning,derogatory and vitriolic language and comments(yes I’m speaking to mr baldy’s comments), there is no place in a open forum for arrogance, self righteousness and disdain to be displayed. Mr baldy be sure of this,with mocking comes consequence,I know, I Have seen it first hand, remember, GOD is no respecter of persons and will hold you to account. As for eternal hell,we have eternal life so therefore, simply the alternative is eternal hell, there is not one without the other, the LORD choice.

    In the LORD


  23. Vic Wickus, and others…….

    I guess we all should be careful not to “read-into” the statements of others. As comments often come out that truly reveal what’s in the heart. I really get annoyed when one “reads into” things, and put’s the cart before the horse – in that they do not totally understand what has been delivered. But what can I expect when one’s flesh has been aroused by things that are truly deep rooted in their hearts?

    If you’ll (anyone) will carefully read what I have posted, I’ve never played the “race card” – as many of you like to say. I have only pointed out what has been mentioned – that being both past and present. Let me also point out a few other things….

    To say that one has “racist views”; or that one makes racist comments does not make them a racist, as it can be totally out of ignorance – lets just educate ourselves about that. My question is…….have we been so programmed to believe a certain way that we cannot rightly divide that which is said, and that which we have been programmed to think? I ask this about any topic?

    Now that I have posed some questions concerning race issues…lets take a look at what Vic Wickus has posted in the past (April 2010) :

    TITLE: “I pray the ENP to be it.”

    Postby Wickus on Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:11 am

    “I pray that the ENP is the covenant and that the end is upon this disgusting world. I am sick and tired of it. For the life of me I can not understand how God can look down on this pile of disgusting, sin infected garbage and not bring an end to it. The earth deserves judgment. I think today I had enough. I stay in a terrible country were rape and murder is the norm. I am sick of looking at the front page of the paper and read how some little girl was raped, murdered and her hands cut of. This happens daily. I am sick of people being beaten to death to get a cellphone. I am sick of being afraid to walk in the street after dark. I am sick to be locked up in my own house wile murderers roam the street to see who they can attack for $1. I am sick to be silent about it, because as a white South African you are not allowed to say that it is black people who are killing us. If you do, you are a racist. I am sick of trying to be politically correct. Please do not get me wrong, I have wonderful black friends and I am no racist, but I am scared that something will snap and I will become one. Today my wife was attacked inside a department store by two black men. The black security guards refused to do anything. Praise the Lord, she was not hurt, but it could have been so much different. A few years ago I was hijacked and held at gunpoint for hours by black people. Praise the Lord, the car was taken, but I was not hurt. Many of my friends have the same type of stories. To report it to the police is a waste of time. Nothing ever comes of it. I am sick of this. Sorry if I had said to much, but I just wanted to speak my mind without being politically correct. I praise the Lord that He is with us and what happened could have been worse, but I ask Him also: “Come quickly Lord Jesus!!”. I want to go home.”

    Now Vic Wickus…..this is what you posted back in April of 2010 on FP – how can one not see that there were “racist views” in what you have posted – which certainly has the potential of skewing one’s outlook in life? And I want it to be absolutely clear that I am not calling you a racist – simply on the comments that you made; on that they were “racist views”, based on what you experienced. Now, Please compare what you posted back then, which is your true life experience to what I have commented on in my post. Then consider how someone who is looking for answers in the Lord to view you and others who post things like this when they are truly searching for Christ.

    Okay…here was my response to you back in April of 2010 – showing love in what you had experienced:

    by Mr Baldy on Mon Apr 12, 2010 3:51 pm

    I quote you here:

    “Wickus wrote:Today my wife was attacked inside a department store by two black men. The black security guards refused to do anything. Praise the Lord, she was not hurt, but it could have been so much different. A few years ago I was hijacked and held at gunpoint for hours by black people. Praise the Lord, the car was taken, but I was not hurt. Many of my friends have the same type of stories. To report it to the police is a waste of time. Nothing ever comes of it.”

    Then I write:

    “Wickus, I’m praying for you and your family.

    I will also pray that you don’t associate the crime that these evil men are doing with their race. It is a hard thing to do, especially in light of the fact that each time that you and your wife were victimized, it was by black men. We must remember that it is the sin that is within these evil men, and they are doing these crimes because they don’t know Christ.
    May God bless you, and give you the strength and courage to forgive these men, and let the vengeance that they deserve rest with Christ. Be strong, and encouraged – and may the True Peace, that only Christ can give, be with you and your family.”

    Vic Wickus…you never responded back to me on my comments, but it was okay. I just prayed for healing within your family.

    Now, in closing… bringing all this back up was to show what I was trying to illustrate as a point – and not to cause division – but to bring forth an issue that continues to plague the entire World. Today I thought about my delivery on this topic, and it made me feel pretty bad. Not because of what I posted…but because I feel so passionate about how race has affected the entire World and how people – especially Christians react to it. It continues to cause division and strife. Some have racist views, and don’t even realize it. Nor do they realize how it effects their thinking, in decisions they make, views that they have, or the way that they live life in general.

    Some of you will continue to think as you wish…so be it, but I just wanted to point out what I’ve been attempting to get across – and that for some time now. Someone here – perhaps you Rob, who has been blessed with deep discernment will understand.

    Peace to you all.


  24. mr baldy are you rightly confronting or needlessly confrontational? the Lord really knows the answer to that one. will be praying about this………….


  25. I’m not sure how we got here on this post – but I’m sad to see the bickering and finger pointing that I’m seeing here among the brothers and sisters. I hope we can soon put it behind us. I don’t think that kind of sowing discord is from the Lord at all.

    I haven’t been on the site much this week, occupied with bit of a crisis in my own home of looking for a job and having things take a lot longer that I expected, and my own efforts to start a business yield far less than I expected. I’m sorry I couldn’t have been here to speak up earlier had I seen what was going on.

    In reference to the original post – I am an American, and majored in political science/international relations in my university days so for reasons I think make sense I’m fairly well qualified to comment on politics, especially American politics. This shutdown fiasco was political theater of the highest order by both parties. The Republicans are desperately trying to appeal to a broader than acknowledged tea party base, without alienating the traditional party old guard. The Obama administration, and his democratic congressional caucus are the most arrogant, my way or the highway mentality thugs I have ever seen in American politics. I didn’t care for the approach of the last Bush administration but they were nowhere near as stubborn and unwilling to make any move to work with the opposition as this administration has been from day one.

    The issue here is sin – not race. The issue is people trusting in other people and not God and in people using the color of a persons skin to identify as some member of a special group that should get special treatment (it’s also being applied to sexual preferences and gender identity confusion in this country). These things are a satanic perversion of God’s covenant with Abraham where he established a chosen people from Abraham to be a blessing to All people. God kept his promise – and from Abraham’s descendants God sent his son to save every last person who would turn to him.

    The issue with Obama has nothing to do with the old racism that existed in this country. The racism that I see is far more prevalent the other direction. The Republicans are not attacking Obama because he’s black – they are attacking Obama because he is trying to set himself up as dictator and he is shoving policies down the throat of Congress and the American people that one would have expected from a 1960’s soviet politburo- not an American president, he has also accelerated the pace of America’s race toward bankruptcy more than the last 5 Presidents before him put together. The claim just doesn’t hold that opposition to Obama is holdover of old racist tendencies in America. I will be the first to admit that they still exist – they absolutely do – but they are far more prevalent among the liberals and the so-called “progressives” in America – in the Democratic party than they are in the rest of the population. It was that way in the 50’s and 60’s – the main holdouts in the civil rights era – almost 100% democrats. The most racist people I know personally today – an elderly woman I know who was very concerned when a black family moved in on her block, and a 25 year police officer that’s convinced that there’s something different about blacks and hispanics and their culture that makes them more likely to be criminals – both Democrats and huge supporters of Obama (in his home state by the way). Both of these people are truly racists – yet support the Democratic narrative and voted for Obama probably to make themselves feel less guilty about their own views. So racism is alive and well in America – certainly. In many segments of the population it’s a non-issue – but for their own political gain Democrats continue to pump the issue of white’s holding down the black community in order to exploit that voting block. Case in point – the whole Trayvon Martin case, made out by the media to represent the “epidemic” of racism in America by claiming it was a white racist (actually a hispanic) who shot a teenager who attacked him for being a somewhat zealous neighborhood watch volunteer. It was made to fit the narrative in order to ensure that the voting block stayed solid – and that large segments of black america stayed convinced that whites were out to get them.

    Before anyone comments on Wickus and makes a claim that he is a racist because he identified someone with an obvious racial term – not a slur, and identifier, they need to know a few things about South Africa. We all know that South Africa was once a highly oppressive white only government that enforced oppressive racist policies that are morally repugnant and unchristian. While that government was one of the most stable and the economy the most prosperous in all of Africa – it remained so at the expense of the majority black population. With intense international pressure and a escalating violence by the black majority, along with repressive police tactics by the white minority the government, it eventually recognized it was risking a much broader race war and increasing international isolation if it didn’t grant universal suffrage which it did in the 90’s . Everyone expected an landslide among all black party candidates and former dissident ANC – which is exactly what happened. What few counted on was what followed – the majority of blacks in the country remained as poor as they were. The minority whites now had very little impact on government policies, and receive far less attention to their complaints and concerns. The government has little concern about crimes committed by desperate poor blacks – who actually became financially worse off under the new post apartheid government – when they are being committed against an electorally insignificant white minority. Yes a new black middle class and set of elites emerged – but the subsequent regimes have done little to establish policies to encourage healthy economic growth and entrepreneurship in the poorest communities. The result is that race relations in South Africa are continuing to get worse – and the governing authority is far more likely to look the other way when the perpetrators are “unfortunate black youth” and the victims “the evil imperialist white oppressors”. Racism is alive and well in South Africa – but the pot is now being stirred by blacks who are still as poor or poorer than they ever were, and like the Germans after WW1 – they need someone to blame so they blame anyone who has the same skin color as the men who oppressed them under apartheid.

    It’s the same story of human labels to separate people – trusting in governments and men to solve problems that only God can. Only one thing can result – it will continue to get worse as it is here in the United States.


  26. There is another thing that the “accuser of the brethren ” is doing lately that we may not want to dismiss and that is his ability to come forth as being seen as ” squeaky clean” yet has malicious intentions that are seeped in jealousy, pride and wanting a place of……..>>>>>> H O N O R and attention.

    T’was reminded of the five ” I” s in Isaiah 14 again tonight.

    1} I will ascend into heaven.
    2}.I will exalt my throne above the stars of God.
    3} I will also sit on the mount of the congregation.
    4}I will ascend above the heights.
    5}I will be like the Most High.


  27. Quote for the day.

    “The immorality of Christians and the church is fulfilling Scripture where as the Bible says Christ will not find much faith on earth when he comes back, and the falling away which leads to the rise of the Antichrist and the False Prophet. Take courage. You are on enemy territory”

    Pastor Brian Roberts 😉


  28. Vic Wickus……you still don’t get it do you? Well, please re-read what I posted. I never called you a racist. But I guess now, it really doesn’t matter at this point.

    As far as Adamantine is concerned – well he isn’t here any longer to defend himself – so I don’t feel it fair to comment on him, but I never accused him as being gay. I did however ask him if he was (on an open forum) – as it was all he ever really commented on continuously. And I did question whether or not he was gay – I guess I still do. Often what comes out of a man’s mouth is what’s truly in his heart. One thing that I did deeply admire about Adamantine, is that he was all for freedom of Speech – it didn’t matter whether you disagreed with him or not – he was still open to opposing views. Things often got heated with him, but he never waivered as far as one being open to say what one wanted to from the heart. One often needs that in life, as differing views can broaden the mind – if one is open to other people’s opinions. Who really wants to be with someone who agrees with everything that is said? How boring…….

    A very strong pet peeve that I have is when someone “reads-into” what others post, only to cherry-pick out the comments that rub them the wrong way – which leads to mass confusion, and misrepresented comments. That is what I am now seeing on this forum. Opposing views should always be welcomed, as long is it is done with LOVE. Otherwise you would have a CULT.

    Colleen, I couldn’t agree with you more – did the Holy Spirit speak to you on this one as well? I just wonder when you were reminded of five “I”s you mentioned about the “accuser of the brethren” that these very thoughts weren’t being reflected from a mirror when you brought this up? You have always been a drama queen. When someone speaks outside of how you view things, you really become self-righteous and begin to throw stones in a very subtle way – but not all of us are stupid. I really feel sorry for you.

    Andrea’ I’m sorry you have bought into Colleen’s way of thinking. You two carryon like two old battle axes stored in a dusty ole wooden box that’s been put away on the back of a one mule sleigh – driven on a very sad and lonely dusty road. They just rub each other continuously, in order to feel needed. I still think you’re pretty cool though – just please have a mind of your own.

    Tony Tarr……..may you continue to type 50 million words on 50 million separate postings – only to get a point across that no one really understands. But you are a dear brother in Christ, and I love you man. Stay cool in Vermont!

    Rob….stay the diplomat that you are. God will bless you for your cool head, and great common sense.

    In closing…… I have thought about leaving this forum for quite sometime now. Although Vic Wickus has forgiven me many times before – and not kicked me off, I have made confrontational comments that would cause discord in any Christian type setting – therefore I do think that for the betterment of this particular forum, I must leave. Some of my comments have not edified the Body of Christ whatsoever. I ask that you all please forgive me. I also ask that you all continue to pray for me, as I move on to my next venture in life. I thank you all for putting up with my nonsense at times, and I want you all to know that I have appreciated the fellowship that we’ve shared over the years. Yes, even you Colleen.

    Take Care,



  29. Rob, we are praying for you and your family. One thing that can drain someone totally is finances. I know. I have been there before as you may remember.

    Thanks for your wisdom in the comment. It sounds like you know SA politics better than I do. 🙂


  30. mr baldy i hope you can find the time to either phone me or e-mail me sometime. i really think you are amazing and a rare type of a wonderful thinking person/christian. i can express myself better talking than i can by typing and would love to have a chance to converse. 802-380-1648 or,……..besides i can use some advice-believe me when i say that. You are a police officer, right? Blessings to you and please do call if you can. God luv ya, my friend., tony


  31. you are Loved mr baldy. take that with you-as you move on………and let that precious thought bring you back—back to brothers and sisters who still want your fellowship-fellowship in tenderness of heart like the heart of Jesus. that is my own prayer-and–my own thought–for myself too mr baldy. if i have or seem to have come across less than encouraging to you or anyone then i must say i’m sorry and seek forgiveness for not letting the Spirit edify the Body as HE Always is Able to do. it is not to be intended to be taken personally but sometimes we are wearing our hurts and peeves and frustrations on our sleeves and offenses come easily to that–that is the very spirit that goes looking for-on the hunt for-offenses. ah yes…in me, in you, in all of us, is that fleshly spirit in which no good thing dwells———so—it is good to know–pretty handy to know 😉 –that where sin does abound, Grace does much more abound! that is the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that is never diminished. may we be found asking for that more and more-we are all going to need it. Grace and Peace be upon you mr baldy.


  32. Shalom Mr Badly.

    One day we will meet before the Lord .Let’s wait for Him to judge between me and thee shall we 😉

    No “drama queen” here and please don’t feel sorry for me I suppose the sufferings I’ve endured since being counted worthy for them may seem to many as ” drama, drama, drama” . One day when all **** breaks loose it will be far easier I suppose for me NOT to deny His name.For that I thank Him for the prep work and the faith to continue to walk this path. Even when it get’s more narrower as the day of the Lord draws closer. No wonder the Lord asked if He would find faith at His return.

    I will stand on the **Word the Lord has given me countless times { yes and has been affirmed through a number of believers that have given me these verses out of the blue } and pray that you will come to understand the beautiful truth of the Holy Spirit leading and guiding you. Yes He does talk to us in that small still voice Baldy. Do you not hear His voice is that why you mock me?

    As a ten yr old child I wonder if one can even understand the depth of the ” new birth” and find it quite disconcerting that you continue to deride me in a contemptuous way about ” the Holy Spirit speaking to me”.
    My son got saved at around the same age but came to a startling realization in University that he was not ” born-again”. He was one of the godliest people I’ve known , but his convictions were based on pure religiosity and head knowledge. He was in bondage.

    Please know that I love you in Christ and have enjoyed reading your comments over at FP through the years, but something changed . I will pray for you and ask that you do for me as well. God has promised that he would show us if we are ” other wise” minded. I love that.I will wait for that.

    One last point. Andrea has NEVER once been influenced by me and is one of the most graceful posters here. I take offence to your comment on that. But I do forgive you 😉

    *Isa 41:10
    Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

    Isa 41:11
    Behold, all they that were incensed against thee shall be ashamed and confounded: they shall be as nothing; and they that strive with thee shall perish.

    Isa 41:12
    Thou shalt seek them, and shalt not find them, even them that contended with thee: they that war against thee shall be as nothing, and as a thing of nought.

    Isa 41:13
    For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.

    I love that the Lord allows others to have their say and in that I praise His awesome name.I will not give the enemy a foothold by reading one more post on this subject and I’m not leaving Unsealed as a few others are hoping I would or that my ” id ” would be revoked , like over at …oh never mind 🙂

    Aint happenin!

    Peace and love.

    Oh King David said it so well !

    2Sa 16:10
    And the king said, What have I to do with you, ye sons of Zeruiah? so let him curse, because the LORD hath said unto him, Curse David. Who shall then say, Wherefore hast thou done so?

    One last point. I’m concerned that Adamantine’s se*uality had even been questioned. That to me is the saddest part of being spoken ” evil of”. Actually I don’t mind being called a drama queen after all is said and done! It has the advantage of having the Spirit of glory rest on us 🙂 I love that.

    1Pe 4:14
    If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye; for the spirit of glory and of God resteth upon you: on their part he is evil spoken of, but on your part he is glorified.

    1Pe 3:16
    Having a good conscience; that, whereas they speak evil of you, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ.


  33. “where sin does abound, Grace does much more abound! that is the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that is never diminished. may we be found asking for that more and more-we are all going to need it. Grace and Peace be upon you mr baldy.”

    Amen……Luvya Baldy……When we all come to the Unity and Love God has called us to, it’s very easy to see that it will be His Doing, at it is Marvelous in our eyes.


  34. Mr Baldy, I hate to see you go , I usually look for your posts as they impart much wisdom and mostly I agree with you.. Very seldom get to get on anymore…
    Praying for much Blessings to come your way…


  35. Baldy wrote…

    “I just wonder when you were reminded of five “I”s you mentioned about the “accuser of the brethren” that these very thoughts weren’t being reflected from a mirror when you brought this up? When someone speaks outside of how you view things, you really become self-righteous and begin to throw stones … – but not all of us are stupid.”

    Agreed. That mirror effect is something else. It’s called Projection – the art of projecting onto others what you yourself are guilty of. Look on the OTHER end of them pointy fingers. Toxic personality.


  36. Shelly you’ve had an agenda against me for for some time now when I pointed out error in one of your posts. It’s okay 🙂

    I forgive you and refuse to retaliate.Not only that , I refuse to trust in a psychological diabolical doctrine to ” test” the fruit but will trust God’s Word.

    Once Satan is cast out, I wonder who among us is able to stand?

    This is nothing to what the saints will have to endure once he is here.

    Blessings and shalom to you and those that so want to see me just ” go away” 🙂


  37. Vic and all my friends –

    I mentioned some career struggles in my last post, I didn’t want to leave it as bad news because I need to share how faithful God has been through it. In the time that I’ve been out of work God worked in the heart of my now former employer to ensure that I received a significantly larger severance than was typical for my position and time the company, he made some modest investments prosper in a way I never would have expected when I chose to set that money aside, he has protected the cost of our living expenses in ways I could never explain that has kept our costs low and allowed the money we had to last much longer, and he’s given me the gift of a faithful helpmeet in my wife who has worked very hard to by my partner in trimming out any non-essential expense we had so we could be careful stewards of the finite resource we had in savings. I have been continually encouraged in this by family and my brothers in our church who both keep me accountable for diligence in my pursuits and regularly check to see if we have a need (which I hope this isn’t selfish pride I have been able to answer that no – we haven’t had a financial need that the Lord hasn’t met in some way without a sacrifice on behalf of my brothers). At the moment, my prospects for a new job are very promising over the next few weeks – so keep me in your prayers that I will react in a god-honoring way and bring glory to the Lord in the decisions I make and how I pursue a new job. I know for many out there it is still a tough season – I want to encourage you to do what you can. Seek out God’s provision for you, seek out a healthy fellowship in your local church and make sure that so much as it depends on you that you are carefully stewarding however much or little God has provided to meet your financial needs.

    Baldy – I know at the moment you are probably feeling attacked and chastised by the group. I can understand you wanting to share your thoughts and knowledge elsewhere – but I hope that isn’t a permanent thing. You are loved here and your contributions have been a blessing to many even if at time we have disagreed about certain things or in how you address some of the members. I have to admit though that I haven’t shared the same “free-speech” commitment as Adamantine. I believe there should be a free and open discourse of ideas of course – so much as it is done in a way that comes across as edifying to the body (I don’t define honest disagreement as non-edifying) and not just to stir up trouble or attack someone personally. I am not leveling any new charge of either, but confessing that I am probably a more activist moderator than Vic has ever been and would prefer as much as I can for the many mean-spirited obviously cult-driven posters that have tried disrupt our conversation (other people not Baldy for certain) to never see the light of day on our boards being first deleted, having their posts edited, and if they persist banned from the board. That said I think was occurred earlier in this thread is shameful and while I’ve seen some evidence of repentance there still seems to be a ways to go before relationships will be restored – and in this case some time away from the keyboard is wise to allow for the working of the Holy Spirit to further convict and refine us as he needs to. I hope you will be back and we will be able to enjoy a renewed fellowship and a restoration of anything that has been broken.


  38. i think the only one ole’ Baldy was right about was me- tony tarr – i mean no one ever knows what i’m trying to say as i ramble on and on. i’m psycho,…Congradulations Baldy!!! you got one right! way to go dude!/////// i have to admit, i just can’t understand how anyone could ever have anything derogatory to say at all concerning Andrea,…i have never been this BEWILDERED,…..never….ever. Maybe yer spectacles are smudged up some,…kin ya take a cloth or even a tissue to clean up the lens-do both eyes! i still like you and would love to hear from you,…i think you rock and that you are one high caliber gentleman,truly. God be with you. connect with me, i need your advice!


  39. Amen Rob,

    Where did we ” fall ” from this clear truth in scripture?

    Why did Jesus say that we will be known by the l o v e we have for one another? { not the counterfeit love, but true agape love}

    What did Christ actually mean when He said that we are HIS BODY here on earth?

    1Cr 12:26
    And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it; or one member be honoured, all the members rejoice with it.

    Jer 17: 5

    5 Thus saith the Lord; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord.

    6 For he shall be like the heath in the desert, and shall not see when good cometh; but shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness, in a salt land and not inhabited.

    7 Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is.

    8 For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.

    9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

    10 I the Lord search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.

    It is time to repent of running to man for the answers, I for one don’t want to be cursed or be guilty of i d o l a t r y .

    The Word of God is an offence to the ” stony ” of heart and I pray that we will all work out our salvation with fear and trembling as the days grow darker.

    Mat 13:21
    Yet hath he not root in himself, but dureth for a while: for when tribulation or persecution ariseth because of the word, by and by he is offended.

    We haven’t even entered into the tribulation yet, but this may be a lesson in the coming……….

    They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. Jesus Christ.


  40. its coming colleen,…its coming……and they will be deceived into thinking and believing that they are doing God service! Let us REJOICE in TRUTH that endures forever.


  41. Oh I know Tony, I know.

    Ichabod right? It feels like it anyways.

    God is the One that sends the strong delusion. I will not fight that, lest I find myself fighting against God as Paul mentions in Acts 🙂

    Let God be true and all men liars. I love that!

    Rom 3:4
    God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.

    Keep on reading the Word of God and let the Holy Spirit be your anointing and truth 😉


  42. may the Grace of the Lord be with you, now and always, may you stay-blameless-till He comes. may the Love of the Lord be with you, now and always, may you stay-blameless-till He comes……..this is a song we all as a congregation sing over each other at church-going from person to person we keep singing until everyone has been blessed. from 1 thess 1:5. i am singing this now over you all here at unsealed-whether posters or not-whether we know of you or not–makes no difference………..the Lord is all about Unity in His Name-as shortrribber loves to point out-that Jesus bought and paid for in His Precious Blood. my hope is for the fellowship here to be strengthened in the bond of His Peace. if i fail to rightly divide the Word of God-if i fail to uphold His Word in the bond of Love (and no doubt often do) hold my feet to the fire please-and thank you! i do not mind disagreement in something being contended when it is honest like rob is saying–when we are letting the Word of God have the Final say in a matter. i do mind contention that is unnecessary and aimed at someone’s personhood-making a difference between behavior and someone’s dignity is an important distinction to make-so i pray not to be found guilty there–but if or when i am-again! keep holding my feet to the fire! the days are passing so quickly and Jesus is coming! tony do not worry too much about how you come across-your honesty blesses us. when it is about Jesus to lift Him up and exalt Him here then you have done right by everyone 😉 . rob thanks for the wise words and the update to your circumstances. will keep praying for you and all your family needs. it is good to hear of God’s Faithfulness (what else right ? 🙂 ) to each of you=may we all-each one-be found blameless until He comes. thank you for being my friends in the Lord.


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