Prophecy Spreadsheet update v4.5.0

Truth has been so kind as to supply us with his latest spreadsheet for our studies. It can be downloaded HERE.

Please keep in mind that Truth does not claim to be a prophet. He is just sharing his observations and studies with us.

Comment from Truth:

Please see the newest version of the prophecy spreadsheet.

Columns J through N have been updated.

This update is timely. It looks like the Syrian situation is about to explode. In my estimation the 2300 days of Daniel 8:11-14 begin one week from today.



31 thoughts on “Prophecy Spreadsheet update v4.5.0

  1. Thank-you Daniel for your dedication and Spreadsheet.

    You said :
    “This update is timely. It looks like the Syrian situation is about to explode. In my estimation the 2300 days of Daniel 8:11-14 begin one week from today.”

    So that’s Sept the 4th correct ?
    Do you anticipate the fall of Damascus to be the ” event” that set’s it all off?
    I have many more questions but will wait on these.


  2. Hisown1,

    Yes. September 4.

    For the past two years or so I had the impression that the Psalm 83 War would be fought before September 4. Now it looks like the war will begin shortly, perhaps on September 4.

    I fully expect Damascus to be destroyed soon, but I am not a prophet, so I cannot put my finger on the exact date. However, from my date calculations, it seems to me that it has to be destroyed within the next two years or so.

    Sorry. I wish I could be more specific.


  3. i cannot get mine to open but i think all this is so timely–and we can feel the heavy that goes with what you are referring to daniel. psalm 83 and isaiah 17 are close to fulfillment in my mind and heart. thanks. our eyes are on You, Lord.


  4. Hello Truth, i been wonderin’ bout you and yer whereabouts there feller. its darn good ta take n hear from ya,…i mean eyes n ears,…i’m – listenin! ,yers truely, tarzan. Let us, ” keep the Faith”,…together, confidently, in HIM alone,….Jesus Christ and in His accomplished work on the cross at His sacrificial death,…….and upon His Ressurection and the rolling away of the stone. Be Blessed my brother, Daniel. Btw, are you just lovin’ that song, ” DANIEL”, by Elton John brother!


  5. So are we looking for 2300 days or 42 months ? I’m confuzzelled πŸ™‚ nah not really !
    Is it a possibility that this devastating blow { Syria } usher’s us into the tribulation and many won’t even see it coming? I mean this is not Armageddon but many will be deceived into thinking it is and embracing another ” jesus”?

    Great to see you BerryBlueBerry πŸ˜‰


  6. Tony, I live in Minnesota.

    Hisown1, 2300 days is the Daniel prophecy that puts “bookends” on and encloses other timed prophecies, such as “42 months.” You can see how they are related to one another on the spreadsheet.

    Andre’, yes, Rosh ha Shanah is on Wednesday of next week, September 4, although it begins at sunset on September 3 on the Gregorian calendar.


  7. i agree,……funny but yesterday ole’ Hank Williams crossed my mind, outta the blue! i was thinking of His song, Praise the Lord,…” I saw the Light “! Howdy Hank, n Welcome!, there partner!! God be with ya!


  8. …were about ta take n circle the wagons and call in the hounds for a big ole’ prayer gatherin’! Tribbers fixin’ ta take n scratch a few bars on his homemade worshboard! Come on in and join the fun! Praise God n pass the bless’ens round!


  9. Ma body aches s’bad from work’n in the shop…..don’t think I can scratch’m out Tony.
    praise God….I can still Praise the Lord with ma mouth though..

    Glory to God…….come quickly Lord Jesus!!!!!!!


  10. Minnesota – ahh…the Swedish roots movement! πŸ˜‰

    That’s an ambitious job you’ve done there!
    It was a bit hard for me to read. I wish that summary page could have been posted up directly in this post. It kept on misbehaving on me!

    At least some wise men, a long time ago, got their calculations (about) right.
    So it may be possible to at least arrive within the margins. I also believe we do right in ‘observing the feasts’, so to speak.

    Time will tell.
    Or, as Gavin Finley puts it: ‘On some future Rosh Hashannah…’


  11. sit right on down, tribber o;e’ boy and have yerself a genuine FRAPPE,…or TWO!!. you’ll be scratchin’ that washbord all night long! its Colleens receipe!!!


  12. The teaching I heard was as follows:
    The 7 major feasts of Israel have their prophetic fulfillment in the first and second comings of Messiah.
    Passover; Messiah’s blood was shed.
    Unleavened Bread: speaks to the sinlessness of His sacrifice
    First Fruits: HIs Resurrection from the dead.
    Feast of Weeks or Pentecost: Holy Spirit starts the Church in Acts 2.
    These 4 feasts culminate in the first coming of Messiah and all occur in the springtime.
    The interlude or summertime next symbolizing the church age.
    Then in the fall the 3 remaining feasts:
    Rosh Hashanah: Rapture of the church.
    Yom Kippur: day of atonement or Christs return.
    Feast of Tabernacles: Messianic Kingdom begins 1000 year reign of Christ upon David’s throne in Jerusalem.


  13. Have you seen Gavin Finley’s nifty charts?

    I don’t know that I necessarily believe the Harlot needs to ‘rule’, like Finley suggests.
    Scripture may just refer to the Harlot as per her influence world wide: her leaven permeating just about everyting.

    And like we have discussed here, I don’t believe there necessarily has to be a physically rebuilt temple. The AoD could happen anyway. (A rebuilt temple is kind of an in your face giveaway.)

    Other than these reservations, I believe Finley has an interesting and valid understanding of ‘the seventieth week’ – considering the ‘glass darkly’.


  14. Rosh ha Shanah begins at 7:01 p.m. (sunset) in Jerusalem. That is mid day in the U.S. (11:01 a.m. Central Time)

    I expect that within a few days the U.S. administration will precipitate the Psalm 83 War. Many in Israel will be killed, but Israel will destroy its neighbors and destroy Iran’s ability to make war.

    The war will be short. Israel will use nuclear weapons. It will last only a few hours to a few days at most. The consequences, however, will include the collapse of the world economic system. The world will blame Israel for its problems. That will lead to another war (Ezek. 38) in the future.

    If you have not already done so, stock up on non-perishable food today – enough for several months. If you have money in a bank, consider that its worth will suddenly become greatly diminished. It may even become inaccessible. You will be much better off having some of your capital stored in your own home in the form of tangible, edible food. You can always eat it. In this time of uncertainty, this is prudent behavior.


  15. It sounds serious Truth. I hope you are right and I hope you are wrong.

    I have noticed how watchmen are getting tired of all the false starts of prophetic events. Everybody was expecting the destruction of Damascus and an all out war in the M.E. and now it seems that all is going back to normal as Obama is backing down. It looks like the looming war is turning into peace.

    But when they say “Peace and security”…


  16. thanks for the good advice. i hope people are taking that to heart. have already done just as you recommended. but also i pray that the main thing people will store is the Word of God as a treasure in heart and soul that they will have the endurance for what is coming–like a tree planted by rivers of (living) water-the Living Word sharper than any two-edged sword and it will supply our Discernment coming to us by His Spirit (by faith we stand). He will sustain us (always Faithful) whether this thing kicks off like i think it will soon do too or if delayed–either way we must not let our love for the Lord wax cold. darkness is closing in but we are Promised Light for the way. i pray for the Gospel to shine!..and i feel like vic expressed too–would love to be wrong but the Lord is that Authority and aren’t we glad we are trusting there! i pray this for myself and all of us. the Lord’s Word is not going to return unto Him void–that we are sure of in these growing more and more uncertain and very deceptive times. love to the brethren is in my heart and we need each other. thank You Jesus-Lord of us-King Forever.


  17. Amen to that, sister AndrΓ©!
    Jesus said he had food the disciples knew nothing about.
    We need to stock up on the right stuff!
    (Baked beans will be of little use when persecution comes.)

    As to developments, we will just have to watch and see.
    Damascus is already a ‘burden’.

    Now we need to remember to pray for salvation, and for open hearts, for the Syrian people. No matter how things develop.
    [Sweden has just decided we will grant permanent residency status to all Syrian refugees (who come here). So soon they will come. And I pray the church(es) are ready to receive them.]

    My (not so well founded) guesstimate, is that a ‘piece’ treaty won’t come up until next fall.
    (Has to do with the ‘Metonic moon cycles’. Endtime Pilgrim once again.)
    We could all be guessing wrongly, but at least we endeavour to stay watchful!


  18. Found this comment on facebook:

    I find it extremely interesting that Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Hanukkah are early this year– really early. Crazy early. Historically, once-in-a-lifetime early.
    As we know by now, the Rosh Hashanah holiday eve of 5774 arrives on Wednesday, September 4th. — This is the beginning of the New Year. Here is the zinger–Hanukkah, which is celebrated in December– is this year on the same day as Thanksgiving–on NOVEMBER 28th!!!!!! This has never, ever happened before and according to scientists looking ahead–will never happen again. Why? Is there a Divine reason? Something to ponder.


  19. All these false starts and stops – it seems like our enemy has some idea that the time is coming too and is trying to throw us off the scent, off the trail of observing the signs of the coming season and of our coming king.

    I don’t know much anymore – but it seems like its another part of the enemy trying to “wear out the saints” or at least the start of it from Daniel 7:25. I’m sure the wearing out, the oppression will get worse – but why not do everything possible to bring things as as close as he can to fulfilling prophecy to discourage us and to say like the scoffers that things just go on as they always have (2 Peter 3:4).


  20. I believe you may be hitting the nail on the head there, Sheep.
    Never tought of ‘wearing out the saints’ from that angle.

    Tony, Apprising has a lot of good articles.
    And so does the discernment site, ‘Critical Issues Commentary’:

    Just scroll down for good articles on various topics.


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