Inching toward Ezekiel 38

As a matter of course nearly all prophecy watchers have speculated about when and how the prophecy of Gog of the Land of Magog will be fulfilled.

In previous posts we have identified the players :

Turkey – identified by the names of several descendants of Noah in the text (Magog, Meshech, Tubal)

Iran – aka Persia

Sudan – aka Cush

Libya – aka Put

Russia – aka the hordes of the uttermost north, there are no nations North of Russia that I know of if you draw a line on the map north from Israel.

The trouble we’ve had thus far is that Turkey is still officially aligned with the west via NATO and hasn’t shown a clear official or diplomatic alignment with Iran and Russia as of yet, which would be a precursor to the attack that Ezekiel recorded in his prophecy from God. We watch Turkey suspiciously since their government under Erdogan has had an Islamist tilt that is unprecedented in at least the past century since the fall of the Ottoman Empire. A tension has existed for quite some time between Erdogan’s government and the military who have been of a more secular, pro-western faction of Turkish society.

It appears that secular, pro-western, pro-NATO command of the military may have been swept away this week with the appointment of 4 new high level military commanders within the Turkish Heirarchy.

It’s hard to say for sure – but it is something to be watching for sure. I’ll be watching the attitude these generals take toward cooperation with NATO and the EU in the near future. If we are right and Turkey is moving to align more closely with Russian and Iran, I’d expect a souring relationship with NATO and the west.


15 thoughts on “Inching toward Ezekiel 38

  1. Kurdistan
    I don’t place a lot of stock in the AP as a reliable news source – but if the Kurds in Syria are able to carve out a region of significant autonomy, this is very bad news for Iran, Turkey, Iraq and Azerbaijan. The Kurdish area of Syria is just one small part of a larger area that is predominantly populated with ethnic Kurds. Hussein in the late days of his regime managed to wipe large numbers of them out in Iraq – but Iran and especially Turkey could see significant problems if a resurgent Kurdish separatist movement has a base to operate from within Syria. I’ve been watching for what factor could draw Iran and Turkey into closer cooperation, and thought that Kurdish nationalism was a possibility. Seeing it reported on more frequently – that Kurds are the de facto rulers of a piece of Syrian territory, no doubt has Iranian and Turkish military commanders very concerned.

    Syria’s war splits nation into 3 distinct regions


  2. your comment was worded quite creatively over to farmers site Rob. Good choice of words! Solana seems to be “accepted” in the neighborhood, he’s windin’ up being like,”part of the gang”! Hes quite a “hot-shot”, not to mention a real cutie-pie in that purple hat he sometimes wears! That dude has got it going on! Hes kinda of a trailblazer. i been lookin’ for a hat like his,…tryin’ ta get back, “in style”! i been out in the woods so much wiff my dog that i need to catch up of some a these here fashions. i’m becoming fashion-conscious. Solana is the trend setter. Hey, i had an Irish setter,[ speakin’ of setters,] and his name was, “bojangles”. Goodness gracious, man alive was he something good./// anyhow, keep us posted Rob, this is rather astounding to see Solana on the rise, isn’t it?!!!


  3. Oh, one more thing. i just wanted to say, as this has crossed my mind once or twice or maybe even thrice,….that i too, like Mrs. Sheep, would not be altogether upset if the rapture happens earlier than we may expect! /// hope for the best, and expect, or be prepared for, the worse. i like that word hope, and i like that word best, and by golly, i love that word, expect!!,…..blessens folks! Sure hope Loop and her outfit is still on the improve. Speakin of that word, “still”,…what comes ta mind is, “Be still and know that,”I AM” God! me and my new dog ,”maggie” are bein perfectly still.,…and we’re fallin’ in deep Love,…praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!


  4. My family and I are still hanging in there. My brother is still in hospital, very weak, still throwing up almost every morning, but the IV’s are helping to keep him hydrated, cancer is a horrible thing, I’ve watched too many of my very large family leave this life because of it..
    My vet started my pony Bonfire on a Power Pac, he’s thinking he has ulcer’s. So I’m praying this works, he gets a dose every day for five days then we’ll see..
    Mr Black bear hasn’t shown back up but we are deffnately keeping our eyes open..
    I Thank everyone for your comments on Perry Stone especially mrbaldy as I hadn’t caught Perry saying the first half of the trib was Christs wrath and the second half was Gods wrath, made me listen more closely to what he was saying.. Thank you all again..


  5. correction: The above post should have read “The protectors of the City of London”. London and the City of London is 2 Different places. Interesting stuff.


  6. I’ve heard of it, but I don’t buy into the modern author’s interpretation of it. In Europe throughout the middle ages and a bit later it was not uncommon to evoke biblical imagery (alongside often pagan imagery) to promote a myth or story. When I look at Ezekiel 38 – it mentions several of Noah’s grandson’s by Japheth. The key to understanding that passage then is to understand what became of the descendants of Japeth’s sons. Most of the evidence and tradition seems to point them all settling in Turkey, with some references spreading into eastern European nations near turkey or east into asian nations along Turkey’s borders.


  7. Good answer Just a Sheep. What you have pointed out here , if true, IS truly PROFOUND and can save folks a lot of trouble. i mean, evoking biblical imagery to promote a myth or story! God help us,….Sheep help us, thanks for the tip, i’ll remember this.


  8. That ‘retired’ gentleman keeps popping up! Hmmm…
    An experienced diplomat on standby – with a 666-connection…
    We still have to keep an eye on that one.

    Brings to mind another ‘little, seemingly insignificant man’ not so long ago in world history. Who would have guessed ahead of time wat he would be capable of…


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