Shorttribber Part 2

Here are some pics that were taken at RonWaytt’s home. The wood is a piece of deck timber from Noah’s Ark.
The square stone is the stone that was placed in the center cross hole where Christ was crucified. The center cross hole with the stone plug was on a raised area in the center between two other cross holes.
One of the reasons to bring all these things up now is because it seems very likely that the other things he told me about what else was in the cave along with the Ark of the Covenant may become very important as we approach the final moments of……….well…….the Worldwide Chaos that is soon to come.
The Tabernacle that was carried in the wilderness………that is one of the other items in the cave.
It is plausible in my opinion that when the items in the cave are moved to a location by God Himself or Angels, or both , to possibly the Temple Mount itself………………….it certainly will change everything on a worldwide scale.
And there Could Be, right on the Mount, a Tabernacle for the Loser to Defile.
Just thinking out loud.
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15 thoughts on “Shorttribber Part 2

  1. Rick, you are one beauty of a person. What a guy! God has takin’ you places,…given you talents,…and you use them wisely. May your cup runneth over n over brother. What a testimony!!!


  2. thanks so much shorttribber. jeremiah’s grotto is a cave underneath temple mount where jeremiah hid the ark of the Covenant before the exile (confirmed by the discovery by ron wyatt). Jesus in every way fulfilled every earthly detail of the heavenly pattern. (moses was given the pattern remember?) as High Priest His Own Blood was able to enter (dripped down) onto the hidden ark below. (the holy of holies in the temple itself was empty-there had been no ark of the Covenant in there for hundreds of years and the rent veil when the Lord died proved the religious system that was set up (that despised Jesus) had been replaced by Jesus-the Way the truth and the Life! since no man was worthy-no man able to complete the earthly office of priest of the Most High–God made the way! no wonder there is so much warfare (in the spiritual but also physical realm) surrounding this whole thing! the last thing the devil wants is the Word of God confirmed about The Christ of Mount Calvary and His Blood that was shed there. he could not stop the Blood of the Cross—{{(that surpassed the blood of bulls and goats (religious form) because could never wash away sin but only anticipate symbolically the Sacrificial Blood of Jesus)}}—from being put upon the mercy seat–by MERCY HIMSELF! only God could write this story. the Story of God come down-our Immanuel-God with us-to rescue the souls of men………..hallelujah! what a Savior! our Beautiful Perfect and Holy Lord Jesus Christ.


  3. to clarify–the site of the Crucifixion of Jesus is on the backside (northern) and near the bottom of temple mount. have seen the pictures-it’s partially covered up now over the years by a parking lot wouldn’t you know. that loser devil laughs now—-but God laughs last. 🙂


  4. Well Andre’,
    Now that was well said indeed……..and as I said before, so refreshing. To know also that there are those who believed what Mercy has done for us by His Almighty Power.

    God’s got sumthin waitin down here on earth for the Feeble Loser Boy! He should just give up the fight with Michael and go Fisty Cuffs down here on earth with us lil’ weaklings…….Yep, he should just come on down and find out Just How God will Confirm His Almighty Word thru Us Muddy lil’ humble vessels God Calls His Saints!!!!!!!

    Bring it ON …………..LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. our power against him is the Praises we give our King! our power against him is to call upon the Name of our Sovereign Lord Jesus and see His Mighty Arm defend His Word and us who stand upon it. the Rock that cannot be moved! no god like our God amen?


  6. Well Tony,
    Tell ya what, I love our fellowship an yack’n on the phone. It would be nice to do some paintings and book restoration at a good clip to free me from the bone jarring auto trim work.

    Will see if there still remains enough time yet to switch canoes in a yonder part of the brook. Pocahontas on my mind ya know:)


  7. Shorty you said ” we approach the final moments of……….well…….the Worldwide Chaos that is soon to come.”

    Well……I agree 100% 😉

    There is trouble in the Holy land praise the Lord for giving us the head’s up to WHAT it would be that gives us the ” head’s up ” to this event.

    His WORD has not retuned void.

    ‘Secret Obama plan’ forfeits Temple Mount to Palestinians

    When it comes to the West Bank, which borders Jerusalem and is within rocket range of Israel’s main population centers, Israel is expected to evacuate about 90 percent of its Jewish communities currently located in the territory, as outlined in Kerry’s plan.


  8. So…much goin’ on! Still can’t get over how all this Peace for Land junk Started with the Oslo Accord between Yitsak Rabin and Yassar Arrafat…………….Signed and Agreed to On the Whitehouse Lawn Exactly 2,300 days Before Y2K…………………All was a Decoy…………..Or was it?


  9. thanks for posting that link hisown. the palestinians are still not one bit satisfied-still keeping up the hate talk against the jews at the un. Jesus Christ will one day (not that far out now) stop the mouths of the devourers. come quickly Lord Jesus….


  10. keep on paddlin’ ole boy,…….and hog tie them chickins just as quick as you kin cetch ’em. Yer doin’ a heck of a job and i’m a passin’ it all on over ta major henry n his crew. Them boys r Proud -a- this! Their talkin’ bout circlin’ the wagons and havin’ a rondevous up ere’ at green river over all this!! see ya there,…brink yer buckskin mare and them yappin’ mongrels too now, ya hear?! Take n grab yer pelts n beaver skins! See ya up yonder Jed!


  11. You guys { and gurls } are hilarious. I LOVE IT!

    Oh my!! I would love to join you all around a camp fire or a hiking trip up in the mountains and am wondering who will come out as the champion survivalist ? sounds like the South African ” maplotter ” is no match for ye hillbillies huh 🙂 { no translation exists for that one} but Vic will know what I’m talking about. LOL

    Hey Shelby is the cookin good @ mama’s ? Yummy I can almost smell the home baked corn bread 😉

    Love you guys!


  12. that was fun! Did i hear someone holler out, “cornbread”?!!! Hi Colleen,…Howdy miss Shelby,….Love you too,..thanks for all the heartfelt support, sincerely.


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