Communion – Part One

large communion pic to send 2 Guest post by Shorttribber: 

Ok…where to start……back in around 1986 I think, the Lord put it in my heart to begin having the communion supper at home, in private, just me and Him.

So I did, and it was wonderful. He then led me to begin studying aspects and details regarding the communion supper and how we could incorporate His Table with prayer and intercession for the lost, the body of Christ in general, and for my own personal struggles.

About six months or so later I think, I found myself moved from the suburbs of Detroit into a very rundown area of the city of Detroit itself, not downtown, just a grimy area where I got involved with an inner-city small outreach church.  So, I began having my communion supper with the Lord almost daily, and on one of those times, the vision that the painting represents occurred.

The account of the vision is as follows.

The coffee table being used as an alter was candle lit and sort of halfway through the supper I think….I still had a fairly large amount of bread and juice out on it as I remember.

Anyway, I was kneeling down in a kind of crunched up ball sort of posture with my hands closed clasped together in the middle of my forehead, hands on the ground and facing away from the table.  (I’m giving detail of my bodily position because it is relevant to the rest of the vision)

As I was praying and interceding there I began to see in front of me, the red, orange and yellowish coals on the top of the alter of incense, also the scent of it was present. At first it seems my head was nearly over the top of it and very close….I don’t remember feeling any heat from it though.

My eyes were still shut, so it was not an open vision so to speak, purely something being seen in my mind only I guess you could say.  Anyway, after being in that position for just a few moments I found that it no longer felt as though i was kneeling on the floor, I still was, it’s just that the feeling of the floor was no longer there.  Also, my hands that were clasped in the centre of my forehead now felt as though they were on each side of my head, about the area of my temples and each hand fist-like and sort of acting like blinders due to their position.

I began to be drawn back and upward away from the alter of incense slowly and at the same time began to be tilted up slightly so that the alter remained in my view while moving up and away to just about maybe I was ten or twelve feet from it.

Then, after reaching that distance I stopped and remained in that position for just a few seconds. The only light for my vision was emanating from the coals on the altar so I couldn’t see anything else until I began to be tilled up enough to where I was looking straight ahead.  I was still in that same crunched up, sort of fetal position. The very top of the alter of incense was still in view at the very bottom like you see in the painting, but again, the only light was from the coals so it was much darker in the vision.

After being tilted up as I said before i just watched the smoke rising from it there for a while, then, back in the distance, maybe about the same distance away on the other side of the alter, I could see a goldish outline of what I knew was the Ark of the Covenant back in what seemed to be, due to the darkness, sort of a cave like area.  The ragged edges of the rent veil were very dark, just black shadows but I knew what they were.

After looking at all these things, keeping my hands in that fist-like position still, for some reason I felt as though i should not move a muscle, even the slightest bit. While watching the smoke rise up there I could see the smoke begin to move about a little like a little wind was moving it around and then it started to form the shape of Christ on the cross.  The horizontal crossbar was just even in line with the outstretched wings of the cherubim’s there on the Ark so that He was positioned directly above the Mercy Seat.

After watching that for about seven or eight seconds, I started to float slowly and in a straight line toward and then eventually over the top of the Alter of Incense heading toward the rent veil, I could still smell the incense as I headed that direction, I had the very strong feeling that I should not look to the left or right as I passed through the rent veil, I remember wanting to but I had a much stronger sense to keep looking straight ahead.  Being now past the alter and just about going through the rent veil my own shadow blocked any light from the coals so now everything was completely dark and i could see virtually nothing.

I kept moving forward slowly until I felt the cold metal of the wings of the cherubim press against my forehead. My thought was odd at that point because I remember thinking “I know the wings are supposed to be touching each other so it must be that I am one feather or suchlike thing back from where the tips of them actually touch”.

Now this is when i began to hear the very strained and difficult breathing of Christ on the cross….it sounded as though there was a lot of water and blood in his lungs and….He was choking on it…it’s hard to type right now……………..I can’t tell this or type it without remembering it, and my tears are taking over.  I held my breath so I could hear only His.  Then, I could hear another One breathing, quickly and sort of grief stricken in manner….I knew that was Our Father……His Father.  And then a great sound of a rushing wind drawing slowly and loudly in and out…..of course, it was The Holy Spirit.   As I was listening and weeping there, trying not to breath, though I could not help it because of my tears……..the sound of all the breathing slowly faded away along with the vision and I felt myself back on the floor and in the position I began in.

I asked of God why he did show me that vision…..He said “You’ll understand later”.

I finished there at His table that night but it was several years later that He did show me the “why” of the vision.  I’ll share that next okay?

There is a good reason to share this now I think….sorry it’s so long you guys.

I’ll post the reason tomorrow okay?




17 thoughts on “Communion – Part One

  1. i am awestruck. and praising God for what He gave you and have now shared. one verse came to my mind. that i may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being made conformable unto His death. phil 3:10 just in awe right now…


  2. Out of the shop now…..i’ll try to send the why parts after I eat and clean up ok Vic,
    Bless ya’ll


  3. Yes, Andre’…………………Fellowship…………He’s going to teach us that before He comes.

    Our Testimony will be Confirmed………The Truth……………Will Be Confirmed.

    So they are/will be Without Excuse who refuse Christ’s Mercy.

    The next part, that being the primary “why” of the vision is filled with controversy so to speak, but there is no confusion or doubt about them in my heart and mind.

    Years after the vision, after moving back to Oregon (where i was born), i got involved again with a little home mission church. That’s when the Lord had me teaching the youth and the Lord had me to do and finish my studies on the communion supper so i could share it with the youth there. About a month or so passed and my study was completed and for the sake of having a coversheet for the study i decided to do a pen and ink drawing that was to describe the vision.

    i had just finished the drawing when the pastor called and said he was making calls to cancel the evening service (we had evening services in his home because the church was very small). He said he would be right over to pick me up and head into Portland for a special program where an archaeologist would be speaking and showing a video of Noah’s Ark…, that’s neat come over, i’ll be ready to go when ya get here!

    Some of you may have already heard of Ron Wyatt, and if you have you’ve probably heard that the things he discovered were untrue………..those are nothing more than slander and lies…..i can assure you, they are lies. i met him personally, and saw and handled many of the artifacts in his home. They are real.

    How i came to know him was because of that trip to Portland and what he shared with us there.

    It is odd how Christians are more inclined to believe negative things rather that to believe that God can use a common man to do uncommon things. Does not God’s Word overflow with such examples? It is pitiful to hear, among christain groups, that Ron Wyatt was telling fables, stories and outright lies about his discoveries, and all due to the fact that they themselves were listening to and believing lies from some uninformed people.

    One quick example, i shared briefly about some of the discoveries at FP and one fellow jumped all over what i wrote with a series of exclamation points, saying “TO THIS DAY, NOBODY has EVER SEEN ANY of HIS DSCOVERIES or ANY EVIDENCE AT ALL!!!!!!!!”.

    Well, i said ” i’ve not only SEEN many of them, but i’ve also HANDLED many of them, so you believe and have been given false information, just as so many others have”.

    The thread ended there.

    Folks, if you’ve heard such things that slander Ron Wyatt, please be assured that those who have slandered him have not researched all the facts….they will say they have, but clearly they have not.

    Some doubted The discoveries because Ron was a Sabbath Keeper…….It doesn’t matter to me what he thought about that………I believe he was wrong in that regard.
    But brothers and sisters, God could use an Ameba to do His will if he chose to.

    So to be clear……we are only unprofitable servants…….every one of us…….If we think we are capable of any good Work then we are not Truly RESTING in HIS WORK.

    We all at times seem to be too intent on doing the Work…….sometimes we can just get in the way of our own growth as a body……….that’s been what we’ve been doing for nearly 2,000 years………but…….

    That’s about to change soon I think.

    And it will be His Doing….His Work…..and it is Marvelous in our eyes.


  4. truly wonderful to have you share this encounter with us all Rick. I am so blessed by this and like Andrea stated above, i too am really in awe as this IS where the rubber meets the road! Phil 3:10 is a great bible verse,…to say the least,… and it fits so well with your vision and your experience. Excited to know you’ll be continuing on with this. This is altogether Powerful. I give thanks as the spirit of truth moves here


  5. something good is happening,…the spirit of truth is moving,… inner man is very excited,…THE LOVE OF GOD IS REAL,…let us yield


  6. shorttribber

    July 19, 2013 – 5:22 am
    tony tarr

    July 19, 2013 – 5:22 am

    look at the times of each of our posts Tony 🙂


  7. Thank you so much for sharing! when I saw the picture I just sighed inside in my spirit and said ahh… the finished work. There is just so much peace in Him!!


  8. shorttribber i must say how glad i am for your sharing of that vision and then the corresponding post…because i believe what ron wyatt discovered too. we were shown a video at church years ago about his presentation and i tell ya–i have never forgotten it–only God could have conceived of such a way to let that Holy Blood drip down onto the Mercy Seat there in jeremiah’s grotto. in my mind i refer to it to clarify things that i believe are going on in jerusalem (right now as the burdensome stone) and pertaining to temple mount and what is politically (evil) going on to keep the Truth (for a time) from coming forward about to Whom that mount really belongs! so your post only adds to what i believe in my heart was the Holy Spirit’s revealing—for such a time as this!!! and on the personal note is that Fellowship–owning very personally how Jesus groaned in His earthly body on that Cross that i may be (and am) free. the Breath of God=the Logos–Word became flesh-breathing out***our Salvation. His Father’s Broken Heart of Supreme Anguish to witness and then have to turn His Face away from His Son as Jesus wore our shame. The Spirit’s Attendance at the scene of Christ’s Holy Sacrifice-all making my heart know that God’s Intent was and is for us to truly – Know – Him. to know Jesus is to know the Father–the Holy Spirit is the Only One Who can usher us into that Knowing…and into that Fellowship….so your vision speaks powerfully to me. and that verse phil 3:10 speaks powerfully to me that identifying with Jesus’ death on the Cross is where i truly live by faith–because i died there with Him–and brought to life again as he Breathed His last. what an Exchange……………………..and why i for Love’s sake-see the need to exchange my will for His—accepting that dying unto myself that i may know the One Who is my Lord and my God. this is my hearts desire and prayer–for me-and for us all. we do-and will-endure suffering in that Blood’s Power through the dark days ahead. Jesus made the Way for us. You are Risen and Reigning Lord Jesus! all Worship and Praise belongs to You Alone.


  9. thankyou Andre,
    Those words were very refreshing, as i wrote earlier, there is so much doubt at criticism out there about these things.
    The reasons for posting this now are many really, but as more people respond I will explain more of them.
    It’s virtually impossible for me to doubt them now after so many things that have happened to me personally over the years.


  10. i hear you shorttribber. but we know our convictions are ours–when the Lord affirms convictions in our hearts we can know that He will prove them again and again to us-in the face of others doubts. i have a very personal story myself–several actually-but one in particular where i was supernaturally answered to a very specific prayer and time of wounding in my life and the Lord showed me i am to have mercy on those who doubt (out of jude) and be ready and able (surrendered) to let Him be the One to answer those who do not share my conviction. i find that i am unable to understand others too in many cases–as i have not yet grown in areas of my heart too to know what they know–but the Lord will show us all as His disciples one day! now we know in part–one day we will Know! meanwhile—-Love proves the more excellent way for how we give each other room to grow in all that available Grace as the Lord’s finishing Work of His Spirit continues! (phil 1:6 is a great verse to put my mind in that understanding!) i really appreciate your post so thank you.


  11. i love this as God’s Spirit intervenes and reaches to us and makes contact with us,….true spiritual reality, like little ole sammy licking my face with the love of God


  12. i like that 5:22 in sync connect tribber and as for your testimony and that WONDERFUL art work, well, i am astonished and blessed as the covenant is confirmed in my spirit deep in the deep. Thank you


  13. something of Great Value is being revealed here to strengthen us in our waiting on the LORD. i give thanks,…again!


  14. The five wise virgins are being directed to WAIT on the Lord.-We will soon know and understand. Isa 64:4

    Shorty I need you to know that in all the yrs I’ve read your comments there are three things that bless me about you.You never condemn, criticize or are condescending in your responses, EVEN when your’e being questioned. I love that !

    I’m able to receive correction and wisdom from someone like that . That’s why I adopted you as my spiritual dad many moons ago 🙂 {even without your permission } LOL.

    I do have a few questions and will post these as time permits. Today is my fun day and boy am I ever going to use it to my full advantage, especially when I’ve been challenged { in a wild sport’s activity} by a 25 yr old. Tsk,,tsk Bring it on gurly girl 🙂 …just thinking I would light things up around here 😉
    Love you guys!


  15. “Shorty I need you to know that in all the yrs I’ve read your comments there are three things that bless me about you.You never condemn, criticize or are condescending in your responses, EVEN when your’e being questioned.”

    Well, you just haven’t seen those times I guess…….it’s not common for sure….but I’ve crossed the line on several occasions.


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