In Turkey – The Standard Islamist Playbook is in effect

I mentioned here a few days ago that the protests in Turkey were different than the protests of the Arab spring because they were primarily driven by the most westernized and secular groups within Turkish society.

The Islamists have a way of dealing with westernized, secularized groups that has time and time again crushed the opposition and greatly limited the amount of blood the officials of the Islamist government have on their hands. Last week we saw a rising tide of anti-government sentiment rising among the young and urban (not religious) in Istanbul and other cities across Turkey. The government reacted with standard, yet aggressive anti-riot measures of tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannons, beatings with clubs etc – not much different than something you’d see in the US. The rioters were undeterred and the world grumbled as it does at the appearance of brutality (though limited) by the police.

The Islamist that Erdogan truly is – won’t let this continue. He is defiant in the face of the protesters. In order to save face he cannot back down on his symbolic construction plan to remind people of Ottoman glory and the former Caliphate. We are just starting to see the next phase of the Islamist approach – incite other Islamists to “protest” the anti-goverment protesters. These government and mosque encouraged protests are little more than thinly veiled incitement to mass terrorism and localized violence against the non-islamist opposition. Erdogan will continue to demonize the anti-government protesters as criminals, likely with the support of fiery sermons from imams in mosques around the country. The general populace will be encouraged to feel justified to punish these criminals via “spontaneous” uprisings of Islamic zeal. The result is that the protesters are eventually and brutally beaten, killed, and in other ways savaged until they as a group either leave the country or submit at the islamists wish them to.

Here’s an example of how it’s starting:

Turkey PM Erdogan warns protesters of ‘limited patience’


Erdogan is solidifying his base of support and his credibility as a proper islamist. If I’m right, the violence will continue to escalate rapidly now, but the majority of it will not be perpetrated directly by soldiers or police in uniform. This paves the way for Turkey to be a more significant power in the region – and take its place in leading an attack on Israel as we have been told by God through the prophet Ezekiel.


14 thoughts on “In Turkey – The Standard Islamist Playbook is in effect

  1. Its not going to take much for full conflict in the middle east.Seems to be country after country now, Israel won’t have any allies in the area soon enough.

    On another topic here is some interesting info:

    A company called Digital Angel who merged with verichip created the chip implant the FDA in the US approved..
    MasterCard purchased 51% of a company called Mondex and they spent 1.5 million dollars in research to discover the best place to insert the bio-chip in the human body and found the Head (underneath the scalp) and the backside of the Right Hand was the best place.
    Mondex: Mon=money, Dex = Dexter = right hand side.

    As the article says:And does anyone else find it more than a little trivial that the company behind this is called Digital Angel?
    And I agree!


  2. thanks for that find lafreak. thanks also rob and everyone for keeping things on track. don’t have time to go looking myself but still watching nonetheless………


  3. same ole’, same ole’,………..come QUICKLY Lord Jesus and bring righteous judgement. Rob, your observations are so revealing of what we all know so deep within. I look out beyond the horizon to Jesus and to the resurrection of those who are in the grave. We have hope,…the battle is His and He will Conqueor. /////// i was out at the farm the other night, away in the dark, quiet countryside,…a place where my dog sam and i used to on occasion spend time,….had’nt been there in a while, and sorrow was all over me as i remembered my boy so animated running and exploring with his youthful exuberance and his fearless spirit… tears were in my eyes….i walked out at 1:45 a.m. into the yard and looked up to see billions of stars and i spoke out to jesus and to sam quietly in the pure quiet pitck dark saying, “i’m thinking about you sam, loving you and missing you so much,… then it happened, amongst the constellations in the overhead star machine a blazing shooting star sweep its way across the night sky and immediately following was, off in the quiet dark distance, a dog barking and barking


  4. “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” –he (solana) is from “oz” and a wizard at summing up how the world can fast track away from the One True God and “rule” itself (with the “help” his great & marvelous intellect and prowess)…{[the hugging/huggable diplomat extraordinaire of all time]}..remember this?.. ..this is from 2001 and a good review on the man (still continuing to work at getting his military/policing muscle as backing for completing his plans? he has many pawns doing his bidding-maybe at bilderberg this year ? though not listed as there 😉 ). i still think it very possible that he is the coming “answer man”–the world (that wants no part of Jesus) will be catching on-wholesale-one day-to whoever that character is-and..soon……dear people-for myself and for you i urge-stay in God’s Word for all your instructions in the Holy Spirit as the biggest lie of all unfolds……………


  5. ” does anyone else find it more than a little trivial that the company behind this is called Digital Angel?”

    all just coincidence bro.

    Oh, and just coincidentally, i found out i won the US Open last year, but i don’t play golf!

    Hi to you Tony also….blessings to you dear brother.


  6. That is a very creepy coincidence. It feels like the enemy and his associates are mocking God as they often do.

    We all know though that God is not mocked.


  7. Thank-you for the link Andre, how did I miss that !

    These words give me the hibbgibbies ! I mean just think about it. There are three unholy statements in this sentence alone!

    “Javier Solana, the EU’s “high representative” for foreign policy, takes some comfort from George Bush’s endorsement of the idea of a Palestinian state.”

    Oh Lord may we see with our spiritual eyes in these very dark deceptive days!
    Tony your’e in my prayers as well and the rest of those that fellowship here @ Vic’s place.

    Btw Vic if your’e reading this, the Lord has laid you heavy on my heart.

    Just touching base.I have a very huge event coming up this Saturday and will post a commentary as the Lord leads about it 🙂 Please do pray for your’s truly 🙂


  8. Andrea that bit about, pay no attention to the man behind the curtin, is just what i was thinking!,..furthermore my dog, sam, was just like toto, pulling back the curtin and exposing deceit! thanks for the prayers everyone,…God bless you ALL with HIS LOVE in your hearts,…carry on


  9. I’m not really a fan of Alex Jones, so I take anything he claims with a grain of salt until I’ve confirmed it other less sensationalistic, more reliable sources (and they get huge positive credibility points if they are also a.solid biblical christian as well, which excludes guys like Glenn Beck from my reliable sources list).

    Something I wanted to mention today after watching the news coming of Turkey this week – is that I am actually quite surprised at how it is progressing there. I’m surprised he government is taking so much direct responsibility for breaking up the protests. They haven’t turned normally lethal weapons on the crowds yet, but I figure that is just a matter of time at this point if the protests don’t die down. Some have speculated that Iran is behind it, which I don’t know that I agree with. I think the bulk of these protests are coming out of students that have enjoyed a number of westernized ideas and culture in their universities, and they are chafing under the weight of an increasingly Islamist regime and unapologetically Islamist policies. I don’t rule the Iranians out completely though-. I saw a few photos of some protesters that seemed a lot older and quite a bit differently dressed men that were heaving Molotov cocktails at police. I wouldn’t put Iran above that kind of provocation for a second – and it seems to me it would be quite easy for them to insert their own agents into an angry mob like that to try to get the Turkish regime to react in a way that would create a “photogenic” moment for the protesters.


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