Almost, but not yet. Updated 6/4

I took a break from posting for a while. I’m hoping soon to be able to post more often, and to have more that I think needs to be shared/discussed bu lately here my other commitments to wife/children/local church/finding a new job have left me with a to do (which in many instances I’d be doing poorly, and little time to do it).

Anyway,  I wanted to provide quick update round-up from a political perspective of what I’ve been watching in the news. I hope to have a few more posts about what I think are markers of the world we are living in and should be signposts we are pointing to for those we know both within and outside the church.

So much of watching seems to be seeing things line up for the fulfillment of scripture, but then not seeing the ultimate occurence of what God has told us will happen, yet. Many of us have been watching things unfold in the Middle East with Syria, Iran, Russia, Turkey and Israel.

We know that someday Damascus will be a ruined heap from Isaiah 17. We see the civil war on Syria continue to grow and the incredible suffering of the people there and the barbarity and evil both are inflicting on each other. I don’t need to go into to detail – but things I’ve read in reports is on a scale of inhumanity and vile wickedness that it boggles the mind. It is clear that so many in that nation have been given over to Satan to their destruction. We should be continually praying for our brothers and sisters in the Syrian church, that the Lord will strengthen them and protect them for the hard days ahead. We can see the destruction coming – as the Russians and Iranians continue to prop up the regime. We also see the Europe and Turkey give encouragement to and debate the provision of material support to the opposition who have been largely overtaken by hardline Islamists and Al-Qaeda – hence the reluctance of the rest of the West outside of Turkey. We wait and watch as the world wonders if the regime or the opposition of have crossed any “red lines” by using chemical weapons on each other. We speculate about what will happen if one side or the other gains the upper hand in Damascus – will the loser decide it is better that Damascus be destroyed if they cannot hold it? I don’t think that’s a very far fetched scenario, yet it hasn’t happend yet.

We know that one day Turkey, Iran, Sudan, Libya and Russia will form and evil plan in their minds to attack Israel. We watch as the pieces of this alliance slowly align. It’s obvious that Iran is already in place with weapons and troops in Syria – itching for a reason to go to war with Israel. We see the Russians there to defend their interests – mainly a long time client state and a port in the Mediterranean. It’s less obvious to see what Turkey is doing here other than they are aligned with their Sunni compatriots in the opposition, and growing increasingly strident in their Islamist rhetoric (and showing steadily increasing hostility toward Israel). Libya’s actions are hard to see here as well – other than we know that their government was replaced by hardline Islamists in the “Arab Spring” and there were reports at one point of a unit of Libyan special forces from the coupe coming to the aid of the Syrian opposition. We also see Sudan, but less clearly in that they are firmly aligned with Iran in providing storage and transit for weapons into the conflict- even having a large weapons warehouse explode at one point killing a number of Sudanese. Still, while the pieces all move into place we don’t see that attack just yet – we don’t see them turning on one another on the mountains of Northern Israel, nor have we seen the earthquake yet.

I would add one more thing – we also see Egypt in disarray since the Islamists have taken control of their government as well. We see an explosive growth in the persecution of Christians there, and an continuing chaos the lack of the rule of law but a harsch authoritarian, Islamist government that makes its will known when it chooses. The fishermen on the nile are not mourning yet, but at the same time the controversy between Etheopia and Egypt over water rights to the Nile and Etheopian dam and irrigation projects – while Egypt can’t project the same credible threat to her neighbors at the headwaters of the river that is her lifeblood.

So as I said above, so much seems to be happening – I could write about a number of other events but yet they haven’t fulfilled a prophecy that we can clearly point to. So much seems to be heading a direction we are told to expect from scripture, so many things that are almost, but not yet.

I’ll leave you with one thing that’s been on my mind a lot lately. The Turkish PM seems to be very set on reviving memory of, and probably setting himself up in a new Caliphate as evidenced by his response to protests here (and what I expect to be a continuing brutal purging of his government and Turkish society of any secular or not fully Islamic voices).

Riots, barricades, street battles as police fight protesters in Turkey (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The Turkish PM earlier defended the decision concerning the  redevelopment of the Gezi Park, saying “Whatever you do, we’ve  made our decision and we will implement it, we will revive  history there.”

Update 6/4/2013:

So much going on – I wanted to highlight a few of the stories that suggest the soon fulfillment of many of the prophecies we have been discussing. 

First – The Russians seem dead set on provoking Israel and creating the conditions where they can falsely claim to be justified in launching an Ezekiel 38 fulfilling attack (though they are surely ignorant of much it will cost them). 

Russia Sending Air Defense Missile Systems To Syria Should Be Called ‘Operation Human Shield’
Read more:

Israel will not be dissuaded from attacking surface to air missiles that could be used to down its civilian traffic or block its ability to strike Syrian or Hezbollah offensive weapons – though it will result in the US being far more reticent to be directly involved. The Israelis have already warned Russia that they will not tolerate S-300s deployed off their northern border, I don’t think for a second it is an idle threat by Netanyahu. 

Russia Is Upping The Ante By Sending Its Only Aircraft Carrier To The Mediterranean

Read more:

The Russians have been stepping up their presence in the Mediterranean for the past year now. Deploying their lone aircraft carrier, the most important asset in their navy – to the region is a huge symbolic and strategic move. It makes me think that if there is a repeat of the Gaza flotilla or further disputes over the oil and gas fields in the Mediterranean there will be a very intimidating new player on the other side. 

To something completely different. I think I’m the one of the only people in the world watching Egypt with respect to Isaiah 19. That fact either means I have a unique vantage point, or I’m a much bigger idiot than I realize. Anyway – ever since Morsi came to power and the government there has remained unstable and become increasingly an Islamic dictatorship – I have felt strongly moved to watch for other signs that elements of Isaiah 19 were being fulfilled. Yesterday’s news made me gasp a bit and perhaps smirk inside (to be honest) anyway, its not secret that there is tension over the fate of the Nile and as Ethiopia and Congo continue to grow and develop they will have greater needs to irrigate their land to support their population. Previously, they were discouraged from taking a larger share of the Nile’s waters by the impressive Egyptian military. That military is now far more concerned with maintaining internal security, and frankly much less of a threat to its neighbors. We see the Ethiopians being far more bold- a trend I suspect will continue and could result in dramatic consequences for the flow of the Nile in Egypt in the coming months. 

Egypt’s anxiety about the situation illustrated here:

HOT MIC: Egyptian Cabinet Caught On Camera Telling Their President To Sabotage Ethiopia

Read more:

Sorry they’re all from the same source, but this particular site has been doing a good job lately of spotting some of the hot issues globally.  I think it’s because of their financial audience that depends on this type of analysis to make investment decisions. 


20 thoughts on “Almost, but not yet. Updated 6/4

  1. Good catch-

    More proof that Romans 1:18-32 is now more true about more of the world than it has ever been.


  2. The new European Neighbourhood Instrument 2014-2020

    The new European Neighbourhood Instrument: providing increased support to the EU’s partners
    In the context of the renewed approach to the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) outlined in the Joint Communication of 25 May 2011, the new European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI), will from 2014 provide increased support to 16 partner countries to the East and South of the EU’s borders.
    continue reading via link below:


    Currently, when EU institutions are working on the new financial framework 2014-2020, let’s take a look how the EU budget makes Europe count in the world.


    The European Commission adopted budget proposals for its external instruments from 2014-2020. They will allow the Union to fulfil its responsibility on the global stage: fighting poverty and promoting democracy, peace, stability and prosperity.


  3. Oh my goodness gracious me Lafreak I so needed to read that 😉 Made my day I tell ya!
    Thank-you Rob for the insight and connecting the dots to the appointed times we are in.
    Love and appreciate you guys!


  4. Lafreak ,

    I had dinner with a unsaved gal and she asked me about the different positions that people espouse to and asked me to explain each of them. I made it as simple as possible as she focussed mainly on “Preterism, the symbolism of 666 and the coming AC.” { amazing what people won’t do to try to explain these away }

    What a time to be alive as the days grow darker, I will fwd her the link you posted.


  5. Thanks for the link Sheep 🙂 The bible always has good explanations. And Hisown yea i agree with you, Even when i try to tell people they dismiss and always have an answer. They won’t even listen to another opinion especially if it references the bible.


  6. Hi All,
    I was thinking about the links i posted about the New ENPI 2014-2020. This new link a PDF document states this: European Neighbourhood Policy: Working towards a Stronger Partnership.
    That sounds to me like a strengthening of the current ENPI and the new one 2014-2020 does go for 7 years.
    Do you all think the 2007-2013 ENPI is the agreement that the bible talks about before the strengthening covenant and the new one is the strengthened one?
    There was alot of speculation that the Barcelona process was the first one and the original ENPI was the strengthened one but this new one to me very much looks like the strengthening of the original ENPI.
    Which makes sense really as the whole system as it is now is much closer to a system Jesus spoke about before he returns. Also it seems with all the things going on lately with the economy, Israel, Syria, Europe looks like alot more like we are expecting rather than a few years ago.
    It is speculation but seems like this can really happen now the PDF states “stronger”.

    Link to PDF:


  7. almost-but not yet……but sooner than we may think…….. …..very busy with my dad attending last affairs for his brother’s estate. but not too busy to remember the Hope -the Blessed Hope- no matter what is happening in the world (what we know must be according to God’s Word) i pray for me and for all that we remember the Love of the Cross and share it–because we daily seek the Face of Him Who gave His Life a Ransom for us-His Bride. blessings to you all in His Name…………….


  8. Thank you all for the encouragement. I agree with you too Lafreak – there is nothing I know of at this point that would disqualify the next ENP – and perhaps more will become apparent as it gets closer for it to be adopted that would make it clear what it is as it relates to Israel.


  9. Lafreak, I want to thank you for providing this additional research on the ENP(I).

    I’ve been trying to convey to many that even if the original ENP process did not necessarily confirm that we were in the time that the coming Antichrist will rule – it certainly does not rule out the fact that this may indeed be the “Covenant with Many” that has been prophesied.

    The European Neighbourhood Policy is the original framework of what has been deemed as a literal “Covenant with Many”. There has never been anything like it. I mean the very name in it self declares that it is a policy that has been set forth to include many Nations. It is my belief that it has already been “confirmed” in that the name hasn’t changed – but the apparent time periods in which it will be “funded” has.

    Keep an watchful eye out on this as it continues to develop. Question is, will the originator who initially confirmed this Policy come back to life – and that for a period of 3.5 years?


  10. Mr Sheep thank-you for the update – it ‘s got me sitting on the edge of my seat!
    The first line grabbed me.
    You said ” First – The Russians seem dead set on provoking Israel and creating the conditions where they can falsely claim to be justified in launching an Ezekiel 38 fulfilling attack (though they are surely ignorant of much it will cost them). ”

    Off topic but this is a very profound statement. Not only does it have the warning of this soon to be prophetic event but a dire warning and a spiritual “heads up” as well { could it be that the Lord is laying the ground work down so that we are able to understand how subtle and seductive the enemy can be ?}

    I mean is this not how Satan operates through his cohorts? his angels of light , the tares among us, the wanna b’s that masquerade as ministers of righteousness. You know the typical self-victimization, and the oh so diabolical age old trick of ” DIVERSION” ! I mean the { bully } then somehow has to be justified right!!!

    It’s amazing how the enemy can solicit sympathy from those they ” need” to assist in the DISTRACTION and find it comical how his tactic never changes, it’s horrific self -deception. I suppose it only verifies the John 8: 44 “father” they willingly serve!

    Jhn 8:44 — Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    Rob you are so correct, they have no idea what it’s going to cost them.Oh Lord God have mercy in judgement !


  11. Hi Debs –

    Wickus and I have both been somewhat quiet on this site lately. This post was mine this time – Lord willing we will both be able to share more views on world events and how they relate to the fulfillment of prophecy (or how we believe they could anyway).

    Vic last posted on 5/20 about extra-biblical revelations and the danger they pose to those who are following Christ. We have been trying to expand the number of watchers who that are able to make new posts, as you see them add to our efforts to faithfully keep watch I would ask you to encourage them by participating in our conversations.


  12. HI..Mr Baldy, I agree with you and its definitely worth watching, I am going to watch this one closely as IT IS the strengthening of the original ENP and the new ENP looks to be on track as far as what the bible says will happen. I will have to read and research more as there is alot of reading to do on this one but i feel excited at the prospect that possibly we will see the Lord maybe sooner that we expect. I will keep posting things i find regarding the NEW ENP 🙂 and what Israels roll is.


  13. Lafreak I seriously thought you were a girl can you believe that! LOL!! no stoning Coll allowed 🙂
    Welcome Debs it’s great to see you here and agree with Rob. Please do participate!
    Guy’s let’s keep Vic in our prayers , he’s been laid on my heart for some time now and pray that he is doing well.
    Boeite we miss ya!!Laat ons asb weet dat jy darem okay is jong!


  14. By the way – I am still not counting old JS out of the mix on this stuff. If you watch Bjorn’s blog you’ll see this guy is still the pre-eminent respected elder statesman and expert on affairs of from economics to security at all the big conferences and summits. I’d be very surprised if he is not participating in some very meaningful way at the bilderberg summit that kicked off today.


  15. Justasheep, you are the only one to mention our brothers and sisters in Syria.
    Sad, but so I’ve noted.
    Some almost gleefully write of ‘the destruction of Damascus’…
    There are believers there!


  16. We need to be constantly in prayer for our brothers and sisters in many places across the world where people are being imprisoned, tortured and slaughtered for the name of Jesus Christ. To see the long list of nations (Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan, Iran, Pakistan, Nigeria, to name just a few) where roving bands of thugs and in some places even police and government troops can be involved in burning down villages and rounding up Christians – it stuns me that Christians can be so arrogant in the US, Europe, South Africa and Australia to think the church will be immune to persecution and the terror wrought by the anti-christ in the great tribulation. If I knew anyone that was a believer in Damascus I would tell them to flee now, if they haven’t already, and I’d be praying that God will protect them in their journey.


  17. Lafreak,

    I am glad to see you are following the new ENI (2014-2020). I have been following it as well and I have been very interested in it. I am personally very hopeful about it, although simultaneously discouraged because we got “burned” last time.

    I have been thinking about this covenant a lot. I was wondering your opinion on certain things? It’s all up in the air, but I’m hopeful about it, but also see some drawbacks and such.

    First, the original ENPI theory had really good evidence. It had the sequence of events (WEU, High Rep, 666, 7 year treaty) all lined up very nicely. In short, it’s a very hard act to follow. My prophecy buddy from Iowa told me that he would never follow anything else with the same intensity unless it beat the original theory. Do you see this new ENI (2014-2020) as having that potential?

    Second, we technically need a person who is a confirmer of the covenant for seven years. This person needs to emerge later as the beast. Right now, a woman is the high rep for foreign policy (i.e. not the antichrist because he’s a man). I realize the antichrist isn’t officially revealed until the midpoint, so perhaps he is one of the main people behind it, we just don’t know which one. Do you have an idea of a person who might fit the bill?

    Third, I realize the temple can probably be built in a relatively short time, and that political circumstances can change things rather quickly (i.e. temple mount). But in the absence of a temple, how do you think this theory fares?

    Sorry for so many questions. I have been watching the 2014-2020 ENP for a while (off and on) and been trying to dig up any other confirming evidence for it. I am quite hopeful and very much yearn for it to be “the one,” but I’m extra cautious this time around. I was wondering what thoughts you (or anyone else?) had one these matters?

    Sorry I have so many questions. I was just researching this a lot lately and had some unresolved issues in my mind and was wondering your thought’s (or anyone else’s) on these issues? I’m just trying to get as many perspectives/opinions as possible to see how much evidence this particular theory has.

    Thanks very much and blessings to you.

    -Warriornineteen (i.e. eschologizer)


  18. This ENPI term or the next – I don’t see it diminishing many things we can clearly point to as perfectly fulfilled prophecy if the rest continues to come to pass. We need to be cautious not to insert our own ideas or frameworks into the words of scripture, and even though some might not like Daniel’s spreadsheet – I think he’s very cautious about how he considers many possibilities and point us carefully toward the ones that exactly line up with scripture – the only controversy here should then be about whether God plans to fulfill his word in a way that matches the calendar of holy days given to Israel.

    Even if its the next 7 years of the ENPI – which it could be we still have the fulfillment of the 10 possibly in the WEU but more importantly in the modified Brussels Treaty powers and its mutual defense pact. If Solana is the enemy’s man as mentioned in scripture, as some of us stil suspect we still have the markers given in scripture of the number that points to him, and if we’re right he will re-emerge as the man the world appoints to save it from economic chaos, a number of coming wars, God’s wrath on a wicked world. I still can see no better candidate – so unless he dies, becomes incapacitated, or has some scandal that destroys his prestige in the eyes of man – he is still my prime suspect.


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