A prototype for the Mark


“This will help us, the medical experts, to keep you healthy” they said

“This will help us, the bankers, to keep your financial transactions secure” they said.

“This will help us, the government, to prevent fraud and provide better security against terrorists and subversives” they said.

They will tell the world that this device will solve the problems that plague the modern world, and you can place your trust in them. Place your trust in them, in him, and not God and you will have taken the mark of the beast.

It’s coming – the attached articles says it’s a prototype that will be implanted in humans within four years. I’m guessing they’ll have it ready a lot sooner than that when the crises of health, financial security and global war come.

Device Under Skin Tells Doc You’re OK (or Not)


7 thoughts on “A prototype for the Mark

  1. I’m saying this is very likely the technology they will use in the near future to implement the mark – the ultimate trusting of man over God.


  2. Sad thing is many christians will take this technology or get ultimately kicked of teh system or worse. But as i said before in posts, The mark is a good way for God to weed out the REAL true believers, And from Satans point of view he wouldn’t care if a non christian got it or not as they are already condemned, unless they start trusting Jesus.
    I wonder what would happen if a non christian gets the chip no really knowing about the mark and then accepts Jesus into their life. Either way this technology has been around for a while and there is people who have chip implants already but currently its not the actual mark but the technology is probably the one that will end up being the mark of the beast the bible warns us about.


  3. Really do not think anything like this is the mark. It is too easy for people to see through it. Satan is the great deceiver. Could the mark be not following the commandments, more specifically the Sabbath?


  4. The bible pretty much states that you won’t be able to buy and sell without the mark. THe way technology is going people will accept it no problem especially if you need to get some sort of RFID chip to eat and feed your family. It only takes this young generation of kids to example listen and do what someone like a famous singer or sports star to get it then they will follow. Also in the name of safety and security will also be another selling point. Everyone carries chips in their phones now anyway.. IF people think its safe they will get it.


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