Looks like brothers.


Please don’t shoot me. I couldn’t resist.


8 thoughts on “Looks like brothers.

  1. We were watching this and never even thought such a thought. He, the devil, was just dark is all we thought. And we all know the bible states he appears as an angel of light though. Anyway, sorry this even happened as it makes us all look bad I think. Was sad at how much of the actual bible story on this one they either distorted or did not even show.


  2. The st malachy prophecy people are still claiming bragging rights due to the new pope is the Son of a Roman Farmer i was reading yesterday lol.


  3. Folk, this post was only for fun and not to proof anything. The US president is not the devil. I see on Facebook that some armchair experts use this photo as one of many proofs that BO is the AC. This photo proofs that the actor in the Bible mini series looks like BO’s brother.


  4. obama is a kid, a child so to speak, who has been severly abused[child abuse]and is now being used by the workers of iniquity in an awfully abusive way,……but THEY will PAY for this satanic ritual,……………….even now THE LION ROARS


  5. I HATE SATAN and his cronies who choose to mock GOD………i say to them, awaken and repent …. or BEWARE, for your soul is at stake and you shall be utterly DESTROYED


  6. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-03-21/obama-challenges-israel-to-seek-security-through-peace-agreement.html found this on bro brian’s site. the anti-christ spirit of this age (obama one of those figures) is definitely at work for prompting israel to take the bait of a “peace and security” “something” alright…just what will come out in the wash. his visit is no small happening…the event and timing both….because (as i see it) the stage is most assuredly being set for that last chapter in israel’s history before they “see” Jesus the Messiah finally recognized as their only True Peace and Security.


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