Is it Scripture or News Headline?

“Egypt against Egypt;each will fight against his brother and each against his friend,city against city, kingdom against kingdom”

Two People Killed In Egypt After Court Confirms Death Sentence Of Soccer Rioters

Which is it? In case you were wondering the first line is most of Isaiah 19:2

I can’t say for sure that this is fulfillment, since there are other conditions still to be met in that prophecy – but it sure is strange that something that would have been unconscionable just a couple years ago now seems to be the persistent chaos that exists in Egypt.




2 thoughts on “Is it Scripture or News Headline?

  1. …out of chaos, ORDER?,…..New World Order? …BEWARE………PRAY ALLWAYS……………..JAH Please come to the crossroads and set all the people free,….thats my blood down there


  2. dear mr. Sheep, it all makes me think of quicksand, the world seems to be stuck in it,…we need Him/JESUS,..come quickly Lord Jesus. i don’t completely know why, but this post seems to hit me like no other, i’m saddened and crying out to God


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