The slow march of days

Hello Everyone, Sheep here.


I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted here. I don’t think any of us have stopped watching, but lately it seems like s much happens and then the next thing we watch for just keeps beyond the horizon. It is so easy to become weary in our watch – but I suppose it is that way for anyone who has had a responsibility for keeping watch on the wall. This seems very much like that middle of the night watch where all seems quiet, but there are signs, increasing signs of the coming battle – and most excitingly that our coming king draws near. I’ve decided any more – I’m not watching for the antichrist, or the signs of the end – I’m watching for the bridegroom. He has given us the signs to watch for in his approach – we know they are ominous but what we watch for is ultimately the greatest joy in the universe – the coming of the King of Kings to claim his throne.

Anyway – my emotional upwelling aside. There is much to watch for – I, as I often have, highly recommend visiting:

His observations are spot on without fail – and I often find myself nodding my head and saying – well now I don’t have to post it since Brother Brian has already said it.

Some thoughts I’ve been having lately as they pertain to my area of specialty (those things that pertain to the geo-politics of Europe and the Middle East) are that things are getting so aligned with what scripture tells us will happen that I can’t see how much longer the dam can hold before it breaks and many of the things we’ve read as end-times prophecy become front page news.

Some things I’ve seen lately:

Syria continues to escalate. We here almost daily rumors and bits of information that Assad is prepared to pull out all the stops in crushing the insurgency, 60,000 have already lost their lives. The world stands by and does nothing since any action would bring them into confrontation with a Russian regime that is very friendly still with Assad. We know he is preparing to use chemical weapons, we don’t know what else he might have available to him should he be in a desperate situation. I can imagine if He lost Damascus, or the insurgents felt they were in a desperate “last gasp” situation that if either has access to WMD (which we know they do) they would not hesitate to use them to destroy Damascus as we have been told it will be destroyed in Isaiah 17.

Egypt becomes more hostile to Israel – but there is some floundering when it comes to the new leader, Morsi, taking action. I once thought I was being proven wrong, that Morsi had consolidated power and we should not be looking for fulfillment of Isaian 19, but I revise that opinion. I may still be wrong, but I don’t believe after the recent constitutional crisis and the relative lack of action by Morsi that he is in control there yet, I believe there are those who still are challenging him for power and confusion and indecisiveness will continue there.

The rest of the world is becoming so much more dangerous for real Christians. Not just the middle east, but not so much of Africa is openly persecuting Christians. In Asia it is still increasing, but more quietly as hostility toward Christian values grows in Australia, Europe and the United States.

More specifically I am watching to major trends in the region – First is Turkey, it continues to have less and less in common with the rest of Europe. I believe with each day that passes it becomes less likely that they will ever want to join the EU, and their relationship with NATO becomes more and more strained. They recieved Patriot missiles recently from the west, but it is causing major problems for the Russians and I think it will be a catalyst toward a pulling back of NATO from the region in other ways and forcing Turkey to become more dependent on it’s strong neighbor to the Northeast to ensure it’s security and economic growth. We know they are aligned with Iran and others, including Russia in Ezekiel 38 – it’s amazing how such an arrangment that 10 years ago would have been unthinkable is now emerging as more and more the inevitable reality.

Second I’m watching Cyprus. We know from Daniel 11:30 that at some point the antichrist will become fearful because of ships from Kittim (aka Cyprus). How that would happen in prophecy puzzled me for many years. I wondered if the British would break with the beast’s government (I don’t think they’ll be able to, as much as they’d like). I wondered if the United States would have a naval presence there. Both seemed possible for a long time as there is a naval base there that has hosted both. Reading lately about the effect the Euro crisis has had on Cyprus I dont’ think that any more. They also seem to be falling more and more into the sphere of Russian influence.

Read the article about Cyprus from yesterday:

Merkel warns Cyprus not to expect special treatment

Because of Cyprus history of involvement in money laundering by wealth Russians the EU doesn’t want to bail them out. This forces them to do one thing – look to Russia to save their banks and their economy. It seems like a foregone conclusion – they could reform their banks and toss out all the money from the shady sources that have been a huge part of their liquidity thus far and give those wealthy Russian elites the shaft  (like that would happen) or they can take the easy route and look to Russia to rescue the banks that are struggling and protect the money of their own elites (I don’t see how they could possibly do anything else). So – Cyprus becomes closely aligned with Russia, when the AC makes his move into the middle east he will likely be most strongly opposed by the other big kid in the neighborhood, Russia. The AC will withdraw out of fear of this military power – and will seek a different path to dominate the world through deception and guile, eventually bringing the Russian war machine under his umbrella.

Anyway, that’s just what I’m seeing, sorry it’s been so long since I’ve been able to share my observations.




8 thoughts on “The slow march of days

  1. yes to everything you have written rob. it might seem a slow progression but i believe there are things that are paddling like crazy under the surface so to speak with prophecy. things really are taking shape and you are right—–be on the lookout for Jesus’ coming! our redemption draws nigh! i keep checking in here and very much look forward to anything you or vic post and bro. brian’s site too. God is good in spite of the bad news in the world. in fact that is what the headlines-in my mind-should say! God be praised-in everything-and at all times! what the devil means for harm in our personal lives and families and beyond is really God’s opportunity to turn it into Good–for His Kingdom is coming—–soon! thanks for posting–God bless you and the family as you do what oswald chambers calls everyday living–the duty that lies nearest–following Jesus–walking in the Light by the Power and Presence of His Spirit. love to all yall here at unsealed prophecy–Jesus loves you!!!


  2. Imagine a long rubber band being pulled apart in opposite directions. On one end, Christian values, on the other end, anti-Christian thinking. With every inauguration when no one strongly objects to a pastor being villified for his record and booted from the proceedings for upholding Biblical teachings, the band pulls apart a little more. With every K-pop viral YouTube dance video that espouses anti-Christian values, the band stretches again. With every election where an anti-Christian Muslam takes the oath of office, the band pulls. Each time a school is chastised and successfully sued by the ACLU for a painting of Jesus that has hung for more than forty years in a hallway, the tension mounts. Every courthouse forced to remove their 10 Commandments plaque adds a little more tension between the polarities. Whenever a Christian quietly passes on giving 10% of their earnings to a church, or a Christian church closes due to lack of tithes, or Christians in effect roll over, play dead, and keep quiet while their supposedly unalianable rights are removed one by one, the band pulls a little more apart. Anytime anyone is punished for taking an anti-gay stance or ridiculed for their pro-virginity belief, the disparity increases. Everytime Christians watch a movie that contains Jesus’ name used in vain and they accept the matter without complaint to anyone, the rubber band pulls further in both directions.

    You may think nothing is happening, but the falling away is moving and the band is quietly stretching, hour by hour, day by day, week by week.

    Eventually, the rubber band will break.

    One day, the Bible will be outlawed worldwide. One day, church tithes will no longer be allowed by the IRS as charitable deductions. One day, Christians in America will be branded as “enemy combatants.” One day, the first of many Christians in American will be beheaded ror refusing to renounce their Faith. One day.


  3. Amen beloved of the Lord!
    I love you guys so very much!
    Ungodly me turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness.
    Ungodly men holding the TRUTH in UNRIGHTEOUSNESS.
    Ungodly men having pleasure in unrighteousness.
    Run for your lives. Touch not the unclean thing.

    Rom 1:18 — For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;

    Jud 1:4 — For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.

    2Th 2:12 — That they all might be damned who believed not the truth,but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

    Gal 2:4 — And that because of false brethren unawares brought in, who came in privily to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage:


  4. A look at some recent headlines shows things may well heat up this year a lot.

    › Germany to move gold reserves
    › Strasbourg court to judge on wearing the cross
    > Frontex chief looks beyond EU borders
    (EU Observer)

    The French action in Mali is interesting, Britain has provided logistical support and they have full EU backing – pooling and sharing is working.

    Then there is the new EU peace plan “Press report: EU ‘to propose’ peace plan to restart Israel-Palestinian talks, after Israel elections ”

    “The European Union is drawing up a detailed new plan to restart Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, and expects to present it after the general elections in Israel later this month, Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot reported.

    The newspaper, which quoted diplomatic sources in Jerusalem, said the plan was intended to “bring about the establishment of a Palestinian state on the basis of the 1967 lines with east Jerusalem as its capital.”

    The plan will include “clear timetables for the completion of the negotiations on all the core issues in the course of 2013.”


  5. …… “clear timetables for the completion of the negotiations on all the core issues in the course of 2013.” ….recent headlines shows things may well heat up this year a lot. yep-you said it james. watching together—–the birth pangs are getting very strong (and persecution is mounting)


  6. We continue to watch and pray. Many things can line up to make it so, without a lot of fanfare about it. Thanks for the headlines James. Things are for sure lining up.


  7. I wanted to thank Mathieu for pointing out two of Bjorn’s recent posts on his blog. We’d watched the retired spanish gentleman who refuses to go away or leave the world scene for some time – it seems now he’s been involved in the “corporate intelligence” game for a few years now and is Rajoy’s go-to man on Chinese relations (not surprisingly). Anyway – head on over to Bjorn’s blog and check them out.


  8. saw that recently over there at bjorn’s site and thought the same thing—awwwwww, it’s like the whole world has doting grandfather–not!


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