Never forget…


Israel has every right to defend her land.


48 thoughts on “Never forget…

  1. 100% agree far to long have Christians not stood with the Jewish people the very people Paul claims Gentiles are now in covenant with.


  2. ted pikes video, “the other israel”, seems to really put things into perspective with respect to israel and the jews, in light of scripture. its said and done with tact and honesty as far as i can see??? and worth looking at, as it is so very interesting. it can be found easily and viewed on you-tube.


  3. by the way Jason,gentile christians aren’t in covenant with fallen jewish people who make up most all of the modern day Nation of Israel , are they?


  4. God did give the land to the Jews. Yes they are not in the proper standing with God now,…though that’s coming. But the land IS theirs. To try and take it from them is foolhardy and will be recompensed by God himself. I for one will always stand by the Jews, while praying God give them wisdom in the large economy size. Nkosazana


  5. Hi Tony tarr

    Thank you for displaying your Marcion led false replacement Theology very typical of right wing anti Semitic church replaces Israel mockery the same satanic belief system which is responsible for more Torture , Death , theft than any other group of people in history Again people like you have no Biblical knowledge and deny what is written in the Torah, Tanakh, and Brit Hadasha Please show me one quote in the Bible in Greek or Hebrew that says the Church replaces Israel please don’t use your false forgery found in your modern translations


  6. woe Jason, all of what you said above, goes over my head in a sense. i think you saw more than i did in ted pikes video, but did you see more accurately than i did?, if so i am alltogether interested, i’m forever learning. i know God is full blown interested in and has a surefast plan for a remnant of jews, but lets be real about the rest of them and not play fairy tale. The big guns over there are there to usher in AC as prophecy unfolds. i thought ted pike came across truthfully and scripturally grounded, without any hate.///// i think the church is made up of reborn christians, [ reborn jews + reborn gentiles ] otherwise known as true spiritual Israel. The ungodly jews are of their father the devil and their talmud is a satanic version of the God inspired Torah. they make up false israel, they are false jews,… i have formulated in my understanding of things. Can you teach me anything on this? please do


  7. Hi Jason,
    Can i ask you if you understand the difference between “Replacement” theology and “Inclusion” theology?
    Replacement theology IS truly error, i agree, but Tony, myself and many others do not believe in “Replacement” theology, but rather “Inclusion” theology.
    There is one True Israel, and one that is only “called” Israel. ALL……ALL…and i mean ALL blessings promised to Abraham are in Christ….the Promised Seed….there are not two Seeds that shall receive ALL the Promises….only One Seed will, and that Seed is Christ.

    Can i ask you another question? How do you understand paul when he says “so All Israel shall be saved”?


  8. “people like you have no Biblical knowledge and deny what is written in the Torah”
    I’m unsure really how much Biblical knowledge Tony has, but certainly your accusatory clanging cymbal does not reflect the least amount of love and respect for a brother in Christ.
    Perhaps you should learn more to love than to reprove….and surely only reprove when reproof is necessary.


  9. I appreciate that Vic, and i’m sure Tony does also. I would like to hear Jason’s evaluation of “so all Israel shall be saved”. There is a great deal of unfounded assumptions regarding that scripture and i think we should discuss that here, i think it would help clear up several misconceptions.


  10. That will make an interesting discussion Mr Short. You are welcome to start a topic if you feel the need. Just mail me your thoughts and I will start a post.

    And that counts for all of you.


  11. So, what ya say Vic, can we carry on that conversation here because i think it gives balance and understanding in how the Lord does truly has a plan for the Natural/Literal nation of Israel and how he wants us to love, respect, bless and pray for those to whom the oracles of God were committed; and to rejoice in hope of The Promise of eternal life with them as One People and One Household of faith.


  12. Hi Tribber n Hi Vic, and thanks for the backing. I didn’t know enough to make use of that term, “Inclusion” but that gets it, thanks Tribber. I hope Jason will follow up and respond for the sake of Truth. I can’t help but get blown away when i see what Jerry Golden has shown us on His site— that Surpreme Court bldg in Israel with the pyramid and obelisk etc. It sets my mind reelin, imagining the Pharasaic system of old setting stage for an anti-messiah. An Illuminati concoction. Evil lurks……….very creepy


  13. Ok then Vic, thanx, i’m gonna be stuck in my shop maybe tomorrow unless my wife tells me i need to give it a break…..i haven’t done much in my shop lately because i just seem to be feeling weak in the body. I’m really behind and need to get a ton of work done.
    Please pray that my body starts to regain strength to get things done K?

    Just to start……Jacob/Carnal (Deceiver) ……..Israel/Spritual (Prince With God)

    Jesus, Lion of the tribe of Judah………ALL that are in Christ (Grafted INTO Judah)

    Judah (Praise)………….Let Everything that has breath (Spirit of Life) Praise Ye the Lord!


  14. i pray you get your gitty-up going tribber to accomplish what you know you need to do, blessings. It looks like you got a great start going for us on this israel study. I am into this. Praise God, and like i said befor my friend,… you rock my world, in Christ. Let us dig in to Gods word, prospecting for TRUTH. Do you have any thoughts on Ted Pikes video?


  15. Remember even when Israel was obeying God and taking Jericho under Joshua’s leadership, there was one who had a clearer picture and grasp of what God was doing.

    The man with the raised sword told Joshua’s men, to paraphrase, when asked “Who do you fight for? For us?”, “I fight for the Armies of the LORD.” When we pray for Israel it isn’t as though they have their vision restored but beasue God is having His way, not because Netunyahu is a righteous leader, though he might be by some standards. We’re praying for Gods will to be carried out as we are even more aware of what is going on than Joshua, we have Gods Holy Spirit and know his Son.

    Good thread, important to come back to this theme as we watch events so that we can set in stone where we stand.


  16. yes. a timely subject. i appreciate what james said. that perspective sees it is all about God having His Way in and through His people–all who are part of His Kingdom now and those yet to be brought in. it is so humbling when we realize that His Plan and Purpose for us is so out-of-bounds. romans chps 9-11-the Goodness and the Severity of God-speak so rightly that His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts—they are infinitely higher and better and accomplished only in Him. truly it is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord. zech 4:6. God’s Promise is to breathe into that standing army of bone and flesh-but not yet alive in His Spirit-called israel, as we read in ezekiel 37. we know that the Miracle of the Cross that saved once blind and dead-you and me, is at work to bring the yet blind and dead–but not for long now–seed of abraham, isaac, and jacob to Life. His desolated land made an oasis for His beloved israel, when His Presence is in their hearts once again. wonder of wonders! all the while, drawing men from every tongue and tribe and nation! i am thankful and glad for faith in me and you-that by His Spirit-keeps telling us it is all working God’s Will-on earth as it is in heaven. what a Glorious God to conceive a Plan so Beautiful……………..


  17. i sense something very sinister,………is sharia law to be installed sometime in the near future?, or the noahide laws? Also on another note: are we watching AGENDA 21 creep into our midst and if so, are we taking a stand against it?


  18. Tribber w/ respect to your commen in my direction, i say you-betcha! when you get time to see “The Other Israel”, from Ted Pike, the feedback loop should be interesting.James your comment hits the target,…God in Full Control! Andre’, thanks,…God is Glorious indeed and i agree, His plan is Beautiful. I trust Him! there is nothing like Trust, and no place like home! I trust that we are in fact, on our way home!,…and its ALL TO MUCH!


  19. No!! please no more!

    Let’s not turn this into another ” whoohoo” conspiratorial five ( demons) site. It ‘s ruining our testimony as a sound biblical and solid place of fellowship.

    There are places that one can go to for this garbage right!

    I say this in much agape love and pray that it would be received as such.

    2Ti 2:15 β€” Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

    2Ti 2:16 β€” But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.

    2Ti 2:17 β€” And their word will eat as doth a canker: of whom is Hymenaeus and Philetus;


  20. sorry colleen thats my fault,…. i think its worth looking at, and interesting, but if it doesn’t set well with this site, why then…..i’d better take heed. i have a tendency to sometimes gravitate this a way. blessings gal,…blessings to beat the dickens


  21. Sorry i haven’t been commenting still. It seems i found out why i’ve been feel’n so wiped out lately, i’m on antibiotics now to take away infection from a cyst that started to get very painful under my arm.
    I’m supposed to rest and try to do nothing much at all and the antibiotics are working good.
    I guess the infection had the effect of slowly sapping me of energy, i should be back to full strength in a few days. Thanx for the prayers all you guys and i’m glad it was nothing more than that….all Praises to the Lord.


  22. Git better and stay well Tribber,…we need you! Gods Blessings brother,..allow yourself to rest. We’re pullin’ for you thru prayer, in Him alone, JESUS, the Only begotten son of the Father YAHWEH


  23. Thank you all for your comments. I apprecciate this conversation, and all it’s participants!

    Mr. Baldy, I can relate to ‘feeling tired’.
    I sometimes wish I could go to church and just ‘sit back and relax’, like most others seem able to. But of course, I can’t.

    I’ve become hyper sensitive to the scent of leaven…

    It’s sad when it involves ones near and dear, and one finds it so hard to get through.
    Praise the Lord, that He sent me a sister I can talk to, just when I felt the most lonely.
    When someone is awake to the falling away, then it’s so easy, and so welcome, to talk.
    And if someone is not awake, or even willing to consider – it can be SO hard.

    Why aren’t many believers living whith a longing for the Lord’s return?
    It sometimes feels as if this subject is the most shied away from, of all.
    And still, we proclaim His return every time we break bread together…

    [Would you please pray for me? I’m chronically ill with Cfs/ME, and am only getting worse. The Lord has used it for good – but I would like to see a change, so that at least I would have energy to leave the bed (house) from time to time…]


  24. Angela I will pray for you beloved of the Lord πŸ™‚

    In a prayer meeting this morning there was a overwhelming sense that the Holy Spirit is affirming that the ” groaning” we have been feeling is about to be ” understood”.My spiritual mom and I had not spoken for quite a few days. Her first few minutes of prayer affirmed almost every detail ( and the scriptures) of what we’ve been discussing in these past few threads , yet the most exciting of all that for me was ,,, she has no idea of what we share here. I love that!

    Not by power or by might, but by MY Spirit- saith the Lord.

    Praying for Israel with you and the – : Luke 21 : 20 and Mark 13: 14 concern 😦


  25. angela thanks for posting to share your concern and also your own need. i will pray for you too. Jesus loves you!


  26. Thank you, Hisown and AndrΓ©.
    Your loving comments are a real encouragement.

    Hisown, I have had the same experoience whith the sister God sent me!
    We don’t meet that often (since I don’t leave the house thet much) but we talk, and pray, frequently on the phone. Blessed technology!
    And often the Spirit leads us onto the same topics!

    I just pop in here to read from time to time, but I’m more active on a Swedish forum similar in concerns to this one. Yes – there are Swedish believers awake to the same issues you address here. We even have some Norwegian and Danish believers who found their way there. (We understand each other well enough.)

    But even in the Swedish fora, not everyone is ‘on the same level’. If one warns against falsehood and mysticism, they can face quite a strong reaction from some…
    There are still a few ‘holy cows’ [preacers/ authors] not to be touched.
    And ‘do not judge’ is often used – in different wordings.

    Sad to say, we see the same degree of falling away, that you all have hinted at seeing, in your respective countries. But we also see a waking up of (some of) the ‘grassroots’. Often the church leaders seem oblivious, and it is the ‘little ones’ who end up whith the task of trying to warn others.

    Remember, my dear ones, that in the name of ‘love’ much will be accomplished by the antichrist in the future. And ‘love’ will be equal to tolerance.
    Thus we must prepare ourselves mentally, and spiritually, that we will face opposition and persecution, if we are not ‘tolerant’ enough.

    Already now, you can feel it: You can easily get branded as ‘narrow minded’ and ‘exclusivist’, even by other christians.

    The LOVE that Jesus seems to hold above all others is: the love of the Truth
    (which is Himself). So let us hold fast to that love.


  27. what Wisdom and Encouragement from another Truth-teller from afar. thanks be to God for The Way, The Truth, and The Life – our Loving Lord Jesus. and thanks to you too sweet “angel” angela. i’m blessed all over again……………..


  28. You girls just made my day ! I’m blessed – by you both!

    Angela you said,
    “Remember, my dear ones, that in the name of β€˜love’ much will be accomplished by the antichrist in the future. And β€˜love’ will be equal to tolerance.”

    That just sealed it for me! You have no idea how significant this sentence was.

    Counterfeit ” love “= Anti-christ ” love” which leads to lifestyles that are self centred, self indulgent and self serving.

    Hmmmm, I got it πŸ™‚


  29. Gal 2:20 β€” I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

    ” Dead men” have no claim’s, stake’s, rights or boundaries . I’ve determined to know NOTHING but Christ and Him crucified.

    Luke 9:23 And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.


  30. From Point 2: 23

    A false gospel for a false bride from a false christ.
    A false love from a false christ for a false bride.( the five foolish virgins )
    I refuse to drink this cup of devils.
    Point’s that I got from the clip-
    Not a “judgmental ” God , but a ” loving god” ( note small ” g ” ) is the ” counterfeit ” anti christ “love” that so many are attracted to ( being seduced under it’s spell ) . Well that make’s sense right! I mean you can have it all.

    You can be a ” Christian” and still LOVE the things of the world. You can be married but love to live the single life. You can wip out bible verses on ” grace” and justify your sins by ” don’t you dare judge” me. Or better yet-I love how Holly Peter’s makes these * five distinctions for those that expose this.

    Counterfeit love = t o l e r a n c e . Thank-you Angela for that profound truth.

    Point 2 : 54 – Bono and the PURPOSE of heaven…( for those agree with his lifestyle will have no problem with the lust he displays – he is ONLY OBEYING his father-

    Jhn 8:44 β€” Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    The message of dying to ” self” is rejected and despised .Again I understand the day’s we are in. Dead men have no claim’s, stake’s , rights or boundaries.

    I’ve determined to know nothing but Christ and Him crucified.

    Eph 5:11 β€” And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness,but rather reprove them.

    1Cr 10:21 β€” Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils.

    *These are the Top 5 nasty names used against critics of the NAR.
    β€œHe is a Pharisee.” (Translation: He is not open to a new work of God through the NAR movement.)
    β€œShe has a Jezebel spirit.” (Translation: She is persecuting the prophets just like evil Queen Jezebel did.)
    β€œThat pastor is totally unanointed.” (Translation: That pastor has not been chosen by God to lead just like King Saul was not chosen to lead Israel, but instead David was (and NAR apostles and prophets are chosen to lead the church!)
    β€œThe people in that church have a religious spirit.” (Translation: That church is only interested in the old revelation contained in the Bible and is not open to new revelation from NAR apostles and prophets.)
    β€œYou are so mean-spirited!” (Translation: You are being mean by criticizing the teachings of NAR apostles and prophets.)
    Has anyone ever applied one of these labels to you?


  31. this seems to me like quite a sound post you put up there Colleen, now i’m gonna look at that video. them nar boys r all false, just look at how they act with all that five-fold ministrie stuff. Holly, Herbs daughter can tell you all that over at fulfilledprophecy


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