The American election. Who to choose?

I am not an American and in times like these I am thankful that I am not one.

Tuesday the USA are going to the polls to elect their next ungodly president. I have followed the comment of Christians for the past few months to see who they will elect. The feelings from most Evangelical Christians is that Obama is not a Christian, may be a Muslim and some even fear that he may be the man of sin, AKA the antichrist.

Now in American politics there are only two sides and if you don’t like Obama you are left with Mitt Romney. And that is sad. If one follows the comments of Christians in social media and other
places, they are fully behind Romney and believe him to be the one saving US politics from Islam/Obama.

How sad to see the US crumble and bow to this. How sad to see so called Christians believe that God is not powerful enough to put a God fearing man in office. If Gods best candidate is a Mormon, then the US is doomed.

Christians, save your vote. Whoever you will vote for does deny Jesus Christ as The Lord of all.


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  1. Despite the less than stellar credentials of the Mormon candidate in the US Presidential election there are some of us who believe God’s plans are in action and the prophecy of the end of the age events are in motion. The U.S.A. dishonors God when an abortion is not only allowed but is paid for by taxes taken from men/women like me who do not want abortion to be legal. The United States is being taken down by Satan and the United Nations as Satan lays the groundwork for one-world government which will ultimately lead to the mark of the beast within the next decade.


  2. I agree, it is the “Time of the End”…it is too late. Everyone needs to be praying Luke 21:36…pray to escape all these things as they will soon be upon us.


  3. And you who get to vote in S Africa and other countries can say that you have had real Christians there to vote for? I missed that one apparently. Other countries want to weigh in on this one? George Bush, whom many hated, did claim to be a born again believer. There is just so much anyone can do in the state that the world runs today. The prophecies say the whole world will go this way, not just one country as Jon points out. I will stand with a platform of the Republican party that is against abortion, euthanasia, and gay marriage, because I do know that is Godly. No matter what happens all have to follow their own consciences to vote or not to vote or write in a candidate. I have no idea how this will go, but I do know one thing, I pray for all of the leaders of this world right now, because the time is short. I will take my chances on voting for those who line up with that platform for now.


  4. I should have added I know many people who will not vote either way, and that is their right to do, but each of us has to follow what we believe God leads us to do. As is evidence by this site as well as others, many like certain teachings and think they are biblical and many do not. But that is the way it goes. Every man and woman has to make their own decision on this one.


  5. The united states is being taken down by the central banks so they can remove the USA as the worlds reserve currency and make their own one that isn’t tied to 1 particular country.. This is why the US is being financially destroyed like so many other countries.
    People have to look outside the box. This is way bigger than the USA.

    Funny earlier this year the Rothschilds and Rockerfellers merged their banking empires.

    “Rothschild and Rockefeller families team up for some extra wealth creation
    The Rothschild and Rockefeller families have teamed up to buy assets from banks and other distressed sellers in a union between two of the best-known names in financial history.”


    “The Rothschild dynasty is to merge its British and French banking operations to secure long-term control of the business and to boost the firm’s financial strength ahead of the introduction of tougher capital requirements for banks.”



  6. George Bush may have claimed to be a believer, but he was not what he claimed to be. He is a illuminati satan worshiper just like his father. Evil, and if you will study and dig you will find that most of our presidents if not all for the past 60 years have all been part of the plan to deceive the American people…and they did but the truth is coming out.


  7. Neither candidate is good….they are both anitchrist…it is the “time of the end” ….so this will be interesting ( not really a very good choice of words) as things are getting ready to take a turn for the worse, either one elected…and really we don’t elect them, they have been appointed to office….we Americans have been duped to think we really elect our presidents. The one world folks have been in power for a while now…


  8. Thank you Vic for this post. I will say there are other options and we need to abandon this 2 party system. I will vote on Tuesday but for neither Romney or Obama. In my lifetime the U.S. has had 8 presidents but there is only ONE king. Jesus is our hope, not politics.


  9. i do partly agree with you vic–but it is as an act of faith to come alongside the Biblical precepts wherever they are upheld-even if in name only by others-it is not in name only to me. i’m not voting for a pastor but a president. (want a true christian choice there but where is he?) we know we are in the age of deception (satan acts as an “angel of light” to deceive) so that is why our choices are what they are. mormonism is of the devil–period. islam (obama) is of the devil. (i did not say either of these men are the devil mind you). any unrepentant nation is doing the devil’s work and among them is the (called out) true believer who must choose for Jesus’ Sake to do right and it is at a cost. the church grows best while persecuted-always has. i think we are about to enter that big time here–no matter who is the president ***God will do the sorting*** i only vote my Biblical convictions-that is the part i am accountable for. God will receive Glory no matter who He lets rise or fall. for such a time as this men are engaged in battle–ultimately either for or against God. (i pray for the gift of repentance to fall upon us all-God alone can bring that about). all is rising to crescendo as the prophecies march on–it is no accident that we are grappling with the “crux” (the Cross) of the matter. as always everything that is happening the world over is—–what will men-in leadership or not-do with that Cross before it is forever too late? from what i can see in all these matters-that is what hangs in the balance.


  10. Either way America is in some pretty serious distress!!

    Isa 47:5 β€” Sit thou silent, and get thee into darkness, O daughter of the Chaldeans: for thou shalt no more be called, The lady of kingdoms.

    Pro 21:1 β€” The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.

    Vic is an EX -JW -South-African “looking in” from the other side of the world. I ‘m an EX -JW South- African “looking in” from ten miles North of the closest USA border and my heart is torn.

    Vic I totally understand your vent and ” frustration” . It reminds me of how Paul expressed this to the Philippi church in agony of spirit and concern.

    Phl 3:18 β€” (For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ:

    Romney is a ENEMY of the cross -PERIOD . By pushing his ” falsehood under the guise of ” Jesus Christ” ?

    Mr Romney may think it is his ” divine calling’ to bring in the Latter Day Saint’s
    “White Horse Prophecy” into fruition and pray that the elect will wake up to the danger we find ourselves in.

    And we ” justify ” his agenda and embrace this as” truth”. God have mercy. I believe we are in some pretty serious times.

    In humility and fear.

    May each man man be fully persuaded in his own mind!


  11. Guys please take some time out to listen to this message. We may just be entering into this “very appointed” time.

    It’s as if he has quoted (verbatim ) every single discussion we have had since the Lord confirmed Habakkuk chapter 2 on 14/7/2007. Maybe he is one of us πŸ™‚

    Please don’t misunderstand his ” outpouring of the Holy Spirit “comment as a ” whoohoo” thing or misunderstand the ” revival ” term’s he speaks of as I sincerely believe he is alluding to the out pouring on the house of Israel and the start of the 42 month tribulation.

    I was going to share this privately but after he affirmed the five smooth stones- I couldn’t resist .

    Love you guys!

    Coming Persecution And The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit by Brian Long

    Ag skuus Boetie as ekke die thread derail het, vergewe my asseblief πŸ™‚


  12. so many paid such a terrible price for me to have the freedom to vote. i do this also in honor of them-for what looks to be the last time in my life. that will soon be taken away with the way this world has shaped up to be. we know the Bible is silent about calling america by name in prophecy. i believe that our nation’s sovereignty was compromised quite a while back and increasingly thrown away for decades. under obama it has been completely sold down the river. was handed over lock stock and barrel so this election is only the remaining dregs being played out-already a thing of the past-no matter who wins. but it is not an empty exercise for my heart and soul to express my love for God in this statement of faith (not in men) and with thanks be a steward of the Grace afforded me to do this-not as an idol of patriotic pride as many are doing-that breaks my heart as they are being deceived and i pray against that deception. i pray to be a good witness in loving God’s Plan that furthers His Glorious Kingdom as the kingdoms of this world pass away. it is hard to watch a nation (any nation) fall to ruin—sin is truly a reproach to any people as the Bible says in proverbs 14:34. glad you all and i know how the story ends…..praise God for the Lamb that was slain…having worshipers from every tongue and tribe and nation.


  13. Guys, first of all, this post is not to say that we in South Africa are better of with Christian leaders. This whole world is corrupt and is going to be judged. This post is also not to discourage anyone too vote. Do as God leads you.

    This post is to show that the leader of the free world has been given over for judgment and whoever wins the election will not be appointed by God to save the country. Obama is a Muslim and Romney is Mormon. Both are false religions and none are favored by God. God can provide a Christian candidate to turn the US around, but He didn’t. This is proof enough for me that we are extremely close to the return of our Savior.


  14. As an American I have to say I’m not thrilled with either option, but I know for certain there is one I must oppose. He favors sacrificing our children to Molech (as a mother’s choice), he looks with derision on God’s institution of marriage and even though he sometimes uses nice rhetoric to Israel, he with his actions curses Israel. The other as many have mentioned is a follower of a cult cast in the model of the original sin – that we would be like God through our own actions. He however, opposes the murder of infants in the womb, supports marriage and appears to be a friend to Israel. While I may not be thrilled with his theology – as some have mentioned we aren’t electing a pastor, priest or prophet. We can see that God can use even the non-believer to do his will as he did with Cyrus (who he called by name).

    Will the election of the next President result in a great change of the country’s direction from abandoning God? No, I don’t think so. This nation abandoned God decades ago and it would seem that hearts are being hardened and the nation is under a judgement where it’s thinking has become futile and it embraces ever more and more what God calls sin – As I’ve mentioned many times Romans 1:18-32 being fulfilled in our midst.

    Will I still vote – absolutely. I honor the sacrifices of my fathers and brothers and friends who have put everything on the line to defend the nation and have faithfully fought to protect the constitution. Even though the end seems near and unpleasant for the nation, I do think we as Christians have a duty to choose between evil and good even when the good is only good by comparison to total depravity and debauchery on display.


  15. We are for sure i the time of the end. Without going into detail for what all the Lord has revealed to me, Revelation 12:5…the “child” that is caught up to the throne of God….this is the rapture and it won’t be long after the first of the year and it will happen. Pray that you are an overcomer. Pray Luke 21:36.


  16. to debvaughn, you were typing as i was typing my comment apparently,…and now i am seeing what you had to say…WOW! deb, my e-mail is and my phone is 802-380-1648. if you see fit, please contact me and share and elaborate as to what more the Lord has given you. i was thinking about Luke 21:36 as my dog and i were playing early this morning in the graveyard, playing and PRAYING that is!!! bless you. i hope you get this message.amen


  17. my friend Brian and i were praying this morning,….we released a cyclone upon the powers of darkness, in JESUS name! its a done deal. Brian is like someone out of the pages of the bible,…ie. Michael the arc-angel! look out!


  18. I have to admit I am skeptical of anything that someone claims to have been “given” by the Lord that extends beyond what has been revealed in scripture. If that is so, I think the requirements of Deuteronomy 18 apply when determining if this person’s claimed revelation is indeed from the Lord.


  19. Be careful Tony – your friend Brian is just a sinner in need of a savior just like you and me. We are empowered by the same Holy Spirit that indwells each of us, but should be the like the Bereans with each other and ensure that what we are saying with God’s straight stick of truth in his word.


  20. Mr Sheep I don’t know if you are referencing to the clip I posted so please do clarify.

    I refuse to heed anything outside of the Word and do know that God does affirm HIS WORD by the mouth of two or three witnesses.

    This Habakkuk scripture was a fleece laid out before the Lord in 2006 and have personally seen the Lord’s word NOT return void in the countless confirmations since then. There is no extra biblical stuff that is being promoted here ( dreams or visions and such which I personally run from) and agree that the times we are we need to TEST all things against scripture and in prayer and supplication amen and amen!

    Back in 2006 the Lord led many of us to some pretty serious scriptures that have been a major ” spiritual preparation” for the times we would enter into.I praise His name for that as we lay aside our own selfish ambitions and walk in faith and obedience to what the Spirit is saying to – “he that hath a ear”.

    His word never returns void.


  21. got to view the video HisOwn. thank you sweet sister. the message is spot on. don’t know who said it but is so true–what Grace cannot humble-Judgment must befall…and we are there so i quote and pray revive Your work in the midst of years and in wrath remember Mercy dear God. filled with His Spirit may the Grace of the Lord-the Love of the Lord to Love as He Loves be with us the church now and always and may we stay blameless till He comes (from jude).


  22. @Hisown I’m not referring to anything you’ve posted. I’ve always seen your posts to demonstrate a love of God’s word and tender heart to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. More later.


  23. I’ve often thought about commenting on the election but havent done as I’m not sure what to write, while I believe a nation is given the leadership it deserves (or could lead to its correction if necesary) a nations success is going to rely on the way God directs the kings heart and the events He throws their way. It seems like either way the economic trajectory of the US is so dangerous that its gone beyond the point of no return.

    Putting this earthly thing aside, we have a God who meets with us now and no world leader has that kind of time for us. So as a non-American I hope and pray that God blesses them in the way His wisdom and love chooses.

    Thanks Hisown for the video, feeling encouraged to pray, but even less prepared for what may be to come. Inadequate, and as much as I want to think I trust God, I really fear for my little ones.


  24. James you are so welcome my brother and please know you are daily in our prayers.

    My heart is overwhelmed by the word of the Lord NOT returning void at the outcome of this election.

    Isa 47:5 β€” Sit thou silent, and get thee into darkness, O daughter of the Chaldeans: for thou shalt no more be called, The lady of kingdoms.


  25. i am not the least surprised at the re-election of barak obama. it is all “fleshing out” in real time, only proving that the nations are but a drop in the bucket and everything is on course as the prophecies continue to manifest…..God’s Word indeed does not return void.


  26. When speaking of the end of the age Jesus said that we are to respond by looking up, for our redemption is drawing nigh. Dear friends, look beyond the dark clouds that are rolling in, our future is glorious. The times are sobering but His grace is sufficient, He is still on the throne, He puts Kings in place and removes Kings, He is at work and it is well!

    Revelation 21:

    21 Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth passed away, and there is no longer any sea. 2 And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, made ready as a bride adorned for her husband. 3 And I heard a loud voice from the throne, saying, β€œBehold, the tabernacle of God is among men, and He will [a]dwell among them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself will be among them[b], 4 and He will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there will no longer be any death; there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; the first things have passed away.”

    5 And He who sits on the throne said, β€œBehold, I am making all things new.” And He *said, β€œWrite, for these words are faithful and true.” 6 Then He said to me, β€œ[c]It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give to the one who thirsts from the spring of the water of life without cost. 7 He who overcomes will inherit these things, and I will be his God and he will be My son.


  27. yes pilgrim. amen. i woke this morning with these thoughts and verses. Lord, You give and take away. Blessed be the Name of the Lord! as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. it will indeed be through many tribulations that we must enter the Kingdom of God as paul wrote by the Holy Spirit but it was for the Joy that was set before Him that Jesus endured the Cross—-Joy in the Sorrow. there is pain in the night but Joy comes in the morning! we will One Day awaken in His Likeness! what could ever compare to the Promise of the Blessed Hope-our Salvation through His Blood the Gateway-that Jesus gave His very Life to give us?…………….yes pilgrim-we are pilgrims and strangers with you–looking unto the Author and Finisher of our Faith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love each and all of you my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.


  28. God is in Control, not barak the wanns be. Rejoice and be glad in it!!!!!!!!,…love with all yer might thru surrender to the Holy Spirit in Christ…….as we decrease, He INCREASES……………………………….


  29. Its ok Vic, probably you are sensing something like Jesus sensed at the garden when He prayed to His Father. As heavy as it is,…… will ultimately lead to the Love of God in Christ and true freedom,…..holiness and righteousness. i pray for you to be blessed w/ wisdom, understanding and strength beyond measure my brother in the Lord.Phileo from me to you Vic in Him.amen,……….carry on, i pray for you, JOY.,… blessed brother


  30. Vic , boetie I praise God that you have the courage to vocalise the deep groaning that we have been feeling for a very long time now! It’s not only that but the frustation too!

    This seems to be the brides finest hour as the tares grew up alongside us are now being manifested and exposed for who they really are. The fires of affliction are refining and perfecting His own. The opposite is true for the tares. Watching this is almost surreal!

    Just as in the past, Satan has had his ” double agent’s” so it seems to be in this re-election.

    What a ” perfect” set up for the double ” strong delusion” where O is seen as the AC and many are convinced that it is ” he”.Sad thing is that the unwise virgins only caught on at the very end, but then it was too late!

    I am 100% certain that if O is the AC , the Holy Spirit would have been preparing His own for that for some time now.Satan always uses smoke and mirrors, distractions and diversions…oh how subtle and deceptive are his ways!

    I’m heading into the prayer closet- the only safe place to be right now πŸ™‚

    Ps this post was NOT directed at anyone here πŸ™‚


  31. I think we all need to be in our prayer closets…seriously. It is time. I do believe that the Lord has sent a strong delusion to those that are not where they need to be at this late hour. It won’t be long and if they do not wake up they surely will when some are caught up to throne of God. They will know they got left and I pray fall to their knees seeking only the one true Savior that can save them and for some of those He will save them but they will have to go thru much and horrible tribulation.


  32. Debvauhgn almost all of us here believe we are going to have to go through the 42 month tribulation and have been in spiritual preparation for this for quite some time now.

    If God has sent the strong delusion how can anyone one if us even think we are able to open the eyes of these, lest we fight against God?

    This is my struggle….to watch the lies, deception and diabolical plan unfold in these!



  33. Believe me I was one of those as well that shouted (very loudly) that we were here until the last day…when scripture says Jesus send his angels to gather His elect. I have thousands of cans of food and water knowing I would be feeding all those pretribbers….and have been praying just about without ceasing Luke 21:36…praying that I would be protected during this 42 month period in the “wilderness where the woman flees”…I understand I promise as there is not any scripture that made me believe in a pretrib, mid trib or even prewrath rapture that I could find. Well, I have to say, the Lord TOLD ME differently…on September 27….that the “child that is caught up” in Revelation 12:5 IS a rapture. Of the overcomers…which you are probably one I am sure. Believe me I told God, NOPE… THERE IS NOT A RAPTURE. I was adament there was NOT. I told Him HOW could there be a rapture when all this time I have been seeking, studying, praying I was led to think the entire opposite. Well..He told me there is. It is a long story, started almost 2 years ago…I fell to my knees….seeking Him almost every waking moment I could that I did not work. Even sometimes during work as I work for myself out of my house so many days I sought His word when I should have worked, I ate, slept, breathed, dreamed, and started over again studying, praying, seeking. He gave me many personal truths I had needed for over 20 years, Literally told me who sexually abused my son ( 2 people did and one was His stepfather who was the only father he knew)…and my son NEVER told a single person who did it. He suffered many many years over this. Tried to kill himself at 9, 14 and 21…and almost 2 years ago some things in his life literally made me cry and fall to my knees and finally give this to the Lord after 23 years. It about destroyed me. Well…I told my son that the Lord told me who did this to him, he did not deny it. He said “mom…dad is sick, leave the past in the past that is what I am doing”..I told him no he had not left it in the past…or so much of what about destroyed out lives would not have happened,. The last suicide attempt he almost did not make it. that was 10 years ago. but the anger even after that was still with him. Well..I went to his father and confronted him….He said…”so God told you right”..I said “yep”..He did. well…he started crying, said well what about all the good things I did for him…I told him those did not matter…he need to repent and make this right. He needed to ask my son for forgiveness…and we could all finally heal after 23 years. My son spent many months in mental institutions over this…what He did to him. we divorced when he was 9 and I and my son suffered greatly and I think he pushed it to the back of his mind. but NEVER forgot. but he refused to ever tell me who did it. just that the “did”…told me when he was 9 that he had to give an “adult” oral sex…you cannot imagine the guilt I felt for not ever preventing whoever it was. anyway…his “stepfather/father” started sobbing…and hung up on me. well…my son used to tell me that he did not believe in Jesus as if there was a Jesus all the things that had happened to him would not have. When he realized that the Lord really did tell me the truth about this he knew only Jesus could have told me as he had never told anyone! I always suspected the babysitters husband…my sunday school teachers husband who was also my neighbor…although the Lord did reveal to me that his man also sexually molested my son …so he had it double! I have confronted them both. The sunday school teachers husband sure had a lot of folks fooled..still works in the church system. I even confronted his pastor once I found him all these years…

    so…what I did when I fell to my knees I promised the Lord I would seek him as i have NEVER IN MY LIFE…if he would just help me, that I needed the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth as I sensed in my spirit that He was returning soon and that my son literally cursed His name and I feared my son would go to Hell and never know Jesus. Well…I cannot begin to tell you what all the Lord has revealed to me over this last almost 2 years. The list is long. I guess since I honored Him and am doing what I promised He decided to give me the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    Now..He has told me, I will be here during that time. Feeding the “woman” left behind. the lukewarm Christians that do have to go thru the 42 months.

    All this said, it does not matter if you believe me as you are seeking him as you are supposed to. I don’t think you are lukewarm. so you will be “caught up to the throne of God” …soon.


  34. Dear Deb…..

    Trust me…I am not a ” lukewarm ” Christian and everyone that knows me here knows my complete death to self and the reality of this promise from Christ- as forsaking – ” houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions;”

    I am not offended but do ask that you please provide scripture for the basis of your belief- “that the LUKEWARM ones need to suffer though the 42 mon trib.”

    Deb I will pray for you and your son I can’t imagine the pain of such and am sending you a huge hug.


  35. The scripture the Lord gave me is specifically Revelation 12:5…the “Man child” the “woman” births is this: The Man is the 144,000 ( and he has told me they are not jewish virgins”, they are spiritual virgins…that are Jews by “adoption” into the family of Jesus – a Jew, by giving your life to Him.) The “child” God said ( and He did literally tell me this) are the overcomers mentioned in the messages to the 7 churches in the first chapters of Revelation. Overcomers….I am sure you can come up with what you think overcomers truly are. Now..the “woman” is not Israel as many believe, it is God’s Church…but some are lukewarm as in the ones He wants to spew out of his mouth. Those are the “woman” He told me will be left to flee to the wilderness”…also mentioned in Revelation 12. They are the ones that once they realize they were left …they also realize they were lukewarm. They do flee to a place that the Lord has “prepared” for be fed for 1260 days. I cannot tell you I learned this on my own, I also did not learn this from anyone else’s discernment. The Holy Spirit of God did tell me. It is a long story how He speaks to me but He does. He says in John 7:38….He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. …Well…He literally moves in my belly as I read and study and answers me as I ask questions. He alerts me to things by different movements. And believe me there is a “you got it” movement and “get off that site movement” and a “change that attitude movement” if I ever venture off from how I am supposed to act as a Christian…I KNOW, WEIRD …but it is true and I will tell you now that if I am not telling you the truth may Jesus Christ strike me dead. He alerts me when I am having car trouble, he alerts me when certain types of demonic spirits are around ( perverted ones) and I believe that He allows me to discern that since I needed the truth from all the perversion in my son’s life. He allows me discernment when the same demons are trying to get to my grandsons…ALWAYS…he lets me know when they are in the room or house when they are around and I demand they flee. As I said the list goes on and on and on. I am so grateful. I am sure you possibly can imagine. but…I also now know since I kept my end of the bargain and seek the Lord ALL THE TIME…24/7…pray, study, pray,study, he told me he would “fix” my problems and my son ….oh if you could see the difference in my son’s spirit:-)…the Lord is working on Him and I know I know I know…my son and his children WILL be in that rapture!! I am claiming it. I can now pray and claim answers to my prayers but only because I am no longer lukewarm. I was for so many years. and I was one of those that for sure would have been left behind..I turned to drugs big time all these years ( not hard drugs but smoked pot till I was blue in the face)…running from the pain, but He has redeemed me and now I know since I am doing what he said…:Seek me and ye shall find me” He will answer and is answering my prayers for my son and his family. I can boldly claim it and claim it I am!! πŸ™‚

    Now…he also told me that the timing of the rapture is shown in Daniel 12…first of all we know the “woman flees” at 1260 days…well, in Daniel 12 he mentions the abomination is set up at 1290 days (30 days before the 1260) and then there are the 1335 days he says “blessed are those that waiteth and cometh to the 1335 days” …well this is 75 days before the abomination and this IS when the rapture takes place.

    One more thing He told me…”the day or the hour no one knows but my Father” is the day at the end of the 7 years that Jesus does return to “gather his elect” but it is the elect that got left behind that he still considered “his” but they had to go thru the final 3.5 years for being lukewarm. Jesus says even the devil believes in him…well that is the state that the lukewarm folks are in…they “believe”…but we have to do more than that. Scripture goes much deeper than just believing…it also says to turn from you wicked ways…and i had NOT turned from mine until almost 2 years ago but I “believed” in him. He took me thru a major cleansing period for about a few months..I repented and cried and repented and cried and praised him and repented and cried…and finally one day he said “Job well done my child”…This said, He has revealed to me the date of the abomination…it is 4/10/13. and the rapture will be 75 days before this. Pray, seek Him, He will tell you I am His…He is my only hope, He is my Lord, my Savior, my Friend, my ALL…He will tell you if that is the time that scripture really tells you that “no man knows the day or the hour”…at the end of the 7 years, and He will tell you as well that the date of the abomination is April 10, 2013…and He will tell you that the rapture is the 1335th day…75 days before the abomination.

    Believe me, I have felt a huge burden with this information. I am like..Lord NO ONE will believe me…but you know, I have been shouting it anyway. I have been ridiculed, shunned, called “a cult”…but I do not care. I know, He knows…and that is all that matters and I know He wants me to shout it…believe me all my friends I argued till the cows came home with about there NOT being a rapture…well…I had to eat some major crow..:-) and they know the Lord HAD to have told me as I was NOT backing down when they tried to convince me there was a rapture. I should told them all…I guess i will be feeding ALL of you when we are still here. well…they rejoiced when I told them what God told me!!!

    so….that is about it.


  36. and yes, I too have “died to self”…it is ALL about Jesus. nothing else. Even though I do see my grandsons…I am only allowed supervised visits since all this I am proclaiming…not from my son but from his wife. But…I told my son, I will be ok, God says to put your wife before your mother…so put your wife first. I will survive. I have Jesus.


  37. oh…the abomination being set up at 1290 days is just that…it is somehow “set up”..but does not take place till 1260 days when the woman flees.


  38. Dearest Deb,

    I choose to follow this* beautiful promise the Lord gave me back in 1993 and trust Him in being my truth and the interruption of scripture- anything else is way too dangerous for me and I avoid the ” but God showed me ” – heresy. His word is ALL I trust.Sorry πŸ™‚

    I’ve been watching a particular site for yrs now that have proclaimed – “Thus saith the Lord” in dreams and visions and stuff from “jesus” and every single time they are exposed as beng doctrines of demons.I pray that we will not become one of those.

    *1Jo 2:27 β€” But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.



  39. Hey no hard feelings, I promise and believe me I understand!!! The Lord does say to “test all spirits” so you are ONLY doing what He commands and I have absolutely told Him I do not want and cannot be deceived by ANY false prophets or teachers out there as well. We both I believe are seeking him faithfully and that is all that matters!! Whenever that time is that we see His face…I believe I may see yours as well! πŸ™‚


  40. Thanks Colleen for your prayers πŸ™‚
    I sense there is a real change after this “no change” election for the religious right in America – and I think a good thing many who are true believers are going to have to stand down (from political positions) and let events take place, we dont belong to this system and it doesn’t belong to us.
    There will be good news to come even in persecution.


  41. Why do people think Obama is possibly the Antichrist?
    The bible pretty much states the AC will rise from a revived roman empire and that is pretty much what the European union is. Most of the people who have contributed to this site over the years would agree.

    Why do people think the USA is a empire?
    Empires are made from conquering and the USA hasn’t conquered anything. They are powerful due to they are the worlds reserve currency and can print money at will. But that will end soon. A country that has over consumption and can print money doesn’t make it an empire. Besides the USA isn’t in the empires of Neberkenezer’s dream of a statue which was all the great empires after his one.

    Like i have said before Antichrist will crush us via inflation and i don’t believe he will be a leader like Hitler, he doesn’t need to be so blatant to call the shots.
    Example: The bankers (IMF) call the shots and they aren’t elected leaders.


  42. Some of these things that I am reading about Obama reminds me of when Israel was looking for a king. To put one’s hope in a Political Leader instead of the Savior let’s me know that we put more stock in what’s going on in society, than we have in our Lord and Savior.

    Lord forgive us all. I what to share something with this Body of Christ just to remind us to stay focused:


  43. Thanks Mr. B, I’ll check out the link later. It seems like a sea chang eis here for those who still want to put their trust in man – time to choose who we serve.
    I read on a post in FP that 25,000 had come to christ in the Egyptian desert, now that’s an Election! Imagine being in the midst of all that darkness and making that choice regardless, we are not alone out here theres a Power that runs contrary to human reason.


  44. …things are right on course according to Father Yahweh’s plans and purposes, no doubt. We have eternal freedom in Christ,……rejoice in spite of all darkness, for now we live in the Light. Praise God for we have been taken from bondage’s hold. i mean to say, YA- HOO,……saved! get it?,…put on safe ground!!! Let us KNOW it!


  45. …He cares about us and is looking over us.,..watching over us as we are watching and surrendering,……sooo sold out to Him Alone. amen!


  46. Mr. Baldy – I am blessed by you mentioning Israel’s desire for a king, and what seems to be a popular attitude toward Obama. I sent that same passage from 1 Samuel 8 to my friends on facebook on Wednesday. I think allowing Obama to continue for another 4 years is another example of God’s abandonment judgement on the United States as a result of more than 40 years of turning the country away from God (As was Katrina, Sandy, the Tornado super cluster, etc). I won’t go so far as to say there was some new convenantal relationship with God in the US as some have suggested, but I do think God placed a special blessing on the United States at one time as a result of the God honoring ideals and actions of some of the early settlers of this nation, some of the founders, and some of its subsequent God-fearing leaders and it’s members of his household of faith.


  47. obama doesn’t have to be THE antichrist, to be an antichrist, and that he surely is! ,…as sure as eggs is eggs,………big deal? or BIG DEAL? same ole’, same ole’


  48. Hi All,
    It was not my intent to point out the positives, or negatives in President Obama. What I was attempting to show is that the people of America appear to want a king – and put all their hope in someone that has been allowed to continue in office by the power of God. Israel wanted a king instead of having God as their King – so God gave them one, and one that turned out to be a king that they didn’t want.

    I honestly cannot contribute the calamities that have happened to the United States just because society has changed. Societies have to change, as a matter of progression. Sometimes we forget that the early settlers of this nation also destroyed a people to gain land; brought disease & illness; and further enslaved a people to build this nation. I think that we in the West are so comfortable with our way of living, that we forget that the rest of the World doesn’t live in such comfort. Times have changed, and so have the thoughts of people – I guess the election has proven that. But God hasn’t.

    So really, all of those who put their comfort in a President – no matter who he or she is, then you are truly forgetting that there is a King. A sovereign King who rules and reigns above of all, and it is He who decides who will be the ruler – at least until He Returns.

    The video was to remind us not to lose focus, and certainly not to put our hope in someone who God Himself has sovereignly allow to reign over the people, until He returns. We belong to Christ.


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