New timeline provided by reader Truth.

Reader Truth submitted a new spreadsheet timeline for discussion. it can be downloaded HERE.

His previous spreadsheets can be found in the Download section at the top of this page.


One thought on “New timeline provided by reader Truth.

  1. I have included an encrypted date for the start of the Psalm 83 War in cell K5. It is the same date that I encrypted in Prophecy Spreadsheet v4.1.7, which I sent to you earlier this year, except moved forward from the year 2012 to the year 2013.

    As I said in a previous posting, I believe that I may have been given the date for the start of the Psalm 83 War. I could be wrong. The impression I got was of a specific date in Spring. I made the assumption that it was in Spring of 2012. I was wrong. In reflecting on the impression I received, it never had a year associated with it, only the month and the day. I was too quick to assume that it was a date in 2012.

    My reasons for not revealing the date in plain form remain the same as before. I have the impression that I should not say what the date is (in plain form) until the Psalm 83 War actually starts. If I really have been given the date, I do not want to reveal it to the enemies of Israel.

    Once the Psalm 83 War starts, I will provide everyone with the simple mathematical calculation that I used to generate the encrypted date from the plain form date.

    Aside from the Psalm 83 War date, I have modified the comments in a few cells and further cleaned up the spreadsheet (grammar, etc.). The timeline and form of the spreadsheet remains as it was in previous versions.

    Regardless of when the Psalm 83 War starts, I remain focused on September 4, 2013. If that date sees the “abolishment” of the sacrifice (which may manifest itself as the outlawing of Kosher slaughter methods), then, in my mind, that will solidly affirm the prophetic timelines laid out in the spreadsheet.


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