Whats in a name?

Comment by Popajay:

I want to give credit to Rogerakk who back in August of 2006 posted the following about Romano Prodi and then today I saw where the UNSG appointed him as his Special Envoy for the Sahel. Can any one who understands these things better than I do say whether there is anything significant about this or not.  I just read everything I can and try to watch this puzzle come into view. I think I need glasses because it is still so very blurry in some areas.

Here is Rogerakk’s post back in 2006.

Rogerakk wrote: (I thought this was very very interesting…. What do you guys think?)

” One interesting element, which I believe is a piece of the puzzle, is centered around a man who in the 90’s was the European Commission President, Romano Prodi. At the time, he was the most powerful man in Europe!
Though I don’t get much into Jack Van Imp’s Ministry…. it might be worth your time to check this out:

Go to: http://www.jvim.com/search.htm

Type in key search words: “Romano Prodi”

It will bring up a HUGE database of the preparations that were made to set Europe for what I believe was the rise of, Javier Solana.

His name means Romano {the Roman One} Prodi {The Forerunner, Or The One That Goes Before}!!!

Romano Prodi was the one, the forerunner, who has come before, Javier Solana, The Leader Of The Revived Roman Empire, and The Author Of The 7 Year, EuroMed Covenant which is expected to be confirmed by Mr. Solana, by Jan. 1st of 2007, at the very latest!!!

Savior and Sunlight – This is what Javier Solana’s name means. His name in Hebrew apparently equals six hundred sixty six (666)

Could Javier Solana become the Antichrist? It is very interesting to note that his name means “Savior and Sunlight”. The Book of Revelation tells us that the number of the AntiChrist’s name name will be 666. What happens when we spell Javier Solana in Hebrew? If we spell it like this…

kaf = 20
vav = 6
yod = 10
resh = 200

chav- ee- yer

shin/sin = 300
lamed = 30
nun = 50
nun = 50

So- lan- na

Here is a Tweet I read today from a Union Spokesperson. There was no link to copy or follow so this is all I have. You can go to the UN Spokesperson’s Twitter account and read it here: https://twitter.com/UN_Spokesperson
A Spokesperson @ UN_Spokesperson
#UNSG Ban Ki-moon appoints Romano Prodi of Italy as his Special Envoy for the Sahel
Retweeted by United Nations
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Thank you for any insight that you may have to this. It may be nothing at all but ……… Thanks PopaJay

Comment by Vic:

Thanks to Popajay for sending this in. I have never heard of Romano Prodi, but clearly he is known in the watchmen circles. Can he be a forerunner of the coming man of sin? Can his name be a clue showing us that the man of sin is about to be revealed? It is possible. For all of us still watching the 7 year ENPi and JS as a fulfillment of Dan 9:27, we have 14 months left before the theory can be put away for good. Pure logic tells me that we can move on, but because we serve a God that defies logic, lets stand firm for the next few months and watch how this pans out.


4 thoughts on “Whats in a name?

  1. To my recollection Romano Prodi was the Commission President before the wonderful Mr Barosso. I remember the link between him and Solana now that Popajay reminds us. Let’s watch just in case….

    “They said he will co-ordinate a mixed bag of international projects out of a UN office in Italy.

    The Sahel covers Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and parts of Sudan, Cameroon and Nigeria.

    The region is gearing up for war after nations in the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas) promised to help Mali storm Azawad, a breakaway territory conquered by Touareg tribes who used to fight for late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.”



  2. Here is a reply to this from Fulfilled Prophecy.

    Re: A name from the past. Does this mean anything?
    by James1:12 on Wed Oct 10, 2012 8:51 am
    The scripture relating to this region that comes to mind is this:

    Daniel 11:42

    42 Then he will stretch out his hand against other countries, and the land of Egypt will not escape. 43 But he will [ax]gain control over the hidden treasures of gold and silver and over all the precious things of Egypt; and Libyans and Ethiopians will follow at his [ay]heels.


  3. I believe this to be a bit far fetched.
    So many names have been dissected, spelled out in different versions of Hebrew (or Greek), and ‘counted’, that I bellieve it’s possible to make almost anyone fit the bill, on that account.

    However, I believe the EU is the ‘revised’ Roman Empire – the feet of iron and clay, partly strong, partly brittle. And thus it is good for believers to be aware of where the ‘feet’ are going. 😉

    (And it is also important to keep an eye on the relationship between this curious, composit creature, and the ‘woman’ who rides it – because one day she will not sit safely anymore…)


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