We weep with those who weep

As you have said Father – we are to weep with those who weep. We are thankful for the young people you gave them to raise and to teach of your love. We are thankful for the knowledge that they are safe now in your loving arms. We pray for your comfort for Roma and the families that are impacted by this sudden and unexpected seperation from those that they love. Thank you for the daily reminders that this world is not our home, and soon we all will be together forever in your matchless presence. Until you come or take us home Lord Jesus.


2 thoughts on “We weep with those who weep

  1. so true….when one of us hurts–we all do. still praying for comfort–and strength to match. in Jesus’ Name.


  2. saying Amen with respect to just a sheeps words above! and saying me too to what andre’ said above,…bless you all in Jesus’ name Roma and family. God will meet you, as you know, in your time of need,….He equipts us to press on,…until one day we will see them again! Glory to the God of Heaven


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