And I will turn you about and put hooks in your jaws,

I’m reminded very starkly of Ezekiel 38:4 by today’s news.

Thus far Turkey has been a very reluctant participant in the Syria crisis. They have wanted to look tough on the integrity of their borders, and in calling for the removal of Assad and welcoming the resistance into their borders – but they have been reluctant to involve Turkish troops in the skirmishes, and in direct military support to the resistance.

I think these cross border forays are going to be the hooks in the mouth that drag Turkey’s military into this fight. I don’t think NATO will want to be involved directly, not even with airstrikes for fear of escalating with Iran or drawing the anger of the Russians. Turkey will have no choice but to go carefully and methodically into Turkey to secure a buffer zone – which I think will bring them into a crisis with Russia and Iran. The resolution of the crisis – a joint occupation of Syria perhaps? A lead up to a joint invasion against what they will all refer to as “the Zionist entity” but what we know as the apple of God’s eye.–and-its-getting-in-touch-with-nato-2012-10


21 thoughts on “And I will turn you about and put hooks in your jaws,

  1. Thanks for the updates. I again, am asking for prayers from all of you here. You know my great niece was killed in a tragic accident a little over 3 weeks ago. I will send a picture to justasheep or vic. The teenagers made crosses, two small ones and put them on the side of the road as memorial. Well now this early week, the gated community voted and removed the two crosses as they did not want to be reminded, and then called my niece Bev to tell her about it. How cruel and insensitive, now after speaking to the HOA president it gets even worse. Tiffany and Bobby’s friends wanted them there and made them, and they are very small ones. Anyway as I finally get to speak to my niece Beverly today this has really gotten sad to the core. More going on than I knew, the first reports on the news are totally incorrect and investigation still going on. As well my niece, who is a believer in Jesus, is falling apart and needs to be covered with much, much prayer. Consequently why I interrupt a bit here again, and I am sorry. To me this shows prophecy being fulfilled in what was said in 2 Time 3
    of how men’s hearts could come. They never came out and said the crosses were offensive as crosses, etc, just the do not want the reminder there of this accident in their gated community. They left them there three weeks and feel they were generous in doing that. The family and friends contacted the local media and they want to cover the story for us. They are in fact covering it and as soon as Bev can handle it will interview her on camera. Believe it or not, they are in agreement that this was heartless and cruel. As well please pray as the many unanswered questions and conflicting stories certainly will make a difference in the final outcome. Again prayer warriors as I know all of you prophecy people are, please pray for God to help my niece in this highly emotional and devastating time. Will send the cross picture to you as well so you can see that they are tiny crosses. Love you all and thanks


  2. thanks justasheep. it is right to keep those Scriptures forward in our thinking because the details in them are “fleshing out” more and more with each passing day. and also amen james-roma you have no need to apologize. we want to know how to pray for you and the family. thanks james for the links. was blessed by them. details,details! beautiful and rich for the understanding. multiple beauties found in the Word–all painting a gorgeously detailed portrait of Jesus when the world just wants to “see” Him as a “stick” figure. there is so much that i cannot fully grasp but i am touched (again and again) in knowing that Jesus–in that perfect picture of Truth and Grace (john 1:14&17) is gloriously more than i can even ask or think He is. simple and profound all wrapped up in Him……………………………Jesus is the Enough and the More my heart craves…………..


  3. …… one seems to care,…..they carry on as if nothing is there. The wind is blowing harder now,blowing dust into my eyes. / ………….keep them mowin’ blades sharp people. IT IS HERE, IT IS NOW!……………………………….listen


  4. up,…UP,….and away!……………..superTarr!!!!!!! take me away from the power of my ambition, to the land of the lost surprize! i ain’t scared! /////………..just funnin’ round with words gang, alltho i do basically mean it!!!!! enjoy the day, and enjoy the gift,…your earth life! Love with all yer might! Keep lookin’ UP! the best is yet to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Noah’s Great Rainbow! with the power of 10 billion butterfly sneezes, we will ride that rainbow. God don’t make promises that He don’t keep!


  6. we are children of the Light, awake and sober!,……watching n waiting, fearlessly trusting in His Power and His PROMISE!,…..theres nothing like a promise!, and theres no place like Home,…….just ask me and my dog,”down home Sam”. LOVE w/ all yer might! rejoice and be glad in IT!!!!!!!


  7. As an update with what is happening in Europe: “12.45 At least eleven eurozone states will sign up to a financial transactions tax, according to the EU’s tax commissioner.

    Algirdas Semeta told reporters:

    Four additional member states intend to join the enhanced cooperation (see 09.08), which means we arrive at 11.

    Sources told Reuters that Italy, Spain (both have publicly supported a FTT) and Estonia (which said last week it wanted more information on a proposed FTT before it signs up) intend to join. Slovakia declared its intentions this morning. ”

    This is a great victory for the enhanced cooperation element of the Lisbon Treaty meaning that when in agreement at least 9 nations can dictate policy and force the rest to follow. Watch out CSDP/EEAS.


  8. But back on topic from the guardian:
    “Nato’s secretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen says the alliance has plans in place to defend Turkey against attack if needed. But speaking to reporters he also praised Turkey’s restraint after a series of cross border mortar attack. Meanwhile, Turkey has sent more fighter jets to reinforce an air base in south-east Turkey.

    • Iraq has been supplying fuel oil to Syria, according to documents seen by the Financial Times.The deal is likely to further anger the US, which has been trying to persuade Iraq to stop allowing Iranian arms supplies from reaching Syria via its airspace”


  9. Whoops, the enhanced cooperation agreement is only binding on those who make the agreement and wish to go forward together, still an interesting devlopment and crazy move now that the rest of Europe loooks like a tax haven.


  10. From the Guardian:
    “Russia is ‘key weapons supplier’Guardian journalist Martin Chulov has been looking at the flow of arms into Syria and concludes that while the Assad regime can rely on supply of weapons from Russia, material support for rebels is mostly fragmented and scarce.

    Russia has retained its historical role as the key weapons supplier to Bashar al-Assad’s regime over the past 18 months. It is believed to have sent at least three shipments of heavy ammunition to the jointly run port of Tartous in northern Syria. Other Russian supplies are thought to have been flown in …”


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