Shame on you Mr Obama!

Bibi’s Dire Warning To The World ! Pay Attention ~ Then Hit Your Knees !


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  1. Lord…………words don’t work when all you do is feel. (and they are stuck in your throat). i lift up my hands to You LORD………


  2. The following report is almost a year old, but I’m wondering if anyone remembers it? :

    I have posted the aforementioned link, because I have been wondering if the ENP(I) theory, and it’s current relationship to what is going on in our World today is still valid. Here we have high ranking Israeli Officials sending out pleas over and over again to recognize that Iran, and the rest of the rogue Muslim Nations are preparing to wipe Israel out of existence. Yet the World is basically ignoring them, and the evil time in which we live in.

    I remember when Javier Solana attempted to shake the hand of Ariel Sharon before the World, and Sharon dismissed his authority – as if it may someday hold some sort of prophetic significance.

    What a crazy time we live in. Deception is all over the place. We have the American Presidential Election about to take place in a little over a month – and we have people more concerned over whether or not the man they want in Office will be elected, than they are the spiritual events that are taking place. In as much that there are many lies being spoken, as to place the attention on the nonsense – and not focus on the fact that God is in control.

    The link that I provided should bear witness on how the lies and distortion will play a major role in the time that is to come; the time now at hand – and how people seem to miss and/or forget the spiritual warfare that we deal with on a daily basis. Why would Javier Solana “tweet” that Ariel Sharon was dead?


  3. you’ve got to be trusted, by the people that you lie to,…so when they turn their back on you, you’ll be the one to stick the knife in


  4. in response to your question Mr. Baldy, why would solana tweet that sharon was dead? Why not?, he’s just a human,…..a victum of the insane, projecting his neurosis. doctor solana is ill,…he needs a physician. A Great Physician. why should we expect anything other. He’s just another punk in the schoolyard driven by irrational drives. i’m being serious and matter of fact, thats all. he’s no good. i don’t think ,Mr. Baldy, that you were really looking for an answer to that question,…but i spit it out anyhow……..strange games they are playing./ All eyes on Jesus


  5. I wish I could paint a clearer picture of what the near prophetic future holds. The world is so unstable and something has to give very soon. There are so many signs around us that I sometimes even forget about the ENPi. Even without the ENPi we have a good case for the return of Christ in a very short time although the ENPi is still the only confirmed covenant fir 7 years in the history of Israel.

    With all the nations turning against Israel, most watchmen are expecting the Eze 38/39 war to happen next. I still have my doubts about that as the outcome of that war will be Israel returning to God never to be separated from Him again. If that is the case, there will not be a time of Jacob’s trouble.

    I suspect the next big event will be the time of Jacob’s trouble. I suspect Jerusalem will be surrounded by armies, the AC will start the AoD and the Jews will flee as described by Jesus. I do not see a victorious Israel this side of the Second Coming of Christ.

    Friends, there is great urgency in the air. Do not be deceived. Seek the Lord. Pray, pray, pray. Do not be dogmatic about someones or your own opinions. There are as many opinions as there are watchmen. Most prophecy sites are reporting the same news, but with their own twist on it. Most are sure that the rapture is imminent. I say rubbish. Others are waiting for Obama to declare himself God (AC). Others are waiting fir the Mahdi to rise to power. And the opinions go on… Friends, this is our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ reporting the different opinions, but they cant be all correct. Pray about it and study the Scriptures. To be stuck on an opinion can blind you for the truth.


  6. Mr Tarr,

    I believe that you’re missing my point – or perhaps I am assuming that most here know how Article 666 of the WEU gave power to a man who was to become the EU’s first High Representative.

    Let me tie all this in for you an others who may not understand what I’m trying to convey:

    When the WEU – which “did” make up 10 European Nations, created a seat for a High Representative, many associated this position with the seat of the coming Antichrist – who was Javier Solana. When Javier Solana created Recommendation 666, after his appointment, many became even more watchful as things in the European Union and the rest of the World started to unfold.

    Prior to Javier Solana officially taking the seat as High Representative, he was the Foreign Minister of Spain, (at that time Spain had the Presidency of the Council for the EU) – and he opened up the meeting at the 1995 Barcelona Process (Euro-Med), and out of this conference with many nations the ENP was developed. It was Javier Solana who was given the credit for this great diplomatic accomplishment.

    Please remember that the Euro-Med could not solve the peace situation with the Israelis and Palestinians – therefore it had to be “strengthened” and this was done with the ENP. As Javier Solana took the position as High Representative he appeared in his newly appointed position with Ariel Sharon, in an effort to have Israel and the Palestinians come together to deal with their peace differences. At this meeting, Ariel Sharon refused to shake the hand of Javier Solana – and further told him that the EU should stay out of Israeli affairs, and mind their own business. Javier Solana responded with: “Israel will have to deal with the EU someday – whether they like it or not”. (Paraphrasing)

    Now as I wrap this all up, let me say that people tend to forget things – especially when they have someone else dictating Scripture and/or Bible Prophecy to them, and it doesn’t turn out as they expected.

    Javier Solana had many failed attempts (as some may remember) – but it never stopped him from attempting to negotiate things in secret, and by pretense saturated in lies. With these failed attempts, one must also remember that if he is to become the coming Antichrist – then “his time” was not yet. Meaning he had to have some things fail, in order that he not be given too much credit, and appear “God-like”. The coming Antichrist will have an appointed time in which he is to be revealed. Then he will not fail – at least until the Return of Christ.

    So in my posting what Javier Solana tweeted a year ago – all I am attempting to convey is that Javier Solana may not have forgotten how Ariel Sharon basically DISSED him before the whole World. And although he was wrong about the death of Sharon – let me point out that there have been others who have died having political clout, yet no “tweets” about them. I also wanted to remind those who are watching that it’s the small things that we often miss; go virtually unnoticed – or in time people just flat out forget. It is often the small things that tie in to Bible Prophecy, and are overlooked.

    So in closing, and with the aforementioned things that I have listed being the WEU – which gave it’s power and authority to the Beast (EU); the fact that we still have a Covenant with Many that doesn’t expire until next year; the fact that Scripture states that he (Antichrist) must remain hidden until the proper time; the earthquakes, wars & rumors of wars; and the overall state of the World’s economy – then I must say that we must pay attention as we continue to watch, to the very small things that might bring us the Hope that we long for……and that is the Return of Christ.


  7. Vic Wickus,

    I guess we were both typing at the same time, although there is an hour difference in our messages. I’m often up and down, in and out when I respond to certain messages, and it takes me about that long to put things together. (lol)

    In viewing some of your previous posts, I have really come to appreciate the urgency in which you are attempting to get us all to understand that the time of Christ’s Return may be nearer than many want to accept. I’m with you brother….I don’t know if this whole ENP(I) theory will pan out, but I do believe as you do, and that is there is NO 7 year tribulation period.

    I can say without fear of contradiction that I believe wholeheartedly that the very next event that will happen is the A0D. I know that many in the Pre-trib camp believe that the Antichrist taking a seat in the temple is the point in which he is revealed. I’m not so sure about that interpretation. I have to be very honest and say that I don’t know what the A0D is, or how it will be understood – but I feel as if it will have something to do with the Wailing Wall. We know from Scripture that when the armies surround Jerusalem that it’s desolation is nigh.

    I also believe that something very profound is about to happen. If we who are in Christ are not well grounded – or otherwise lukewarm, then it will be a huge challenge to face what is about to come upon the earth.


  8. Amen Vic and Mr B.

    Mr B you said ” I also believe that something very profound is about to happen. If we who are in Christ are not well grounded – or otherwise lukewarm, then it will be a huge challenge to face what is about to come upon the earth.”

    Satan being expelled from the heavenliness, Michael( the protector of Israel) leaving his post (who’s purpose was “restraining” evil and holding back the man of sin from being revealed – , until the APPOINTED time ) and going to make war with with Satan? whew that was a long question to self 🙂

    I can’t even begin to put into words the ” devastation ” and evil that will be manifested here on earth as he is cast out if this is how we feel now. The spiritual battle is intense and as Vic says ” there is a urgency in the air” now more so than ever as we witness the surrounding of Israel 😦

    It’s almost as if , this ( what we are about to face ) has been the reason / purpose for the major trials and tribulations we’ve had to endure over these past few years, let’s rejoice and be glad , let’s praise His beautiful name to be counted worthy for a time such as this.

    What a time to be alive !! and yes as you mentioned Vic the deception is mind boggling. There is a flurry of excitement in the pre trib camp as they are CONvinced the rapture is on the last day of the feast of tabernacles- that being like 11 days away 😦

    How are they able to stand when this date is once again proven to be in error. I shudder at the thought and wonder if they will not have sufficient oil to make it through what is about to come upon this earth. My heart is sad.

    You are daily in our prayers and need you guys to know how much we love and appreciate you all.

    Keep up the watch and let’s not become distracted by the musings around us that so easily can distract and divert from ” building the wall ” 🙂

    Let’s learn from Nehemiah and not be discouraged by diversity!


  9. Hi Mr B

    Yes, I really do feel an urgency in me as I know you and others here also feel. It will come suddenly and will catch many by surprise. While many will wait for an antichrist to sit in a rebuild temple, we will have an AoD event that will happen just after Jerusalem are surrounded. That can happen very quick. We are surely on the same page Brother.

    I was just reading Brother Scott’s latest post on He has some seriously interesting thoughts (as always) about the woman riding the beast. For those who did not read it yet, here is a snippet, but please go to his site and read the Sept 25, 2012 entry that is currently on top. Feel free to leave your comments here as I am sure Bro Scott will not mind:

    Make bright the arrows; gather the shields: the LORD hath raised up the spirit of the kings of the Medes: for his device is against Babylon, to destroy it; because it is the vengeance of the LORD, the vengeance of his temple.
    Set up the standard upon the walls of Babylon, make the watch strong, set up the watchmen, prepare the ambushes: for the LORD hath both devised and done that which he spake against the inhabitants of Babylon. Jeremiah 51:11-12 (KJV)
    “we can defeat the enemy at its home”
    Those of you that have been watching along with us for some time now, know that I strongly consider that the woman that rides the beast is Islam. We can solidly say that the beast is the Revived Roman Empire, the EU. The beast will then turn on the woman and destroy her after she has served their and God’s purposes. I consider Islam to be one of the two feet on the statue that God showed to Daniel long ago. You do remember where the headquarters of the eastern iron leg of the Old Roman Empire was don’t you? … Istanbul Turkey. The capitol of the other iron leg, the western one, was Rome. Today we know it to be Brussels Belgium. Islam is looking for the coming of their “Mahdi” or the 12th Imam after war breaks out. You do remember what the mo of the Man of Sin is don’t you? … (Daniel 8:25) – Scott
    And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.
    And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns. Revelation 17:6-7 (KJV)
    And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.
    For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled. Revelation 17:16-17 (KJV)
    And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many … Daniel 8:25 (KJV)


  10. Loved this scripture in my 5 am quite time this morning as it reminds me of a chapter the Lord blessed me with and the promise of Psalm’s 15 – of who is worthy to abide in His Holy Hill.

    Isa 33:14 — The sinners in Zion are afraid; fearfulness hath surprised the hypocrites. Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire? who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings?

    (Walks in righteousness, speaks the truth from the heart,never puts his money to usury, never takes reward against the innocent , won’t lend his ears to falsehood and keeps his eyes from looking upon evil )

    Isa 33:15 — He that walketh righteously, and speaketh uprightly; he that despiseth the gain of oppressions, that shaketh his hands from holding of bribes, that stoppeth his ears from hearing of blood, and shutteth his eyes from seeing evil;

    Something evil cometh our way !


  11. “when you gonna wake up and strenghten the things that remain”
    “If we who are in Christ are not well grounded – or otherwise lukewarm, then it will be a huge challenge to face what is about to come upon the earth.”
    Tony T and Mr B, well said.


  12. Hey Sus Cole, I must have posted over your comment.

    Yes, the deception is real, but I fear it will get much worse. It is scary how many pre-tribbers are holding on to a straw as they are sure the rapture will be any day. The scary part is that they are sincere Christians. I have a few pre-trib friends on Facebook who are passionate for the Lord. Well, I guess the Lord knows what to do with His own in the pre-trib camp. Lets just be light to a dying world.


  13. On the subject of deception, we have finalised our church move after having another conversation with the pastors sadly giving only humanistic answers to explain their church policies. I have met with the pastor of a more local church and spoken about these things, were on the same wave-length amazingly, he is South African so probably nuts or perhaps likes the colour grey! Welcome to Winter in England. More fog anyone?


  14. be not anxious,….trust, and rest in that trust as you watch and wait,….patient endurance. This is way too much for our flesh,….let us continually deal w/ it from the spirit, innocently relying on our DAD!


  15. Interesting article on Atonement from Arutz Sheva:

    “One of the dramatic prayers is a review of the High Priest’s preparations and yearly entering the Holy of Holies in the Temple, during which the each member of the congregation prostrates himself before G-d.

    There is also a piyyut, liturgical poem, recalling the ten martyrs killed by the Romans, one of whom was Rabbi Akiva.

    The fast begins just before sundown on Tuesday and ends some 25 hours later, after the special Ne’ilah (locking, signifying that the gates of heaven are to be locked at the end of the fast) prayer, said standing. At the prayer’s end, the Shma Yisrael – Hear O Israel the Lord our G-d, the Lord is One – is recited aloud by the entire congregation, followed by another two verses, including sevenfold loud repetition of the words “G-d is the Lord”.”


  16. PROOF of the POWER of God is Coming, that is what will occur Soon…………PROOF of God’s PROMISES. The ACTION of God and the overwhelming POWER and PRESENTS of God in our members. He will CONFIRM us unto the END. The separation from the true and the false, the wheat and the tares, the sheep and the goats, the wise from the unwise will CONFIRM us and PROVE us.
    The separation will PROVE the Word of God and power of His Christ to the ungodly and those who sleep in the night………………..go ye out to meet Him soon and do not slumber. Ready your lamps and fill up your vessels with oil……..A light on a hill can not be hid….stand on Mt. Zion with your lamps full. The Hill of the Lord is as the hill of Bashan, an High Hill as the hill of Bashan.


  17. OH, your gonna take n git that-a-way about it, hey tribber. Well listen up here mister,…i don’t know what in tarnation i’d do without ya there fella,…..i agree,….and boy can we use it,…esp. me,i’m all screwed up. Help Jesus, fix me, i’m broken


  18. …and Mr. Baldy, all that you said above w respect to sloana/enp and Rccmd 666, boy do i ever see what you mean! Thanks for the reminder, there feller! You took n brought it around full circle! i was picturing Herb Peters and His work, his brilliant work.


  19. What in tarnation’s Bashan anyhow? i mean i’ve heard of gahshang,..but Bashan? i ain’t never hear’ed of it!? Picture ole Walter Brennan sayin’ all that…..


  20. Vic said,”don’t be dogmatic about someone elses opinions or about you own”. An under-statement! , Thanks Vic,…we just don’t fully know about the exact details w/ percision


  21. Isaiah 57
    15 For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones.


  22. has anyone read what chris perver from one the links on this site has to say about pre-tribbers being struck at [so to speak]? i think its the prophecy in the news site,its easy to find and worth taking note of


  23. thanks for siting that isaiah 57 verse shortribber. agree with you all–urgent that we remain praying and watchful Trusting God’s Word-not ourselves or others. deception is the presiding spirit in the world but we have our Guide-the Holy Spirit of God to interpret that Word showing the times to us. it is good that you brought that forward again mr baldy. we can trace some things in those shadows cast and see something is taking shape. what has been vague will become manifest before much longer. God will show us what we must believe and do in response. face set like flint……hands on the plow….eyes on the prize………… looking back——-only looking up.


  24. thanks Andre’, i love it,…hands on the plow,…..Praise be to God! That feels me good! Lord, when you are glorified, my heart is satisfied to know,….all praise and honor are Yours!!


  25. thank tribber for the bashan link, i read thru it,now i know, appreciate it, it fills in the painting a bit more…..interesting! thanks again


  26. James praise the Lord for the answered prayer and most of all sending a fellow South- African too 🙂 Oh I love that. Prayed often for you my brother.

    Also from the link you posted, these words need to be heeded by many who claim to be ” born-again”. It’s a sad reality but people think they can be ” saved” yet hold onto resentment, bitterness and spiritual poison of unforgiveness in their hearts, like how is that possible huh!!

    “One must also appease and ask forgiveness from those he has harmed or insulted over the year. One must also forgive those who are sorry for hurting us. To err is human and can be forgiven, the refusal to forgive, however, is not forgivable.”

    Hebrews 12:15, “…lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled.”

    2 Corinthians 2:10-11, “To whom ye forgive any thing, I forgive also: for if I forgave any thing, to whom I forgave it, for your sakes forgave I it in the person of Christ; Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.”

    James this Yom Kippur could begin some serious events and may be reminiscent of 1973 😦

    And the Lord shut Noah in…..


  27. His Own, a good pastor friend of mine has been teaching about forgiveness-[ going back to your comment to James]- Pastor Bob spoke of the biblical concept of Gods Judicial System,and things like ,….until a person repents toward you in connection w/ a particular tresspass, you can’t really Rightfully forgive them, etc…we are trutthfully sorry first, which leads to repentance and in some instances,restitution,…then we are able to be forgiven. That kinda pattern,!…it was new to me to hear Bob point these things out. i’m tired right now,…but he said how cheap and superficial it has all become and he went on to articulate quite well….. Perhaps you all are in the know, already, about this matter.? to me it was rather astounding. i will try to get him to join in on this site. He’s for Real.He seems very well aquainted with Scripture, to say the least.


  28. No problem Tony T.
    Thanks for your prayers Coll they hit the mark, seems like things have come together really well. The kids have taken a bit of time settling in but they are getting there. The church is also starting a new evangelistic outreach which I hope to be a part of. The pastor seems very good, very real and into scripture so should be a healthy place to recieve and share. I’ve felt very peaceful these last couple of weeks about the change, great to feel settled. Many challenges remain! Time to get stronger and press in, its no time to be at ease!


  29. The only thing I didn’t know about is javier solana told Mr Sharon that he was going to deal with the EU someday. WOW Jesus Bless you and keep you, all eyes looking up!!!
    I lean towards pre wrath but only HE knows. I’m just a vessel.
    God Bless


  30. Vic quoted:

    “Those of you that have been watching along with us for some time now, know that I strongly consider that the woman that rides the beast is Islam. We can solidly say that the beast is the Revived Roman Empire, the EU. The beast will then turn on the woman and destroy her after she has served their and God’s purposes. ”

    Mr Rumpoy says:

    “European Council chief Herman Van Rompuy Wednesday told the UN general assembly that Europe remains committed to the goals of the Arab spring. “We are in it for the long run. I want to reaffirm: we still believe in the message of the Arab Spring,” he said.”


  31. Its an interesting possibility : ” …..For these and other reasons, the world – and the West in particular – must do more than merely stand on the sidelines as Hamas wrestles over its future. Instead, the U.S. and Europe should test whether they can seize the opportunity presented by two related developments: first, the rise to power (notably in Egypt) of Islamist movements that are keen on improving relations with the West, crave stability and are signalling they do not wish to make the Israeli-Palestinian issue a priority; second, the intense internal debates taking place within Hamas over the movement’s direction.”


  32. Vic Wickus,

    Can you please explain why you think, or consider that “Islam is the woman that rides the beast?”

    Sometimes I think that we give way too much credit to Islam as it relates to bible prophecy, and how that particular religion will impact the World as far as being a Religious Entity is concerned. I believe that the whole idea of Islam, and the uprising of the Arab Spring is nothing more than a warring factor in these last days, designed to create chaos. The Arabs or Islamic people can’t even get it together within their own ranks as far as unity is concerned. How can we suspect that they will have that much control over the entire World, as far as a matter of religion is weighed in?

    The Arab Spring is controlled by the Global Elites – who have used a particular people to carryout their mission to control the World – hence lets now introduce the platform for the Antichrist to enter once the chaos has established it’s desired form.

    When the World unites at the battle of Armageddon, I don’t believe that it will be about Islam, or Religion per se’ – as many believe and have been taught – but it will be about control (wanting and believing in a System – in order to eat, live, survive), and the rejection of God (not accepting God as King and Ruler of the earth – which has been God’s plan from the very beginning).

    This all of course is just my opinion – perhaps we are saying the same thing, and I have totally misunderstood what you are trying to convey. I hope that you may be able to provide some further insight to my ignorance on what you have presented.

    Thanks man…..



  33. Hi Mr B

    I’m the wrong one to explain. The author of that writing is Scott Herrmann. I just find it interesting but not something that I have studied or can defend. Hopefully Scott reads this and explain some more.


  34. …that, what you said about THE GLOBAL ELITE and THIER plans, Mr. Baldy, gets my attention. Do you all know about Albert Pike, a High Degree Mason from long ago who stated that thier plan was to pit the 3 monotheistic faiths against one another thru a well orchestrated series of manipulations, for to acheive thier ultimate NEW WORLD ORDER goal of One World Govt. by bringing order out of chaos.


  35. …..better not compromise, it won’t be easy. Those who wait on the Lord, will rise above,…till death do us part. 666 has no power over us who are IN CHRIST, amen. We have WON!!!, …to those who endure till the end………,……though i walk thru the valley of death, i will fear no evil………..Praise Jesus,….i’ve made my peace and man i’m feelin’ fine. Steer me right, sweet Jesus


  36. Mr B, just have to say that I agree with you that too much credit is given to Islam related to Bible prophecy. I think the worst is how some teachers like Walid Shoebat, Joel Richardson and Ray Gano can call themselves Bible teachers but put their believe in a satanic prophecy out of Islam that some mystical Mahdi will come to rule the world. And then they teach that this Mahdi will be the antichrist!

    Now I have raised this concern to Mr Gano in an email and the response was more of an attack than an explanation. I refuse to study some false prophecy to try to understand Biblical eschatology. My God never told me to look at the idols to understand His words.

    But I don’t think this is what Scott believes. 8)


  37. …..better not compromise, it won’t be easy. Those who wait on the Lord, will rise above,…till death do us part. 666 has no power over us who are IN CHRIST, amen. We have WON!!!, …to those who endure till the end………,……though i walk thru the valley of[ the shadow of death], i will fear no evil………..Praise Jesus,….i’ve made my peace and man i’m feelin’ fine. Steer me right, sweet Jesus


  38. thats wierd how its taught that the feast days are a shadow of things to come,…..usually something has to be present in order to cast its shadow, but this is a shadow being cast by ,……..things to come. i love prophecy


  39. I’m thinking about Rich Petersons blogspot: Time times and half a time. its linked from this site, down towards the bottom of the heap. His site, which is dedicated to the ALLIANCE of CIVILIZATIONS, is incredible,…….absolutely INCREDIBLE. This mans research goes down into the thick of it all, and to read it, is to realize how THEY are operating to ensnare mankind. Rich hasn’t posted in a long while, but if you go back on his blog and then move forward, you will not regret it, as it will shed light and amaze you, and bless you. Its a blog like no other,……reflecting hard fought, deep research,……hours and hours of it. God bless you and Thanks Rich. /////// now as it turns out, that wonderful lady, Connie, who had recently been posting here, also has a blogspot of worthiness, reflecting insightfulness that is WORTH taking the time to visit, its very interesting! Mr. Baldy, i believe you would get into it, for one! blessings,……tony


  40. Hi Tarr….Vic Wickus, and All

    To answer your question Tony T, I don’t have a clue as to who Albert Pike is – and I want to say for the record, that I don’t necessarily believe in conspiracy theories either; but my Lord have some of them come out to make a lot of sense.

    Using common sense, and viewing what is going on in our World today – all I can say is that I know that we’ve been lied to. Over, and over, and over again.

    I also want to say for the record, that anyone who has looked at the ENP(I) theory, and has seriously weighed out what is written in Scripture – that this is exactly what we have been commanded to do, and that is to watch – and in continuing to view it is just plain wise. What other 7 year confirmation of a previous covenant is in place at this time?

    Vic Wickus, I want to say after reading your comments that brother I am sick. Sick and tired of the status quo when it comes down to bible prophecy, and those who have allowed traditional teachings to form their thinking in what has been nothing more than deception for those who innocently want to learn the truth, (myself formerly included) – but in the name of money; they are tickling the minds of those who want to believe a lie.

    Anytime a sister or brother in Christ wants to confront one about concerns (meaning what you have presented to brother Gano) it should never come back in an attack. I am so strongly against the Pre-Tribulation Rapture doctrine, that I will do everything within my power to let those who want to hear – that it is just a straight lie from the very pits of Hell. And it would never be in a form of a personal attack, but what I have come to understand as truth, and that in love.

    All of this End Time prophecy, as far as predictions by moons, stars, eclipses; temples; 7 year tribulation period; Mahdi; Islamic paradigm; Holy Spirit leaving the earth during the tribulation period – (when we know that He is God; and the Entire Universe cannot contain Him); harvests; feasts; coming Antichrist being indwelled by Satan; and labeling the Last Day to the exact event – is just PLAIN SICKENING.

    NO ONE KNOWS THE DAY OR HOUR………Scripture is clear on that.

    So in closing (and please forgive my venting) , We are told to WATCH. We do not know the Day or the Hour that our Lord will Return. But we will know when His coming is Close….even at the very doors; we will have understanding; as we have been given clues, and/or Signs. But to deviate from these clues, and signs – and I’m not talking about trying to fit what we have before us, as it applies to what has been written – but what I am saying is when we attempt to either: “read into Scripture” ; or to “create a different gospel”; or theology, other than that which is written; (and as it it is written) – it is absolutely “no gospel at all”. That is when the deception comes in.

    Body of Christ, His Coming will catch many by surprise. It will be just as Scripture declares it will. Even many, many believers will be caught of guard.


  41. Geeze Mr. man, you really are grieved over it all and i know how it feels. Albert Pike wrote Morals and Dogma. Dr.Stanley Monteith, wrote a book called Brotherhood of Darkness, and it covers all of the plans of the Illuminati/ freemasons etc. and our Global Elite. Another top reseacher is Dr. Dennis Cuddy, he refers to the Power Elites plans in connection w/ nazism. Stuff on Carrol Quigley is eye opening as well! be well Mr. Baldy and of good cheer. i wish i was as intelligent as you obviously are. Keep at it, you are a help to others, for sure. Blessings, tony


  42. Brothers, I also “agree with you that too much credit is given to Islam related to Bible prophecy.”
    Shoebat and company are in my opinion provocateurs setting up an easy target ‘enemy’ outside of churchendom, and pretends that the West are the good guys, even ‘the righteous ones’!! (Oh yes, the west is just SO much more moral and upright… NOT.)
    What is the fruit of such teaching?

    1. Shoebat plays on the ‘war on terror’, and feeds into the Islam vs. West agitational propaganda. Have we sen other examples of whipped up mobs aggravated by fanning the flames of this Islam/West controversy…? Who profits?

    2. This agitational propaganda provides an easily targeted ‘enemy’, whith the result of christians fearing, rather than loving and reaching out to muslims. It also handily takes the focus off of ourselves in western ‘christendom’, so we don’t have to weigh ourselves on the scales and find ourselves wanting… Result: comfortable finger-pointing, and avoidance of self scrutiny.

    3. If we haven’t gotten the message through Hosea, among many other scriptural references, that the ‘harlot’, and the ‘adulterous wife’ has to do whith God’s wayward people – first of all in reference to Israel, but also to the church – then we have missed a huge, important clue to the identity of the Harlot. Clue: did Jesus warn (in Matthew 24) of enemies from without, or of falsehood from within?

    4. Shoebat and company have tried to shoehorn the (most suitable version of the) shi’a Mahdi ‘prophecy’ to fit whith biblical eschatologi. Admittedly there are interesting similarities. But, just as Cinderellas stepsisters had to mutilate their feet for the shoe to fit, likewise the ‘muslim Antichrist’ proposition has to sidestep the full counsel of the Word of God, in order to ‘fit’ whith what the Scriptures say: a world leader that ‘the whole world’ will admire – not just the muslim world.

    5. Although it doesn’t fit whith Scripture, it seems to make for a comfortable, and easily palatable version of the truth, by the great, Western ‘Christian masses’, who perhaps are not so well bewandered in the Scriptures, and therefore more readily swallow this conveniently presented scenario? Isn’t it also neat how it fits so snugly whith (US) foreign policy?!

    6. Does the ‘muslim Antichrist’ presumption help us in being watchful of our ‘own back yard’? Do we check for the subtler ways, by which ‘even the elect’ might be deceived?
    Do we fight against flesh-and-blood, or will the end time scenario be played out on a whole different, subtler, and more devious level? Will it be obvious – or will it be devious…?

    7. Who is (an) Antichrist, if not the very one, who takes the throne, and promotes himself as ‘Vicar of Christ’`?! The very claims of this man, or this office, are staggering! And still so much of our so called christianity are willing to go along on the merry train to Rome, bowing and curtseying, and singing cumbayah…
    Is there a marked tendency within (western) christendom towards ‘unity’ ? Peraps for the sake of ‘world peace’? Or even for te sake of us all being one ‘just as Jesus prayed’?


  43. Angela very well said thank-you 🙂

    The deception is almost unbearable to watch as it unfolds before us. Perilous times lay ahead and as Mr Baldy mentioned , not too many are prepared for what is coming down.


  44. Angela you hit the nail right on the head and pinned the subtle deceptive underhanded ways these men are “working up the masses ” into accepting the lie that is unfolding before our very eyes. The saddest thing of all this is how it ” feeds into” – If I may say it – the American pride.

    I love how you mention a ” palatable version of the truth (and the US foreign policy) ” as it plays right into the end time strong delusion. Men deceiving and BEING deceived.

    I look forward to seeing you post more often and not only do I appreciate your wisdom, agape love , heart and sincerity but the most of all it’s the spirit of humility that blessed me most in your post.


  45. in place of the thumbs up thingy i’ll do this–:)–you can feel it as well as see it-pride……….pride has built-in blindness. in the world pride has now lifted up so high but in God’s Time-God’s Way-will be brought down… destruction.


  46. Thank you all for encouraging feedback.
    And a special tanks, Hisown1, for what you wrote. It meant a lot to me.

    I enjoy visiting here, and may occasionally ‘leave a mark’, when my strength allows.
    i would apprecciate all of your prayers, as I am having quite a tough time whith a chronic illness, that only seems to be getting worse…

    As to the topic, here are the words of our dear Swedish Bible teacher Sven Reichmann:
    “Den sista tiden blir en lurig tid.”
    “The end times will be ‘tricky’ times.”


  47. you don’t have to accept the teaching of their being a muslim antichrist,… to come to grips with the idea that radical islam is part of the beast aggregate, or perhaps mystery babylons partner in crime.


  48. picture this: the vatican creates islam to serve its God-awful purposes,….islam, over time, morphs into a large powerful enemy, a monster of sorts,[A BEAST],…..the whore of babylon is blown away as it see’s that it has in fact created an unimaginable FOE,……..and in time…THE BEAST DEVOURS THE WHORE! ………….just postulating


  49. Not wanting to de-rail the thread but I just inadvertently revisited the 70th week revisited when my bible fell open on a passage that blew me away, I’ve scrolled through the topic we were on and Shorties posts and didn’t see this verse listed so I will post it here.
    Isaiah 10:22-23
    “For though your people, O Israel, may be like the sand of the sea,
    Only a remnant within them will return;
    A destruction is determined, overflowing with righteousness.
    23 For a complete destruction, one that is decreed, the Lord [r]God of hosts will execute in the midst of the whole land.”

    I have never seen this before, the similarity to Daniel 9:27 is more than striking. And there’s that word Midst. Destruction, determined, overflowing, decreed, midst. But the “He” in this passage is the Lord of Hosts.


  50. This is the time for us to repent and become holy. The return of Christ is sooner than we think.. Nothing is going to stop the events foretold in the Bible, not even electing Romney. That’s the harsh truth.


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