Famous Hedge Fund Manager Sees The Rise of a Dangerous Demagogue as a Possible Scenario

Ray Dalio – a very successful hedge fund manager draws a very clear line between the last great economic upheaval, and the rise of Adolf Hitler. If that isn’t a flashing red light to Christians – who know that one day an Antichrist will come, I don’t know what is. Things are not getting better in Europe, the recovery in the US is a temporary mirage at best, and now very troubling economic signs and signs of political trouble are coming from the Far East. Maybe the next guy isn’t the final AC (unlikely but I guess still possible) but the stage is set for a the rise of a very charismatic, and very worldly man to take the reigns of Europe. In my mind given what we know from scripture, and the key things that have already been fulfilled (Israel back in the land being the big one) I don’t see how he could be anyone but the AC.

Enough of my infrequent commentary as of late, here’s the link to the article:



29 thoughts on “Famous Hedge Fund Manager Sees The Rise of a Dangerous Demagogue as a Possible Scenario

  1. Hi Rob,

    Great article. I don’t want to put myself anywhere in the category of an economist, or a historian – but as far as the things that are happening in our World today, and how it relates to bible prophecy – I really can’t see how the situation with the World can stand to wait any longer for someone with answers to arrive.

    I like to take a “common sense” approach to the events that are happening in the World, as they relate to bible prophecy. The events that are happening are all leading to a climax, and that is for sure. We really don’t know how it will all come out “exactly” – into play, but we can certainly use what is written to sort of gage the timing of it all.

    History has a very unique way of repeating itself. When Hitler rose to power at the time he rose to power, then it was right for that time. Can you imagine if someone of his genius were to rise to power today? Perhaps because of his true intellect, and genius he had to rise to power at that time, just to show, or be a “foreshadow” of the man who is to come – to fulfill prophecy in the very way that Jesus describe it. What I mean by that is that Jesus said that it will be a time such as no other time in the World, and never shall it be repeated.

    Hitler was a monster. And by the time he actually became the person he was to become….it was too late. Too many lives had been destroyed.

    All of this chaos that is happening in our World today; the technology; the GREED, and the hatred can’t really take the pounding to withstand another 20 years.

    Just my very humble opinion………..


  2. the solar and lunar ecclipses that are coming in these next few upcoming years, which will coincide with the feast days {of jewish custom} where the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light, sets my mind on the coming of messiah as all else falls into place. Things are not so much falling apart, but rather falling into place. With open hearts and minds and voices, let us sing praises to the Good God of creation. Amazing Grace abounds


  3. …..wonder all around,…….the child awakes………….dream,…vision,….fruition! …and like Adamantine said, The Return of the KING!!!


  4. and for all intents and purposes, the catapiller dies, and is dead inside his silk palace, until when all at once, a wonderful metamorphesis begins to take place as the chief DNA hollers out;”ALL CHANGE”, the soupy mass of disorganized material begins to reorganize,…translation…..and at last, a marvel in sight,…like an angel of the afterlife, the butterfly emerges with a tremendously magnificient new glorified body of great beauty. New life has just begun. Hosanna in the Highest


  5. Tony,

    While those eclipses occur on feast days, they (all of them) will only be visible in the Orient and Australia, not in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, or Americas. Do you think that would alter the significance?


  6. i would think maybe yes,…thanks for telling me,….cause it will even me out some. boy do i get excited and the feeling is just like fallin’ in love! your the first and only one i have ever heard say that
    or point that out. that takes away from the splendor of it all, however if God deceides that He is going to put His touch to it why then Surprise Alive!


  7. Tony,
    Actually the fact that it is only seen in those areas dovetails perfectly with the way I understand Scripture and confirms what I was suspecting. I don’t know how others view these eclipses, but in my studies on Judaism, I learned (maybe right, maybe wrong) that they viewed these as signs of God’s judgment for whomever sees the eclipses. As they fall on the feast days, and now I find that they all only appear over that area (two things which would be astronomically coincidental) it really makes me think that I have understood the way I interpreted the Scriptures correctly and it does get me very excited.


  8. Not to rain on any one’s parade…….

    But there have been many discussions on this forum where we have been reminded of the parable of the 10 Virgins, and the absolute warnings of the very unexpected Return of Christ thereof.

    Point that I am making is……..No one knows the day or the hour.

    If it were as simple as eclipses, moons, feast days….etc ,then there would be no need to warn.


  9. i disagree Mr.Baldy because people are walking around asleep, when it comes to the actuality of these things coming to pass. God knows our fallen state. He has given us signposts, ie. Israe las a nation in 1948 and others of course. What you call “as simple as” really isn’t as simple as you may think, for example, look at your very own viewpoint on the matter. me and my dog are watchin’ them ecclipses!!! Jesus is Coming Soon! and i know that you KNOW this too. LOVE in CHRIST, …….


  10. Connie, please tell more on how you see it all,so i can further understand Your Excitment w/ respect to these heavenly signs. / Also maybe Andre’ can say some of what was revealed? on http://www.119ministries . com which see made mention of a while back! And Mr. Baldy, do you see what i mean in my comment above?


  11. Mr. Baldy,

    It has been apparent from my entrance into this blog that my understanding of Scripture has not been in sync with most everyone else’s here on this forum, in fact it is quite different in some respects. I see Christ’s return and the rapture as happening at the last trumpet, and a lot of signs occurring before that. Some of those signs are heavenly signs according to Christ. I do not see these eclipses as being the sixth seal, as I do not see them answering the description given there, but I do see them as portents of events to come (which is why the area they are seen is of interest to me, as I had from Scripture come up with a hypothesis as to what was going to happen to China and those countries over there and these portents [as well as some information I got on some government activities for that area] would seem to give some affirmation to the hypothesis I had surmised as possibly being correct). Christ did say that we would see signs in the heavens before His coming to warn us of its nearness, (and by nearness, I don’t mean tomorrow or next month, I mean several years or more) and that is all these are, at least to me, so you aren’t raining on my parade. The fact that Christ will be returning sometime during the fall feasts does give us the season, (autumn) and eventually as other events take place we will be able to narrow it down further (such as the year), although the exact day or hour will never be predictable, therefore we can never know them. Christ’s return may be unexpected to the rest of the world, “But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.” 1 Thess. 5:4.


  12. Tony,

    Since I view the seals, trumpets, and vials as separate and chronological events, and take everything quite literally, I see a whole different scenario occurring than everyone else sees happening (or at least I am thinking that based on what I have read here). It would be extremely lengthy given that fact to try to explain it all to you, as there seems to be no place of common ground from which to start my explanation. It is just that I believe I have discovered in Scripture where there is a description of that part of the world being destroyed. Given that America (as Babylon) and the Mid-East, Russia, Europe and all those areas seem to be mentioned in terms of end times and this part of the world is not (unless you see the kings of the east as being this part of the world – I don’t. I see the kings of the east as being the Muslim countries east of Israel), I felt that there must be some indication of that part of the world being destroyed and not a participant in the very last events. I found some Scriptures that seem to fit that scenario, and these eclipses, if they are indeed portents of God’s judgment, would seem to give some credibility to my hypothesis. That is all.


  13. no- that link didn’t go where i thought.please do this… google http://www.119ministries.com and when the results come up scroll down to the 2nd result titled what isnt the hebrew roots mvmt listen to peter and paul as you read further into the post debate that started at got questions


  14. WOW Connie, i am moved by your outlook, and i wish you could talk to me some, over the phone, if you see fit. my #is 802-380-1648, in vermont. i see kings of the east as you do, for sure. i hope we can chat on all this more. i see rapture at rosh ha shanah, and 2nd coming at day of attonement feast, YOM KIPPUR, based on the 3 trumpets of jewish custom of old, these would be the last trump and then, THE GREAT TRUMP, how many years apart? i don’t know,..perhaps 7? or 3.5? or 1? or both in the same year.???


  15. …interesting how you said to mr, baldy, that you don’t see the ecclipses as the 6th seal, but that you see them as portents of things to come! cause that IS what they are; shadows of things to come!


  16. hi tony. i believe much can be gleaned from many things presented on this site. i want an open mind to consider things with no hard and fast rule—but that the Scriptures are actually doing the speaking–important to us here at unsealed. i do not have to be agreed or disagreed with for that matter-this is purely for learning why i am here-but how wonderful to be edified along the way by such knowledgeable and gracious folks as i find on this site. (my hat is off to all of you). that said i have to tell you that i was and am still quite blown away by what i saw laid out form the video presentation from 119 ministries. from minute 34 on in the presentation i found it has a beautiful order that gives Glory to God in my mind but still want to be sure so i hold on loosely to that also. the whole prophecy aspect was Scripturally based in my understanding. watched it 3x trying to be careful. (do i espouse the same seeming strictness to the judaism thrust (flavor?) in what they teach otherwise?—in a word–no….but i do find that their eschatology is worth noting in the attention to feasts and eclipses? yes—-not merely fascinating—but could very well be speaking because God said He gave us signs in the heavens and earth and He ordered those feasts (Jesus is beautifully revealed through each one). as was promoted by the ones who made the videos–test everything—and i certainly concur. (mark biltz is another one who has good study on these subjects too. many things i have heard thus far from these ministries point to many similarities)–but the Bible is where the bulk of my time and interest lies–the Holy Spirit is The Teacher. so i feel no compulsion to keep the feasts but they are important as a teaching tool. i gleaned much also from the harbinger by cahn because i saw the same attention to what God laid out in His Word-again not for an adherence to that letter to israel (isaiah 9:10 and surrounding text for the context) but see it as certainly applicable for discerning the current scene in these times we are living. things meant for israel to turn them back to the Lord but by way of example-a right and timely message for us today– this was clearly stated and defended appropriately by that author as well. but i take these things and ponder them in my heart and do not espouse that anyone/even me take them as the Truth–not until things are 100% fulfilled. if not then to be tossed aside. learning and trusting-still looking to these things because the command is to watch. most are sleeping and busy with the cares of this world and many readily fall back on “we do not know the day or the hour” as a cop out phrase for staying unlearned and unchallenged to live as last days people-redeeming the time. we say that here too-but not with that motivation because i see people here very much awake. we know we have not gotten this all understood—nor will we get it all understood…..that is okay by me!…watching for Him is humbling and exciting amen? He promises Wisdom for the asking. james 1:5. Godspeed to you and to all.


  17. I managed to sit through the whole clip ( from the posted link ) and felt I was right back sitting in a congregation in the JW cult. 😦

    The FEAR tactics are the same and” WE ALONE have the TRUTH ” are the makings of a dangerous cult.

    So let me see here now….IF WE DO NOT KEEP THE LAW WE HAVE COMMITTED THE UNPARDONABLE SIN ? or am I ” reading too much ” into this clip? I don’t need the answer to that question as the Holy Spirit had red flagged my spirit quite awhile back. I praise the Lord for His anointing and truth.



  18. amen. thank you colleen,you have the spirit of truth, no doubt. thanks andre’, i wish you were my neighbor,…you on one side and colleen on the other. me and my dog,LOVE you guys along w/ everyone else on the block,Whoops i mean on the blog!!!, this blog with Wickus!!!!!!! I truely give Thanks. i could say more…………………………..


  19. i have not seen any other of the videos from 119 ministries except the one on prophecy called daniel unsealed. i had asked for shortribbers opinion about it’s eschatology because it is showing the 3.5 years as beginning next year. Hisown followed up on some links i was not aware of and with what she wrote i figured that it is a legalistic approach to the teaching of Scripture so i know i have no interest in their teachings. the daniel unsealed one was what i saw and it was well done however. maybe they have those things correct and maybe not. i’m waiting to see……….i had originally seen of their statement of faith that we are saved by Grace through faith but if their actual teachings are going beyond that then that is certainly a red flag. as with everything these days—proceed with caution…………..isn’t it interesting the topics that are being explored here on this blog? Law and Love for instance…..what to keep-what not to keep? interesting for sure…………………


  20. The discussion in this thread have driven me to my knees( I love when the Lord does that ) and am so blessed by the scripture the Holy Spirit laid on my heart.

    It is His voice alone that we need to obey and not to be swayed by the guile and deceptiveness of men that lie in wait to deceive.

    Eph 4:14 β€” That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;

    Tony the only link I see in this thread is the “119 ministries” link and quite frankly I have exposed this site for the deception it holds too once before and have no desire to do so again.

    I have begged the Lord to show me why He has not called me to ” keep the sabbath” and will wait on Him to answer that.

    Can we get back to the original discussion of this thread already?


  21. To: Tony Tarr,

    In your response to me, I believe that you have misinterpreted what I wrote, If you’ll re-read what I posted, you will see that we are saying the same thing.


  22. Connie,

    If it matters to you, we are in agreement on a lot of what you have posted. I have never been dogmatic about any of the views that I post here, and there are those that disagree – which is fine.

    Please don’t let the disagreements change on whether or not you post here – or how often. The truth will be found, and/or learned as this is the Body of Christ, and edification is often provided.


  23. Mr. BALDY, i re-read what you posted and even tho i still seem to see it like at first, i trust that i just am not realizing it the way you meant it??? thanks for the feedback. very honestly, i admire you. Blessings…


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