Please pray for Romalynn and her family

Two teens dead, another critically injured after crash in Boise foothills

BOISE — Two teens are dead and another critically injured after the driver of a car plunged over a steep embankment in the Boise foothills early Sunday morning.

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the circumstances of the crash, including why the driver swerved off the winding road near East Wild Horse Lane shortly after 2 a.m.

East Wild Horse Lane stretches along the Boise foothills, just below the Table Rock recreation area. The road is secured by a private gate, and includes at least one sign warning drivers of the dangerous curves ahead.

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Comment by Romalynn:

 This news story from Boise, Idaho is about my great niece, Tiffany 17 years old. She and another young man died early this morning in this horrific accident. One 20 year old survived. Please pray for my family, Tiffany was a baptized believer, in fact I have her baptism picture. We are so grieved by this and there is not much more I can say. Her mother, Beverly needs much prayer from all who pray. Thanks

Comment by Vic:

 Please lets keep them in our prayers.



25 thoughts on “Please pray for Romalynn and her family

  1. It can’t be better than being around the Throne of God Romalynn. Your sadness we all share in, and our prayers are sent up for your family’s loss.
    What we share in later will be so much more powerful and wonderful though, praise the Lord Almighty, he will wipe away every tear.


  2. Romalynn,

    My heart goes out deeply for you and your family in this great time of loss. I offer my deepest prayers, and condolences.


  3. thank God that at a hurting time such as now for all of your family roma there are such precious memories as these pictures attest. we look for good from God because His compassions fail not-brand new every morning are His Mercies. knowing that these young ones are now in the Arms of Jesus comforts me right along with you.


  4. Thank you all so much, your compassion in the Lord Jesus for us really is truly moving. So much of the time it is easy to forget how quickly in a second we may exit this body, we will never truly have all the answers here, but we will trust in the Lord and lean not on our own understanding. I confess a bit of questioning of my Lord, as on Sunday we had planned a get together party for the gentleman we care for here at home, a lady who is good friend at the assisted living facility where Ed spent a year, and my birthday which was Monday the 3d (edited by sheep), Louise’ the 6th and Ed will be 93 tomorrow. I found myself asking why, why, why not us older ones who have lived full lives, that is where we must grasp the word of God and our faith and know that we don’t have to know and understand, we must just trust in the Lord with all our heart..


  5. You and your family are in my prayers. What a precious picture of her baptism. My little three year old granddaughter was sitting with me while I was reading this at the computer. She asked me what the girl was doing in the bathtub. I told her that she had asked Jesus into her heart and that she was being baptised. She said, “I already have Jesus in my heart. Can I be baptised too?” How precious are the little ones. She asked Jesus into her heart while sitting on my lap one day and now to desire baptism is just pure joy in our hearts. Thank you Romalynn for sharing this wonderful memory with us.


  6. The two families of the ones who passed went up to the crash site today and released balloons. Thanks be to our God that there are no hard feelings from the boy’s family since Tiffany was driving, but he made the choice as well not to wear his seatbelt. The two in the backseat one with a seatbelt and one without one. This boy who will recover did not have one on but the 20 year old was belted in and was not injured, he walked away with a minor hand injury.
    I am sure that this high school will use this as a defining teaching moment on wearing seatbelts and windy curvy roads in the dark being extra careful.
    Even though Tiffany made this mistake, she desperately tried to stop that car as the skid marks show. Jesus was right there with her, and forgave her I know. She did not intend to hurt anyone, just a teenager not thinking.
    Thanks Brenda that warmed my heart. I have such good memories of Tiff over the years, she did not graduate high school, but she graduated eternity school. Praise the Lord


  7. My deepest sympathy to you and your family .. My prayers be with you all..

    Dear Lord, please comfort those in grief,
    Love them, lift them, give relief
    For loss they’ve suffered, sadness felt;
    Make this sorrow slowly melt.

    Lord, let happy memories ease,
    Creating peace like a gentle breeze,
    And as you help them make it through.
    Draw them closer, Lord, to you.

    Sincere condolences on your loss.

    By Joanna Fuchs


  8. dear heavenly father in the prcious blessed name of thy holy one we pray for all involved in this very heartbreaking time”please extend thy precious love and unseen devine spirit over them and give them your blessed devine grace and strength!!!!let healing now begin to flow upon them in a very powerful transforming way!!!!!to your honour and glory in jesus’wonderful precious glorified name we thank you for all you have already begun to do and will further do in their lives!!!amen!!!!!!


  9. I am sorry for your loss. The pics of her are precious.

    Isaiah 57:1 The righteous perish, and no one ponders it in his heart; devout men are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil.


  10. Roma Starling-Gerle Monday afternoon family members of the Walters and Rogers went to East Wild Horse Lane where the car went off the road. They released pink and blue balloons in the teens’ memory.

    I was concerned that the other families would have anger on this due to the fact that Tiffany was the driver and going a little fast on a curvy road. But there seems to be none. The father of the boy who survived said it was a miracle, the young man 20 years old how had his seatbelt on and survived actually called 911 immediately which saved the young boy’s life as his lung had collapsed, he was on a ventilator but was off as of yesterday. He is expected to recover fully once the broken bones are healed.

    The four of them were driving a bit up from the home they were at to go and see Table Rock, which is a place where a 60 foot cross has been placed, and the liberals are trying to make them take it down. But it is on private property and they refuse to remove it.

    Tiffany was passionate about teenagers and their unborn babies and supported many through their tough decisions to bring life into the world. Therefore, in lieu of flowers, we know that Tiffany would want others to join in and continue what was so near and dear to her heart. Please to celebrate HER life and precious lives meant to enter this world we ask that you send your tax deductible donations to Stanton Healthcare. Their information is: 208-855-5095. Web address: Address: 3684 N. Harbor Lane, Boise ID 83703. Thank you for your love and support of Tiffany’s dream.

    Stanton Healthcare | A Pregnancy Resource Center in Boise Idaho

    I am not posting this to ask that you contribute but just to show you what kind of young girl she was.

    The three kids made a big mistake in not putting on their seatbelts. There was no alcohol or drugs involved just driving a bit fast for the road, and not wearing seatbelts. They are forgiven we know. I made many mistakes at 17 years old myself. Thanks to all here for grieving with me and letting me share.


  11. Roma, so sorry for all involved.

    Dearest Yeshua,
    Please comfort them and work out all the details of each funeral. Thank You for the physical and emotional healing that is already occurring. Guide them through and provide hope in the midst of the sadness. Thank You that Tiffany is with You now. It is just a brief separation. Help them all remember that. Amen.


  12. Robert Lee “Bobby” Rogers
    Guest Book
    “Everyone that knew Bobby are in our prayers. My daughter…”
    – Kim Cobb
    View Sign

    September 9, 2012 in the blink of an eye, Bobby Lee Rogers, age 16, was taken from this world, his family, and his many friends as the result of a tragic accident. Having just entered his junior year at Mountain View High School, his contagious smile, energy and spark for life were in full swing. He and his brother Luke and many friends and family had enjoyed the “best summer ever” filled with watersports, camping, traveling and new adventures. He was making plans to test for his driver’s license. He was looking forward to the snow, and spending time in McCall and Yellowpine riding snowmobiles and hitting the Idaho slopes on his snowboard. He recently announced that his future plans included becoming an Anesthesiologist. He was a straight Astudent, and had been known to turn down vacation plans with family to maintain his academic standings. Bobby was born on May 3, 1996 and raised in the Treasure Valley. He attended River Valley Elementary and Lewis and Clark Middle School. He played baseball in the PALs league and was a left-handed pitcher/first baseman. He played football in Junior High and enjoyed weightlifting and bodybuilding in High School. He was very artistic. He attended Treasure Valley Baptist Church in Meridian. Who could have known that this precious life would end so soon? Bobby was a curious, truth-seeking young man and had a plan for everything. If he could be here today, he would want everyone in his life to know that we will all die someday, but where we spend eternity is up to us. Bobby knew that asking Jesus to forgive him of his sin (choices/actions/words) and save his soul was his ticket into Heaven. He is there today. As a Christian family, we have suffered a great loss, and our lives with never be the same….but we are secure in our knowledge that our separation is temporary and we will see our precious Bobby again someday. Heaven received an amazing and beautiful soul as Bobby was escorted into the arms of Jesus. Bobby was very concerned about his family and friends, and it would be a tribute to his life if one soul was saved by his testimony and example. He is survived by his parents, Duke and Sheri Rogers, older brothers: Luke Rogers (17) and Matthew Miller (24) of Meridian and sister, Kayla Miller (22) of Moscow and his Colorado “big brothers”: Greg, Marc, Eric and Derek Miller of Denver; grandparents: Bob (Rose) Rogers of Elko, NV; Judith Moss, of Meridian; Keith and Delta Holloway of Boise; Carl Heath of Cambridge and great-grandmother, Una Smith of Emmett and numerous aunts, uncles, cousins and special friends. He is preceded in death by his uncle, Wayne Rogers and will be laid to rest next to him at the Meridian Cemetery in a private burial on Thursday afternoon. A celebration of Bobby’s life will be held at Treasure Valley Baptist Church, 1300 South Teare Avenue in Meridian at 7:00 PM on Thursday, September 13, 2012. Services are under the care and direction of Accent Funeral Home, Meridian. 888-5833. Remembrances can be left for Bobby’s family at

    Praise the Lord what a message and tribute to his life, he died with my niece on early Sunday morning.


  13. Oh boy Roma, man that video made me cry,..i have a 16 yr old son, tony who is getting his drvsliscense tomarrow,so i can fell it really close up. my love goes out to you all. what a Beauty of a girl, inside and out!….. and i agree w/Shelby on those baptism pics, PRECIOUS!. God Bless, Stay strong in the Lord, my prayers are with you all.


  14. just saying hello roma and to let you know that i’m thinking of you and your family. i pray that everyone is doing alright. i trust that the Lord is still giving all of you much needed comfort but wanted you to know that i’m thinking of you today. God bless you sister.


  15. me too, very honestly Roma,…i believe Andre’ and i are very much in sync on this. i do remember you in prayer. GOD BLESS and sustain you all


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