Egyptian tanks on Israel’s southern border – A coup by the Muslim Brotherhood?

Recently, we’d seen a great jostling for access to the reigns of power in Egypt – following the fall of Mubarak. The Army took control of the country, they dissolved the first elected parliament claiming invalid elections, and the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Morsi, won the Presidency. The Army promptly emasculated the powers of the President and so far the Courts in Egypt had backed him up.

I said back then that in order to see who was really in charge – we’d need to see if Morsi was able to replace the leaders of the Army with his own men. Today it looks like he is in the process of doing just that:

I was skeptical at first since I saw this story only in Debka – but it has been confirmed in Arutz Sheva, and by CNN. We will now be watching whether this decision will stand – and if these new generals are more politically aligned with the radical islamist agenda of Morsi. I am scratching my head, part of me was expecting some fulfillment of the first few verses of Isaiah 19 – now it may appear I was very wrong about that, yet we must wait and see since its still very soon in this new development.



45 thoughts on “Egyptian tanks on Israel’s southern border – A coup by the Muslim Brotherhood?

  1. has anyone taken note of the security – pact obaba sighned w/ israel on july 27,…on irsaels ninth of av? quite interesting


  2. …see youtube video, sackcloth and ashes obama confirms covenant..av 9, WOW this seems like…….., what do you all get from this???


  3. Tony, could you please post a link to the above statement and what I assume is that it’s portraying Obama as the AC?

    Wow the world is ready for a false distraction — a false, ( false ) AC,,,what a perfect set up and distraction for those that so want to pin the tail on Obama. I’m not CONvinced ๐Ÿ™‚

    If the clip tries to prove that he is the AC then we are in for some pretty serious delusional times…

    Wait did the Lord not say He would CHOOSE people’s delusions…ahh yes…

    Isa 66:4 โ€” I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not.

    Blessings and agape,


  4. this is on my mind and i keep thinking about it though i don’t know how it fits anywhere specifically so i pose this as a question to any of you……1967 saw jerusalem back into jewish hands (after 2000 years) but was still politically “bound”. 50 is the number for jubilee (ot)–release. 1967 + 50 = 2017. a debt released (fulfillment) by then for jerusalem and the jewish people? what might any of you make of this?


  5. hi Hisown,Colleen/Abigail!!!, go to and scroll down , you will see the 6+ min video clip. Interesting,… what you had to say. I have got to fly, see yaXXX,OOO!


  6. I agree with Colleen – You need to back that up with something Tony. I haven’t seen any agreement signed with Israel on 9th of Av. I have seen a shift in the rhetoric from the administration, but I think that’s a campaign strategy to shore up a weakness in the Obama polls as of late – not a genuine change in policy. He is the most anti-israel man to ever occupy the whitehouse- and I don’t think that has changed at all. We can see from his past speeches and subsequent actions – that he will say anything to get a vote and then do the opposite.

    Andre- Interesting about 67+50 and the jubilee calendar. I hadn’t really thought of that much. It matches up with eschologizer’s theory that perhaps the “confirmation” of the covenant we are looking for is the next 7 years of the ENP starting in 2013.


  7. Amen Mr Sheep ๐Ÿ™‚

    Blessings to you Tony!!

    I tired to find the clip you alluded too, but unfortunately can’t find it.Maybe that should read ” fortunately ” lol.


  8. Andre’ – I’ve never found definitive answers if the Jubilee is the 49th or 50th year but I’m pretty sure it somehow involves the Shmita. 2015 is the next shmita year and is supposed to begin that Rosh Hashana Eve.

    Given that we are still in the midst of the covenant and could see the beginning of the GT anytime, I find it a little more than intriguing that *this* September will mark nearly 3 years till Rosh Hashana 2015.

    Wondering if things will explode VERY soon in the Middle East. And currently it looks like it will.


  9. thank you looking4acity. that is intriguing alright about this september as you mention. when i was thinking about this this morning i could not remember who was detailing info about lunar events that come during jewish high holy days so thanks for the link that mentions the man’s name. i’ll look at that too. the 50th year is mentioned in leviticus 25:10. it just makes me wonder if this is referring to everything of the last of those shmita years of outstanding “debt” coming to a close that a debt-free chapter can begin for israel and her God. 50 is also the number of the Holy Spirit when He was poured out on the day of pentecost (for the church) so ezekiel 39:25-29 is when the Lord says He will pour out His Spirit upon the house of israel. sounds like all the “old business” (a debt release) between God and israel is over at that point and the new chapter begins doesn’t it? sure seems to me that the current events in the middle east are about to manifest the passages of isaiah 17 and the psalm 83 lineup of israel’s enemies has definitely come on the “radar screen” paving the way for ezekiel 38-39 to happen perhaps? there is a 7 agreement at this point and sounds as though another 7 year something is in the works to coincide with all these other passages of war. it looks to me that it is all moving beyond rumors of war to actual. the jewish high holy days can really be shown as markers too as all the spring/summer feasts are fulfilled in Christ already and the fall/winter feasts are to become manifested too. i think vic has posted info on their breakdown somewhere to show what is left to be completed (need to research that) and what is the significance of their individual characteristics that speak of Christ in beautiful detail. looks like i need to get back to some study! getting very interesting to see what may be on the horizon….i still think it possible that the aod (and anti-christ) will start to come into sharper focus not too long from now as the world concensus against israel is palpable and armies to surround jerusalem are readying themselves. i only know that God will keep His Every Word-but when and exactly how leaves me only to believe Him (and that’s enough) as i look through the “dark glass” for now. thanks anyone who may have more to add to these lines of thinking. (and one more thing!———Jesus loves you!!!—each and every one..)


  10. was just over at bro. brian’s site to check it out and happened to read his comments section and here is someone’s post (from yesterday) that is bringing up the very same points as i was thinking on and posting today! someone posting as j wrote: Perhaps whatever remains of the eschatological calendar will wrap up by the 2017/2018 timeframe, which will be 70 years since Israel’s rebirth as a nation and 50 years since the Jews regained control of Jerusalem. Any thoughts around that, or the 2015/2016 cycle of blood moons and solar eclipses on the feast days? Those two timeframes seem particularly significant. Wonder how they might relate to other events.—-well i’m not the only one then that is thinking these same scenarios! some food for thought is all but is kind of amazing to see this mirroring my thinking this morning.


  11. hi, its me tony,…its right there tosee on the home page of,…6min54sec video. Its interesting as heck, but there was no mention of it being for 7 yrs. It did come across as a strenghtening of an allready existing covenant/agreement! btwn the great usa and israel????? whoooo knows what they are throwing at us?


  12. hello Sheep, are you out there? i hear with my ear what you say tribberman. anything is possible within the realm of surprise,…thats why they call it surprise! Keep your eye on the real Prize, HOSANNA! Be ready for anything,..expect the unexpected, or should i say the U.N.expected! the U.N.holy and the U.N.planned as well! Do you hear me brother/sister in the Lord? Satan is cunning and so are his cohorts,…but YAHWEH stands far, far above yet ever so close, as our SOVEREIGN KING! Do you feel me?


  13. wow is right tribber…..WOW! What good is a watchman who ain’t watchin’?, or lookin’ or listenin’? or payin’ attention,…and a wonderin’ in the Lord., by crackie!


  14. Andre’ – I was confused about the 49th year of the sabbatical and the 50th year of Jubilee. I didn’t realize that every 49 years, there were 2 consecutive years of a restoration. That’s interesting and something to look forward to indeed. I looked on one website and they mentioned that some believe that the Jubilee can only be observed if the Jews, all 12 tribes, were back in the land. We all know they will be soon. Maybe 2015-16!


  15. interesting huh? the double sabbaths that happen at times are very very interesting. the week Jesus was put on the Cross was a week of a double sabbath from what i have read. the Cross must be the Ultimate Release from debt (payment received/forgiveness of debt) then ya s’pose!?! maybe you are right looking4acity about 2015-16.thanks for input.


  16. Interesting about the jubilees as I have been studying this one out. From what I can tell Israel never kept the jubilee years as they were supposed to which is why God allowed them to be taken captive to Babylon. I do not believe that as believers we have to keep the feasts of Israel, but let me tell you, I do believe that we should for sure study them out and see exactly the meanings behind them. The church has failed in this one terribly. Ok hope everyone is well.


  17. hi roma. doing well and hope the same for you and yours. you are right-we have no requirement to keep feasts but are remiss for not knowing the Lord better through what He teaches about Himself and His ways in them. what little i know about this subject is absolutely fascinating so i do want to know more. yes i saw the headline. things are soon going to boil over the way it’s continuing to go in the middle east. (and according to God’s schedule!) isn’t it an amazing time to be living?


  18. Andre, have you noticed that the date in your post

    “interesting huh? the double sabbaths that happen at times are very very interesting. the week Jesus was put on the Cross was a week of a double sabbath from what i have read. the Cross must be the Ultimate Release from debt (payment received/forgiveness of debt) then ya sโ€™pose!?! maybe you are right looking4acity about 2015-16.thanks for input.”

    Would be just right to line up with a 3.5 year tribulation? that could make us all Shorttribbers.


  19. amen. there is something about the shmita years and debt release that speak to me about how close to israel’s new relationship with the Lord her God is soon to come to fruition as world events are ramping up. i believe their Release–“debt forgiveness” will much sooner rather than later be resolved. God has said that israel would be blinded until the fullness of the times of the gentiles comes in. romans 11:8 says: God gave them a spirit of stupor (like being “out of it” comatose?), eyes that would nor see and ears that would not hear (Him)……..take a look at isaiah 29:1–oh ariel ariel it begins…read carefully vs 5-10. a deep sleep–a coma if you will…ariel sharon is a picture—today-in the present—-for israel (and us) in my mind. he is in an induced coma right now [[[israel in the land/ enemies with chemical/nuke weapons crying out publically for their utter destruction & the world on board (america not their friend any longer-i don’t care what obama signs)]]]. but God promises a wonderful thing to be done with this people in vs. 14! to me at least all these many details from Scripture lend themselves to help us understand that a very heightened situation that is about to become impossible except for God’s intervention! does He not specialize in the impossible!!??!! what is impossible for man is possible with God amen???!!!!!!!!!!!! this about makes me need to have someone tie me down too shortribber!!!!!! so you see i believe we are watching these most incredible times that are prophecied coming into their fulfilling. layer upon layer of prophecy is the throes of fulfillment all swirling together as they are coming together in a beautiful order from the Ancient of Days. this is too high and too wonderful for us amen?!? when you add up the world economies, the current power vacuum in the beast system (eu), — don’t worry there’s a man with a plan and a “covenant” (solana?), damascus on the brink, armies preparing, russia and iran with an evil arrangement, the age of apostasy, the extremes from weather and earth and seas, etc., etc., —– in the “crux” of all that–in jewish hands-waiting like gomer (for release)-who belonged to hosea-on the auction block and her husband wants her back—-is jerusalem……..whom satan hates—–and the Lord God loves!!! God sure knows how to write a story—-this is all a marvel to me……………..


  20. Interesting. No new real information there, could be an old report. I did some checking though, and it appears Brahimi has imposed some conditions on the Security Council before he’d take the job. I’m hoping this other blog can shed more light on the source that’s claiming Solana is still in consideration. It plausible because Brahimi’s conditions will never be acceptable to the Russians and the Chinese.


  21. romney=obama=romney=bush=obama=clinton=bush=gore=chaney=rumsfeld=soros=obama=romney=obama=romney=obama=666, in time n space tho names may change, each face retains the mask it wore, with soo many more, its the babylon whore. they can’t touch the children, they can’t touch the children, they can’t touch the children of God! weeeee Love, they hate. Loves rises…to meet TRUTH in the air


  22. @Hisown1:


    My guess is that Javier Solana will be the new UN envoy. It is based on the books and articles I’ve read about the organization. In the article you are quoting, I try to predict who they will pick. Among the candidates, he best fits for the task.

    Best Regards,
    – Harutyun. ๐Ÿ™‚


  23. Hello Harutyun it’s great that you stopped by to introduce yourself . I’m blessed to meet you.

    Now how do I even begin to pronounce your name, that’s the challenge LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

    May I ask why your intrest in Javier ?



  24. Oh, don’t worry, won’t be the first time somebody mistakes it. ๐Ÿ™‚ The name is Armenian.
    Well, as I see it, Javier is the diplomat with most experience in emergencies from the listed candidates. That’s why I think they will choose him, I mean, it makes sense, doesn’t it?

    – Harutyun.


  25. Dear HisOwn and Harutyunderderyan,
    Thank you both so much for the post and for following up and thru on this concern. The Lord’s ways are absolutely, irresistibly impeccable — words do not come close!

    Bait and switch is a trait and characteristic often witnessed, and in this case and point, one might not question if the newest selection of choice, Lakhadar Brahimi, Syrian envoy turned out to be someone who is not able, or respectfully, incapable of carrying out his call. He may be in need of some other help soon (?).

    “Lakhdar Brahimi, who was named Friday to replace former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan as peace envoy to Syria, said getting the Security Council to speak “with a unified voice” is critical to his mission’s success, but that he has no concrete ideas on how to achieve that.”

    Be blessed and well hid in Christ.

    “Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of God.” Mat 18:5


  26. Dear EnforcingHisgrace,

    Luk 10:21 โ€” In that hour Jesus rejoiced in spirit, and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes: even so, Father; for so it seemed good in thy sight.

    I love that!!


  27. Has anyone noticed how old these guys are? Kofi Annan was 74; this Lakhdar Brahimi guy is 78….wow, and many think that the coming Antichrist will be in his 30’s – go figure.


  28. Yeah Mr B,,,all part of the ” pre – trib” conditioning we have been subjected to for so long now and am so blessed to see how the Lord has called each of us to come to Him alone for truth and a ” undoing” of our man taught doctrines.Ouch it hurts but once we lay aside these and are ” taught” of Him , ye shall be surprised just how freeing it really is and oh so rewarding as the Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wow Satan knew how he could sit on the seat of the congregation …it worked for a little while,,,until not too long ago ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love you guys,,,and praise God for blessings of each of you !!


  29. Col 2:8 โ€” Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.

    Eph 5:6 โ€” Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience.


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