Who will be the new special envoy to Syria?

 UN is ‘close’ to announce new special envoy to Syria

Chosen to replace Kofi Annan, who left office last Thursday
Folha Online 06/08/2012 21:42
BBC 08/06/2012 21:42

The Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is “close” to announce the successor to Kofi Annan as special envoy to Syria, though, for now, the organization avoids talking about names.

 “We are close to the ad, but are not there yet”, said on Monday the spokesman for the Secretary-General, Martin Nesirky, when asked about when you know the replacement for Annan, who resigned his post on Thursday last Monday.
 The spokesman declined to talk about the names listed to occupy the post of international mediator and merely stated that “when there is a decision, it will be announced.”
 Nesirky recognized that, besides the heads of the Arab League, Ban Ki-moon has “extensive consultations” with members of the Security Council and other key figures of the international community voted on whether to treat the bloody crisis that shakes Syria.
 Since Annan’s resignation, several names have been speculated, including the former Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos, and his compatriot Javier Solana, former secretary general of NATO and former High Representative of the European Union (EU) for the Common Foreign and Security.
Google translate HERE.
One possible step closer to Jerusalem for the AoD? Somewhere “pitching his tents” ring a bell.  I do not know, but will stay watching. We can not be to far now.
Thanks Denise for sending this article.
Update by Justasheep:
New development tonight is that former Algerian Foreign Minister Lakhdar Brahimi is likely to be named as the new special envoy to Syria.
There were some caveats in the articles I’ve read that it isn’t final until it’s announced officially sometime next week – and that last minute changes do sometimes happen due to objections by other governments or concerns of the selected candidate.

16 thoughts on “Who will be the new special envoy to Syria?

  1. As the situation gets more desperate for the Syrian rebels – also expect the Turks to step up their involvement to direct military intervention. They really don’t have a choice since they’ve burned their bridges with Assad and can’t afford a hostile neighbor supporting the kurdish minority.
    I saw this article just now too, but I think the author underplays western desire to intervene- at least diplomatically, and Turkish aspirations to be a regional power.


  2. do you all get the feelin’ that things are about to get real sideways? i mean really sideways all over the world…….watching for sure and joining you all in prayer…….


  3. Thank-you Rob.

    Bro Brian just updated and his last post has given me the hibbigibbiees….:) in a good way.

    For those that are new , here is the link.

    Javier Solana Heading to Syria? http://pastorbrianroberts.com/

    Wow these past almost 6 yrs of watching with Herb and you guys have been the best yrs of my life. I praise God for those that refused to let up. What’s that about pit bull’s and a blood hound’s again…lol

    The pain, the tears, the laughter, the lessons, the separating, the trials, the tribulations, the losses, the gains, the cherished memories, the hours of agonized prayer and bible reading, the true agape love…..= precious and priceless.

    Vic ( and others ) I’m sorry about the spam but my e-mail was hacked, I pray you will no longer receive these. I praise God you are doing better and if you need a getaway let us know…we will hook ye up on the next flight out to paradise…..eerr earth paradise that is..lol.

    I love you guys and praise God for each of you daily.

    Oh and guys, shall we send out a ” Mr B phone home ” post, or shall we encrypt it in morse code ye think 🙂 that may hook him..



  4. thanks Hisown for what you just described–could have written the same words as you did. just saw bro brian’s post too. i have been watching for roughly the same amount of time as you have. the Scripture leads the way in our watching so we know it is not in vain but the encouragement along the way from bros and sisters sure makes the watching and waiting go easier. i am glad for challenges to patterns of thinking to make me probe deeper. i am glad for things on the world scene kept current here because i do not always know where to look on my own. also a few posts back i was wondering about mr. baldy and wondered if anyone had heard from him. it is good to be in caring knowledgeable company. i am thankful for all of you as well. God is Faithful to provide and He has provided you folks as a real help to me. God is so Good—and—–He is (right on time)—-oh blessed thought!—coming soon! may the Lord Jesus Christ be praised!!!


  5. of course it will be mister solana,….them other people all look like birdbrains compared to the brilliant one that he is{ a mastermind indeed}


  6. javier solana = 666 @ herb peters n constance cumbey,…….WOW,….alright kids ,…ready—–o.k., now!, activate yer prayer capsules!!!!!!! Shelby, are you out there? speak to me


  7. boy if i could get solana out there with me n my dog for just one day,….we could turn that ole boy, right around


  8. OK ill stop!,……meanwhile all you guys r sleepin’ peacefully as i foolishly sit here entertaining my lonely simple-minded self, Heavens to betsy!……………. really tho, Jesus has got me soooo happy n Hes got me thinking i;m a man of wisdom,….as opposed to wiz dumb, which is probably a more accurate analysis or assesment of the aforementioned situation. p.s. just being silly…just havin’ fun,….like a one man gypsy circus. help, i cry out!


  9. do you folks find it ironic that at the same time annan’s replacement as envoy to syria is tenatively named (brahimi) we see solana’s opinion piece about syria (project syndicate) appearing in the same time frame? is he trying to upstage the other guy somehow (like he is famous for doing to catherine ashton)?…………he is very vocal “behind the curtain”…………what a tangled web this is. and i still smell the same rat…….


  10. I second that Hisown1! I’ve been around here for quite a while and it has been an amazing trip; the ups and the downs and all. I personally can’t wait to meet you all in person when Christ returns!!! It is a wonderfully strange feeling living in these days, so close to the end of an era and the beginning if a new age. It’s bitter sweet. I consider it a priveledge to be a wittness to and a fellow Watcher on the Wall with all of you! Love in Christ!


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