Extreme weather hits South Africa

 First of all, thanks to all of you who have prayed for me and thanks to the Lord for being with me. I am much better but had a good fright. It is scary to go for a routine checkup and be submitted to ICU. I love you all very much.

It looks like South Africa is not gonna miss out on the extreme and strange weather patterns effecting the Northern hemisphere. South Africa is not a country with much/any snowfall. In my 40something years I have only seen snow once. This morning I woke up to this report:

Much of SA covered in blanket of snow

Johannesburg – Users across South Africa have taken to social networks with reports of snow as the latest cold front sinks its teeth into the country.

Tweets from Gauteng on Tuesday morning reported snow falling in Vereeniging, Carltonville and other areas in the Vaal region.

Mountains in the Western Cape were covered in snow on Monday and temperatures were extremely low across the country.

There had also been reports of snowfalls in Bethlehem and Clarens in the Free State and light snow had fallen on Van Reenen’s Pass.

Parts of the Western and Eastern Cape experienced snowfall and heavy falls were expected along the south-eastern coast.

Beeld reported that very cold and windy conditions would continue across the country on Tuesday, including southern parts of Gauteng and the North West.

Temperatures in Gauteng dropped to below freezing on Tuesday morning.

More snow was forecast for the Free State, the Northern Cape and higher-lying regions in the Western and Eastern Cape, as well as in western KwaZulu-Natal.

Read the rest HERE.

Someone wrote the following on Facebook:

A Miracle is happening today in Pretoria South Africa. It is…as I write… Snowing here in this – the Capital City of this country. People are gathering around my apt outside all looking up in amazement. None of them…young or old alike. Have ever seen snow in their lives. I grew up in Ohio, so snow to me…is a fond childhood memory, but here…. it is something unheard of. Yes.. it is winter here now, but our winters are like those in Miami Florida. The bible does say that weather patterns will change and be disrupted in the end times. We are in those End Times! More so called Miracles both good and bad…are on the way! Today’s miracle here in South Africa is a joy to my heart. I have lived here now about 4 and a half years… and I get to see snow…what’a ya know! Ha Ha Ha!

And here, close to the Kruger Park were I am writing this, I wonder if I must put on a jacket as I feel so odd with my shorts and T-shirt. No, maybe tonight. Not cold enough yet.


7 thoughts on “Extreme weather hits South Africa

  1. Good to see you are doing better, Vic. That’s weird about the snow, very weird. I dreamed last night that my feet were cold, so I put on snow boots, haha


  2. Glad you are up and around Vic. Glad to see your post, and for sure there are strange weather patterns around the world right now. Climate change, not man made global warming which I believe is a money making scam.


  3. Yeah very strange – if you ever want to see lots of snow, you are welcome to visit our humble abode in December, January, February, March (or sometimes November or April) – unless of course the weather patterns are completely haywire then we’ll have 4 months of freezing rain, ice storms and mud.


  4. Good to see your feeling better Vic :).
    Funny weather here too in summer we had constant rain in Sydney and now winter we haven’t hardly had a drop of it. I read its going to be a real dry summer too. Weird weather patterns for sure.


  5. Glad to hear you are home and doing better. You educated me. I had no idea that Africa ever got snow or cold temperatures. When I think of Africa I think of warm to hot weather.


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