Ever closer, and inch at a time

I haven’t been posting a lot lately – even though the world seems to be taking slow steady progress toward the fulfillment of prophecy and it’s invevitable date to encounter our Messiah. The past couple days we’ve been holding our breath, praying a lot that we would not be down one dear watchman and friend in our midst as we enter into this season. I’m trying a often to let go and to trust the Lord’s will in all these things, but when it comes to my family, my church, my friends nearby and here on this site – it’s very very hard to say “Your will be done Lord”. I’m so relieved that Vic is getting better, even though our friendship has been exclusively here and via e-mails and posts online – I count him a dear brother in Christ who’s walk beside me as we persevere to the end I cherish. I know it’s better to the be with the Lord – and I pray that for all of us and for the people I encounter – but I can’t help desiring keeping my companions close on this walk who I’ve come to know and trust as brothers and sisters. So keep getting better Vic – take your meds and follow the doc’s advice, we’ve got a ways to go before we’re home and we’d prefer to have your company on the trip.

On to the news of the world today that drove me to my keyboard. It’s frustrating because we seem to be waiting for the other shoe to drop in so many places now. We’ve seen so many signs that would say this is it – but then we seem to wait on the edge of a precipice for the rest of the events to fall into place. The eurozone – is like a terminal patient on life support who just keeps hanging on while the bureaucrats prolong the inevitable. The world’s agriculture is having a horrendous summer – with half the United States counties in a state of agricultural disaster from the drought. I keep hearing more stories that the drought is also getting severe across Europe and Russia – can any of my friends in that part of the world confirm this for us? Syria keeps ever so slowly escalating with the geo-political realities of major powers on both sides of the conflict preventing any substantial intervention to diffuse the situation. How long will it be before Iran and Turkey can no longer sit idly threatening the other side? How long will the Russians tolerate this risk to their strategic port on the mediterranean? Will the American President make a desperate and foolish move to look like a strong leader/throw the country into chaos before an election it looks more and more like he can’t win. Now we see today the ramping up of rhetoric between Iran and Israel. I haven’t been able to find confirmation – but as Debka reported – Khameini is rumored to have had his “final” meeting with his war council (while he continues to be politically at odds with his hand picked President – Ahmadinejad). On the other side we see a former Mossad leader claiming that an attack on Iran could come any day –

Israeli strike on Iran may be no more than a couple of months away, says ex-intel chief

Aharon Zeevi Farkash speaks out a day after former Mossad chief Halevy says Iranians should be ‘very fearful of next 12 weeks’

I don’t know how much longer we are going to have to wait – will some of this fizzle out into nothing, I honestly don’t know. I can’t see how the Syrian conflict is going to be resolved easily – and at some point Iran is going to make good on their threats, or at least Israel and/or the US are going to believe that they can and act.

Meanwhile, the world continues to grow darker, the Word refreshes us each day – it’s a really good thing his mercies are new every morning and his compassion never fails.


8 thoughts on “Ever closer, and inch at a time

  1. rob-thank you too for being such an encouraging brother in Jesus Christ who rightly divides the Word with us and keeps an uplifting perspective as the world becomes a colder darker place. the warmth of the love of Jesus among us here and others of the Body that we know and love are a delight and treasure that is for certain. i don’t have to see your faces to feel your hearts love for Christ and for me as one who belongs to the Lord too. thanks to all who post here and those who even though they aren’t posting are still keeping company here in prayer. God’s family is precious–so precious. yes we’ll keep looking for God’s Faithfulness in all circumstances and for His Word’s sure Prophecies to continue to fulfillment–and we’ll do that together here as long as we are able………………


  2. I just discovered this site but thus far I am very impressed. As a Christian I feel that prophecy is ignored and overlooked to often, it certainly is in my denomination. I also feel that it is misued and abused by those who are trying to make a profit by being a prophet. People who are wrong so much they can’t possibly be prophets yet keep on talking and for some reason keep getting paid to do so. Thanks so much for the Biblically based common sense approach to prophecy I have seen here.


  3. Fellow Scripture lovers try this exercise: Take a piece of paper and put Jerusalem in the middle and identify north, south, east and west on the paper. Look at Zechariah chapter six and put down the color of each horse next to the direction he rides in. Then turn to Revelations chapter six and next to each correlating colored horse put in the results of the ride. Very revealing and you will see in a way makes a LOT of sense. I had never tried this before and we can’t be sure Zechariah’s horses are the same as the four of the Apocalypse, but when you see it….you will understand. Let’s have some feedback.

    I just love Bible study. Nkosazana


  4. Nkosaza I need you to know how much I appreciate you….

    Oh yay this will be my food for the evening…….

    Can’t promise much …but will share what I gleaned…. 🙂


  5. I have drawn on a piece of paper and if I understand correctly all the horses are from the north and south…?

    Hisown, is your mail fixed? I was still getting spam messages until yesterday.


  6. Black horses headed north: rides to bring economic woes and inflation.
    White horse headed west: rides out as a conqueror bent on conquest.
    Dappled or pale horses head south with power over 1/4 of earth to kill by sword, famine, plague and by the wild beasts of the earth.
    Red horses by default heading east rides to take peace away and make men slay each other.

    All things considered doesn’t this seem like the reality that looms ahead worst case scenario? Europe goes economically belly up, America loses its freedom, Africa finds sectarian violence, has a health system that can’t deal with major plague or structure to cope with famine,…and its the only place with relatively speaking a fair number of wild animals…that maybe cause ebola. The east has the shites and sunnies fighting. It just seems like it all fits. Well I thought it was interesting anyways. Lord bless you all.


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