From extremes to catastrophic

 Weather Extremes Leave Parts of U.S. Grid Buckling

WASHINGTON — From highways in Texas to nuclear power plants in Illinois, the concrete, steel and sophisticated engineering that undergird the nation’s infrastructure are being taxed to worrisome degrees by heat, drought and vicious storms.

On a single day this month here, a US Airways regional jet became stuck in asphalt that had softened in 100-degree temperatures, and a subway train derailed after the heat stretched the track so far that it kinked — inserting a sharp angle into a stretch that was supposed to be straight. In East Texas, heat and drought have had a startling effect on the clay-rich soils under highways, which “just shrink like crazy,” leading to “horrendous cracking,” said Tom Scullion, senior research engineer with the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University. In Northeastern and Midwestern states, he said, unusually high heat is causing highway sections to expand beyond their design limits, press against each other and “pop up,” creating jarring and even hazardous speed bumps.

Excessive warmth and dryness are threatening other parts of the grid as well. In the Chicago area, a twin-unit nuclear plant had to get special permission to keep operating this month because the pond it uses for cooling water rose to 102 degrees; its license to operate allows it to go only to 100.

“We’ve got the ‘storm of the century’ every year now,” said Bill Gausman, a senior vice president and a 38-year veteran at the Potomac Electric Power Company, which took eight days to recover from the June 29 “derecho” storm that raced from the Midwest to the Eastern Seaboard and knocked out power for 4.3 million people in 10 states and the District of Columbia.

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Economists Warn EU on ‘Threshold of Catastrophe’

The euro crisis has returned with a vengeance this week, with Greece potentially facing bankruptcy, Spain teetering towards a bailout and even Germany at risk of losing its top credit rating. A group of prominent economists are calling for a radical restructuring of Europe and the euro zone to prevent a disaster of “incalculable proportions.”

A panel of respected European economics experts are ringing the alarm bell this week over the euro crisis — direly calling on all European leaders to move swiftly to deploy the most powerful tools available to halt the currency’s downward spiral.

“We believe that as of July 2012, Europe is sleepwalking toward a disaster of incalculable proportions,” the New York-based Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) stated in a report warning leaders they need to move faster and more decisively to save the common currency. Otherwise it could very well disintegrate.

The study’s publication on Tuesday couldn’t be any timelier, given the recent dramatic developments in the euro crisis. Greece’s recession is proving to be farworse than previously expected, it is getting tougher for Spain to raise money on the markets (on Tuesday, interest rates on 10-year Spanish bonds rose to an unsustainable 7.6 percent) and Germany’s top triple-A rating is also at risk.

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The world is in free fall into disaster. Every day I am amazed on how close we are to the rise of the antichrist. The only way out of this mess is if God shows the world some mercy and pause the events that seems to fulfill prophecy before our eyes.

I have been watching these events unfold over the past weeks and did not comment to much. The main reason is because I am not sure how all of these events will play out. I have prayed for guidance, but the only answer I got was to keep watch and trust in the Lord. I can speculate like most of us do, but I believe that we are in the time were we will see events unfold and prophecy fulfilled and our theories will become of less importance. The following facts is what I am watching:

1) We are still in the midst of a confirmed covenant with many with the ENPI.

2) Europe is still united and resembles the RRE.

3) Europe does not cling together like iron and clay.

4) The WEU handed over their power to the EU beast.

5) The man behind the scene is still hidden and did not receive power or a kingdom.

6) The economic woes in Europe resembles a deadly wound that is about to drag the world down with it.

7) Unrest in Syria. Will Damascus survive?

8 ) Israel is surrounded by enemy armies. Will Jerusalem follow soon?

9) Extreme weather worldwide.

These facts can not be overlooked. And just another thought, I see many watchmen are expecting the Eze 38/Gog war. I beg to differ with them. The Israel of the end times, tribulation period (time of Jacobs trouble) are fleeing from the antichrist and the Israel after the Eze 38 war are victorious, united with their God and will not flee from the beast. Like I said in the beginning,  how all of this will play out remains hidden to me, but we will see prophecy fulfilled before our eyes.

Stay tuned.


10 thoughts on “From extremes to catastrophic

  1. thanks vic. i believe your assessment to be right in your comment to what you posted. and ez 38-39 will be coming up but there are yet things to unfold politically to get israel in position for that event. her most bordering neighbors have a roll to play first in my opinion to set the “hook” for ez 38-39 to happen-but like you i know more than anything that my or anyone’s speculation is only that-God will fulfill His plan and remove all doubt. (so i’m pretty much sitting on the edge of my seat for this upcoming month and into the fall season-it could prove to be very eye-opening for everyone!). we just know we are right to wait, watch and pray, trusting that He will lead us in all things we need to know just when we really need to know them. Praise God for His Faithfulness–to His Own Word and to us!


  2. The princes of Chicago and Boston are inviting God’s judgement upon their cities. It’s not going to be pretty.


  3. It sure is Roma 😦
    Praying for Israel for the upcoming 9th of Av.
    Guys just wanted to let you know how much you are all loved and appreciated.
    The heaviness is almost unbearable and the spiritual battle intense. I’m sure by now we have all read the lastest comments by Mr Hague.
    What a time to be alive!


  4. Um, I live in East Texas and this is the coolest, wettest summer I’ve experienced in the 15 years I’ve been here. Going to have to do some research as to where this article is getting its facts.


  5. @Grey – the link above is to a New York Times article. I know they are often biased on political and social reports, but I’d like to think they are still reporting the weather accurately. If you look at the US drought monitor, you’ll see that while East TX isn’t bad any more, a very large portion of the US is under a severe to exceptional drought.

    I’ve also been meaning to comment for the last few days about the middle east situation, especially Syria, but haven’t been in front of a decent keyboard. I have been struggling with the same concepts in Ezekiel 38-39 as well. The objection to seeing an imminent attack by Gog and his forces may be correct. It has bothered me though – that if we look at history, the people of Israel are living in greater security than they have in nearly 2000 years. They have the IDF – something which they had not had until 1948. They no longer live in Jewish ghettos surrounded by high walls like the once did in Rome, Venice, and especialy Warsaw and Germany around WWII. Yes, it bothers me when I look at the text that there is a wall/fence seperates the West Bank from the rest of Israel, I don’t see how that could ever go away though unless some outside occupier tears it down. The fact remains though – that the people of Israel that have been gathered back to the land are living in greater security, and greater freedom than they ever did under the centuries of pogroms, ghettos and persecution among the nations of the world. I could be wrong – but when viewing a prophecy that has been a long time moving toward fulfillment we should also be wiling to take a long view of history in determining what conditions exist, compared to what has existed before.


  6. They may be, but something tells me that the quote regarding East Texas is outdated. I think it was four years ago that we had rain every day for the entire month of July. I believe then that Texans literally cursed the land because they kept saying things like “oh make it stop, Lord make it stop raining” – the rivers were getting full (but we didn’t flood or anything, but it got close) and then last year we had the second hottest summer on record, ever for the United States. All that rain followed by extreme drought probably did cause issues with the infrastructure but that’s not what we are experiencing right *now.* This has been the nicest summer I’ve experienced here in a long time.


  7. Ok, so why did WordPress sign me in as greyfort one time, and Leslie the second. Grr….It was supposed to sign me in as Leslie both times.


  8. WordPress can be crazy sometimes because of it’s use of gravatar ID’s – you can control what’s displayed by setting up the gravatar ID with a display name and such so you always get the same thing.

    It seems the info on East TX may be old – the plane they referred to got stuck at Reagan National in the first week of July. It seems like where you are East Texas is one of the biggest areas where right now the drought isn’t much of a factor. I know where I am in the midwest, even though we have had some brief rainstorms recently, the drought has made it really tough on most farm areas in the state since they have gotten very little rain at a critical time in the growing season.

    To keep a finger on the pulse of what’s really going on with the food supply – watch the commodities market.


  9. Did you hear that the next couple of weeks is the best time to buy beef? Cattle farmers can’t afford to buy feed so they are slaughtering everything – and then in a few months beef is going to get atrocious in price. If you’ve got a freezer – stock up now!


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